Swara (disbelievingly) : Sanskaar?
Sanskaar (smiling and hugging his wife) : I missed you.
Swara (hugging him back and smiling) : I missed you so much. (drawing back from him) But how come you’re here? Your meetings?
Sanskaar and Swara sat down on the bench and Swara kept her head on his shoulders.
Sanskaar : It’s all Laksh’s fault. He called me this morning and told me you were not well. Then he told me he had found tickets for me and that I had to come home as soon as possible. So I cancelled my meetings, chucked the conference and left. I was sick with worry. Once I reached Delhi, Laksh called me and asked me to give an envelope to a friend of his. When I saw you, I realised…

Swara (chuckling) : That this was Laksh’s plan all along. That idiot…
Sanskaar (pouting) : Idiot? Your dramebaaz is no idiot. He’s the best brother. He planned all this for us.
Swara (kissing Sanskaar’s cheek) : I am so glad you’re here. I was missing you like hell.
Sanskaar held her tight, just sinking in the familiar warmth of her. Even though they had been together many years now, He could never get enough of her. He wanted her just as much as he had wanted years ago. He loved her more with each passing day. Where Swara was… That was home. That was bliss.

Swara (looking at the envelope) : So, What’s in this anyways?
Sanskaar shrugged and opened it.
Sanskaar (surprised) : Hotel room booking? Itenaries for tours of Delhi? What is this?
Swara (picking up a folded paper) : Sanskaar! Look. A letter.
She opened it and read it :

Dramebaaz ki Best friend bhabhiji and My Pyare bhai,
How was the surprise? Laksh ka tadka tha na?
The envelope doesn’t contain tickets for your return to Kolkata. Instead, they contain keys and confirmation papers for the suite in Park Royal. Enjoy your vacation. Aap ke tickets baad mein milenge.

Bhai! Don’t feel too disappointed that we haven’t sent you to a more romantic destination. But the plan had to believable na… Hope you love our gift,
Your loving brothers and sisters <3
Sanskaar looked at Swara and they smiled.
Swara : So, Shall we, Mr Maheshwari?
Sanskaar : But, ofcourse, Mrs Maheshwari!
Swara : Sanskaar! Please?
Sanskaar (shaking his head) : Swara! Look at the shop. You know I don't mind dhabas and I'm not picky. But this chai shop is too dingy. Accha nahi hai, Swara! Please, Let's go somewhere else.
Swara (her eyes in a pleading gesture) : But that roomkeeper told us this place had the best lassi around. Come on, Please? We'll take our own bottle. We'll ask them to fill the bottle.

Sanskaar shook his head and agreed. From the airport, they had gone to their hotel suite and checked in. Sanskaar was all for staying in and spending time with Swara but then the chatty roomkeeper had entered telling about this so called place where you got the most authentic desi lassi and Swara fixated on that.
She had dragged and begged him to come. When he refused, She ordered him to get his bottom out of the bed and hit the road. Sanskaar chuckled. Only Swara would dare to talk about him like that.
Swara (looking at him in surprise) : What are you chuckling about?

Sanskaar : You.
Swara : Me?
Sanskaar : I was thinking about the way you ordered me out of the bed now. You do realise I own a multi-million dollar company? No one dares to talk to me this way.
Swara (raising an eyebrow) : Oh, Really?
Sanskaar (with mock haughtiness) : Yeah!
Swara : Mr Maheshwari! That man disappeared over fourteen years ago. Now only Mr Sweetu is there.
Sanskaar (grimacing) : Sweetu?

Swara : No?
Sanskaar (shaking his head) : No!
They laughed and Sanskaar tucked a strand of hair behind Swara's ear. They sat in the car they had rented for their stay and spoke for a while, not realising that the waiter had been standing out for quite some time.
Waiter : Saab!

Swara nudged Sanskaar and pointed towards the waiter. Sanskaar took the bottle and smiled the elderly waiter.
Sanskaar : Uncleji! Thank you so much.
Waiter (smiling back) : Saab! You don't have to call me Uncleji.
Swara : But we want to, Uncleji. You helped us, no matter who you are or we are.
Waiter : You both are very lucky to have each other. Hope you have a wonderful life.
He blessed them both and they set off.

Swara : Sanskaar! Stop near the Raj Ghat na. We will have our lassi there, Please.
Sanskaar (thinking) : Why does Swara seem different? Something's up.
Sanskaar : But, Sweetheart! It's 5 now. You sure you want to go to Raj Ghat? I thought we will go back to the hotel and have fun.
Swara : We will do all that later. First, Raj Ghat. There are parks there. We will stay there. Come on, Sanskaar. Please?
Swara (thinking) : Curse my romantic husband. Come on Sanskaar. I have to tell you something huge and you're not letting me.

Sanskaar : One kiss, Then we will go.
Swara (delighted) : Yayy! You're awesome, Papa Maheshwari.
Sanskaar (shaking his head) : You are a kid at times, Mumma Maheshwari. Now, I want a kiss.
Swara : Why should I give? You called me a kid.
Sanskaar (stopping the car in a corner) : Swara! I want a kiss. Until I get one, This car will not move.
Swara (raising her eyebrows) : Is that a challenge?
Sanskaar shrugged and nodded.
Swara scowled and got out of the car.

Sanskaar : Swara! Where are you going?
Swara : Raj Ghat.
Sanskaar (amused) : Like you know the way.
Swara : Arre! Toh I'll take the bus na. Or the metro. Or I'll walk. I'm sure someone MORE helpful than you will tell me the way.
Sanskaar (with fake concern) : In those shoes? You won't be able to.
Swara : I'm Swara Sanskaar Maheshwari, formerly Swara Gadodia. I can do anything, You see. Good bye,Sanskaar. I shall see you at Raj Ghat.
She scowled at him and began walking. Sanskaar watched her for a while with a ruefull smile that soon turned into a frown. He got down from the car and walked over to his wife.
Sanskaar : Swara! Come, Sit in the car. Your legs will ache. Chalo!

Swara : You challenged me na. I have to fulfill it. Move Sanskaar. I can see a cab there.
Sanskaar : Swara, Come on. I forfeit the challenge. Chalo, Please?
Swara stopped and looked at him.
Swara : You forfeit the challenge?
Swara narrowed her eyes and pointed a finger at him.
Swara : If you are truly forfeiting the challenge, Then give me the keys.
Sanskaar blinked.
Sanskaar : Hein?

Swara : Keys, Mr Maheshwari.
Sanskaar handed over the keys silently. Swara took them, pinched his cheek and pulled them.
Swara : Sanskaar! You are so cute. But, You know I never leave a challenge unfinished.
Saying that, She stuck out her tongue at a surprised Sanskaar and ran to the car. She started it and beckoned Sanskaar.
Swara : Sweetheart! Shall we go?

Sanskaar pouted. He threw a cross look at her and sat down next to her, strapping the seat belt.
Swara chuckled. She cupped his cheek and turned his face towards her. She drew his face close to hers and kissed him hard. She felt Sanskaar smile and he came closer.
Sanskaar (whispering) : You were messing with me?
Swara (whispering back) : You don't need an excuse for me to kiss you, Mr Sanskaar Maheshwari. I would do that anyways.
Sanskaar rested his forehead against hers.

Sanskaar : I love you.
Swara (winking at him) : I know. (moving away from him) But now… To the gardens.
Sanskaar (sighing) : To the gardens.
Swara looked around her as she enjoyed the view of the green gardens tinted orange as the sun set.
Swara : Sanskaar! Get up. Look how beautiful the scenery is.
Sanskaar who was lying down on Swara's lap mumbled sleepily.
Swara (tickling his neck) : Wake up na. Talk to me. Come.
Sanskaar opened his eyes and smiled at his wife. She looked amazing as usual. In a pink butterfly top and black jeans with black hoops and a choker, She looked perfect. But Sanskaar saw there was something different about her.
She looked so serene, so ethereal. Sanskaar thought back to the last time Swara had looked this radiant. He frowned. Swara was always beautiful to him, but today, She was mesmerizing. There was an inside quality to her beauty.

In fact, the last time She had looked this way was when…. Sanskaar's eyes widened. He sat up and stared at her. When that was not enough, He stood and looked down at her, who was looking back at him surprised.
Swara : What's wrong? How come you got up suddenly?
Sanskaar : Swara! Swa..
Swara stood up now, concerned.

Swara : Haan? What happened?
Sanskaar : You're.. You're…
Swara : I'm?
Sanskaar (blurting out) : glowing.
Swara (confused) : I'm glowing? Some allergic reaction? But I don't feel anything.
Sanskaar (finally focusing) : It's not an allergic reaction. You are glowing, Swara. Are you..
Swara finally understood what Sanskaar was asking. She smiled at him.
Swara : Why are you so damn smart?
It was Sanskaar's turn to look confused. What was she trying to tell?
Swara : You're not fair. If you had waited until tonight, I would have told you myself. I thought of surprising you. You always give me such grand gestures and lovely displays of love. But I don't do anything. So I thought of surprising you. But now that you've found out, I'll tell you.

Sanskaar's breath stopped with anticipation.
Swara (looking at him happily) : I'm pregnant.
Sanskaar's arms came around Swara's knees and he lifted her up twirling her round and round.
Sanskaar (shouting) : YES! WOO HOO! Swara! This is the BEST news I've got. Why didn't you tell me earlier? I'm so happy I didn't have to wait until later. I'm going to be a dad again.

Swara (shrieking) : Sanskaar! What are you doing? Put me down. You'll get hurt.
But Sanskaar didn't listen to her and continued twirling her until they were both out of breath. Sanskaar set Swara down but refused to let go off her.
Swara (softly) : Call it Mumma's intuition, But I think it's going to be a girl this time.

Sanskaar (keeping his palm over her womb) : A princess?
Swara nodded. She knew how much Sanskaar had wanted a girl, ever since Samar's conception.
Sanskaar (interrupting Swara's chain of thought) : Princess or Prince, IT doesn't really matter, Does it? We are going to have another baby. Congratulations, Mumma Maheshwari.
Swara (hugging him) : Congratulations to you too, Papa Maheshwari.
Sanskaar : Does anyone at home know?
Swara shook her head no.

Swara : I wanted you to be the first. I'm only about 5 weeks along anyways. A long time is there.
Sanskaar : A long path to a long life.

Swara : A long, glorious life.
Sanskaar : I love you, Mrs Swara Sanskaar Maheshwari.
Swara (kissing his knuckles) : I love you too, Mr Sanskaar Maheshwari. So, so much.
Sanskaar : Right now, we don't have any sweets, but we should celebrate na? Come, Let's have the lassi.
Swara : Chalo! I've been dying to try it.
Sanskaar : For the next 8 months, I'm going to have to get used to your mood swings and cravings, Aren't I?

Swara : You say that like it's a bad thing.
Sanskaar (amused) : Sweetheart! Don't you remember what you di when you were pregnant with Sahir? You ordered a bhel puri, ate the whole thing and then ten minutes later, you had forgotten you had had that and you ordered two more bhel puris.
Swara (defensively) : The bhel puri was nice that day. Sanskaar, So mean. You're not going to let me eat?
Sanskaar : And be glared at by the moms, Sakshi, Ragini and Saanvi? No thank you. I like living. Whatever you want, Your doting husband will bring it for you.

They laughed and drank their lassi. They lay down on the cool grass and talked about their new life to come. They stayed like that until Swara, tired out, was convinced by Sanskaar to take a short nap. She closed her eyes and fell asleep almost immediately. Sanskaar tried to smile, but found that he was beaming already.
He hadn't stopped smiling since he had received the news. He looked at the stars that had just started to appear. There was one star that shone more brightly than the others.
Sanskaar recalled the conversation that Swara and he had had about the stars. It was nearly fourteen years ago, but he remembered it still.

Sanskaar closed his eyes and imagined his Bade Papa sending the brightest star. He opened his eyes and whispered to it.

Sanskaar (whispering) : Hi, Bade Papa! Did you hear? I'm going to be a father again. Can you believe it? Well, Of course you can. You probably jumped with joy as soon as you found it na? It's been so long, Bade Papa… It's been years since she came in my life and even today, I long for her like I did that time. Actually, That's wrong. I love my Swara more and more with each passing day.

Sanskaar : But you probably know that, Don't you? Everytime I look at the kids at home, I think of the way you brought me up. The way you cultivated me, groomed me, made me a better person and I hope I bring Samar, Sahir, Antara and the others the same way. I look at Swara and I see your strength in her. She's million times better than me and I possibly don't deserve her. But she makes me feel closer to you. She makes me feel safe. She makes me feel everything.

Sanskaar looked at the sleeping form in his arms and kissed her forehead lightly.
Sanskaar (whispering) : Bade Papa, Wherever you are, I hope you're happy. I hope you're having fun. You made me the person I am today and you sent this angel to complete me. I wanted to say Thank you and that I miss you so much.
He looked at the brightly twinkling star and suddenly felt it glow brighter and then resumed its original intensity. Sanskaar was so surprised that he blinked and stared at the star once more.
Sanskaar (nudging Swara) : Swara! I think Bade Papa just spoke to me.

Swara (sleepily) : What?Who?
Sanskaar : Bade Papa! He spoke to me. He's that star.
Swara (getting up to her feet) : Which star?
Sanskaar stood up and pointed. Swara found it and muttered a quick thank you.
Swara : I spoke to Bade Papa too.
Sanskaar : He replied back. The star glowed brightly and dimmed again.
Swara (smiling) : That's great. Sanskaar, If you want to talk more to him, I don't mind. But…

Her growling stomach gave her away and he chuckled.
Sanskaar : Come on! Let's get some food into you. Bade Papa will kill me if I don't take care of you.
Swara : By the way, I won't have any salt laddoo this time.
Sanskaar : But…
Swara : No. It's yuck. I don't like it.

Sanskaar : Swara sweetheart, Listen to me…
They continued arguing, chuckling and loving as they soared into their next adventure and the new lives that presented itself to them.
I'm so so so so sorry I'm late. I haven't had any inspiration at all to write. Finally managed to pen this down. It's a bit different than what i had planned but hope you like it.
If you guys liked this idea, Then I'll think of posting mmai oss or tss now and then… Tell me if you'd like that.
Last, Snfm will come by this weekend.. CF chapter 9, I'll post in two days.
TYY!! :* :*

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