Swasan : Naughty Pair Part 4

Days passed sankhush’s pranks increased arnav got promotion from gabbar to Hitler and swasan started enjoying their chupke chupke romance

Class was going on swara was sitting in last bench
swara was sitting near window she was getting bored she saw ground through window .there sanskar was playing cricket with his gang he noticed her sad face and asked through sign laungage.

San: what happened ?
swara: getting bored she made crying face
sanskar without thinking anything immediately ran towards her class and said
San: swara what happened
everyone were watching him
sir: hello my boy plz kind to explain why you are here San scratching his head
San: sir inter college basket ball is going to start so I came to call swara as she is a head of our college girls team.
sir: OK you can take her
San: thank you sir a
fter sometime
swara: came running to the ground and hugged sanskar

Swara : thank you so much sanskar love you ummah..kissed his cheeks
Sanskar : jaanu cool down now come let’s go to my class there is no one but swara didn’t move
Sanskar : confused what happened swara
Swara : ek gadbad hogayiye
Oh…in class u said basket ball match naa so sir said even he wants to see our practice session so everyone are in court sorry
Sanskar : don’t be sorry Ok …even I want to see how u can play basketball with this height
Swara : smaking his shoulder sanskar……I hate u
Sanskar : but I love u
they went holding each other hand

In basketball court
Sanskar laksh sahil was sitting with his gang Girls team came wearing sports white uniform sanskar was seeing swara
Sanskar : my cute little baby
Laksh : what did you say
Sanskar : nothing

The game started girls were doing well..
Sahil : not bad girls are also good in basketball see that chota packet swara how she is jumping she is a match winner
Hereing sahilSanskar was boiling but he controlled himself to not spoil the environment
Sir : well done girls all the best for ur competition.. Do practice well at that time sanskar came
Sir : so Holly champions how they are doing u know they won completion continuous 3 times since this time they gave for girls so they are competing in cricket

Sanskar : to tease swara sir i c think they still needed perfection I think they should practice still more
Swara : no sir we practiced well we can compete with anyone what say guys
Girls : hooted yess…
Sir : so ek match hojaye girls v/s boys
Swasan : yes sir

The match started the game was going on sometimes girls were leading sometimes boys at last boys were lagging Ragini and laksh were fighting saying cheating cheating swara was bouncing the ball but sanskar came towards her and pinched her bare waist because of this she left the ball sanskar took the ball and puts in the basket gaining a point swara glared him. Sanakar gave plain kiss to her so the match was tie but swara plead for tie breaker now sanskar was scared because now swara has become angry bird

Again match started Ragini was bouncing the ball but laksh came in between so she slipped sanskar took the ball swara came towards him their eyes met sanskar was still bouncing the ball swara without anyone notice in a swift moment kissed his corner of the lips sanskar was frozed taking a chance swara puts the ball in the basket won the match swara shows her tongue doing thumbs down sanskar smiled he can lose any match to see her this happy smiling face..

In home
Arnav was reading some files Swara came running and hugged him
Swara : handsome ..iam so happy today..
Arnav : doll calm down what happened why are u so happy today
Swara : handsome u know what today we won a practice match against holly champions yay….
Arnav : congratulates her
Khushi came with coffee and snacks hearing her even she joined swara and started to jump with her
Sanskar came and sat on the sofa resting his head Khushi came
Khushi : ohh..sanskar u know today doll won basketball match against holly champions
Sanskar : bhabhi swara studying in which college
Khushi : yours
Sanskar : in our college who is holly champions

Khushi : yours team
Sanskar : so
Khushi opened her mouth widely means showing her finger to swara and thumb downs to sanskar
Sanskar : making crying face BHABI…
Khushi : no my bachha don’t cry OK
she fowards milk to sanskar

Khushi : yello ..dudh peelo u will get strength
Seeing their antics Arnav and swara was giggling
Khushi glared them
Khushi :waise sanskar how did u losses the match
He saw towards swara she was blinking her eyes cutely
Arnav : all should lose in front of my doll
Sanskar : that is the reason I lost in her love that is why I lost the game
Khushi : what
Sanskar : kuch nahi bus I lost it that’s it

Khushi : its OK now challo I will mix dry fruits in your milk issey tumhara takath air badega aur en logo ko chutki mein hara sakthe saying this she went sanskar followed her like a cute puppy
Seeing them going Swanav busted into laughter….
Arnav : well done doll I love to see his cute antics thankyou dear he kissed her forehead and went
Swara :I know handsome u love him more then anyone and he know that u love his antics so he always make this to see u Happy and I love him so much

Sanskar came running and kissed her earlobe saying
Sanskar : and I love u too janu

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