This is about swasan fanfic but I also want to write a ts on ragini. So it will be on both raglak and rag-san. I will post it after some days.
Heyy its kritika here!! Now u might be thinking why am I here?
Umm…. Let me tell u, I decided to write a fanfic soon.
Well well well, that time is a little far when I will write it.

But being a confused soul, I couldn’t decide which idea to pen down. I am in dilemma. Tell me guys, which fanfic should I write..

IDEA 1- in this fanfic, swara would be egoistic and a girl full of attitude. Sanskar would be a good guy, but a little lusty. They get married because of family pressure. So its how their love story takes place. The major twist comes when swara suffers a miscarriage. But at last, both swara ans sanskar would love each other.

IDEA 2- I have thought a lot for this story. Swara and sanskar get married, for sansakr’s mom’s sake. Swara gets to know about sanskar’s addiction (I will try to keep that addiction unexpected which WILL NOT be ‘lust’). She, being a doctor, inspite of her dreadful past, will help him overcome his addiction. Then sanskar will fall for her. But swara, she will remain in her part. So this fanfic is about sanskar’s possessiveness, his love for swara. Here, we will see how swara help sanskar overcome his addiction and how sanskar helps swara overcome her past.

Guys, I have to write a fanfic based on any 1 idea. So please help me to choose one of them.
I will write one idea soon and the other one after some time.

So in this way, I will use both the ideas.


The idea which gets more number of comments will be written first.


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  1. Jwala

    first idea is good

    1. Kritika

      ?thanls for ur recommendation Dr!

  2. second one

  3. Abirsha

    Second one….

  4. I wld like to read idea no 2 it seems interesting so pls do write idea no 2

  5. Pooja26

    i think 1st one is nyc one……

  6. 2 second idea

  7. Divyanshri

    Both the ideas are nice awsome … ur every ff is interesteing so whatever u write I will read ???

    1. Kritika

      Awwh! Divyanshri behena! Still u choose anyone nah!?? I am in dilemma u knw!

  8. I suggest first idea

  9. Vyshu10

    d 1st one seems more interesting

  10. Idea no. 2 was best because there are already ff based on sanskar,s lust. But second one is a different one

    1. Kritika

      See dr the first one is not completely based on his lust…but a little bit…btw thanks for ur recommendation?

  11. Soujanya

    Idea 2 is interesting…. I would like to read it…

  12. Samys

    i like the second one.. it is more interresting than 1st one… so make one story on it….

  13. both are good.. as per ur wish u give.. one after one.. if u write this two ideas are good and please give one ff after another.. but give two and i dont mind which will u gave first gave as per ur convince.. 1st one give

  14. As u wish i loved the 1st concept

  15. You are an awesome writer. Write anything, I will definitely read it.

  16. 2nd one is good

  17. Deeksha

    It is completely ur wish dear…… Anyway choose one and update soon…..

  18. Tamanna

    Both ideas are good… But I think you should write on idea 2….it seems more interesting…..

  19. 2nd idea is more intersting

  20. Hemalattha

    nyce i think the second one.best of luck for your ff

  21. 2nd one i wanna know the addiction its quite mysterious one

  22. Second

  23. both r gud..bt 2nd one..

  24. 2 nd one is seems more intrstng dan 1st one..

  25. 2nd one plz…

  26. AnuAnn

    2nd one

  27. Sanskriti ?die hard fan of swasan?

    Kritu my baby I m sooooooooooooooooooo soooooorrrrrryyyyyyy for late comment I was just scrolling down the stories when I noticed this fanfic I thought it was of some other writer but when I peeped into this it was Ur’s trust me I didn’t even noticed it
    Again sooooo sooorrryyy
    OK for idea I choose option 2
    And yaa I wanted to ask that is it a short stories
    Do reply me and again sorry
    Luv u loads

    1. Kritika

      Issok sankriti dr…
      I of course trust u a lot..
      Option 2, even I was thinking to finalize it..
      This time it will be a fanfic…
      Atleast 25+ chapters…

    2. Kritika

      Love u too a lot!??

  28. both r good but i would like to prefer 1st one

  29. Idea 2

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