Swasan… a MYSTERIOUS story… (Chapter 5)

Hello Friends..this is SWASAN A VAMPIRE STORY itself..I just changed the name because of some reason And sorry for the late,was busy in my school works..?and this is my chapter 5..and kindly avoid the grammatical errors..?most of u wanted hate-love story..so I am making it one..others please forgive me..

And here is the link to my previous chapter

Chapter 4
The episode starts with Swaragini talking with each other..

Swara:hey Yaar..see this video..poor fellows ..they got what they deserved..?

Ragini:Par Shona..they won’t sit silently..I am sure they will take revenge from us..I am scared..come let us tell them sorry and end the matter..?

Swara:Ragini ..why u r scared when I am here..don’t worry .they won’t be able to do anything..Accha suno..u know today in library(and she narrated the whole scene with Sanskar)..so u tell any suggestion to be his friend…u know he is similar to u..?

Ragini:Shona,to be his friend try to understand him..start with conversation topic that can last long..try to act like even u r like him..don’t talk loudly or in a way to embarrass him..just talk with a low pitch..?

Swara:Okay..I will try..then let me know his class and address first..?

Ragini:Okay ..okay..?

Swara:Bye Ragini..you go to ur class now..

Scene changes
Swara ask her friendly senior to find about Sanskar..

Senior(Liya):His full name is Sanskar Maheshwari..he is brother of Laksh Maheshwari and studying for business management 3rd year…

Swara:ohh..but who is this Laksh Maheshwari??i never saw him or heard about him.. ?

Liya:What are you telling Swara???wait wait..that means u don’t know ur enemy’s name?!!?

Swara:Enemy??which enemy!!??

Liya:arey Swara..to whom u pour that dirty water…

Swara:in that which one??there are three boys right??

Liya:Wait..I will show u the photo ..(she shows the photo in her phone)

Swara:This one??but he was silent throughout the whole chaos..he didn’t even utter a word..!!?

Liya:I think it is his new trick to take revenge..he is the leader of the gang..his decision takes place in that gang..even the plan behind Ragini ‘s humiliation was made by him..?

Swara:so that mean Sanskar is also a part of this gang..he is also silent like laksh as part of plan and he denied my friendship because he wanted to hurt my ego and wanted me to make him my friends myself and take revenge from me ..OMG!!how could I fall in that trap..now I will show him what it is like..Sanskar Maheshwari be ready..!!??

Liya:But Swara…Sanskar…(interrupted)

Swara:Thank you Liya for the information and bye for now..???

And Swara left..
Scene changes

We can Sanskar coming from one side to the ground and in the opposite direction we can see Swara coming ..

Both are walking towards each other and when they reached near Swara threw a half bucket of dirty water on him..and she kept the bucket down and fold her hands on her chest smirking ?

Sanskar:(angry)What The Hell?!!!?

Swara:now only my Revenge got completed..now ur whole gang bathed in dirty water..?

Sanskar angrily takes the bucket which has some leftover dirty water and threw it on Swara ..his eyes were sparkling because of anger ?


By now the whole college surrounded around them..

Swara:youuu..how could you ..u don’t know me..

Sanskar:(angry)ohh..what u did I did the same..and which gang you are talking about..I don’t know..?

Swara:oh please..stop ur drama u backstabber..I thought to make you my friend but you..how cheap backstabbing people..?

Sanskar:first of all I didn’t backstab anyone..and second u don’t have any reason to take revenge from me..?

Swara:yeah..but I am sure I was going to get a reason..so I just took it first ..?

Sanskar:youuu…its better I don’t talk to you.cheap fellows..?

Swara:even I am not interested in talking with you…?

And both went to opposite sides..

Scene changes
Sanskar’s pov
What kind of girls are they??are they even girls??taking revenge without any reason…Oh yeah.now I understood..she took revenge because I didn’t accept her friendship..and it may have insulted her..oh Lord..what is this..no one understand no one here..in this college there is no one who can understand me not even my little brother..!!what kind of life I am living??And wait..how did I react to her..normally I won’t do anything like that..but today I felt different why??no,.i should not think about her ..it’s waste of time..and i should also not cry as well..and let me clean myself and go fast..?

Scene changes..
Swara’s pov
What kind of man he is..even though he understood that I knew the truth then also not ready to accept it..and on top of that he poured that dirty water on me..and that shows he is not the one he shows he is..I will not leave him and show him who Swara Gadodia is..(determined)?

The episode ends…

Sorry for this bad and boring story whose plot is boring everyone..? but I am new to this..and I will surely write a good one with all of your support..so please do comment and vote..

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