Swasan New FF : part 5

Hey guys…..Sorry for the late but what to do seeing this much low comment is discouraging me for writing the ff…Next episode will be the last episode…………..

Coming to the story…..

Next morning
Swasan room
Sanskar: Swara I am going downstairs…..
Swara: Hmmmm….And I think you remember the conditions…..
Sanskar: Ya I remember…..

After some time
Swara after doing morning Aarti is preparing breakfast and thinking what happened next……

After kavsan Ragini and other members came to know about swara’s pregnancy…..
Sujata: See jiji !!! What is this girl saying she’s saying that sanskar’s child is in her womb….. How can it be possible???
Annapurna: Even I am also thinking this??? It’s just next to impossible…..
Ragini: Swara how could you stoop so much low??How can you even say that…….here all people knows that your relationship with Sanskar first was a fake one and then forced one……You both never shared a relationship of husband and wife then how can you say that the child in your womb is of sanskar’s???
Parvati: Like mother like daughter……. What can a person should accept from an illegitimate girl like her?? Don’t know whose child is she carrying and saying sanskar’s name…..
Sharmishta: Stop it Maa how can you say this things about Swara and Sanskar how can you keep quiet after listening this things about Swara and Shekhar you are a father why you’re standing silent??
Shekhar: Sharmishta don’t you dare to say this illegitimate girl as my daughter…. It’s a shame for me………
Hearing this swashomi are shocked to hell……
Flashback ends……

After completing their breakfast all went to their respective works but Annapurna sensed something wrong in sanskar’s behaviour and asked him to which he replied that their is nothing like that….

In evening
Sanskar came from office and directly went to his room with Emika… He didn’t talked with any other member not even spasam and when they tried to talk he just ignored them…….All were shocked by his behaviour as in night also he didn’t talk with anyone……
Days are passing and also sanskar’s weird behaviour is increasing…. Now sometimes he gets angry on spasam and scold them very much…….but two pairs of eyes are happy seeing this…
One of them thinks….. don’t worry Sanskar after few days I will get everything what I want……
Here Annapurna had enough of him and confront Sanskar……
Annapurna: Sanskar what the hell has happened to you??Why are you behaving like this to all especially spasam they are kids …..Tell me Sanskar you always say me Maa naa then tell your Maa why are you behaving like this since one week????
Sanskar: (thinking) Sorry ma but I can’t tell you the real matter….. (to Annapurna) Oh plzzzz don’t behave like my real mom you’re just my so called bade mom and they are my children not laksh’s that you are telling me what to do with them and what not…..

Swara: Sanskar how can you say like this to badi Maa????
Sanskar: Plzz Swara not again I am tired so let me take rest……..and he went from there…..
Swara: Badi Maa don’t worry I will talk to Sanskar……
Saying this she too left……

Precap: Last episode


  1. jjjjjj

    wath kav truth and y sanskar do tis with children.in 1 episode u show 4 kids in two are swara child and then another two whose child????y they called swaraa buaa????????????????? can u plz clear my dovit

    • Tulina


      Don’t worry you will get to know about it in next two episodes and also your doubt will get clear as next two episode will reveal the whole flashback……. Thanks for commenting…..

  2. Swasan

    I really didn’t get whether sanskar never loved swara and if just to take revenge she come back then its good, she should not forgive Sanskar. And for spasam wholr mm is there. Swara should move in her life

    • Tulina


      Sanskar never loved swara he just wanted revenge from her of his loss…..Thanks for commenting……….don’t worry in next episode you will get to know what Sanskar done to Swara and vice versa………

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