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Chapter 50
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Sanskaar tells Swara the entire truth. They confess their love for each other

Sanskaar : I love you, I love you, I love you… (fake pout) You won’t tell me?
Swara (laughing) : I love you Mr Khadoos Sanskaar Maheshwari. I love you too! I love you so damn much…
Sanskaar (wonderingly) : Was life meant to be this perfect?
Swara : No, This is better than perfect. I have my Mr Maheshwari!
Sanskaar : This will be a new beginning in our lives.
Swara : And we will be together. As long as we can be. Mr Maheshwari and I…
Sanskaar smiled and rested his head against Swara’s. They stood that way for a moment when they heard a sound at the door.
Sanskaar (muttering) : Why can’t anyone ever leave us alone? Privacy ka naam nahi hai iss ghar mein (As Swara stifled her laugh, Sanskaar called out loudly) Who is this? Go away!
Swara (hissing) : Sanskaar! What if it’s mom… Don’t tell that.
Sanskaar : If it was mom, She would have knocked, This is someone else… WHO’S THERE?

A short bark was the only response.
Swara : MY ZOZO…. My Zozo is here.. Sanskaar, Let go of me!
Sanskaar’s mouth fell open.
Sanskaar (pouting) : You’re choosing a dog over me?
Swara (indignantly) : A dog? My Zozo is not a dog. How dare you, MR Maheshwari…
Sanskaar : Accha, Meri Ma! Go, bring your Zozo inside. But, before that.. Tell me you love me.
Swara (teasing) : Someone’s jealous?
Sanskaar ( looking serious) : Haan… Zozo seems to be a fierce competitor. My Swara has to love me.
Swara (chuckling) : Awww… My Cutie!
Sanskaar (scowling) : Cutie?
There was another bark and Swara ran to open the door.
Swara : My Zozo… My pyaari si, pyaari si doggie… Where were you the whole day?
As she showered Zozo with kisses and hugs, Sanskaar walked towards her and started tapping his feet. Swara finally noticed him and turned around surprised.
Swara : Kya hai? What happened now?
Sanskaar’s eyes gre round with astonishment. Just as he started to talk, Zozo gave a loud bark, growled at Sanskaar and began going for his ankles.
Sanskaar (shrieking) : Zozo.. What the hell.. Why is this dog coming at me? SWARA! Call off this blo*dy dog. God, He tore my shoe laces. SWARA MAHESHWARI, Please call off your damn dog. Swara..
He got on top of the bed and disrupted the bed.
Swara stopped laughing and called Zozo.
Swara : Zozo baby! Come here. Leave the bad man.
Zozo came trotting to her and she took him in her hands. Swara then turned towards Sanskaar, who was waiting for an explanation.
Sanskaar (voice surprisingly calm) : Why was this monster attacking me?
Swara (sheepishly) : Umm… Umm.. That may have been my fault.
Sanskaar (sarcastically) : Accha? I would never have thought of it.
Swara (glaring) : Sanskaar Maheshwari.. Are you being snarky?
Sanskaar : Haan.
He crossed his arms and gestured for her to continue the story.
Swara : So, Yesterday, I was really angry with you so I was..

As she stood there looking foolish, Sanskaar couldn’t help but chuckle at her cute face. He raised his hand to carress her. Swara waved his hand away.
Swara : First listen to the whole story.
Sanskaar nodded, so Swara continued.
Sanskaar : You??
Swara : I sort of vented to him.
Sanskaar (dubiously) : You vented to a dog?
Swara (defensively) : He is my baby.. Now do you want to listen to this story or not?
Sanskaar raised his hands in a defeated, go on gesture.
Swara : I told him that you were stupid and annoying. I told Zozo that you had to be taught a lesson. I think he just took it to mean that you had to be attacked.
She gave a small laugh while Sanskaar looked at her flabber-gasted.
Sanskaar : You complained to Zozo about me and he actually listened to you?
Swara (gleefully) : Yes. Isn’t he a good doggie?
Sanskaar (stunned) : Of course not! He is not a good doggie. He is a monster, A monster.. He is out for my blood.. (dramatically) YOUR DOG IS A VAMPIRE! HE HAS TO GO!
Pleased with his performance, He looked at Swara who was staring at him with her arms crossed.
Swara : Ho gaya?
Sanskaar : Huh?
Swara (walking forward and placed a finger on his chest) : Mr Sanskaar Maheshwari! You do not call my Zozo a monster. And by the way, He is OUR dog. And we love our dog.
She dug her finger in to prove her point.
Swara : Repeat after me. Zozo is our dog!
Sanskaar (chuckling) : Accha Meri Ma! Zozo is not a monster. He is very sweet and I promise to love him… (Swara smiled) Wait…
Swara looked at him curiously.

Sanskaar (beseechingly) : Tell him not to go for my ankles anymore. I’m rather fond of them, you see.
They stared at each other for a moment before bursting into laughter.
Swara : I love you Sanskaar!
Sanskaar (putting his arms around her shoulders) : I love you too Shona!
Swara (whispering) : Aur haan, You don’t have to be worried?
Sanskaar raised an eyebrow questioningly.
Swara : I mean, You don’t have to be jealous. I love Zozo… But that doesn’t mean I don’t love you. I’ll love you as long as I breathe in this world.
Sanskaar (his eyes softening with love) : I know, My Shona! As long as we both live, We shall love each other!
Swara smiled and sank into his arms almost as if she couldn’t help herself.
Sanskaar (talking above her head) : Aur haan, That’s 10 now.
Swara : 15?
Sanskaar : 15 times that I’ve told you I love you.
Swara (wonderingly) : You’re keeping count?
Sanskaar (sheepishly) : Can’t seem to help myself…
Swara (blissfully) : Is life going to be like this from now on? Happy and peaceful?
Sanskaar : Life can be anything Swara… As long as I’m with you.
Swara : No.. As long as I’m with you.
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