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Sanskar got seated at window seat, he saw a girl around 3yrs age seated beside him, accompanied by her dadi, the girl was almost slept, he got a message from Swara “Happy Journey ☺☺☺☺” his face glowed while reading it and soon he changed the mode to flight as its going to take off. He looked at the runway and went into thoughts when his inner voice said “r u missing her??? But still you have to wait for some more time, don’t let her know till everything goes fine, she will wait for you, she loves you a lot, don’t give a wrong hope to her by conveying your feelings to her, let your parents agree Sanskar then both of you can be happily married” and reminisces how he convinced his mother on the previous night to meet Swara at Airport.

Previous Night at Sanskar house :
It’s 11pm and the lights in Sanskar’s room are still glowing said Annapurna and went into his room and saw Sanskar upset with all the clothes messed up
Ap: beta!!!!! Is everything fine???
Sanskar went near her and said Yes Maa everything is fine but I need your help in arranging clothes and took her to his bed side and made her sit on the bed. Ap started to help him but she can find him still upset
Ap: Don’t want to go??? Then why are you pushing yourself, I will miss you beta and tears were rolling from her eyes, you know this house has become lifeless without you, it has been 6yrs you have left for London, why you have to work for some other company, when we have our own
Sanskar hugged her from back and said Even I will miss you Maa, though i am some 1000 miles away from you, 3 people are always with me, you, papa and sw… and stopped as his mother might felt bad
Ap: Swara right??? Do you still love her?
Sanskar slept on Ap’s lap and said I always Love her, but I need your approval too only then I will convey her

Ap: Do you think that your papa will agree?? I know him …
Sanskar: Will you agree Maa??? I know about papa it might take time but what is your answer Maa???
Ap kept her hand on him and with lovingly she said I don’t think so Sanskar, she is a Bengali and our customs are different and I don’t know if she will be adjusted in our house, society will taunt us, all the above I don’t even know anything about her, then how can I judge her??
Sanskar interrupted and said would you like to meet her Maa??? I asked her to come to Airport tomorrow, will you and papa come to drop me??? Please Maa, I want a chance.
Ap: Will my son be happy if I meet her???
Sanskar nodded in Yes and replied I will be but what about papa
Ap: Don’t worry I will take care of everything, and now you sleep peacefully and left from there after packing his bags

At Airport:
“What happened beta? U r looking upset and Swara hasn’t come yet and you have to clear check-in in another 30mins, Is everything fine beta”, said Annapurna, “Nothing Maa I am absolutely fine and she had some urgent work at office, so not able to come, I am sorry Maa, I was not able to make you meet her, but Maa please give me one more chance I will try to make you meet her, but please somehow convince papa to stop looking for marriage proposals for at least an year, I promise Maa I will never go against your wish, I will not even tell my feelings to her till you and papa accept her from heart, if you doesn’t like her I will agree with you and will be ready for marriage, I love you more than anyone else maa and he hugged her”, Ap said “I love you too and planted a kiss on his forehead, I will convince your papa and eat properly on time and don’t worry about here I will take care of everything and come let’s go and take your papa’s blessing” and both went to Durga Prasad.

Dp said “Hey where did you people go, and this mother son duo has many secrets I guess, Anyhow I think you have to leave now and take care of yourself, don’t neglect eating food, All the best beta, we will miss you and hugged his son”. Sanskar took blessings from his parents and walked towards the security check in and waved bye. Ap and Dp eyes were filled with tears as they knew that it will take another year for his son to come back to India and became emotional.

He remembers his first meeting with Swara in IIT Mumbai
Sanskar: So frnds successfully we completed 1st yr and stepped into 2yr and eligible to do ragging are you ready guys?????
All of them nodded in agreement. Almost around 15members were present in the gang few of them were seated under a tree and few of them on the bench nearby….
Everyone were soon busy in ragging the juniors, Sanskar was very much involved till he heard a girl taking out his name… Soon he went to her where his friends were ragging her, she is a junior and was looking like an angel.
Arshad: Hey girl what did you say???? Say it again (as if he is not able believe his ears)
Girl: “Sanskar Maheshwari” my boyfriend’s name sir
Sanskar and all his friends were surprised and glared at each other
Sanskar : What’s your name girl????
Girl : Swara Bose sir

Hearing her name Sanskar fumed in anger…….???

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