Swasan : Naughty Pair Part 12

Next day swasan joined their gang seeing kavitha swara throwed her bag to kavitha
Swara : hold it my servant
Sanlakhil gave confused look
Ragini : she lost her bet so one day servant for swara
Bell rang sanskar kissed her forehead and went seeing them sahil fisted his hand

swaragini were in their class listening to lecture suddenly sahil enters in and holds swara hand
Sir : what’s going on here
Sahil : sorry Sir its emergency I need to take her
saying this he took swara out they came in empty class and he closed the door swara jerks his hand
Swara : what rubbish is this sahil
Sahil : that’s what I’m asking what r u doing with sanskar
Swara : he is my family member my best friend
He helds her shoulder tightly
Sahil : no he is just a cousin to you and you should not be with him in fact not with anybody you should be close with me only not with that bastard
Swara : and why should I listen you
Sahil : because you are my girlfriend my love my property you are
Swara angrily jerks his hand
Swara : be in your limits sahil when did I become your girlfriend haan…don’t expect Much from me your were sanskar friend so I became your friend don’t think some thing else
She was about to move but sahil stopped her
Sahil : oh..my girlfriend is angry that I didn’t propose you right koi baath nahi now I will propose you
Sahil : swara I just love you he palms her cheeks this beauty always attracts me swara my hands itches to touch you I wanna cherish all your fragnance swara your just mine and I am possessed about my things it can be you also
Swara feels disgusted and tries to run
Sahil : why are you running dear u want me to propose you right now I proposed you I don’t need your answer upu are mine and that’s it not that sanskar I don’t know what’s going on in between you guys and I don’t care whether you are pure are not you are mine only I have the right on you now come let’s seal this momemt with our first kiss my lips are carving to taste your juisy lips now let’s kiss OK
He came near her lips swara was scared and crying wringling in his arms he was so near they heard the door banging sound
Sanskar : sahil open the door bastard
Swara : sanskar… Sanskar help me please sahil no
Sanskar came to window and gave punch on that the glass pieces shattered on the floor sanskar grabbed his collar and gave punch on his cheeks that blood started to come out of his lips
Swara opened the door and hugged Ragini laksh went towards them
Sanskar : you blo*dy moron I taught you were my friend bit no you stoop so low then a man kind how dare you to touch my swara he was punching him badly laksh stopped him as sahil was already on ground badly injured
Sanskar : listen swara is mine she is my love my life if anyone try to snatch my life na..you see worst of me
He saw his hands this is the hands touched my shona right he stamps on his palms harshly that the glass pieces pierced his hands if I again come to know your are behind my swara then mark that day as your death day as I will be your death saying this he again stamped his stomach and went to swara
he saw swara crying hugging Ragini his heart pierced to see her like that he went to her swara hugged him tightly he was just caresing her hair and saw Ragini and gave thank full look Ragini just nodes no

After sahil took swara out Ragini got suspesious on his behavior and text
Message : immediately come near our class room emergency
After that she excused herself to use washroom and went out sanlak opened their message somewhere sanskar was getting restless after seeing message he became more tensed without anyone notice they comea out through window and went to swara class there Ragini tells everything to sanlak sanskar firstly didn’t believed and started to search them when they swara pleading sound from empty classroom sanskar became red in anger and started to bang the door

Swara faints in sanskar arm trio become tensed
Laksh : sanskar she is so scared so only became unconscious let’s take her out sanskar : but where we can’t go to our house now seeing her bhabhi gets tensed and u know her health
Ragini : guys let’s go to my home mom dad is not here
Laksh : ya good idea sanskar Ragini you guys take swara to car I’ll bring our bags here take my car
Sanskar lifts swara and took her to the car and Ragini sprinkles water on her but still she didn’t get conscious sanskar held her close to her heart laksh sat on wheels and drives off
Ragini showed guestroom he lied her on bed swara in unconscious state also hods his collar not ready to leave him Ragini sensing the situation took laksh out sanskar sat beside her embrassing close to him thinking about recent happenings after some time swara made a slight move which brought sanskar back to his sense
sanskar : swara…jaan
Swara got up and hugged him tightly
Swara : sanskar WO..sahil he is very bad sanskar he try to..
Sanskar : shh…jaan kuch nahi hua u r safe
Swara : sanskar he tried to touch me sanskar iam hating myself how can I let him touch me only u has that right sanskar but I
Sanskar stopped her by keeping his finger on her lips he took her in bridal style and took her to washroom he made her stand under the shower and let water flows on them
Sanskar : u did not allow him to touch you swara only I have the right to touch you swara and you r only mine I will not let anyone to come near you he holds her waist and brings her palms near his lips and kisses it swara closed her eyes he removes her top He saw her shoulder where his finger print was there he press her waist to control his anger and swara holds his hand on her waist he kissed her shoulder and licks there he saw her closing eyes he kissed her eyes nose cheeks and finally kisses her lips assuring her she is safe and stood holding in his arms after sometime sanskar gave towel to swara
Sanskar : I’ll just bring your clothes swara nodes and he pecks her forehead and went out raglak came
Ragini : how is she
Sanskar : good Ragini I need clothes for her
Laksh gave a bag
Laksh : take this and you also get change we will be waiting down
After getting ready swasan came down Ragini brought coffee and snacks and started her buk buk all the time swara was hugging sanskar after ending call lakah came seeing him swara holds sanskar arms tightly sensing this laksh came and sat with swara
Laksh : never think about me like that swara I’m like your brother who protects you till I’m there never be scared of me I’m your best friend and I know you are only sanskar’s and this devil will not live me if I do against her u know na how bad these two anger is swara smiled a bit Ragini hits laksh head sanskar holds her waist tightly rest of the time went with there chatting and swasan went back home



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