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Episode 3 :


Arshad : I am really sorry Swara, I never knew that our Sanskar and you are lovers
Swara was puzzled and looked at Sanskar, he was tensed and dragged Arshad from there and said, we can talk about this later yaar, let us all go to class. All the seniors came to Swara and apologised for their rude behaviour towards her and introduced themselves… Sanskar dragged everyone from there and came to her and said, will meet you after the class darling… I have many things to share with you… Bye dear and waved her bye
Swara was totally lost and didn’t understand anyone of them and went to her classroom along with her childhood friend Swikritee, who was there in that juniors batch
Swara didn’t find Sanskar anywhere and went to hostel along with Swikritee after college hours
Swikritee: How do you know Sanskar dear???

Swara: come on Swikritee he is the same guy… Neha’s cousin…..
Swikritee: Keep me away from these matters…. But why these seniors were behaving strangely??? They are giving respect to you…. Have they really thought that you both are lovers????
Swara: Even I feel the same??? Something is cooking up dear!!!! Don’t you think soo
Swikritee: Hmmm… Did you observed Sanskar he was really tensed when his friends tried talking to you, what could be the reason????
Swara: Right dear… I missed that point, we have to find out someway
Swikritee: R u not afraid Swara????

Swara: Why should I dear???
Swikritee: hey you were lying in front of the guy who knows the truth
Swara: Yes I should!!!! But why I am not afraid of him now????
Swikritee: I saw tears in your eyes when he confessed that he is “Sanskar Maheshwari”, but now you are not having that fear!!!!
Swara: Do you remember what Arshad told and the other seniors, Why would any seniors apologise to a Fresher dear…. That point made me relax… Looking at Sanskar I understood that he is hiding something… I had tears at that time cos I was nervous that I will become their prey, but now I feel that ball is in our court dear… See none of the seniors are ragging us… There should be some solid reason

Swikritee: Hopefully dear or else we will become their daily meal ??
They went into hostel, both of them were sharing the same room, they got Fresh up and went into dining hall after sometime

In dining hall:
All the seniors were discussing about Swara…
Girl1: Wow she really turned out to be beautiful yaar
Girl2: How could he love a girl without looking at her at least for once
Girl3: Anyhow now we have no more chance as she is here…
Girl1: Why r u upset??? I know you love him… But what to do he loves that junior Swara from past 1yr… He told you at that day itself when you proposed him… So take light
Girl3: yes dear

Swara and Swikritee heard their conversation and they were not able to believe…. Swikritee dragged her from there and went to a place where no one is present
Swikritee: What is this Swara??? Did you hide anything from me???
Swara: What nonsense Swikritee…. How could you blame me like that??
Swikritee: No dear, I am not blaming you but what’s all this???… You too love him??
Swara: No yaar… This is the first time I saw him… I just heard about him from Neha… Then how could I Love him yaar????
Suddenly she felt a hand on her shoulder, it was very dark, she tried to scream, but someone closed her mouth….. And made her turned towards him
Swara: Sanskar!!!! What r u doing here???
Sanskar: Listen Swara, I need to talk to you

Swara: First answer me…. What did you say about me to your friends???
Sanskar: Hello drama queen…. Have you forget that I am your senior???
Swara: No sir, I will never forget( teasingly)… What to do but we are Lovers na!!!!
Sanskar: Oh Miss!!!! That can never happen, not even in dreams, its better to die than becoming your boyfriend
Swara: Hey Mr… I am not dying to become your girlfriend… It’s you who had cooked up some story
Sanskar: Swara slowly…. Just shut your mouth and listen to me…
Swara: Who r you to order me….
Sanskar: If you listen to me then it will be your profit….

Swara: How???
Sanskar: As you faked that you were in Love with someone, the same way even I did… And I took out your name and told everyone that I never saw you as you were my pen friend…
Swara: Pen friend!!!!!
Sanskar: haa…. See Swara I don’t want my studies to get disturbed by this nonsense love, I don’t believe in it… and listen if you continue this drama along with me, there won’t be ragging for you… But one loss is “There won’t be Love in your life” till I am with you….
Swara: I am ready for the deal…. She Forwarded her hand and said “Friends”
Sanskar: Friendship with you????? No way Swara!!!! Don’t expect it…. We are Lovers only for others… So just act…..and don’t worry I will not disturb you always.
Swara: What’s your problem with me????
Sanskar: Hey Swara…. Don’t try to solve my problem, you will be in big problem… Swikritee please keep it a secret… Even you won’t have ragging and was about to leave from that place.
Swara interrupted him and said Mr. Sanskar, Welcome to hell along with me my dear Lover and winked at him
He left from there with a little smile on his face hiding it from her
Swikritee: What’s the need to accept him???
Swara: What’s wrong yaar, I don’t have any problem with him, he is the one who has problem with me??? Then why should I be afraid

Swikritee: Come to your senses Swara
Swara: Swikritee , I heard that ragging will be sever here, and doing this act we can get rid of it and also we can study happily and no one can disturb us dear….
Swikritee: Doing this act, what if you really fall in Love with him?????
Swara: Loving Sanskar!!!!! Attitude guy????

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