SwaSan (A New Love Story) Part 15


Recap: kushi falls into the pool, raglak go to a restaurant, Swasan kiss

In the mountains
Swasan break out of the kiss.
Swara: listen don’t think that I love u or anything, I mean we just kissed coz we were attracted to each other back then, this happens to everyone
Sanskaar: who r u explaining, it’s no like I kissed for the first time but your quite a good kisser you know
Swara: your not that bad either but your no the best kisser I ever kissed( she’s lying as that was the first time she ever kissed as she never let any boys come near her too much)
Sanskaar: yeah Swara you just keep on thinking that
Swara: whatever I’m going Home now
As she’s going sanskaar pulls her towards him. Her hands are placed on top of his chest. Sanskaar cups Swaras face.
Sanskaar: since there’s no awkwardness between us let’s you know umm
Swara: Sanskaar maheshwari don’t push your luck ok
They laugh and go home

Raizada house
Kushi is resting in arnavs room, the doctor came and told her to rest. After the doctor goes.
Dadu: kushi beta today you’ll have to stay in our house
Kushi: but dadu
Dadu: no buts here give me your family’s landline number
Kushi: 070…………..
She cuts the call later
dadu: you’ll stay in this room, I’m sure arnav has no problems right arnav
Arnav: what the , but
Dadu: arnav what did I say
Arnav: I have no problem
Kushi smirks at him

In the restaurant

Alia and ragini are sitting next to ach other whereas the boys are sitting opposite them. All of a sudden the host calls out ragini and laksh plz can you come to the the stage and start your Dance your our lucky winners in the raffle
Laksh: I didn’t put our name in the raffle
Ragini: nor did I
They look at omi and alia
They go to the stage and start their dance. They dance on tum hi ho. They are so into their dance they don’t realises the song has finished. They get embarrassed when everyone starts clapping.

In swaras room

Swara is pacing around in her room and thinking
Swara: what happening to me why am I thinking so much about him, I can’t forget my motive, oh god what should I do, ohh I know I’ll watch youtubers

Credit to: Mumina

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  7. Nyc update
    but i m sorry reading this for the 1 tym may i knw who’s this alia n omii??

    1. Alia is swaras friend n omi is lakshs friend

  8. Veena(Vini Ross)

    Seeing khushi and Arnav made me happy, ff title I had noticed then forgot.. Good that I found it today,keep writing.

  9. nice…but pls tell me what is swara motive

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