SwaSan (A New Love Story) Part 8


In the morning the sun shuns on Swara, sanskaar wakes up and sees this. He covered her face just when Swara wakes up n sees sanskar, they have an eye lock( Dhokha dadi play’s )
They release their closeness and move away.

In the car ragini stretches her arm n wakes up.mwhile stretching she hits laksh n he wakes.
Laksh: ouch
Ragini: oh no I’m so sorry
Laksh: if you don’t want to marry me don’t kill me
Ragini: no it’s not like that
Laksh: I’m just joking
Ragini: well it wasn’t funny
Laksh holds his ears n says sorry
Ragini: it’s okay
Laksh calls the car mechanics

In the library
Swara: let’s go home
Sanskaar: I’ll drive
Swara: no it’s okay
Sanskaar: I’m not saying it for you i don’t want to die
Swara: listen I’m not asking you to come
Sanskaar: listen bade papa will kill me if anything happens to u as your ragini sister
After many arguments Swara agrees.

When they arrive they see raglak before they can say anything dadi shouts
Dadi: Swaragini where were you n Sanlak what r u doing here
Shekhar: why r u worrying today is such a auspicious day, today our kushi is coming
Swaragini: kushi di
Sanlak: who’s kushi
Swara: our sister
Sanlak in their head two was enough now another third one.
Sharmishta: sanlak you come with us to the airport as well now that we are family n in that way you can meet kushi
They agree.

After a while Swaragini get ready, Swara wears a red knee length dress with silver sandles along with a silver clutch. She has a French braid. Ragini is wearing a light blue anarkali with her dupatta on the side. Her hair is let out. Sanlak are mesmerised seeing them.

In the airport they r waiting
Swara: where is she
Sanskaar: r u always this impatient
Ragini: you haven’t seen all of swaras tantrums yet Sanskaar, she’s such a spoile brat
Swara: ragini your my sister yet your supporting him, she starts ignoring her. Ragini apologies.
They then hear a girl singing mausum Hera suhana.
Swaragini: didi
Kushi runs to them after all the hugging n introduction to sanlak they go home.

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Credit to: Mumina

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