Hi guys, hope you remember my previous ff Definition of Relations, thanks for showering your love, I am back with a new ff just SwaSan, hope you will like it, your feedback is always welcome and your comments are very precious to me… Hope you will enjoy it ….. Its a 10 episodes plot or might be less than that…..Not proof read….Here getting into plot

A lady was busy working on her Laptop, she was disturbed by her phone ring and became worried by looking at the name flashing on her phone screen, she had been preparing from hours to answer his questions and confident enough, but still she is worried if she will be caught, but she made up her mind and picked the call and said “I am really sorry idiot, I had some urgent deliverables at office so not able to turn out, I thought of calling you but was really very busy, don’t mind, I have my promotion nearing by so please for this time please excuse me, this will not be repeated again, hello, hello, are you there on the line, I am not able to hear you”, the person from other said, “It was not expected from you, you should have told me earlier, I could had met you somewhere else, you promised me that you will come to airport, but you broke it, I would had met you yesterday itself, r u telling the truth, or”, the lady said, “no I am really got struck in some urgent work, why should I have any problem in meeting you, I am really sorry once again, msg me once you reach London, Have a safe and Happy Journey”, the man said, “Thanq idiot, I will msg you, take care, I should leave now, bye”.

“Why did you lie that you were in office, and who was that you were talking to” said an another lady who was her roommate, the lady said, “Sanskar’s phone, he was leaving back to London and he told me to meet me at airport today, I don’t want him to feel guilt, whenever I go in front of him he just asks me the same question, for which I don’t have any answer, I don’t want to disturb his mood” , the other lady said, “past 8 years I am seeing you Swara, why don’t you tell him the truth, we are 26 now and your parents are trying to get you married, When they have no objection with your Love why don’t you go and confess him that you love him, Just tell him once that you love him”, Swara interrupted her and said, “Yes Swikritee you are right, I Love him, but he doesn’t love me, he never saw me from that side, so how could I, moreover you know about him he don’t believe in Love, I can’t compel him”

Swikritee reacted “then why the hell you are making your parents unhappy, you know how much they are worried for you???, why don’t you get married per their wish, they want to see you settled happily Swara”, Swara replied “No Swikritee, I know my parents, they are worried because they feel I am weak, but I made myself strong all through these years, I don’t have any expectation from Sanskar, I am ready to get married by my parents choice but all I need is some time”, she smiled back and said “No one is important to me than my parents, not even Sanskar, yes I love him truly, but I love my parents more than him, so don’t worry, and I love you too after all you are my best friend” and both of them changed the topic and had some nokh jok and after sometime Swikritee went out.

Swara was all alone in her house and reminiscing how it all started, she remembers her first day in 11th class her classmate Neha Gadodia came and sat beside her and they became a very good friends, she was a very active girl, one day she came to her and said that she has fallen in love with someone. Swara was shocked and said Love at this age and by the way who is that person, Neha told her that the guys name is Nitin and told his details. Swara with a surprise Nitin!!!! Hey do you know about him properly????. Neha said, “He is my cousin Sanskar’s friend”, Swara interrupted “ wait Neha, I should say something about him, he is a big flirt and he maintains many girl friends, I am seriously saying you better stay away from him, I don’t like his character, u better be careful, if you don’t believe me then better you confirm with your cousin”. Neha was hurt after hearing about Nitin from Swara and she decided to confirm the same with Sanskar, the next day Neha told to Swara that my brother asked me to slap the person whoever had spoken rubbish about Nitin, Swara was shell Shocked and said “how could your brother say like that to you a girl, I don’t think he has any manners, but the truth remains same that he is a big flirt and I am not going to change my word fearing for someone, and you tell your brother that I will not sit silent if I am not wrong”, Neha became an indirect messenger between SwaSan, a heated argument started between them without knowing about each other.

One day Neha and Swara were in conversation
Swara : Neha just few more months left and we are going to complete our schooling and will be heading to graduation, so what u have in your mind
Neha: Hey you know that I am not so studious, so whatever life gives me I will go with it. What are your future plans, I mean about education.
Swara: I want to get into IIT, my dream, working really hard.
Neha : Swara I wanted to say you something from past few days “I never told Sanskar that I Love Nitin”
Swara: So??? I didn’t get you.

Neha: I don’t think that I truly love Nitin yaar, its just infatuation which happens to everyone at this age, its all because of me you and Sanskar had differences, I am sorry Swara. Sanskar is really a nice guy, I am not saying all these as he is my brother…
Swara cut down her words and said, “No Neha don’t worry about all these things, I even don’t know who he is, then why should I take his words to heart , Whatever he is I don’t mind, he is just a passing cloud in my life and remember that both of us are never going to meet with each other so there is no point in thinking about him and differences”

Swara came to present with a beep sound on her phone, she picked and a smile arrived on her face as its a message from Sanskar “Boarded the flight, tc idiot” and she replied back ” Happy Journey☺☺☺☺”

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