SwaSan (A New Love Story) Part 9

Kushi: when kushi was little she was adopted as the sharmishta couldn’t have any chil. This only known to sumi,sheker,dadi,dada n dida. She’s a very bubbly, fun girl, she’s both modern n traditional, she talkative like Swara n religious like ragini.

Arnav Gupta: family freinds of mm. He’s a arrogant, stubborn person who hates girl due to his past. But then changes due to kushi.

More characters will be revealed later.

At night time all three sisters are wearing the same pgs.
Swara: so di tell me how was London, did you see any cute boys
Kushi: you haven’t change at all
Ragini: what do you mean change, she’s even worse now
Swara: what can I do, I’m that charming that all boys fall flat for me
That all laugh
Kushi: Ragu you tell me about your fiancé
Ragini: at first I didn’t like him at all but now
Swara: now you find him so buff n fit right
Ragini: no I mean I find him alright
Swara: your so boring Ragu
Kushi: Swara you tell how do you want your future husband to be like
Swara: he has to be as fit as tiger shroff, as buff as varun dhawant, mainly as cute as my fav youtuber itzarya, byt most importantly he has to love me more than myself n always trust me no matter what
Ragini: For the first time you said something sensible, ok u tell me do what do you want you want in a husband di
Kushi: actually idk
Swara: ok we’ll talk about this later I’m so sleepy
They go to sleep.

At gadodia house
Kushi: I’ll have to leave no I have a job interview
Sumi: ok beta, good luck
They all wish her luck.

In the office sanlak n arnav r having a meeting.
Kushi goes there for her interview when arnav n her bump into each other. Their papers fall on the floor. Kushi says sorry while picking the paper up. Arnav is mesmerised by her.
Arnav: can’t you walk properly
Kushi: I said sorry n on top of that your scolding me
Arnav: coz it was your fault
Kushi: mine it was yours
They argue when sanlak comes
Laksh: kushi what r u doing her
Arnav : do you know her
Sanskaar: yeah she’s ragini’s sister
Kushi: actually I came here for a interview
Laksh: oh ok her come with me I’ll show you where you should go
Kushi n arnav stare at each other while going.

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