SwaSan (A New Love Story) Part 10


Recap: arish meeting

In the office
Kushi: thanks guys
Laksh: what r u saying this is our duty
Sanskaar: after all your our laksh fiancés sister right laksh
Laksh: hu um yeah
Kushi: I almost forgot to tell you ma invited you to our house
Before sanskaar could say anything
Laksh: of course well come, we’ll have to go now bye
Sanskaar: bye

In mm office
In sanskaars cabin
Sanskaar: why did you say yes
Laksh: coz maa invited us with so much love
Sanskaar: yeah but what would I do their, you’ll be with ragini all the time
Laksh: why r u worrying you can hang out with Swara
Sanskaar: really Swara, I’d rather hang out with her pet cat
Laksh: she has a cat
Sanskaar: no but even a cat is a better cat
Laksh: whatever you say but she’s quite hot na
Sanskaar: yeah she is really hot and even quite cute you know
He then realises what he said, he starts hitting laksh
Laksh: why r u hitting me
Sanskaar: is this how you talk about your fiancés sister
Laksh: I only you said she is quite hot but you said she’s…….
Sanskaar starts hitting laksh

In raizada office
A man calls out kushis name to come
In her head hey Bhagwan plz help me as it is my mood is off due to that idiot plzz plzzz help me
She goes in and gets shocked.

Swaragini goes to college
Swaragini are hanging out with their freinds. They’re the most popular gang in college. Especially Swara. Swaraginis freinds are alia, shraddha, kirti, deepika, varun, Danny, n swaras best friend rocky. Swaras head is on rockys lap and her legs are on ragini.
Swara: guys I’m so excited for prom
Alia: I know but I’m kind of sad that after prom we won’t be coming back to college
Ragini: yeah that’s our last day of college
Varun: why r u guys so sad you should be no more lectures, no more teachers and no more exams
Shraddha holds Varuna ears: don’t be too happy after that is either extra education, job or marriage
Varun n shraddha are childhood sweetheart
Varun: ok I’m sorry, they hug
Danny in a sarcastic tone: aww isn’t that so cute
Swara punches him on his belly
Rocky gives a high 5 to Swara. Swara gets up and so does rocky.
Ragini: what happend Swara
Swara: look over there, those boys look so cute
Rocky: irk Swara I mean look at those girls near them, let’s go to them
Danny: them two will never change
Just when swara n rocky r going Swara gets a phone call. It was her mom telling her to come early as sanlak r coming
In her head that boy ruins everything for her
Swara: we have to go home now your fiancés waiting for you. Ragini blushes. Everyone teases her. They say goodbye.

In raizada office
Kushi: you
Arnav: yes me n btw my name is arnav raizada but for you its sir
Kushi: yes sir, she starts to sit down
Arnav: get up
She gets up
Arnav: who told you to sit
Kushi: I’m sorry sir
Arnav: sit down
Kushi: but right now you just said
Arnav: I said sit
As he’s checking her cv she’s thinking I definitely won’t get this job
Arnav: you’ve got the job, tomorrow come to the office at 9am
Kushi: thank you sir
As she leaves she wonders how she got the job.
When kushi left with a smirk arnav says kushi gadodia now office will be fun.

Precap: Swasan n raglak moments n arshi argument

Credit to: Mumina

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