Swasan : Naughty Pair Part 3

Next day was Sunday
      Arnav came to hall calling Khushi name swara was there only
Swara : handsome what happened why are you shouting
Early morning only
Arnav : Khushi is no where to be found did u see her
Swara : to search lock first key should be there so let’s search key automatically lock will be found
Arnav : Wt is this lock and key iam not playing any lock and key game with you
Swara hitting her forehead : to find dii let’s search sanskar
Arnav : bhabhi ka chamcha always behind her
They started to search them they came towards outhouse swanav heard their sound and went to play area to see them playing pool game hearing them they stayed outside
Sanskar : bhabhi see now how I will hit that gabbar head saying this he hit the ball with the stick and gained the point finally gabbar head gone
here arnav touched his head swara was laughing
Khushi : now lady Hitler head she hit the ball but did not went in the hole
Sanskar : don’t be sad bhabi let me hit her head
He hit the ball and gained a point here swara was fuming in anger but arnav was admiring there bond he felt happy that sanskar is getting his mother’s love from Khushi
Arnav went in and took the stick
Arnav : now gabbar shot baby saying this he hit the red ball
Khushi : not bad husband ji
Sanskar : innocently who is gabbar bai
Arnav glared him sanskar saw towards swara and gulped to see her angry mood she went from there sanskar ranned behind her while entering her room he was about to turn but got hit by hair brush
Sanskar : ahh….shona what happened
Swara : what happened? You …hitting with the pillow you called me Hitler haaa…
Sanskar : (in mind)Hitler kho Hitler nahi Butler kehate hai kya
Sanskar : jaanu my love maaf kardo na it was just for fun OK don’t be angry na.
Swara : yes outside the room I’m Hitler inside I’m your jaanu love sweetheart and all
Sanskar : after marriage you will be my jaanu sweetheart both inside and outside the room OK
Swara : with pout face when will that happen
Sanskar : when I’ll become successful and make my bhai proud until that let’s do our all time job saying this he sucks her pout

Next day in college
Sanskar is year elder than swara
Swasan doesn’t want to reveal there relationship in college
Sanskar entered in and joined his group
Laksh : sahil today fresher’s are coming so let’s have some fun
Sahil : s man let’s see how beautiful the butterflies are
Sanskar : hii guys what’s happening
Laksh : bahar foog happening in our college fresher’s are coming
Sanskar gave unbelievable look to them
In gate swara was so excited while coming she collide with someone by seeing the person she hugged even the person hugged her
Swara : ragini..
Swaragini started there chatting session there only but here sanskar got tensed
Sanskar : where she is till now why she didn’t showed up he was seeing towards gate only
Laksh : whom your seeing
At that time swaragini entered sahil called him
Sahil : hii…beauties
Swaragini : hii…seniors
Sanlak were watching them
Sahil so ready to be get ragged
Sahil : pointing to ragini u give this rose to any one of the boy over here
Ragini took the rose and went toward sanskar and gave him
Ragini : rose for handsome boy
Sanskar taking it : thankyou junior laksh got disappointed
There kavitha came and started to cling on sanskar seeing this swara got angry sanskar made faces
Laksh giving the coke to swara
Laksh : you have to empty this bottle on any of the girl
Swara smiled evily and emptied on kavitha everyone were shocked to see her act
Kavitha : how dare you he said any of the girl not me
Swara : sorry I thought you as a girl galti huhi tho maaf kardena everyone controlled there laugh kavitha went from there swaragini were about to go but sanskar stopped them
Sanskar : beautiful rose for beautiful girl
Swara smiled shyly and took the rose and went
Sahil and sanlakwere seeing them going and smiled

In class swaragini bonded with everyone and enjoyed the classes swara happy with her new college sanskar is happy to see her happy day passed like that while returning home sanskar was driving the car and swara was resting her head on his shoulder and started to tell her first day experiance with him and sanskar was listening her smilingly

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