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Chapter 63
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Sanmar convo, Laksh and Saanvi get married, Leap
Sanskaar smiled as he felt something touching his face.
Sanskaar (mumbling without opening his eyes) : Swara!
Swara : Hmm?
Sanskaar (feeling more on his face) : Swara! I know you love me and I love you too but that doesn’t mean you have to smother me with kisses.
Swara (sleepily) : I have no idea what you’re talking about. I’m no where near you.
Sanskaar frowned. Swara’s voice was no where near him. Then who was showering him with kisses?
He opened his eyes and shouted loudly.
Sanskaar : ZOZO JR!
He sat up straight and glared at the dog who was whining mournfully. Then he looked at his wife who had got up startled when he shouted.
Sanskaar : Look at what your dog did, Swara.
Swara : Sanskaar! It is 4:30 in the morning. Do you really want to argue with me about Zozo jr?

Sanskaar (annoyed) : He slobbered my face with his tongue.
Swara (yawning and lying down again) : You know what.. My Zozo loved me and you were jealous. Now when my Zozo jr loves you, you’re angry? Be happy that you can’t be jealous anymore. In fact, You should really start treating Zozo jr better, you know… I know you’re thrilled that he loves you more than me. Better start showing it. Now, If you’ll excuse me, I’m going back to sleep.

Sanskaar (scoffing) : I don’t love the dog. I only bought it for you and the kids… (looking at Zozo jr who was in his lap snuggling against him) I don’t love you, okay?
Zozo jr gave him a look.
Sanskaar : Are you giving me a look? Ah ah ah… I won’t fall for it. I don’t love you.
Zozo jr drooped his ears.
Sanskaar (protesting) : Come on! Don’t give me that look… Zozoooo! Come on… (throwing his hands) You know what.. I give up. Zozo Jr! I love you so much (cuddling the dog and smiling) : I love you really. I just like troubling you. But haan.. No disturbing me at 4:30 in the morning ok? If you do, I wake up Swara and then she’ll be annoyed and not let me romance her. Sshhh.. Only boys can understand this ok? So understand, my bhai, and leave now. BYE ZOZO!
He set the dog down and watched as he left the room, then he got under the sheets, put an arm around Swara and fell asleep. Swara opened her eyes and smiled. She held his hand and closed her eyes again.
Sanskaar felt something wet touching his face.
Sanskaar (thinking) : I swear I’m going to kill the dog. How dare he slobber all over me again.
Feeling the wetness on him again, he sat up straight scowling and shouted Zozo’s name.
Swara : Excuse me, Mr Maheshwari, But did you just mistake your wife for a dog?
Sanskaar stopped short and looked around the room. He couldn’t see Zozo anywhere. Then he looked at Swara who had just come out of the washroom. Her hair was still wet and-
Her hair was still wet?
He touched his wet cheek and he felt like smacking himself on the head. He was so stupid. He had just lost a chance to romance hs wife.
Swara : Well?
Sanskaar realised he had been quiet too long.
Sanskaar : Umm… I thought Zozo had come back again to disturb me.
Swara (giving him an unimpressed look) : Clearly! Too bad, Mr Maheshwari… You just lost a chance for romancing.
Sanskaar (pouting) : Swara! That’s not fair. (getting down from the bed and pulling Swara towards him) I’m sorry. Shall we have some fun now?
Swara moved away from his arms and scowled at him.
Swara : No!
Sanskaar : You’re angry because I compared you to Zozo? (at her nod) But you love him. How can you be angry that I compared you to him?
Swara smiled at him and he sighed in relief as he realised that Swara would not be able to refute this point.
Swara : You’re absolutely right baby.
Sanskaar : I am?
Swara (nodding) : Yes. I do love Zozo and I shouldn’t mind being compared to him. So I am no longer angry.
Sanskaar (grinning) : That’s cool, As Samar says. (voice dropping seductively) Now, Can we…

He pulled her in closer but she escaped his clutched once more. She shook her head at him.
Swara : No no Mr Maheshwari! You thought I was Zozo and I did not take offense. Since Zozo and I are so interchangeable, why don’t you have fun with him instead of me. Kiss him, hug him, Do whatever you want!

She chuckled as his jaw dropped.
Sanskaar : Swara! You are punishing me?
Swara (looking surprised) : Punishing? Why would I punish my loving husband? I merely pointed out the entire truth to him.
Sanskaar (groaning) : Alright, Meri Ma! I am sorry. I know I blabbered.
Swara smiled and came forward. She caught his lips with her own and gave him a soft kiss.
Sanskaar (surprised) : What was that for?
Swara : I can’t be angry with you today. Happy birthday, Mr Maheshwari! You didn’t think I’d forget, Did you?
Sanskaar kept his arms on her shoulders.
Sanskaar : You’ve never forgotten anyone’s birthday before. I could never think otherwise. Vaise Mrs Maheshwari, What’s the birthday boy going to get this year? Like when you told me about Pakhi?
Swara laughed as she remembered telling Sanskaar five years ago about their daughter.
Sanskaar (whispering) : Just imagine another little Sanskaar or Swara walking through the house… I will be able to catch up with you finally. After all, I won our challenge only once.
Swara : You want to have another baby so that he/she can tell Papa before Mumma? After all, You lost out with both Samar and Sahir.
Sanskaar : Only my darling daughter is nice. My princess told Papa before Mumma. (sticking out his tongue at her) So, what do you say we make our princess a big sister?
Swara : Sanskaar Maheshwari! Unless you’re willing to carry a baby inside you for 9 months, We shall be parents to 3 darling children. I have no intention of suffering through another pregnancy.
Sanskaar (giving out a long suffering sigh) : Fine…. (smiling again) But really, What are you going to give me today?
Swara (smiling, then cupping his cheeks) : Tell me, What do you want?
Sanskaar : You! Samar, Sahir, Princess, Mom, Badi Ma, Everyone else. My family all safe and sound. That’s all I want.
Swara (slight tears appearing in her eyes) : That you can ask any day. Tell me, What do you want from me this year Sanskaar?
Sanskaar : I don’t need anything, My love. I have everything I could possibly want.
Swara (in an insisting voice) : Still, I WANT to give you something. What do you want? Another painting like I gave you last year? A fifth honeymoon? Bolo na… What do you want?
Sanskaar : This year, I really don’t want anything. I have all I have, more than I wanted.
Swara : Well, If you’re not going to tell me what you want.. i guess I’ll just have to think of something myself. Now go get ready. Everyone must be waiting to wish you.
She began to edge around him, but he caught her hand.
Sanskaar : I do want one thing.
Swara (happily) : Haan?
Sanskaar : Will you sing what you sang for our sangeet today?
Swara (surprised) : You want me to sing that again? Every year in every function that we have you make me sing it. Why Sanskaar?
Sanskaar (kissing her cheek) : When you sang it for the first time, that was the moment I realised you loved me. When you sang it, I could feel the amount of love you carry for me. When you sing the song, Your voice seeps into my very bones. (kissing her other cheek) When you sing it, I am ecstatic. I feel safe, loved. (kissing her on the tip of her nose) I feel like I’m yours. (kissing the top of her forehead) I feel like no one could love me anymore.
Swara (wiping away her tears) : You’re determined to make me cry na? You feel all those things because they are true. I love you so much. I love you like no one ever could. I…
Sanskaar (cutting her off by kissing her on the lips) : I love you too!
Swara : By the way, Whether I sing the song or not, I feel that way about you every minute. I love you Mr Maheshwari! Happy birthday, Sanskaar!
Sanskaar (nodding, his eyes soft) : A HAPPY birthday indeed.
Swara heard someone calling her.
Voice : Mumma?
Swara (frying something) : Haan princess? I’m in the kitchen. I’m coming ruko.
She handed over the frying pan to Saanvi and went to Pakhi’s room. Not finding her there, She called Pakhi.
Pakhi : Mumma! I’m here.
Swara saw her near Sanskaar’s study and went over to her daughter. The 5 year old was near tears.
Swara (anxious) : Pakhi! Princess? What happened? Why are you crying?
Pakhi (hugging her mother) : Mumma! Papa’s not opening the door. He’s not taking my gift.
Swara saw Pakhi holding something and smiled.
Swara : Come on! Let’s go see what he’s doing.
Saanvi was chopping vegetables in the kitchen when Adarsh entered.
Adarsh : Good morning Saanvi! Do you know where Sakshi is?
Saanvi : Good morning Adarsh! Sakshi is in the garden I guess. I’m not sure though. I’ve been here all morning.
Adarsh (lifting his eyebrow) : All morning? And you husband hasn’t come even once?
Saanvi (rolling her eyes but flushing a bit) : Why would he come here? He doesn’t follow me everywhere. (smiling slyly) Besides, Adarsh BHAIYA, Aren’t you the one asking after my dear BHABHI ji?

Adarsh laughed. Saanvi called him bhaiya only when she wanted to make a point.
Adarsh : Touche! (looking outside the kitchen door) Saanvi dearest, Looks like our English teacher is wrong today. Her author husband is coming right this way.
Saanvi (scoffing) : He’s not.
Laksh (peeking inside) : Saanvi!
Saanvi scowled while Adarsh gave a wide hoot of laughter.
Laksh (confused) : What’s going on here?
Adarsh (cheerfully whistling) : I was just asking your wife about my wife. Bye-Bye Laksh.
Laksh stared blankly as Adarsh strode out chirpily. He entered the kitchen turned to Saanvi who was scowling at him.

Laksh (perplexed) : Baby! What’s wrong? (seeing her pick up the knife she was using to cut the vegetables, yelping) NOT the knife.
Saanvi stared down before picking up a wooden spoon and banging it on Laksh’s chest.
Laksh : OW! What the hell’s wrong with you?
Saanvi : YOU were NOT supposed to come here. Now, I lost my perfect moment of touche.
Laksh shook his head. Women were impossible to understand. Even after 12 years of marriage and being a father to 2 lovely girls, they still were a mystery to him.
Saanvi (crossly) : Laksh? Are you even going to say something?
Laksh moved startled, then looked at her meekly.
Laksh : I’m sorry! I won’t disturb you again.
Saanvi (nodding her head) : That’s good… Hey, Where are you going….
Laksh (who was headed out the door) : Umm… Out. Didn’t you want me to?
Saanvi hit her head exasperated.
Saanvi : Haaye Ram! This husband of mine. What will I do with him? Laksh, Come here. Why would I want you to leave?

Laksh : Saanvi! Didn’t you just ask me why I came here? So I left.
Saanvi (shaking her head) : I didn’t mean you exactly… It was Adarsh… You know what? Forget it. It was stupid. Anyways, Tell me. You wanted something? Shall I make some oats for you?
Laksh smiled and told her no. He sat on the countertop as she continued chopping vegetables and made small talk with her. Then he walked down and hugged her from behind.
Saanvi (startled) : LAKSH! What are you doing? Leave.. Koi dekhlega.
Laksh ( in her ear) : So let them see.
Saanvi : What if the kids come? Oh God.. What if Avni and Anjali see? Laksh, Leave me.
Laksh : I love you.
Saanvi’s eyes softened as he held her hands and they chopped vegetables together.
Saanvi : I love you too.
Laksh : I decided to write “SECOND LOVE” after all.
Saanvi (turning around with surprise) : You have? I thought you told people won’t love it.

Laksh (shrugging) : I changed my mind. (seeing her doubtful look) Saanvi! How can our love story be a failure? We have a wondeful family, two absolutely darling kids and a successful marriage. Tell me, how could this story be a failure? Are you… Are you crying?
Saanvi shook her head.
Saanvi : No! It must be from all the onions we chopped. (placing a soft kiss on his lips) I love you Laksh Maheshwari!
Laksh : I still marvel at the fact that you do. I thank God everyday that I have you with me.
Saanvi (trying to make it light) : Well, Since you’re stuck with me, Why don’t you finish chopping the vegetables while I make rotis?
Laksh (smiling ruefully) : The perks of being a dutiful husband.
Saanvi (cheekily) : Well, If the shoe fits….
She lifted her daughter into her arms and knocked on the study door once, then twice. Finding no answer, Swara opened the door a crack and peeped in.
Swara (softly) : Sanskaar?
She opened the door and entered the room to find Sanskaar staring at a photo of Bade Papa. He seemed to be completely immersed in his thoughts and wasn’t aware of them.
Swara (setting Pakhi down and whispering) : Princess! Why don’t you find Samar, Antara and the others? Bring them here as well. Then you all can give your gifts to daddy. Ok?
Pakhi (cheerfully) : Ok Mumma! I’ll go get them all.
Swara went and stood beside Sanskaar. She didn’t say anything as she watched him look at the photo. He suddenly slipped his hand into hers. She looked at him surprised.
Sanskaar (quietly) : I am 43.
Swara nodded but didn’t say anything. She waited for him to talk.
Sanskaar : Before I fell in love with you, Before you showed me that we can be happy without worrying about the future.. I thought this day would never come. Later, I hoped that this day would come. Every day, every moment, every auspicious and special occasion in our house, I prayed that this never be taken from me. But I wasn’t sure. My fear had become almost non existent but it was not gone. Each time I saw you, Each time I saw the kids…. I was terrified of leaving you, Swara. But today, the deepest fear from my heart has gone. I don’t know when I’ll die but no more am I looking for it. My fears have gone.
Swara opened her mouth to speak but Sanskaar turned and kept a finger on her lips silencing her.
Sanskaar : Swara Sanskaar Maheshwari! In these 15 years together, I have not wanted for anything in my life. I don’t know what will happen in our lives from now on but I know I’ll want for nothing with you by my side. I know I become a better person when you’re next to me.
Swara : Sanskaar! I…..
Sanskaar (running his hand through her hair while the other cupped her cheek) : You’ll stay with me?
Swara smiled. She kept her hand on his chest.
Swara (softly) : Where else would I be?
Sanskaar (wonderingly) : How did I get so lucky?
Swara (thinking hard and speaking seriously) : Umm… I actually don’t know. I’m capable of better na? Maybe I should ask God how I was with you for 15 years.
Sanskaar (eyes narrowing) : Accha?
Swara (cheekily) : Haan!
Sanskaar (scowling) : Swaaara!
Swara : You know, I can’t blame God completely. After all, (Sanskaar’s face brightened) He gave me the best family in the world. Ma, Badi Ma, Mom, Adrash, Sakshi, Laksh, Saanvi, Ragini, Karan and the kids.
Sanskaar (pouting) : Aur husband?
Swara (giving him an assessing look) : Bleh!

Sanskaar (eyebrows raised) : Bleh?
Swara nodded, taking a step back. She noticed a glint in Sanskaar’s eye and thought it would be better if she escaped while she could.
Sanskaar (taking a step forward) : What do you mean bleh?
Swara (moving back) : I mean bleh. What else could I mean? Sanskaar, Move back. Don’t come near me.
Sanskaar (taking another step) : Mrs Maheshwari!
Swara (moving back an inch) : Y.. Yes?
Sanskaar : What exactly did I do that was so bleh?
Swara tried to move another step back but collided with the wall. Desperate, she tried to look for something that would stop the advancing Sanskaar in his tracks.
Swara (blurting out) : Umm… Umm.. You kissed me here in this study for the first time.
Sanskaar was so taken aback that he actually stopped in his tracks.
Sanskaar : THAT’S why I’m bleh?
Swara (defensively crossing her arms together) : Yes. You kissed me against my will.
Sanskaar’s expression changed. This was such a silly conversation but he was having way too much fun to back out now. He walked forward until he was right in front of her.
Swara (staring into his eyes) : What are you doing? Go back.
She took her hands to push him away but he caught them and held on.
Sanskaar : So I kissed you without your permission, is it?
Swara nodded, her eyes never leaving his.
Sanskaar shook his head and moved his forward. Now, Swara’s and his nose were almost touching and he could hear her take a sharp breath inside. He loved that he could make her feel like this even after such a long time together.
Sanskaar (whispering) : Shall I give you a proper first kiss now?
Swara just closed her eyes in anticipation. Even now, one smolder from him and her knees shivered with desire.
Sanskaar : I’m going to kiss you now, Mrs Maheshwari!
He bent down a little more to touch her lips when—
Samar : Papa! Mom?
Sanskaar stood straight so fast Swara thought he may have actually hurt himself doing so.
Swara (laughing) : This wasn’t at all like our first kiss. Wait! Let me go open the door.
Sahir : Mumma? Papa?
Avni : Badi Ma! Badi Papa… Open the door. We have our gifts for you, Bade Papa.
Swara : Haan beta! I’m coming.
She placed her mouth on Sanskaar’s lightly before turning and opening the door.
Swara : Raincheck?
Sanskaar nodded at her once before turning to the kids.
Pakhi : Papa! You finally opened. I thought you were sick.
Sanskaar (beaming at her and kneeling down) : Princess! I’m so sorry I didn’t open the door. Samar, Antara, Avni, Sahir, Anjali… All of you brought gifts for me?
Anjali, the second baby of the family at 5 and a half years who was conceived nearly 8 years after Avni spoke up.
Anjali : Mumma told to give you gift. Sanskaar papa… You take my gift?
Sanskaar smiled, then picked up his niece in one hand while he put his arms around the others and led them over to the sofa.
Sanskaar : Of course darling. Now kids, Come on give the birthday boy his gifts. Why are you making me wait?

He put on a puppy dog face and everyone laughed. Swara stood behind the sofa resting her arms on it.
Sahir : Papa! Let’s wait for Rishi. When will he come Mumma?
Swara : I guess he’ll be here soon. Ragini called and told me she would be here by 10.
Avni : Badi Ma! What about Uttara bua and Harsh Foofaji? When will they come with Utkarsh?
Swara : Their flight from Bangalore doesn’t come in until later. They’ll be here by 3 or 4.
Sahir (firmly) : We have to wait for them Papa!
Sanskaar pouted.
Sanskaar : No birthday gift for me then? (turning to Pakhi) Princess! Will you give me my gift?
Pakhi shook her head seriously.
Pakhi (in a sing-song voice) : No fair then. Everyone gives gift together.
Sanskaar (defeated) : Well, what would you kids like to do?
He turned to the eldest, Samar and Antara. The two had just entered their teens and considered they were too old to go hugging their parents everytime or fooling around like kids.
Antara : Bade Papa! Shall we tell stories? I love the stories you tell us.
Anjali (cheerfully) : Yes! STORY TIME! Story.. Story.. Story..
Anjali down from Sanskaar’s lap and went to go sit near Avni. She adored listening to stories and had clearly inherited Laksh and Saanvi’s genes of loving the English language.
Pakhi who was sitting on Samar’s lap whispered in his ear and he smiled.
Samar : Alright! Why don’t we tell stories to Papa instead of the other way around?
Swara (enthusiastically) : You guys? Well, I surely want to hear this now. Go on.
Antara : Youngest to Eldest! Come on Princess! Will you tell one?
Pakhi (nodding) : Listen to me Papa, Mumma! Listen to me everyone. I tell why I’m Pakhi and why I’m princess.
All the kids groaned.
Sahir : C’mon princess! We’re older than you. We know why you’re princess. Why don’t you tell something else?
Pakhi’s expression grew downcast. Samar glared at his younger brother before talking to Pakhi.
Samar (hugging his sister) : You tell the story princess. I don’t know why you’re called so.
Swara and Sanskaar smiled as Pakhi beamed and began her story. She loved telling this story as much as she loved hearing it. It was her favourite and she never got bored of it.
Pakhi (slightly dramatically) : Five years ago, Pakhi was born. Mumma was sleeping. Papa, Samar and Sahir came and were playing with me.
Samar (interrupting) : We weren’t playing with you. We were observing you.
Pakhi (rolling her eyes) : Whatever.
Swara (shaking her head) : She picked up that habit from you, Avni.
Avni just grinned cheekily.
Pakhi : Mumma! Shushhh.. So Papa was holding baby Pakhi and asked Samar how the baby was. But Samar was bad. He tell babies are yuck. Sahir also tells yuck.
Samar (protesting) : C’mon Princess! That was years ago.
Antara (smacking Samar on the arm) : Dude! Stop interrupting.
Samar (glaring at her) : Ow! That hurt.
Avni (smirking) : Wimp!
Samar opened his mouth to speak when the study door opened and Laksh entered with Saanvi.
Laksh (beaming) : Ah! A gathering… Looks like a story session. I’m in. Saanvi?
Saanvi smiled at him nodding. Anjali got up from her place and went over to her mother who picked her up.
Saanvi : Hey doll! What are you doing here?
Anjali : Princess is telling a story. Let’s listen Mumma!
Pakhi (shooting puppy dog eyes at her father) : Papa! Chachu and Chachi not letting me tell story.
Sanskaar (scowling) : Laksh! Saanvi! Sit down and listen to the story.
Swara : Papa ki chamchi! Stop blaming others and continue. What happened after that?
Pakhi : Then…. Then Papa told Samar that babies are not yuck. He tells that Anjali, Sahir, Rishi were also babies at one point but now he don’t find them yuck. Samar told yes and smiled at baby Pakhi. Sahir held baby Pakhi’s feet and told how small it was.
Sahir (showing how big it was with his hand) : Just this much. I could crush you with one hand.
Saanvi (dryly) : I’m sure we all appreciate the fact that you didn’t. So Princess, What happened after that?
Sujata (entering the study) : What’s going on here?
Sahir ran up to her and hugged her. Swara smiled. It was peculiar how things were within the family at times. Samar was a Mumma’s boy. He came to her for everything. On the other hand Pakhi was a through and through Daddy’s girl. Though they all called her Princess, Swara knew that Sanskaar was really wrapped around Pakhi’s finger. He loved his children dearly, but there was something special in the father-daughter bond.
Sahir was independent, though not for lack of trying. Sanskaar and Swara had tried to get him to talk to them for years until they figured out that this didn’t mean he did not love them or that he felt neglected. He was just comfortable being this way. But he did share a soft spot for his grandmother.
Antara was like her father, quiet, talented and was wonderful with her younger siblings. Avni was just like Badi Ma. She loved being in charge of the kids and was very homely. Anjali, meanwhile was a perfect mixture of Laksh and Saanvi. She loved reading and yet was such a Dramebaaz at times. She spoke perfectly, though she was just 6 now. Her author father and English teacher and editor mother were very proud of her.
Samar : Mumma?
Swara turned to her son, shaken by her thoughts.
Swara : Haan beta?
Samar : Dadi sat down. Would you like to sit too? I’ll get up. Princess can sit on your lap.
Swara : No, Thank you. I’m fine. Princess, Why don’t you continue?
Pakhi (nodding) : Sahir said I was small. Then he looked at my face and called me cute.
She spoke fast, not wanting to be interrupted again.
Pakhi : I opened my eyes and smiled.
Sahir : It wasn’t a smile. No one can smile so soon. I speak from experience.
Avni : What experience does a 9 year old have?
Sahir : Utkarsh and Anjali.
Pakhi (crossly) : Shh! I smiled. Samar said Awww. Papa asked them if they loved their sister. Samar said she looks like a princess. Papa told yes. Sahir told Princess was nice name for me. But Papa shook his head no. He told it was nice nick name but name should begin with ‘S’.
Anjali (entranced by the story) : How did it become Pakhi?
Pakhi (smiling proudly) : Mumma woke up then and hugged all of us. Then mumma said she thought of Sakhi as the name. Sahir told no. Papa said Stuti? Samar told no. They thought and thought. Samar heard Avni calling Laksh chachu ‘Pa’ and Chachu asking Chachi for key.

Avni : I was technically telling Papa.. Not Pa. Chi! That’s so old-fashioned.
Laksh (giving a high five to her) : True doll! Your dad isn’t ancient like Sanskaar.
Pakhi (frowning at another interruption while Sanskaar rolled his eyes) : Noise kept coming. Pa.. key…
Pa… key. Samar told if baby going to be called Princess, She should have name beginning with ‘P’. Then Sahir told Listen to Chachu and Avni. What about Pakhi?
Swara : Then Mumma, Papa, Samar and Sahir told yes. Pakhi is the name for our princess.
Sahir (smiling) : So that’s how princess got her name, Right Princess?
Everyone nodded yes happily. No one begrudged the child for her nick name. She was their princess and they loved her for it.
Swara : So kids, Ragini and Uttara will be here soon. What do you want to do now?
Anjali : Another story please!
Antara : Ice cream!

As the other kids shouted out what they wanted, Swara met Sanskaar’s eyes and he mouthed ” I LOVE YOU ” to her. Swara smiled and quickly blew a flying kiss while no one was looking.
Then she went out of the study to get ice-cream for everyone, but not before catching the glint in his eyes which made her blush.
Yes, still. Sanskaar could still make the heat rise up to her face. She loved it… No, She loved him.
Sanskaar : Hey!
Swara turned back to find him walking towards her.
Swara (surprised) : Why aren’t you with the kids?
Sanskaar : I thought you might need help with the ice cream.
Swara (eyes narrowing) : Help? And you’re going to help me?
Sanskaar : I live to make my wife’s life easier.
Swara chuckled as she entered the kitchen.
Sanskaar (slyly) : Of course, I also meant to do this.
He pulled an astonished Swara against the kitchen door and ran his fingers through her hair.
Sanskaar (whispering and bending closer) : First kiss remember?
Adarsh (in an annoyed voice) : Hey! Get out.. This room is occupied.
Swara pushed Sanskaar back and looked around to see a red Sakshi and an angry Adarsh looking at them.
Sanskaar (amused) : What are you doing bro?
Adarsh : Bro?
Sanskaar (shrugging) : Rishi taught me. Seemed apt right now.
Sakshi : What are you guys even doing here?
Swara (sheepishly) : Ice-cream.
Adarsh (slyly) : Didn’t seem like you were getting ice-cream to me? In fact…
Sakshi : Shhh Adarsh. Don’t embarass Swara anymore. Come on.. We’ll take the ice cream to them.
Laksh : There’s no need for that, Dear bhabhi! We all came down.
Swara (seeing the entire family in front of her) : Oh God!
Laksh : So my dear elder brothers.. What was going on here? Something (he winked and Swara and Sakshi flushed red) secretive?
Sanskaar (shooting Laksh an I’m going to kill you look) : Avni! Antara! How come you guys came down?
Samar : We didn’t want Mom to finish up all the ice cream like from 2 year ago.
Swara (frowning) : When did I do that?
Sanskaar (chuckling) : Don’t you remember? I made that cake for your birthday a day before but I refused to let you touch it until the party….
Laksh : Oh yes.. Then Swara and I snuck down in the middle of the night and we ate like half the cake.
Anjali (mouth open) : Badi Ma! You did that?
Swara (glaring at all the elders) : No sweetie pie! They all are just lying.
Sahir : Mumma! Don’t eat up my ice cream this time.
Pakhi (running inside) : Mumma! Papa! Ragini Maasi and Uttara bua arrived. Come on.. Let’s go see.
The kids ran out to greet their cousins Rishi and Utkarsh. Laksh gave Saanvi a hand and they went out smiling happily as well.
Sakshi (looking at Swara and Sanskaar) : Umm… Adarsh! Come on. Let’s take the ice cream and leave these two alone.
She soon left with Adarsh and two trays full of ice cream. Swara turned to Sanskaar ruefully.
Swara : I’ll never be strict Badi Ma again, Will I?
Sanskaar (chuckling) : Probably not. But you’ll always be our loving Badi Ma!
Swara (sighing) : That’s better than nothing, I suppose.
Sanskaar (his voice growing seductive) : Vaise… Why don’t we have our first kiss?
Swara (rolling her eyes) : How is this our first kiss? We’ve been together for so many years now.
Sanskaar : But this will mark the first kiss of the rest of our lifetime. Not to mention the time after that will be our first kiss again and again and again. Every kiss is a first kiss Swara. It marks each and every moment….
But Swara didn’t let him finish. Her mouth was already on his. After what seemed like eternity, She pulled apart and smiled.

Swara : How’s that for a first kiss?
Sanskaar (dazed) : That was…. absolutely….
Swara : Love you, Mr Maheshwari.
Uttara (from the living room) : Sanskaar bhai! Birthday boy! Don’t you want your gifts? Come on. Swara! Bring him here.
Sanskaar (smiling) : With me?
Swara (softly) : Before, Now and after. I’ll be with you always.
Sanskaar : Mr Maheshwari and…
Swara (happily) : I!
Before you guys kill me… Please let me tell I’m so sorry for not posting in so long. I had the worst case of writer’s block. MEher knows how much i cribbed to her about it.
I finally managed to write this. I hope it’s long enough. I didn’t know what else to do….
It’s not that good an epilogue but i hope you guys love it <3 <3
There'll be another shorter epilogue coming soon. Not a big deal and not much to do with Swasan… just like an author's note.. Hope you don't mind. I have to thank so many people.. And it seemed easier in a second epilogue.

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