Swasan : Naughty Pair Part 13

Sanskar came down after getting ready and wished everyone but swara still didn’t come
Sanskar : bhabhi swara kaha hein
Khushi : what should I do with this girl she is not opening room door also I think she is still sleeping yesterday I asked her to join me for shopping she said I have important class but see today she is still sleeping now arnav has gone to wake her
Sanskar what happened is she still scared oh..god

Arnav : doll r u awake open the door see I brought your favourite chocolate milk shake open the door please
Sanskar came to arnav
Arnav : chotey did u fight with her yesterday she was looking pale I taught she is tired but now did u fight with her
Sanskar : no bhai we didn’t fight don’t worry I will check on her before arnav ask something sanskar went off

Inside swara room
Sanskar came through window he didn’t find swara anywhere later he heard sobbing sound he bend down the cot and saw swara crying her knees were drawn to her chest and sleeping sanskar saw her shocked and took her out and made her sleep on the bed he cursed himself to not come at night as he was doing project work and slept in study only he saw her shivering due to cold he spread blanket on her here arnav knocked the door he opened it
Arnav : chotey u here where is swara
Sanskar moved aside arnav saw her sleeping he came to her and woke her

Swara : good morning handsome
Arnav :hugged good morning doll why u took so long to open the door
Swara : I didn’t heard I was in deep sleep
Arnav : OK here ur milk and get ready fast its getting late for college
Swara : no today i have no mood to go
Arnav : swara sanskar Sab teek hey na why u both are looking tensed from yesterday
Sanskar : no bhai nothing like that u know projects and all so quite tired arnav noticed them but let it go
Arnav : by seeing ur face I will come to know if u have any problem u can share with me
Swasan nodded chotey even u taking leave sanskar saw swara
Sanskar : yes bhai but iam going to laksh house to give my project work so that he can submit
Arnav nodded and pecked both there forehead and stood near door sanskar how you got into the room
sanskar bites his tongue how can I say that I will always come like this only arnav just smiled and went sanskar got relief
Sanskar hugged swara
Sanskar : I’m sorry jaan because of slept down while completing project how i slept in study only I don’t know how can I be so careless
Swara : its k sanskar I can understand
Sanskar : how u slept on floor

Swara : I was waiting for you in midnight I got scared and u know na when I get scared I hide under the bed so only she made a pout
Sanskar hugged her
Sanskar : u know how much scared i was
Swasan were hugging khushi called sanskar he went swara got freshen up and went to mall with khushi for shopping

Shopping mall
Swakhu were shopping sanskar still didn’t come Khushi was selecting a free dresses for her pregnancy while swara was looking at the entrance waiting for sanskar arnav came and helped Khushi swara saw toys shop she was continuously seeing there behind her sanskar came and back hugged her
Swara : sanskar why were u late I was alone here
Sanskar : why where is bhabhi
Swara : she is with handsome u know they need sometime to spend together so I came out
She again saw toys shop sanskar saw it and came near her ear
Sanskar : not now jaan still we didn’t get license to go there he keeps his hand on her belly
Sanskar : but no problem iam ready without marriage also but you should cooperate that’s it
Swara blushed hard and hides her face in his chest sanskar laughs they went to toys shop she selects some toys for baby she selects all boy toys whereas sanskar selects all girlly toys seeing there choice swasan started to fight there only

Sanskar : keep them back because Khushi bhabhi going to give girl baby my baby doll
Swara : oh hello baby will be boy he will be like my handsome my super man
They started to fight again arshi was standing and watching there fight
Khushi : see them how they are fighting like a kids
Arnav : more than us they are excited for baby waise which baby u want
Khushi : this time I’m with swara I want a baby boy same like u cute handsome for you
Arnav : I don’t have any problem because I will be getting both
Khushi was confused
Khushi : how u want twins
Arnav : if baby is girl next time it will be boy u know i will be taking another chance he winks khushi blushes
After there respective shopping sanskar came with a big pink and white teddy bear
Swara : sanskar why this big teddy baby will not play with this
Sanskar : I know that small baby will not play with this but my this baby will love this
Swara : taking the teddy I loved it
Sanskar : and I love this saying this he pecked her cheeks every saw them swara hides her face in teddy whereas sanskar his back head with a slight smile arnav : for whom this teddy
Sanskar : for swara you know na from morning she was dull so to lighten her mood I gifted this
Swasan went for billing
Khushi : so now a new love is blossoming
Arnav : no already love birds now they can’t able.to hide there love any more so ….
khushi : what already love birds
Arnav : any doubt
Khushi : I never taught tom and jerry will become love birds
Arnav : except the unexpected things wifey

they went back home
Khushi and swara were not eating anything as they were angry on sanrav
Arnav : swara khushi enough now eat whatever u guys do I will not give ice creams u know na wether is not good u will fall sick
Sanskar : yes bhabhi please eat I will prepare hot chocolate for you tomorrow
Khushi : sacchi
Sanskar : mucchi
Swara glared them
Arnav : doll I will get your favourite pastries tomorrow now please eat
Swara khushi ate there food

Swara room
Sanskar came inside her room and closed the door seeing her he was shocked as Teddy occupied whole bed and swara was sleeping on that hugging
Sanskar : mera diya hua gift mujhse hi dushman bangaya and see her what she was saying acting like her sanskar without hugging you I will not get sleep and see here sleeping peacefully
He went and was about to remove Teddy swara got up
Swara : sanskar you here didn’t you get sleep
Sanskar : swara I never taught you will change this much just for Teddy you are ready to leave me

Swara : when did i leave you
Sanskar : you are sleeping hugging him not me and there is no place for me also this mottu only occupied
Swara : ohh..god sanskar that’s your problem sanskar nodes with an innocent cute pout
Swara made teddy sit in middle of the head board and made sanskar lie above that and she lied above him
Swara : now OK
Sanskar : double ok
after sometime swara was making patterns on his chest he was wearing just veist
Sanskar : swara I’m sorry because of me you were scared yesterday I promised u to be with you every moment but I was not able to save you from him also Iam a bad lover for you iam swara kept her hand on his mouth
Swara : dare to say bad about my love u r my saviour sanskar u never taught that sahil can do bad but it happened and about incident before anything happens you came na to save me that is what important for me and even you have life and you are working for your ambition so no problem leave all the past think about ur future about us now never blame yourself hmm.
Sankara : I’m lucky to get you swara I love you

Swara : I’m also lucky to get you I love you too
She kisses his chest Sanskar made her sleeves slide down and started to kiss her there swara can’t able to take more captures his lips and started to kiss passionately forgetting everything


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