Swasan… a MYSTERIOUS story… (Chapter 8)

Hello friends ..I am back with my 8th chapter..thank you for all the comments and support and please kindly avoid the grammatical errors..?and I got a lot of comments asking me to not stop writing..I am really happy for that especially @tuba_minahil who was a silent reader till now and Ashley and her classmates..??..but after swasan reunion I don’t find it necessary to drag that is also a reason to end this ff..and moreover you all know March is a month of exams..as I am studying in 8th revisions have started..?and I will have exams after that..so I won’t get time..so pls forgive me..I will surely come up with a new plot on the vacation to irritate you all..?

The episode starts when Sanskar thinking to whether accept the Friend request or not..

Sanskar(thinking to himself)this girl is not lying ..I can clearly see in her eyes ..and also in her mind she really want to be my friend and she is really very guilty..I don’t think she is such bad..I should accept I think..but should I?will it create any problem?

Swara:(seeing him lost in thoughts,waves her hand infront of him)Hello…where are you lost..I am a normal girl itself but with an overloaded craziness..you don’t need to be scared of me..

Sanskar:Okay..I accept your friend request..?

Swara:(happy)really…!!thank you very much and friends..(both handshake while Sanskar give her a small smile..)

Swara:Accha..as a friend we should know about each other..so my name is Swara Gadodia..daughter of business man shekhar Gadodia and sharmishta gadodia..I can’t bear if anyone hurt any of my friends..my bestie is Ragini aka Ragu and now you also,Sanskar aka sanky..I am a foodie and I eat whatever I get and without admiring my food I won’t eat it..?and I am crazy up to a level ..?now tell about yourself..

Sanskar(shocked):Is it your introduction or biography?(Swara glares)Okay okay..my name is sanskar Maheshwari my dad and mom are Durga prasad and annapoorna ..and my brother is laksh ..my papa is also a business man..and I am studying for business management 3rd year..

Swara:ohh!!wait I forgot to tell you about my course..(and Swara pinches him )same pinch..?

Sanskar::Ouch!!why did you pinch me??

Swara:Arey..I am also studying for business management..so I pinched you..?

Sanskar:Ohh..?then let me go to library?

Swara:NO!!now we are free for 1 hour..let us hangout together..to celebrate our friendship..?

Sanskar:What NO.!!what if someone catches us??I am sacred..?

Swara:Arey,,why to fear when I am here??come na..I have searched a good spot for going and coming without anyone’s notice..and lecturers are not going to search for us..please do this na ..for your bestie..(with a puppy face)

Sanskar pov
She is so cute with that pout..I feel to kiss her..arey Sanky no..remember you are a vampire..wait why am I calling myself sanky??argh..this girl made me mad..you can’t love a human..no..I should avoid these thoughts..but I am most of the time not comfortable with any people but I feel comfortable with her so fast..I don’t know what happened to me…I think she is my true friend..so I should go with her trusting her..

Sanskar pov ends

Sanskar:Okay..I will come with you..

Swara..yippee..come on we can go..?

As they jump from a wall we can see a cool bike over there..Swara go towards it and Sanskar follows her..

Swara:(getting into the bike)come let us go..

Sanskar:(confused)whose bike is this??and do you have key and do you know to drive and how did it come here?and (interrupted)

Swara:Sanky, Sanky..this is my bike and I do have its key and I know to drive and I kept it here in the morning because I already made the plan to get out of 1st lecture ..and now no more questions just sit..?

Sanskar bewildered sits there..?

And throughout the journey Swara was telling him about her life and surprisingly Sanskar too started to share her his feelings..he told about Laksh’s behavior and how he don’t have the courage to even speak..after a lot of talking they reached a place..it was a shopping mall..then the entered the mall walking hand in hand..?

Sanskar:Swara,how can we reach college in just 40 minutes if you are doing shopping??

Swara:I am not shopping for me but for you..you should change your style so that everyone will drool over you..?and also even though I am a girl I only take a less time to shop..

Sanskar:ohh!! But What is the problem in me??i look handsome like this also na?

Swara:Woh actually ..yesterday I heard Kavya and Kavita telling you are ugly and you don’t have style in you ..I didn’t like it at all..today if they see you then I am damn sure that they will come behind you..and then you should take your revenge by ignoring them..how is my idea??

Sanskar:Swara..honestly I really wanna take revenge from everyone who misbehaved with me..but I stayed silent because I didn’t have the courage and now when I have got courage I will definitely love to..?

Swara:Accha chalo..let’s go to the salon first..

(friends….Sanskar was wearing a long top and pant with long hairs in front covering his face ..)

When Sanskar was in the salon..Swara went and bought some dress for him..she told him to dress up after styling and Swara was sitting outside drinking juice and reading a magazine..

After some time Sanskar comes out looking ravishing..he was wearing a black jacket with white tee shirt inside and a cool jeans.with his hair cut short and spiked.looking breathtakingly handsome..anyone who saw him will just be looking at him without blinking their eyes..(Friends ..don’t look at him like that..he is someone’s husband ?)The same was with Swara..she was just lost in him and when he came and pinched her she came into senses

Swara:Ouch sanky..why did you pinch me??

Sanskar:You were so lost in me so I pinched you to bring you to this land..?anyway..tell me how am I looking?

Swara:you are looking so handsome..everyone will just look at you when you reach the college..come let’s go..

And then they goes back to college..

The episode ends…

So what will be the reaction in college??will Sanskar take his revenge??how will Laksh react??how will his family react and will Ragsan be friends??

So wait for the next chapter to know about all..and thank you for the comment and support..enjoy..?

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