Sanskar : Swara Bose!!!!
His thoughts were disturbed when hostess offered his meal packet.

Dp and Ap left for home from Airport, after reaching home Dp stopped Ap and said, “What’s the need for him to do job over there when we have our own business, you always support him”, Ap replied, “I supported him because he wanted to do MBA, and he convinced me that it will be helpful for business, so I agreed but after that he told me that if he works over there he will get good experience, in that what should I do”, Dp said “ I don’t know why I am feeling that he is hiding something from us as if he will loose us after knowing it, I just wish that I am wrong, I want him to be happy always”

Swara was surprised to hear Swikritee telling to her cousin on phone to fake to your senior that you have a boyfriend and winked at her and she had cut the call.
Swara: What are you trying to do dear ???
Swikritee: I am giving her tips to escape from her senior, who is back of her… Just like what you did ??
Swara: So you still remember??
Swikritee: How could I forgot dear, even I was there with you that day… Sorry first day of our college..

Swara: I remember how you stood beside me at my odd times ???… But you know it was an embarrassing situation, I should have kept my mouth shut, but what to do, it never listens to me, whatever I feel to say the exact opposite it makes me to speak
Swikritee: that’s very much true.. I still remember that Arshad’s reaction, he is not ready to believe you and how many times he asked you the same question….
Swara: Even I was surprised why he was asking me so many times, but I never understood that Tsunami has all set to hit me… I was blasted … Don’t you think so???
Swikritee: I was just puzzled but Thank God that one of the senior has saved you that day, actually tell me one thing why did you take his name, when you people had a fight, Neha told me everything
Swara: Hmmm.. It’s just bad fate dear… I never knew he was in the same college and I never saw him

Swara’s parents Sekhar and Sumi came to drop her in the college, first they went to girls hostel and then headed towards college waving her parents bye.
Swara to herself: Finally my dream came true, I was able to get into IIT MUMBAI, my first day, new friends and she was disturbed when she saw a group of people sitting on the bench laughing loudly and few people are standing folding their hands, she understood the situation and tried to run away from there but she felt that some one is dragging her towards that senior batch and she turned to see, it was a senior girl..
Senior girl: Its better you do whatever we say, otherwise you have to face the consequences, and by the way you are beautiful, so be careful with everyone
Boys and girls together seated there and were ragging juniors
1st boy: Hey girl don’t you have manners???
Swara didn’t understood him and kept mum
2nd girl: hey girl don’t you know to wish your seniors???
Swara: In an innocent way she replied back how would I know that you are seniors
2nd boy was attracted by her beauty and innocence and told her politely so you do expect us to show our Id cards!!!!
Swara: Sorry Sir, I doesn’t mean that
2nd boy: Forwarded his hand towards her and said Arshad and you??
Swara: Swara Sir
All the seniors were shocked looking at Arshad’s behaviour towards Swara but soon they had another jolt

Arshad: Do you believe in Love at first sight????
Swara: No sir(politely)
Arshad: But I do… I Love you!!!
Swara’s eyes were widened hearing his confession and the others were equally shocked. Swara said to herself “ how could he propose me!!! just looking at my outer appearance, how mean??? Only beauty matters for Love, what about character???”, her father’s voice echoed in her ears “Darling, you are going into one of the most reputed college in our country, along with studies you should even learn to get adjusted with others, this is the time you have to take individual decision, don’t rely on anyone, as a father I should not say this but I want to say you, if you really love someone let him know, we value your decision, but one more thing don’t ever neglect your studies for Love, Beware of seniors, don’t panic but be strong and try to face them, make them your friends, what if someone proposes you and you want to stay away from such issues, even for that I have one solution, just tell him that you are already in Love with someone so that they won’t force you again. Be strong my girl”
Swara: I am sorry sir… I already have a boyfriend
Arshad: Lying???
Swara: No sir, why should I lie??? I am already in Love
Arshad: I won’t believe

Swara: Believe it Sir, that’s the truth
Arshad: Then tell me his name
Swara puzzled where did I struck dad, whose name I should take, I can’t take my friends name. Her inner voice said “If not friend, then the person who hates you, what’s wrong?? He will never knew and you are not going to meet him, just chill Swara and be happy that he is helpful to you in at least someway”

Swara: Sanskar Maheshwari sir, he is my boyfriend
Swara could easily distinguish the difference in their expressions after hearing his name
Arshad: R u serious???
Swara shouted Yes Sanskar Maheshwari
Soon she saw a guy came running towards them and stopped looking at her she looked at him lovingly and her heart said her “he is every girls dream boy”, she was disturbed when Arshad asked her the same question as if he is not able to believe his ears
Swara stubbornly replied back “Sanskar Maheshwari” my boyfriend’s name sir
The guy who came running to them looked into her eyes with much surprise and asked her “What’s your name girl????”
Swara: Swara Bose Sir
She could feel his anger, he is burning out hearing her name, Arshad came to him and said what is this Sanskar???
Swara was Shocked hearing his name but she made up her mind and said to herself don’t worry Swara, he can’t be the one you are talking about, there will be many Sanskar’s on this earth, so cool girl

Sanskar : So Miss Swara Bose do you have any friend mistakenly by name “Neha Gadodia”
Swara was bit tensed hearing her name and said yes sir she is my friend
Sanskar : he turned towards his friends and addressed them “ Come on guys she is the one whom I was dying to meet” ……. turned towards her and said “Welcome to the Hell, Miss Swara Bose”, How could you forget your lover, its me Sanskar Maheshwari, your so called boyfriend and Neha’s cousin… You came to the right place my dear girl friend ??? with a cold look

Swara was stunned hearing his name, the person whom I never wanted to meet is finally in front of me…. What did you do Swara??? Why did you took his name??????? with tears welled up in her eyes

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