SwaSan (A New Love Story) Part 13

Thanks for all the lovely comments on my last episode. Especially Hayathi since you have been my regular reader and have alway commented. Anu you asked me what I’m studying right, this is the answer, since I live in London I go to secondary school I have no idea what they call this in India so I’m sorry, n because I’m in year 8 I study all the main subjects such as maths,eng,sci,geo,his,dot,ad,pe and etc. I know my spelling and my grammar isn’t alway correct, but plz forgive me I’m only 13 well soon to be 13.???

In the morning kushi wakes up n is drinking coffee when she gets a call.
Kushi: hello
Payal: hi is this ms. Kushi gadodia
Kushi: yes but
Payal: I’m arnav sirs secretary
Kushi: aha tell me
Payal: sir told me to tell you to go to his house, I’ll snapchat the address alright
Kushi: thanks, bye
She cuts the call. Kushi in her head and ugh, his family is probably as annoying as him

In swaras room. She wakes up and sees 75 message notification. Most of them are from cute boys asking her out. She starts deleting them when she’s one message from sanskaar. It’s says to meet him at this place at 4:00 pm. Swara: to herself: why should I go, but then what if it’s a really cool suprise. After getting fresh, she starts looking for an outfit. Ragini comes and sees Swara in a mess.
Ragini: Swara what r u doing
Swara: I’m choosing an outfit for my date
Ragini: the guy must be special then
Swara: meaning
Ragini: meaning, you never spend this much time for any ordinary boy
Swara: you know na ragini, I’m never serious for any boys
Ragini: here let me help
At the end Swara wears a white crop top with a black jacket. She wars black denim jeans. She has loose curls with her hair put on both sides. She has a polka dot bow no her hair and a dark sunglasses. (It’s summer)

Swaraginikushi come to the dining hall.
Swaraginikushi: maa we have to go now
Sumi: at least eat food n go
They say no n start to leave
Sumi: these girls will never change

Outside the mansion
Kushi: Ragu where do u have to
Ragini: actually me n alia r going shopping
Swara: ok then I’ll leave now
They all go in their individual cars.

Kushi arrives at raizada mansion. As she approaches the opened doors she sees wedding preparations going on. Just as she steps inside a baskets full of flowers falls on her. Arnaves dadi who was praying in in the house temple feels something and turns around and sees kushi.

Swara arrives at this beautiful mountain spots . She sees sanskaar leaning against his car. Wearing a white top with a black jacket, along with a black trousers. She’s wearing black sunglasses as well.

Alia n ragini are shopping. When unknowingly they bumps into laksh n his freind omi.

Credit to: Mumina


  1. Niti

    ohhh..wowwww..both r waring same..waiting for next swasan moments..ur ff is too good dear..keep it up..n update next part soon

  2. Me too mumina…
    I had been living in london fr some time n now I live in india…
    I’m too in standard 8 n I’m 13…
    Same pinch..
    Where do u live in london???
    I lived in east croydon…
    N nice ff..
    I don’t usually comment bt.. u made me comment

  3. Anu

    Hey mumina nice episode as usual
    U live in London yr soo Gud I love London but I doesn’t get a chance till now to visit there…….I know its odd question but how is london, do u want to live in London or not yr seriously I love London

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