SWASAN – My Love Part 1

Part 1
“The hardest part is waking up in the morning, remembering what you were trying to forget last night”



It is raining cats and dogs. A girl of mid twenties is walking lifelessly on a lonely road. She is not even bothered about the surroundings. Fully drenched in rain and with her messy hairs, she looks pathetic. Her eyes which once showed her innocence, now showed nothing. ‘No no, She is not even crying.’ Her face is blank. No emotions, she felt nothing. She doesn’t have a destination. She is lost in her own thoughts. She reminisces how she lost everything in just an hour!

“You are a characterless, cheap girl”

“I disown you”

“We are over”

“You are dead for us”

“I hate you”

The last sentence broke her heart into million pieces. The last hour confrontation was ringing in her ears. For her, it was more than enough. She wondered how her most awaited dream became a horrible nightmare! She was brought back to reality by the sound of a Benz car which was speeding towards her. She could no longer hold herself and she passed out then and there! The car stopped an inch away from the girl. A man of fifties hurriedly came out of the car and checked the girl –

Man: “Oh my God. What have I done? Sarla was right. I should arrange a driver for my car. I hope she is alright.”

With that, he picked up the girl and placed her on the passenger seat and drove home.

At Nataraj Palace (At the same time)

A man is shown sweating very badly in his room while sleeping. It was as if he has been watching a bad dream. Suddenly, he shouts-

Man(shouts): “Shona!!!!” (Readers, I know you all have guessed it. It’s Sanskar, our Hero)

Sanskar realizes that he has seen a dream and calms himself. He walks towards the window of his room.

Sanskar POV-

“Shona, I don’t know why I got this dream. Are you okay? Nahi nahi. I should not care whether she is alive or not. She is a cheater. She broke my trust. She broke my family. She broke everything. Arrghh.. Mami was right. All girls are same. They just throw themselves on me because I am the Prince. I thought you were different Shona. But you proved me wrong. Everything was fine until that horrible day. Why did you change Shona? (a tear escapes his eyes) Why? What was my mistake Shona? Tell me. Was loving you a mistake? (sob) Why did you broke my heart Shona? Why? I don’t have answers for these questions. But one thing is clear that I HATE YOU Ms. SWARA GADODIA. I hate you from the core of my heart.”

And then he collapses on the ground crying bitterly…..

At Malhotra Mansion

The man enters the guest room and lays the girl on bed. At the same time, a lady of mid forties enters the room.

Woman: “Where were you? Do you have any idea how worried I was? Why didn’t you pick my calls? And by the way, who is this girl? Are you cheating on me Raj?” Saying this she cries fakely.

Raj(folding his hands): “Arey stop meri Maa. Why do you always talk silly on serious matters, Sarla?”

Sarla: “Ohhh, now I became your mother also. Hey Bhagwan, why did you keep me alive?”

Raj(frustrated): “Sarla, please stop your over acting. I am really tensed now. Why do you need to joke like this? This girl ………” and he explains how the girl came infront of his car.

Sarla(angrily): “Raj, Why didn’t you tell me before? How many times I’ve told you to arrange a driver, if you can’t handle night driving?How can you be so irresponsible? Call the doctor now.”

Raj(monologue): “Wow, What type of wife I have got? Sometimes so mature, sometimes so dumb! God, why did you give me such a Buddhu wife?”

Sarla(sees him lost): “Ohhh Mr. Patidev, What are you thinking? Call Dr. Gupta now.”

Raj(coming out of his thoughts): “Ahhh Yes. I’ll call him.”

Raj calls Dr. Gupta(family doctor) and asks him to check the girl.

After sometime, Dr. Gupta arrives and checks the girl.

Raj: “How is she Dr. Gupta?”

Dr. Gupta: “Mr. Malhotra, I think she has been taking a lot of stress. Moreover, she is having fever due to rain. That’s why, she fainted. I would suggest you to change her clothes as soon as possible. I have prescribed some medicines. Please give it to her on time”

Sarla: “I will take care of her, Dr.”

Dr. Gupta: “That’s good.”

Raj: “When will she gain consciousness Dr. Gupta?”

Dr. Gupta: “She’ll wake up in some time Mr. Malhotra. Let her rest for a while.”

Raj: “Thank you Dr. Gupta.”

Dr. Gupta: “I’ll take a leave then.” And then Dr. Gupta leaves Malhotra Mansion.

Sarla: “Raj, You please go out. Let me change her dress.”

Raj: “Okay dear. Till then, I’ll bring food for her.”

Sarla: “Ok.”

(Raj leaves)

After changing the girl’s dress, Sarla starts caressing her hair while talking to herself.

Sarla(monologue): “Thank God she is fine. She looks soo beautiful, sooo innocent. Who is she? Where does she live? What happened to her that she is taking soo much stress?”

While Sarla was lost in her thoughts, she failed to notice that the girl just moved her fingers. With much difficulty, she opens her eyes. She becomes scared after watching the surroundings. An unknown fear gripped her heart. Sarla, who noticed her uneasiness, tries to calm her-

Sarla(assuring): “Don’t be scared. You are safe. I’m Sarla. Actually, you were found unconscious and my husband, Raj Malhotra brought you home. By the way, What is your name?”

Girl: “I am Sho… (and then she stopped) My name is Riya.”

Sarla: “Ohhh Riya, Dr. has asked you to take these medicines. Have them and take some rest Beta.”

The word ‘Beta’ rang in her ears like an echo.

Riya(emotionless): “Thank you Aunty. But I need to leave.”

Sarla: “But …” (She was not able to continue as she was interrupted by a voice behind)

Raj: “Riya Bete, listen to me. You are not fine and Dr. has strictly advised that you need complete bed rest. I am not allowing you to go. If you want, you can call your parents here.”

Riya(same tone): “I’m an Orphan uncle. I live alone.”

Raj(scoldingly): “Hey, You are not an orphan. You’re Our Daughter from now onwards.”

Riya(her eyes soften): “Thank you uncle.”

Raj: “Not uncle. Call me Dad.”

Sarla(excited): “Yes. And call me Mom.”

Riya(overwhelmed): “Okay Mom,Dad.”

Raj & Sarla(emotional): “God bless you Bete/Beta.”

Raj: “Now you drink this soup and take rest. We’ll talk tomorrow.”

Riya: “Ok Dad. Good night.”

Raj & Sarla: “Good night.”

Precap: Riya’s POV

To Be Continued…….

Guys, I actually thought of giving Riya’s POV and some past scenes, but it will become lengthy. So, next part will mainly focus on Riya’s POV. The story will progress slowly. I want to add all sorts of minute details in the story. Each part will contain some part of the truth. I hope you all liked this part as well. Please vote and comment.


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