Swasan : Naughty Pair Part 6

sorry for late as compansation i have written this part quite romantic if you are comfortable read it and please guys do comments as now i will be giving chapters regularly for effective reading if you guys are in wattpad they can read their with pictures
Sanskar got ready and took a small gift box from the cupboard keeping in his pocket he went to terrace where his princes is waiting for him
He opened the door and dumbstruck to see the decorated terrace he walked on the rose path he was searching his jaan suddenly someone closed his eyes he touched her palm and slided to his lips and kissed her palm
Sanskar : lovingly SWARA
he turned towards her and got mesmerized to see her

Sanskar seeing her intensively
Sanskar : Beautiful
seeing his intensity she was blushing profusely but composing herself she sat on her knees and took the rose from the vase sanskar got confused
Swara : I know I can’t propose u the way u proposed me but from my whole heart I want to say in my each breath your name is there you are my companion I love you not only for what you are but for what I am when I am with you Don’t search me anywhere because I am always in your heart. Put your hand on your heart and you will feel me. Please never leave me and never ever let me go because I will never find a more beautiful place to live. Please be with me till the end of life. I love you

Sanskar kneeled her to level and took her lips with his both were kissing passionately after breaking the kiss breathing heavily they joined their forehead
Sanskar : this is the best proposal for me
Swara : thank you now let’s cut the cake
Swasan together cut the cake and fed each other
Swara forwarding a gift box
Swara : this is for you love

Sanskar opened it and saw a beautiful watch
Swara : liked it
Sanskar : kissing her forehead loved it
Sanskar extending a box
Sanskar : this is for you jaan

Swara opened it and saw an anklets she liked it she kept her leg forward and through her eyes she signed him to ware sanskar kneeled down and took her leg and made her ware it and kissed her legs he also brought waist chain and wared it on her waist kissing her belly swara was feeling ticklish and laughing whole heartedly
They were sitting dipping their legs in swimming pool feeding cake
Swara : sanskar you have any ideas for our marriage
Sanskar : swara hum na we will get marry differently

Swara got excited : OK
Sanskar : first we will go for honeymoon then a sweet news then godbarahi then our child 1 year birthday celebration after that we will get married u know so many children feels bad that they didn’t see their parents marriage so we will not make our child feel that OK
Swara listening this started to beat on his shoulder
Swara : don’t joke when it comes to marriage k we girls will be dreaming from long time about our marriage now what I’m telling you feels I’m mad but this is my dream
Swara : when I come peacock should be dancing to welcome me and walk on rainbow to feel our colourful life ahead while coming my footprints should be enlightened to show our love journey …….she continued to say this while hearing her sanskar was blinking his eyes swara holded sanskar arm and said sanskar weds swara how is it
Sanskar : nice I never taught u will be having this much list for marriage I think after my marriage I will be bankrupted

Swara got angry and pushed him in swimming pool
Swara was sitting on the bed with a pout sanskar came removing his shirt as it was wet she was checking out sanskar smirked and sat on bed taking her on his lap carsing her waist swara blushed and circled her arms around his waist keeping her head on his chest they were sitting silently enjoying each other presence though he was wet but swara warmed him hugging him tightly after sometime swara started to kiss on his chest sending shivers in him sanskar was carsing her waist and her back
Swara placing innumerable kisses on his chest
Swara : does it pained you
Sanakar : no I while doing this I was thinking about you
Sanskar has tattooed her name on his chest
Swara : even I want to put tattoo of your name
Sanskar : no it will pain you

Swara : plzz…..swara somehow made him agreed
Sanskar : OK but I will only do it
Swara kissed his cheek and ran to bring the tattoo machine
Sanskar : everything she kept ready I hope it does not hurt her much
Swara came with the tattoo machine and sat on the bed sanskar took the machine
Sanskar : where you want

Swara : I can’t get it on heart so I want the same place where you got tattooed
Sanskar smiled and opened her saree pallu he gasped to see her only in not so covering blouse he kissed her above the chest till she divert her mind after sometime he started to put tattoo she holded his hand tightly and with another hand clutched the bedsheets tightly sanskar was carefully doing it not to hurt her much after it done sanskar saw swara who was seeing him with love he placed his lips on hers and started to suck that they were kissing smoothly they broke the kiss due to lack of breathing
Sanskar : I LOVE U SWARA

he took the mirror and showed her the tattoo swara being shy covered her upper body by her hands sanskar chuckled to see his tigress melting like ice he removed her arms and made her sleep on the bed took the blanket and covered themselves he came on top of her and started to kiss and lick on her neck and tattoo to reduce the pain swara fisted his hair enjoying his pain killer medicine after some time they slept his head on her chest and hands on her waist and swara scooping him in his arms

Next morning

Swara wake up first due to sunlight as they still in terrace she saw sanskar who is sleeping like a cute child she ruffled his hair and pecked his forehead sanskar got disturb with the sunlight so he covered their head with the blanket she smiled with his antics after that her smile turned into shock after gaining scene she moaned his name
Swara : san….skar

Here sanskar after covering them with blanket he slides her blouse and started to suck her boosoms by moulding other after he satisfied he kissed her lips they kissed passionately swara blushing covered her self and ran to her room sanskar laughed to see her blushing and went to his room to get ready

After she got ready she came down to see sanskar arranging breakfast on table
Swara : what is breakfast
Sanskar : Maggie

Sanskar sat on chain and swara on his lap they were eating Maggie teasing each other they were eating with either ends of Maggie and ended with kissing each other like this with Masti and romance they ended their privacy holiday next day arshi came back

Recap : swakhu father shekhar entry bringing Strom in swasan life

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