SwaSan (A New Love Story) Part 16 Last Episode


Hi guys today’s episode is going to be the last episode. As the truth is I’m really really lazy so I can’t be bothered, I know you guys are probably thinking I’m so lazy but I don’t blame you I admit it myself?. Moreover the winter holiday is coming up so I wouldn’t have been able to write as much.
But sometimes I’ll write a one shot ff or something.
I want to thanks all my reader including silent readers. But I especially I want to thank Hayathi and veena as their comments always inspires me to write. Also veena your birthday message to me was so sweet. Thanks a lot.

Swaraginikushi are getting ready in their room
Swara: kushi di have you seen my heels
Ragini: kushi di where’s my hair spray
Kushi: have you two seen my clothes
Swaragini look at kushi and sees her wearing a bathrobe still
Swara: Di haven’t you still changed
Ragini: yes Di I’ve been calling you for so long but you yourself is t changed
Kushi: how can I get changed as I have to always have to listen to you two
Swaragini: sorry
Kushi: it’s okay

They all get ready.
Swara is wearing a red flowy sleeveless dress. It comes up to her knees at the front but at the back it goes all the way to the floor. She’s wearing silver heels with a simple bracelet. She has a silver clutch in her hand and along with that she has French braid.
Ragini is wearing a white long dress with golden studs at the collar bone and arm. She’s wearing golden heels with a a silver tiara on her hair. Her hair is let out in curls.
Kushi is wearing a black dress with a strap tied behind her neck. Her dress comes up to her knees. It’s a puffy dress. She has a silver bracelet in her right arm and is wearing black heels. Her hair kept on one side, she has very loose curls.

Downstairs all the guest have come including our three heroes. Their all wearing suits. But they look so handsome.

Suddenly the lights go Dim as the light then shines on swaraginikushi. As they come down all three boys are mesmerised by them. Nearby people are talking about how nice they all look.
After greeting everyone and putting the gifts away
Swara: let’s dance
Sanskaar: I’ll dance with you
Swara: I wasn’t asking you I was asking Ragu
Sanskaar points at raglak going to the garden
Swara: anyways I don’t want you to embarrass yourself in front everyone
Sanskaar: listen I was the best dancer in college
Swara: oh really the i challenge you to dance with me
Sanskaar: ok but whoever loses has to listen to whatever the winner says.
They dance on the song manme emotion from dilwale

On the other hand raglak are in the garden. The garden is decorated with petals and etc.
Ragini: what is this
Laksh: shush ragini today I’ll only speak. I thought of saying this in front of everyone but I thought you’ll get embarrassed. To be homes at the beginning i didn’t like you at all but then your innocence won me over. So what I mean to say is I think I’m falling in love with you
Ragini is so happy, she hugs laksh and he hugs her back. He then cups her face and she nods her head in agreement. They have a long soft kiss. When they hear someone call them. They hold hand in hand and go inside.

Back to the party
Kushi is walking when she bumps into arnav. They say you at the same time( before only sanlak saw the girls as he had to answer a phone call)
Arnav: what r u doing here
Kushi: meaning
Arnav: if you want higher salary then tell me, you don’t have to do these low work for extra money
Kushi: oh hello I’m not any servants this is my sisters party
Arnav: so your shekhars eldest daughter
Kushi: yes
Arnav: then y don’t you work in his company has a very big company
Kushi: there’s thing called independence meaning not relying on anyone else idiot
She goes off, arnav is surprised.

Back to Swasan

During dancing sanskar trips Swara over but she doesn’t know it was him. So she loses.
Sanskar: now you have to do whatever I a ask you to do
Swara: one minute I feel so thirsty I’m just gonna drink some cola
She goes to get it but she accidentally drinks alcohol instead. Holding the glass, her head starts to spin, so she goes to the terrace. Sanskaar who saw Swara going up follows her.

Swara is smiling and is sitting on the swing, singing dil toh pagal hai
Sanskaar comes and sits next to her
Sanskaar: Swara r u alright
Swara: alright I’m more than alright I’m the most happiest girl in the world.
She’s about to slip when sanskaar hold her. Deewana plays in the background. He helps her get down when he smells alcohol. He sniffs swaras drink
Sanskaar: this girl got drunk only on wine.
He then sees Swara gone. He them finds her near a wall full of drawings. Sanskaar: what is this
Swara: in childhood I always used to draw here. Sanskaar: your a very good artists
Swara: liar I hate art n I always used to get low marks. He laughs. Swara then sees a crayon marks on his shirt so she tiptoes and wipes it off. They are so near each other. The then kiss. But then sanskaar pulls away thinking he can’t take swaras advantage of her not being in her senses.

Swara: I’m sleepy. Sanskaar: come I’ll drop you to your room
Swara: carry me. Sanskaar: what. Swara: carry me or I won’t go
He then carries her to her room. Swara: good night. Sanskaar: good night

I hope you liked my last episode.

Credit to: Mumina

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