Swasan; my possessive jaan (prologue)

Swara goto the kitchen…then held a knife in her hand n placed it on her left Palm…

Swara; I will see now how my sansku will throw u out of our life for harming her jaan

Swara;what I’ll just cut a little..n blame it on u.. 1

Swara cut her palm…n it pained a lot…

Swara; aahh…

N threw the knife on the ground…

Swara; aab toh tum gayi cavity…(now u r gone cavity) my sanskar will not leave u for hurting her jaan

Kavita see all this and listen her talks

And thinks to tell this to sanskar and smirked

And swara run to there room and quickly dialed sanskar number

Sanskar picked the phone and get panicked. Listen Swara crying voice

Sanskar; what happened to my jaan….

Swara: sanskar,sanskar please come home soon

Sanskar ( worried): kya hua jaan bolo mujhe…( What happened my love)

Swara; sanskar Kavita act like mad and said she will kill me for snatching u from her

And start crying

Swara: sansku .plz a jao…aaahhh…(sanskar please come here)

Swara is very happy that now throw that cavity from there life

The door bell rang n sanskar came running and entered in the room and shocked to see swara blood and panic

Sanskar;jaan,what happened and panicked to see blood,jaan join (blood)

Swara; sansku , Kavita do thi

Sanskar ; what???

Swara; sanskar please send Kavita enewhere else she killed me

Kavita came in the room too…to telling the truth of swara

But sanskar see her and dragged her from there

Kavita tried to tell the truth but now not used because sanskar is very angry , because she hurt his jaan..

And swara is smirked to see all this..

Kavita; sanskar , please listen to me

Sanskar just shut the door on her face…

He came back and hugged swara back and swara also respond to him..

Sanskar calls the doctor and doctor give her perception

I also write sanskar as possessive lover and here sanskar loves swara madly but here swara became possessive. Sanskar because he became only family for her and she became selfish,because she always alone in her life before sanskar

Hope you like possessive swara 4

Please guys tell me ur response do u like it 1

One of refer ask me to show possessive swara because I always shows sanskar possessive

What will happen when sanskar know about the truth?? 1

Did he leave swara ?? 2

Kavita is good or evil?? 1

Let’s see what happens next

Please no negative comments for showing swara like this 1

I want swara being selfish on Kavita entry not sacrifice her

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  1. Nice…Continue soon

  2. nice waiting to see sanskaar reaction when he comes to know truth

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