Swasan… a MYSTERIOUS story… (Chapter 6)

Hello friends..I am back with my 6th chapter.todays chapter mostly be of maheshwaris ..and kindly avoid the grammatical errors..?

And here is the link to my previous chapter


The episode starts at Gadodia mansion..where we can see Swara silently entering the house..she was taking slow steps towards Shekhar who was sitting in the sofa watching tv..shekhar’s back was facing Swara..
Then Swara went behind him and loudly said

Shekhar got scared ..he suddenly stands with a groan and anger in his eyes..his eyes were changing color..and he turned to see Swara standing there laughing..Shekhar ‘s anger vanished seeing his daughter..and he let out a sigh of relief..but suddenly Swara stopped laughing and asked

Swara:Papa,,from where that Groan came???

Shekhar:G…G..Groan i think it came from the tv..?but you seriously scared me to hell..

And then Swara again started laughing holding her stomach..

Shekhar:Shona…what is there to laugh in this??i could have got a heart attack and died at that instant you know..?

Swara:PAPA..!!dont talk like that..(feeling guilty)sorry papa..I just thought for fun..I didn’t thought you will be this scared..?

Shekhar:it’s okay Shona…but don’t repeat again okay..and who told I am serious ???

Swara:so u were joking?(Shekhar nodded)papa..by jokes also never say this..never leave me papa I can’t live without you ?

Shekhar:Accha (okay)sorry Shona..the way you did I did..now equal equal..now come give me a hug..you came after a long hour..?(and both hugs)

Sharmishta who came to check what was the noice became overwhelmed seeing the bond of the father-daughter..so she fakely cough..

Sharmishta:Ahem ahem..(dramatically)I think I should leave this house..no one care for me here..see only the father-daughter bond happens here..huh..??

Swara:Mamma..you are jealous of our bond right,?anyways come na mamma..what are you waiting for??let us have a family hug..(and the trio hugs)

Scene changes to maheshwari mansion..

Here we can see everyone eating dinner silently..

Laksh:what is this??why are you all silent today???

Dp:Nalayak(careless)we should always eat dinner in silence..not with your bak-bak..if I hear your bak-bak.. my ears will burst..?

Laksh;DAD…!!!anyway..tell me from where you brought his food from??it tastes different..?

Dp:I brought it from the Normal store itself..may be because of your bak-bak your taste buds got spoiled..?

Laksh:Mom ..look na..

Ap:duggu be silent ..don’t tease my son..haan ..?

Dp:yeah yeah..I will be silent..you Mom ka chamcha(spoon)?

Ap:leave it Laksh..and you told the food tastes different..did u fall in love shove??because in such times only ur tastes will change..?

Laksh:No no..mom it’s nothing like that..the food tastes normal ..I just said it to start a conversation.?

Dp:And Annu..do u expect this nalayak(careless)will fall in love???this Nalayak can’t even handle his girlfriend then how can he handle love??(and laughs)??

Laksh:Mom look na ..he again started..

Ap:duggu u..(interrupted)

Dp:Yeah yeah..I am being silent ..huh..?

Ap:anyways..Sanskar how was your day in college???

Sanskar:it was a bad day mom..?


Laksh:Bad day..like seriously..you are always involved in books,classes and libraries..today also you did like that..then how come it be a bad day??(sarcastic)

Ap:Laksh ..stop it..

Laksh:no mom..not this time..all time I am being insulted by my friends because of him..the name I am having is getting spoiled day by day because of him..can’t he just say a hi or hello to my friends..by saying so will his image ruin??he is so selfish and just think about himself he is..(interrupted)

Ap:stop it Laksh..he is you elder brother respect him..everyone have the right to live their life in their own way..you should not interfere in his life like this..and my Sanskar is not selfish..he is just into himself and doesn’t like to in conversation..that you very well know..and about your so called friends..I told you to leave the bad company..your gang has made your thinking like this..??

Laksh:no mom..they are(interrupted)

Dp:no Laksh..now don’t defend them..we allowed you to be in that gang thinking you as responsible to know right and wrong..and Sanskar is an introvert..,.he give more importance to his self time…and as your mom said you are young so don’t interfere in his life got that..???

Sanskar was hearing all this sitting there sadly..he thought this fight is happening just because of him..the family was so happy and enjoying their time..and Sanskar was also happy seeing them like that..but then suddenly his topic raised and this is happening..he thought he is the root to all these problems and he stood up without completing his food and disappeared..

Ap and dp got really sad while Laksh was frustrated..

Ap:duggu..let me go to him and also let me take this food..you have your food and I will have mine after sometime..ok..

Dp:okay Annu..

Scene changes to sanskar’s room..we can see him sitting on the floor leaning his back on to the bed..

Sanskar’s pov
No one understands me..no one..only my mom and dad can understand but they don’t know my feelings..everyday from college I am hearing taunts..and also from my own brother and that is what hurt me the most..my own brother can’t understand me..in many stories brothers are shown as buddies but here he takes me as his enemy..I just don’t want to start any useless conversation with anyone and I don’t have any courage to respond or react to anything….and that is why I silently bear this taunting or say tortures everyday..even my parents can’t understand me fully..sometimes mom teases me of my nature for which I fakely laughs ..but deep inside I am hurt..no one is born to understand me no one(and starts crying)
Sanskar’s pov ends

We can visibly see sanskar’s tears because his tears were not just water but BLOOD..yes it is blood coming out of his eyes instead of tears..his brown orbs changed into blue of a deep sea..

Then suddenly Ap reaches the room with a cup in her hand..and Sanskar already expected her to come there ..then Ap keeps the cup aside sit beside Sanskar and says by cupping his face and wiping the blood..

Ap:what is this Sanskar??you know na men don’t cry??and moreover will a VAMPIRE cry like this??

Sanskar:mom…(and started crying loudly hugging his mom tightly letting his pain flow)

And Ap let him cry in her embrace thinking to soothen his pain..
After sometime when he calmed down..Ap broke from the hug then cupped his face and told
Ap:Sanskar…you should not take Laksh’s words seriously..you know na he is immature..he tells what come in his mind..but in his heart he loves you..he can’t hear a word against you from others..he loves you so much..so don’t consider his words to heart okay??

Sanskar nodded..then Ap wiped of the blood stain from his face and Sanskar ‘s blue eyes cam back to brown..

Ap:beta(son)why did you tell today was a bad day??what happened today??

Sanskar:that mom(Sanskar narrates his incident with Swara to Ap)

Ap:OMG!!!that girl is really courageous..but Sanskar I think that is not the truth..I think there is some other thing..and some misunderstanding..but why didn’t you try to read her mind??

Sanskar:mom,I don’t know why but I was so immersed in her smell..her blood smelled like vanilla and chocolate..or some strawberries ..I was so immersed that I forgot to read her mind and then that argument took place..

Ap:hmmmm..anyway..drink this Sanskar..it’s not good for a vampire to skip meals..otherwise you may even hunt that girl..then let me also eat my food..and no need to come downstairs today..you can read your book from here..

Sanskar:thank you mom..I love you..(and kisses Ap on her cheek )

Ap:love you too beta(son)..(and kisses on his forehead and disappears (via telepathy))..

The episode ends..

SHOCKED??!!hehe..u all never thought I will disclose the matter this easily right???but I thought to give you all a surprise..how is the surprise??liked it?loved it?or hated it??please do comment and support..☺️

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