Swasan… a MYSTERIOUS story… (Chapter 7)

Hello friends..am back after a long time..friends,,I am thinking of ending this story soon..because I don’t get much appreciation for this ff..as you all know this is my first ff..but first attempt are not always successful..so I am going to end this ff soon in 4 or 5 chapters.and I know the comments I am getting are from my friends who don’t want me to feel bad..but I will try to come up with a different story..so guys lets start our 7th chapter,.

And here is the link to my previous chapter

Chapter 6
The episode starts with the sun rising bringing a new day to everyone’s life..
The scene changes to Gadodia mansion where we can see Swara getting ready talking in the phone..

Swara?:haan meri maa(yes my mother)I won’t be late today..I got ready now I just have to eat my breakfast Ragu..?

Ragini?:Swara..i know how much time you take to eat your breakfast bhukkad(hungry girl) that is why I told you yesterday to get up early..but when will you listen to me??

Swara?:what to do Ragu..but without admiring your food,without smelling your food,without taking it slowly one by one..how can we eat food Ragu..if I eat like that..I won’t feel I ate the breakfast..then I will feel dizzy then I will fall the I..(interrupted)

Ragini:?Stop it Swara!!you are such a dramebaaz..anyway I am going by bus..so don’t stop near my apartment…

Swara?:but Ragu….(interrupted)

Ragini?:No Swara…I am not going to miss my class..we go to college to study only na..we should not do any other kind of things from college ..got it…..

Swara:?Ragu now don’t start your lecture and I am going to pick you up..

Ragini?:No Swara..as you come I will be gone.. so bye…and cuts the call

Swara(to herself):this girl…why is she like this..anyway,..let me also go to college fast after having my delicious breakfast..?wait..I got an idea..(smiles mischievously)

And the scene changes to maheshwari mansion..

All of them are sitting on the table eating breakfast..

Laksh:Papa..isn’t it taste very bitter???

Dp:Laksh…it taste bitter because it is old stock..?

Laksh:What.!!!but papa..why did you bring old stock,??no one died yesterday?

Dp:Laksh..one person died in an accident yesterday..but by the time Raksh(A store keeper)reached his blood was clotted..

(So guys..Maheshwaris are decent members and they don’t like to kill people and suck their blood..another vampire Raksh..is managing a secret shop for such families where ..if a person dies he will Store the person’s blood in a container and then supply it..they are also taking a medicine to control themselves from a vampire drugstore..and if the blood is kept in the container for long ..then it turns bitter but is eatable)

Laksh:Ohh..!!?I am finished ..now I am going to college..so bye..

Dp and Ap:Bye beta..

Sanskar:mom..I am also going ..bye??

Dp and Ap:Bye beta..??

And all of them goes to college..

The scene changes to college..
Ragini had already reached and is sitting in the class ..the professor arrived and now Ragini was worried as Swara didn’t come till now..

As the professor took the attendance and started the class..then Swara enters the class..

Swara:Sir.,may I get in???

Professor:yes yes..get in..what happened Rani(queen)..why are you late??

Swara:Sir Traffic..

And the whole class laughs..

Professor (angry):Shut up Ms Swara..even kids don’t make such lame excuses..get out of my class..?

Swara:but sir..?

Professor:I SAID GET OUT..?

And Swara goes out..after going out Swara started laughing..

Swara:Hahahaha..I made a fool of the professor..hahaha..he is such a fool..I did it only for cutting the class and he believed..hahahaha??

As Swara was laughing from the next class Sanskar comes out with his head bowed down..Swara saw him and went towards him..

Swara:What happened.??your professor put you out because of your non sense behavior???

Sanskar:Excuse me..he did not put me out for my nonsense..I was late due to traffic so he put me out..?

And Swara starts laughing again..?

Swara:Hahah..you are also like me??hahaha..you told such a lame excuse to get out of the class right????

Sanskar:(angry)not at all..I was really stuck in a traffic..?

Swara:Haaan haan..now don’t lie to me..?

Sanskar:you..wait why am I even talking to you??i am going to the library so bye.

Swara:Accha ..wait Sanky..

Sanskar:what??!!what did you call me?

Swara:(thinking)Sanky..don’t you like it??

Sanskar:My name is Sanskar..not sanky. Vanky ..got it..

Swara:but Sanky is way cuter than Sanskar..so I will call you that only..(childishly)

Sanskar(irritated):what do you want??

Swara:will you be my friend??(forwarding her hand)

Sanskar:is it a new way to take revenge from me??

Swara:No sanky..woh..yesterday from my friend I got to know you are not like your brother..they told you are a bookworm and an arrogant guy..but then I thought you can’t be arrogant..then I thought a lot about you and came to the conclusion that you are just like Ragini..I mean you are introverted and so everyone calls you like this….i really felt guilty about my mistake ..I am really sorry for that.??

Sanskar:Okay…I accepted your apology..but why do you want to make me your friend??

Swara:(excited)thank you Sanky…and I want to make you my friend to rectify my mistake..and even an introvert need a best friend with whom he can share his secrets right??and don’t worry I am really a good secret keeper..?

And Sanskar thinks……..

The episode ends

So will Sanskar accept to be Swara’s friend??so keep reading to know further..so friends please do comment and thank you to the silent readers..enjoy..?

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  1. Oh plzzzz don’t end this epi there r silent readers lyk me tooooo don’t get discouraged coz such a lot of silent readers r reading urs plzzzzzzzzzzz I u know all my class members will read ur ff daily we would check out whether u have updated or not so plzzzzzzz don’t do it ………

    Today’s epi was awesome

    Again one same request plz don’t end it

    U shud thank me coz…. Coz of me nly my whole class have started to read it…

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    1. Twinklingjasmine

      Thank you..I am really encouraged by your comment..so sweet of you..?☺️?

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    1. Twinklingjasmine

      Thank you..☺️

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    1. Twinklingjasmine

      As I don’t find this story much interesting..so I am ending..and I will be soon back with a new ff in the vacation..?

  4. I missed u it’s awesome dear

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      Thank you..☺️

    1. Twinklingjasmine

      Thank you..☺️

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