SWASAN – My Love (Prologue)

This story revolves around a small town girl and a Prince who were once ‘Best Friends’. They were destined to be together but a misunderstanding changed their lives. What happened that their beautiful relationship turned into an ugly fight? Will destiny bring back the two broken hearts? To know more, keep reading ‘SWASAN – My Love’


Scene 1: Midnight

It is raining cats and dogs. A girl of mid twenties is walking lifelessly on a lonely road. She is not even bothered about the surroundings. Fully drenched in rain and with her messy hairs, she looks pathetic. Her eyes which once showed her innocence, now showed nothing. ‘No no, She is not even crying.’ Her face is blank. No emotions, she felt nothing. She doesn’t have a destination. She is lost in her own thoughts. She reminisces how she lost everything in just an hour!

“You are a characterless, cheap girl”

“I disown you”

“We are over”

“You are dead for us”

“I hate you”

The last sentence broke her heart into million pieces. The last hour confrontation was ringing in her ears. For her, it was more than enough. She wondered how her most awaited dream became a horrible nightmare!

Scene 2: A House

Shekhar(pleadingly): “Come on beta. Just meet him for once.”

Mishti: “Papa is right beta”

Girl 1: “Papa please. I can’t meet him. I don’t think he even remember me.”

Girl 2: “Di, don’t be nervous.”

Boy(assuring her): “Choti, I am sure he still remembers you.”

Scene 3: At Nataraj Palace

The Palace is decorated like a bride. There is a lot of hustle and bustle in the Palace. There are a lot of guests from many places. Girls are looking gorgeous in their outfits. After all, the ‘Prince Charming’ of the Palace is coming back from USA after completing his graduation!

Girl 1(showing off her dress): “Mani, I am sure he will fall for me.”

Girl 2: “No. I look more beautiful than you. I will woo him for sure.”

Girl 1(pointing finger towards herself): “No I will be his bride.”

Girl 2: “No I will.”

Announcement – “Attention, Ladies and Gentlemen. The most awaited moment has finally arrived. Everyone put your hands together for the ‘Prince Of Nataraj’ – Prince Sanskar Maheshwari.”

All the girls ran towards the entrance of the Palace to get a glimpse of Prince Sanskar, except one girl!

After some hours,

Sanskar: “I have chosen my bride. She is ……….

The announcement shocked everyone to the core, especially the girl!

Scene 4: One evening

Girl (crying): “I love you.”

Boy(stern): “But I don’t. In fact, I hate you to the core.”

Girl: “Don’t you trust me?”

Boy: “You broke my trust. You are a cheater.”

The girl looks on shocked……………………

So, this is the Prologue. I hope you all will like it. I will try to post the first part very soon. Please share your valuable ideas for my story. I need all your support as this is my first fanfic.

Important: ‘All Copyrights Reserved’. There will be a lot of supporting characters in the story. So, don’t get confused. I will show both present and past accordingly. I will use simple English and some Hindi. Please let me know if you are unable to understand any part of the story. You all are free to point out the mistakes in the story.

Till then Bye

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  1. Hey kanha ? awesome start loved it to the core dear welcome to swasan world? hope you will feel free here ? next part soon? hehehehehe just joking post it when ever u r free
    Love u
    Take care ?

    1. Kanha

      My first ever commenter. Thanks yaar. Will post soon.

  2. nyc story dear love to read furthr how this unfold

    1. Kanha


    1. Kanha

      Thank you dear

  3. Sandhiyaswasanian

    Welcome to the swasan fandom dear.write lots of swasan ff in tu.not for comment for our swasan fandom.

    1. Kanha

      Thank you dear. Will try to write more stories after this one..

  4. Go ahead

  5. Awesome starting

    1. Kanha

      Thanks yaar

  6. Mars

    Ommmgggg sister firstly I’m sooooooo happy that finally you started a story on our heavenly swasan??????
    Coming to the prologue it’s super interesting the curiosity level in me is at peak now to see how swasan love hate story will proceed…… Prince charming and pretty princess will look adorable?????????
    Maazzza aye ga read karne mai and keep on writing more and more for our swasan?????
    Continue jab free ho?? but I’m waiting eagerly????
    All the best for your first story……
    Welcome as a writer you will rock??????????
    Thank you for this….
    Take care love you sisoo????????????

    1. Kanha

      Thanks Marsu…. This was not possible without you. You are one of my inspiration. Loveeeeee youuuuu tooo.

  7. Pravee

    it is beautiful pls make it a three shot

    1. Kanha

      Dear, this will be an ff. Three shots mein ye story nahi likh paaongi. Anyways thanks for your words.

  8. nice intresting continue

    1. Kanha

      Thanks. Will post soon.

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