Swasan New FF : part 6

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Coming to the story…

Saying this swara goes to her room whereas Annapurna is unable to understand anything… She just prays to god for sorting the problems quickly and also left…..
Here in swasan room
Sanskar is thinking about his behaviour towards his family but he can’t do anything he has no other option than to behave like this…..Suddenly swara came in the room banging the door very angrily and shouted on sanskar…..
Swara(angrily): What the hell Sanskar?? What you think about yourself…. I know you’re acting of behaving rude towards spasam…..What you thought that you will act and I will not get to know about it……..
Sanskar: Swara that was my fault that I didn’t accepted emika as my child when they were in your womb…..So give me punishment I am ready to bear it but don’t do this with spasam they are children Swara…….
Swara: Then what about my children ehsaas and kaira?? Don’t they deserve father’s love,family’s love?? Haan tell me…
Sanskar: Swara I love my all four children…. I will never ever make any difference between four….
Swara: But I want you to love only my children not that bl**dy kavita’s children…….
Sanskar: But why??
Swara: Because from childhood that bl**dy kavita is snatching my everything,my happiness and most importantly you Sanskar……
Sanskar: Swara you’ve gone crazy……
Swara: No I am not…. You’re crazy about kavita since our first day of college…..

Flashback starts
Swara and kavita are cousins same with sanlak….All four studies in same college. Sanlak were their senior……
When Sanskar saw kavita he was spellbound with her beauty it was love at first sight for him…….and same for kavita whereas swara unaware of kavsan attraction fell on love with Sanskar…. The day Swara went to propose Sanskar she saw Sanskar proposing kavita which made her angry but kavita’s acceptance made her hyper and she thought of separating them…She created misunderstanding between kavsan but it didn’t work so Swara thought of killing kavita and she contacted dp by an unknown number and told him about kavsan relationship……and then kavita was beatan up by goons but Sanskar came to know about this and thought to take revenge……
Flashback ends….
Sanskar: Swara I plead to you don’t do this??
Swara:Fine then I am leaving this house with my children…….Saying this she was going but Sanskar hold her hand and said
Sanskar: Okay Swara I will do whatever you will say but please don’t do this….At least give them some happiness plzzz
Swara: Enough Sanskar!! I don’t need your please or sorry just tomorrow do the things which I told you before entering mm….
Sanskar: okay…..

Precap: teaser and whole flashback scene…..


  1. Swasan

    Wat is this I didn’t get it till now swara was simple girl untill she married sanskar and now from starting she become a wicked person, I didn’t get wat u want to show. U have made it completely complicated. And srry if something is like this nobody is going to accept others child

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