SwaSan A New Love Story Part 9

In the library swasan are looking for the keys.
Sanskaar: why the hell would u put your keys in a library
Swara: so I can easily remember where I put it
Sanskaar: I don’t think so
Swara: it’s not my fault that I can’t remember is it
Sanskaar: oh my god I just had the most brilliant idea of what u can do next time, you can put your keys in your jackets pocket like normal people, doo… Youuu….understanddd
Swara is angry and starts hitting him
Swara: you idiot do u think I’m a little kid, I can’t put my keys in my jacket if I left my jacket at home
Sanskaar: ok ok sorry miss Swara, happy now
Swara: whatever, she rolls her eyes and looks away

In the restaurant raglak r talking about random things
Laksh: so ragini if your finished lets go out for a walk
Ragini nods.
There was a beach nerve there.
Laksh: hmm ragini what do u think about love
Ragini: hmm love means an understanding between two people, loving a person unconditionally, trust.
Laksh looks at ragini with love thinking about how his past girlfriends are the opposite of ragini
Ragini is chatting away when she trips over a stone. But laksh just in time holds her. (Muskaranne ki wajha tum Ho plays)

In the library they still haven’t found the keys.
Swara: omg I remember where I put it
She climbs up a small ladder to a shelf and finds it, while getting down she misses a step, but sanskaar holds her, she’s in his arms. (Same song plays). He helps her get down.
Swara: tha..his
Sanskaar: what did u say
Swara: thanks
Sanskaar: a little louder
Swara: I hate u
Sanskaar: sorry I was just kidding, btw now that I’m here I’m going to get a book
Swara: ok bye
Sanskaar: rude much, I came with you, but you’re leaving me
Swara: but I didn’t ask you did I
She starts to as Sanskaar laughs.

A little while later while sanskaar is looking for a books on the other side of the books shelf a book fell, sanskaar thought it was the wind and picks it up but it then continuously happens. He gets scared.
Sanskaar: who are you
I’m a ghost said a voice
Sanskaar: what do you want from me
Swara couldn’t control her laughter and laughs out loud, sanskaar sees her and runs after her
Sanskaar: Swara I won’t spare you

Precap: raglak car breaks down, swasan locked in library
Sorry for same Precap

Credit to: Mumina


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