Swasan: My letter girl (Chapter 1)

f “Bhai, look at the number of gifts you got for this birthday.” Laksh beamed seeing a bag full of gifts they collected when entering the college.

Why not?! Sanskaar was the center attraction in the whole college. Not only for his looks but it is personality too and getting gifts is a normal thing according to him.

Sanskaar tucked in hands in his Jean pockets and entered the classroom were still no has seated. Still his eyes were searching for something.

“Bhai, you’ve got so many gifts… But still you are searching for that letter right?” Laksh asked while sanskaar smiled.

“Why do keep waiting for it? After all it’s a simple letter Bhai.” Laksh was confused.

“It can simple, but it’s not that way for me.” Sanskaar spoke and went to his place.

His eyes glittered seeing a letter with a rose presented for him on his bench. This is what he was waiting for. Her letter!

Sanskaar Maheshwari was a person who doesn’t get satisfied by one thing, he prefers more items to choose one yet this letter, a simple letter from someone whom he doesn’t know has become his priority for the past 6 months.

He opened the envelope and took the letter. He opened it.

Don’t open it now, anyone can peep in and you see I don’t like sharing my things. Have a great day and party hard!

Sanskaar looked at laksh who was trying to peep. She was definitely right! He immediately closed the letter and placed it back on the envelope giving a glare to his brother.

“I’m.. I’m just excited to see what’s inside the letter that made my brother, who doesn’t fall in love easily has fallen deeply in love with her. It’s a huge miracle she did.” Laksh gave an explanation and gave a idiotic grin.

Sanskaar shook his head seeing his unbelievable brother.


The sun has dawn and the moon has rised.

A beautiful girl was staring at the sky from the window of her  room as if there was no tomorrow.

“I wonder whether he read the letter I gave him.” Her lips broke to a smile remembering the contents of the letter she wrote for him.

“I don’t know whether you will like it or not, I’ll be waiting…. ” She smiled even more remembering him.


Sanskaar as usual sat on his usual favorite spot in his terrace after having a huge party downstairs. It has already going to become midnight in half an hour as this family threw a party which made him late but even somehow managed to come up after a day full of enjoyment making him tired yet his mind, heart and soul wanted

The full moon shined brightly in the dark sky while those little stars were twinkling adding more beautiful to the sky and spreading peace and calmness every where it can. Cool gentle breezed away sending chills to him. This was his favorite thing when it comes to night and that’s why he prefers night more than day.

He opened the envelope and placed it down along with the red rose it had. He opened the letter and he took a glance of neatly written letter in ink. He had definitely loved her handwriting but a little more…. her!

Taking in a deep breath his eyes caught the line of the written letter.

Hi Sanskaar!

This, this itself was enough for him to make his smile yet he wanted to know what she has written for him.

So, Mr. Birthday boy has got time to read this letter?! I know you would be tired of attending the party but still hmm…. I was waiting for you to read this letter.

She exactly knew his every state without even seeing and he had wondered, how come she finds his condition? and about the letter well even he was waiting for to read this letter too.

It’s been exactly 6 months I started sending letters to you remember?

How can he ever forget that? At the initial stage he ignored those letters and later on  curiosity striked him hard making him to read these letter and at the time being it had turned into an obsession and addiction.

So I’m here to tell you this. Happy birthday to my one and only first true love that I have ever found.

Those words were enough to make his heart fly and jump in happiness. His eyes shined brightly seeing her mentioning him as her first true love.

Yes! No more I’m hiding this thing. You’ve trapped me with those killer smiles and kindest hearts, with those naughty tricks and sharpest mind, with your death giving glares and those calmest attitude, with those world like eyes and friendly nature, with those sweet gestures and unbelievable energy, with those crazy ideas and humble actions and many many many more which I can tell but this letter will later turn into bundle if I write those here.

He was surprised. How can someone admire him to this level? Yet she did! Her words did say how much she has watched his every little move.

I believed love exists only in fairy tales and fictions yet you proved me wrong. You showed me and made me experience this lovely feeling. This.. I don’t know how to explain it and I didn’t know when I feel in love with you. All I know is I’m deeply, madly in love with you.

Sanskaar’s hearts skipped several beats. No wonder her simple words were enough to make him feel the most happiest person person. Being a little self obsessed person he loved himself but now he loves him more because he had made her fall in love with him, Unknowingly.

I feel pain when I see you sad

I blush when you smile

I feel proud when you win

I feel angry when you flirt

I feel happy when I see you calm.

I don’t know when your happiness became mine, yet it simply did.

No, no this …. How can she love him this much?

I wish to hold your arms and walk in the beach at night starring at those beautiful moon and sparkling little stars. I wanted to be in your arms and pause the moment for ever. I wanted to look into your eyes and fall deep into your those midnight orbs stare at you as if there is no tomorrow.

His lips had already started hurting his cheeks yet he couldn’t stop himself from smiling looking at this girl’s written words.

You are definitely one of the rarest kind which one would find but I’m lucky that I’ve found you. Please forgive me if I have talked too much about you but I couldn’t stop myself from doing that. I’m sorry if I have you feel irritated, annoyed or angry knowing that I love you.

What? No, a big no why would he irritated, annoyed nor angry with her? Instead this girl has made him fall in love with her like a thrown stone in the deepest ocean which can be never taken out. He had fallen that deep.

But I can’t stop loving you! Even if the sky falls down nor earth stops my love for you is never going to stop. Instead my love for you only grows higher and higher in every passing second. Till my life ends, my breath fails and heart stops and my love for you will never stop my love, till the very end.
I can’t afford you to surprise you with lots of gifts that you received today but all I have is my heart which I have already given you. Accept this red rose from my side.

She was wrong this time. It’s true he being the heir the Maheshwaris who are leading business men and a famous in the entire country got expensive gifts but nothing this take place as this letter had placed in this heart. Among those hundreds of gifts his heart beamed with unconditionally and uncontrollable happiness when he saw this letter for him.

Once again happy birthday to the most humble person and my beloved one who I have lost myself and gave my heart and soul. May every wish of yours turn to true, I pray. My best wishes for my most favorite person in the world. Keeping smiling.

To you!

By a girl whom you never know 😊.

The letter ended…

Gosh! This girl has totally made him flat with her words and made him the happiest person in the world right now. She had made his special day into the bestest day in his life. He’s got hundreds of letters for him yet he choose this! And didn’t know why.

“I don’t know who you are! But I love you for the way you love me, I love you for the way you admire me, I love you for the way you gave your heart to me.” He took the rose in his hand which was already half dried.

“This rose had dried in a time being but I know your love for me doesn’t and can never, this Sanskaar Maheshwari who has no interest in love has now fallen badly in love with you.” He kissed the rose and looked at it with lots of love.

“My only wish is to see you, will your prayers make us meet?! Will my wish ever come true?” He thought and smiled once again looking at the bestest gift he ever got…………



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