SwaSan (A New Love Story) Part 12

Recap: sanlak come their house n sanskaar teases Swara

In the hallway there are many paintings on the wall
Laksh: ragini who are these people in these paintings
Ragini: these are our ancestors
Laksh: so this mansion has been here for quite a long time na
Ragini: yeah you should have seen it before but now the whole mansion has been modernised
As their walking ragini bumps into a table with a flower pot they both catch the flower pot at the same time. They have a eye lock. (Hamdard plays)

In the balcony
Swara I’m her head enjoy as much as you can after a few days you’ll see a big storm coming
(Don’t worry she’s not evil or anything she’s just doing this for fun n plus after that Swasan will be more closer)
Swara runs to swing in their balcony, it’s those large one
Sanskaar: what r u doing Swara, he goes near her and sits
Swara: the moon looks so nice na
Sanskaar: yeah but not as nice as you
Swara: what did you say
Sanskaar: I said the moon is the complete opposite of you
Swara: for a moment I thought you were complimenting me but I guess I forgot I was talking to sanskaar maheshwari
They laugh
Sanskaar: you know the other day when I came to your college I saw how much of a flirt you are
Swara: that was just nothing u haven’t seen all of Swara gadodia
Sanskaar: then why don’t you flirt with me
Swara: because ur type of boys are made for love not for fu
Sanskaar looks at Swara amused
Swara: plus your not my type your too arrogant, I would have flirted with your brother laksh but what can i do he’s my soon to brother in law
Swar stars to run and Sanskaar catches her, they both fall on the floor and laugh.

Sanlak later go home and swaraginikushi go to their individual room n sleep.
Kushi dreams of her n arnav having a kid called aarav
Arnav kisses her on the forehead and then cheeks and just when he’s about to kiss her on the lips she wakes up panting. Kushi say to herself that was such a scary nightmare plz help me Bhagwan

In ragini’s dream
Ragini is doing her makeup when laksh comes and puts sindoor on her. Mangulstra around her neck. He then turns her around and makes her stand up and is about to kiss her when their Kid Aaron comes and cries mummy. Ragini then wakes up from her dream and smiles and say hey Bhagwan plzzz make this dream come true soon. She then goes to sleep.

In swaras room.
Swara is dreaming
Swasan are married in her dream. Swara is shown getting ready, when sanskaar comes and pulls her toward him.(Swara is only wearing her short night gown still) Swara: seems like my husbands in a romantic mood today. Sanskaar: I’m always in a romantic mood when I see my gorgeous wife. He comes closer and is about to kiss her. When two kids come crying. It’s their twin kids aryan and aryana.
Aryan: mumma
Aryana: papa
Swara then wakes up and says hey Bhagwan what did I do to you you gave me such a scary nightmare, it was even more scarier than the conjuring. She goes to sleep.

On the other hand all the boys are having a similar dreams.

In raizada house
In arnaves room
Arnav wakes up from the dream. Arnav: what the, looks like tie witch is destroying my dreams as well. He then goes to sleep.

In mm
Lakshs room
He wakes up and smile and says after a few days this dream will come true

Sanskaars room
He wakes up and says this Swara she’s always ruining everything for me, even my sleep now, I should see her less now, bu the names were quite nice though aryan and aryana, omg what am I saying. He then goes to sleep.

Thanks guys for reading my ff up till now but I just wanted to tell you guys something. Arshi n raglak are only supporting characters the main couple are Swasan so plzz don’t be upset if there isn’t much arshi or raglak scenes.

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