SwaSan A New Love Story Part 10


In the library sanskaar pins Swara to the wall
Sanskaar: Swara u don’t know who you messed with
Swara: of course I do your mr.tom right
Sanskaar: what
Swara: you know your a scaredy cat and Tom n Jerry the cartoon
Sanskaar: that’s really bad joke
Swara: it sounded good in my head
As she laughs Sanskaar looks at her, Swara also then looks at him n they have n eyelock.( manchala plays)
They then realise their awkward position and move away. They don’t look at each other when they hear the door locking. Swasan r shocked.

In the car laksh is driving the car, when the song Zara Zara touch me plays in the radio. Laksh in his head shit this song had to play now usually when I want it to it never does and now that ragini’s here. Ragini in her head disgusting what type of song is this. They both reach out to change it when their hands collide. They have an eye lock,(manchala plays).

In the library,
Swara: shit now what r we going to do, this is all your fault
Sanskaar: my fault it was u who had come here
Swara: why r u fighting about a small thing instead of solving it
Sanskaar in his head god this girl herself started it n now is blaming me
After a hour.
Swasan r sitting on the floor beside each other when Swara lays her head on Sanskaar shoulder n falls asleep. Sanskaar looks at her and covers her with his jacket. He too falls asleep.

The car breaks down in the middle of nowhere.
Ragini: laksh what r we going to do
Laksh: don’t worry we’ll just to have to stay in the car for the night
Ragini looks as if she’s in tears: but
Laksh: but what
Ragini: I never stayed somewhere on my own without Swara
Laksh in a joke way: r u going to take Swara to our home as dowry after wedding. She smiles. Laksh lowers his n hers seats to sleep. While sleeping a strand of hair falls on her face. Laksh moves it.

Promo: kushi(sanaya irani) n arnav( barun sobti) entry

Credit to: Mumina

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  2. Good episode…love swasan…

  3. awww..munima swasan fight ws so cute..raglak were also good..I m very excited for arshi entry..plz update soon..

  4. awww..munima swasan fight ws so cute..raglak were also good..I m very excited for arshi entry..n if possible plz write lil bit long..plz update soon..

  5. Superb but short

  6. Nice! But why is she sleeping in laksh’s car? He can drop her to home

    1. Because the car broke down and they are miles away from home

  7. Swasan scenes r superbbbb dear. Eye lock aftr fyt is sooo nice.. swasan raglak diags r amazing

  8. cute swasan fights… raglak moment nice
    waiting for arshi

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