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Swara in Sanskaar's house….Swasan kiss…..

She ran all the way to the other side of the room and looked at him in anger, desire and horror!
Swara : Why did you do that?
Sanskaar(suddenly less angry and more uncaring) : Because I wanted to!
Swara gaped him in amazement. Such a simple answer for such a complicated question? How could he? That was absurd.
Swara : But you couldn't have just…..(blushing)
Sanskaar (half-smiling) : But I did!
Swara : You don't like me, Mr Maheshwari!
Sanskaar (nodding) : True!
Swara : And I don't like you…
Sanskaar raised an eyebrow.
Sanskaar : Oh Really? Then what was that, A few minutes ago? You seemed to perfectly like me then.
Swara looked at him horrified, then looked down ashamed. She had submitted herself to his kiss, and now she hated herself for it. Almost as much as she hated him for initiating the moment.
Swara (in a dangerously low voice) : I will not let you marry Ragini!
Sanskaar (thoughtfully) : I didn't think you would.
Swara : And don't you dare think I will marry you.
Sanskaar (surprised) : Did I even ask you?
Swara :But you just kissed me.
Sanskaar : Yes! But if I had to marry every woman I kissed, Then you would be a number in the late hundreds….So, It wouldn't really matter if I marry you or not, Would it?
Swara, now beyond furious comes near him.
The sound of a hand across a cheek is heard. Sanskaar held his cheek absolutely shocked. Swara, her eyes blazing lifted her arm again to slap his other cheek. Sanskaar caught it midway, took her other hand, and pushed her back till she touched the desk. He bent forward. Swara was now lying over the desk with her legs on the floor and her hands pinned by his arms.
Sanskaar (angry) : How dare you slap me? I did not force you for the kiss. And you perfectly know that there were two people responding. Don't you dare act like I have no honour! You are as guilty as I am.

He removed one of his hands to hold her by the chin and make her look into his eyes. They stood like that for many moments. Finally, Swara did a most unexpected thing.
She begged.
Swara (whispering) : Please….Let me go!
Sanskaar did at once. He released her hand and stood back, surprised.
Sanskaar : Sorry!
Swara stared at him…Did the man just say sorry?
Sanskaar : Not for the kiss. Sorry…I didn't mean to hurt you. I only meant to scare you, not hurt you.
Swara : You are a flirt and a rogue. You'll never change.
Sanskaar( faintly amused, his anger all gone) : I know! It's in my nature.
Swara suddenly was tired. She didn't have the energy to respond to his abrupt changes in behaviour.
Swara : I'm leaving.
Sanskaar pointed towards the door.
Sanskaar : Go!
She began to edge away, walking slowly backward, afraid that if she took her eyes off him for one second he might pounce.
Swara (again) : I'm leaving!

When her hand was an inch away from the doorknob,
Sanskaar : I will see you again when I come to take Ragini out later.
Swara froze and paled.
Swara (without turning) : You told you would leave Ragini alone.
Sanskaar (mockingly) : No! I said that I didn't think you would let me. Which doesn't really matter. Because I don't let others manage my life. Especially you.
Swara moved back. Her head was pounding and she needed to sit down. She dropped to the floor, resting her head against the door.
Swara : How can you marry her after you…you….
Sanskaar (moving forward and kneeling beside her, quietly) : After YOU kissed me?
Swara (weakly) : I didn't…
But she couldn't continue. After all, It was the truth. And as much as she hated to admit it, Even if she hadn't initiated the kiss, She had been a willing participant.
Sanskaar (softly) : Come on Miss Gadodia! I know you are not a liar. We don't like each other, but I do respect you in an odd, perverted sort of way, and I know you're not a liar.
Swara said nothing. Sanskaar continued.
Sanskaar : You kissed me back. Perhaps not with enthusiasm, But you did.
Swara : How can you talk of such things when a moment ago, You told you wanted to court Ragini?
Sanskaar : This kiss does make things a bit awkward. I agree with you.
Sanskaar's matter of fact view on this matter, like as if he were closing a deal or buying a phone made Swara numb with anger and horror.
Maybe it was his casual posture, maybe it was the way he stroked his chin, But something ignited a fuse inside of Swara, and without even thinking, she launched forward, all the furies of the world collecting in her soul as she threw herself against him, pounding his chest with her fists.
Sanskaar : I'd be deaf if I couldn't, Miss Gadodia!
Swara (in a choking voice, full of anger) : Why do you want to ruin my sister's life, Mr Maheshwari? I won't let you make her unhappy. I won't let you ruin her life. She is kind, sweet and gentle. She deserves better than you.
Sanskaar watched her closely, his eyes trained on her face, somehow rendered beautiful by the force of her anger. Her cheeks were high with color, her eyes shone with tears she was fighting hard to keep off her face, and he was beginning to feel like he might be the biggest scoundrel ever.

Sanskaar : You really love your sister, Don't you?
Swara : OFCOURSE I LOVE MY SISTER! Why do you think I have gone to such efforts to keep her away from you? Do you think I did it for amusement? Because I can assure you, I can think of many things more amusing than being held captive in your study.
Sanskaar glanced at the locked door.
Swara : I thought that even if you hated me, You would at least understand how much I love Ragini! Everyone tells that you are devoted to your family. How can you doubt me then?
Sanskaar watched her, and wondered if perhaps there was a great deal more to this woman than he'd originally thought.
Swara ( hitting the nail on the head) : One last question, Mr Maheshwari! Would you let Uttara, YOUR SISTER, marry a man like you? Would you let an arrogant flirt who, as he himself said, has kissed more than 50 women, marry your sister?
Sanskaar was speechless. He did not tell anything for a long time, because he knew whatever he said would be untrue. Swara did not gloat or smile. Instead she just nodded.
Swara (quietly) : I have got my answer, Mr Maheshwari!
She turned once more to walk back to the door.
Sanskaar (shouting) : Do you think that I can't change? Maybe I will change when I marry.
Swara : If you're trying to tell me that you will be faithful to my sister, Then yes, I don't think you can. It was in this very room that you told Lekha Manish that you saw no reason to give up a mistress for a wife.
Sanskaar : I told that IF I do not love my wife.
A funny little sound emerged from her nose—not quite a snort, but more than a breath, and it was abundantly clear, in that moment at least, that she had no respect for him.
Swara (sarcastically) : And do you love my sister?
Sanskaar (without hesitation) : No! I don't! I won't lie to your face. But I have known her for only a week now. Perhaps I will love her after I get to know her.
Swara : I don't know Mr Maheshwari. Why can't I believe you?
Sanskaar : I'm sure I don't know why.
But that was untrue. He knew exactly why Swara felt that way. The very reason he'd selected Ragini for his wife was that he knew he'd never come to love her. He liked her, he respected her, and he was confident that she'd make an excellent mother to their children, but he'd never love her. The spark simply was not there.
Swara looked at him with disappointment.
Swara : I never thought you were a liar as well, besides being arrogant. A casanova, a flirt, a rogue…All I can believe. But a liar?
Sanskaar felt like her words hit him right in the gut. Something unpleasant squeezed around his heart—something that made him want to lash out, to hurt her, or at least to show her she hadn't the power to hurt him.
Sanskaar : Miss Gadodia! Don't you want this?
He showed a bunch of keys. Swara held a hand to take it. Sanskaar reached out to give it, but at the last moment, dropped it to the floor. Swara, her reflexes not as quick, missed it entirely.
Sanskaar could tell the exact moment she figured out that he had done it purposefully. She stood staring at the key, and then her eyes met his. They were blazing with hatred, and something worse.

Sanskaar immediately felt like taking the keys from the floor and kneeling before her begging for forgiveness. But he stood still, looking proud and uncaring.
He did not want to mend this breach; he did not want her favorable opinion.
Swara finally knelt down and took the keys.
Swara : This is my final warning, Mr Maheshwari! Stay away from my sister! Stay away from me. LEAVE OUR LIVES! YOU WILL NEVER MARRY RAGINI!
She gave him one last look of hatred and left.
Swara was still furious. The blo*dy man had ignored her warning and sent Ragini flowers. And the note :
I long to see you….Looking forward to your speedy recovery…The musicale was boring and cheap without your illuminating presence.
Sanskaar Maheshwari
Ma had gone gaga over the note. Her daughter had attracted her best friend's eye. She was convinced that this note was the work of a man in love.
But Swara knew better. The note was more of an insult toward her than it was a compliment toward Ragini. She wished she could tear the man's note into a million pieces. He certainly hadn't been bored that night.
He hadn't, however, come to call. Swara couldn't imagine why, since taking Ragini out for a drive would be an even bigger slap in the face than the note had been.
She thought it was because he was afraid of her and didn't want to see her. But she knew better. The man wasn't scared of anyone. Least of all, a woman who was nothing compared to him.
The kiss kept playing in her mind. It looked as though he pitied her. And that felt much, much worse. She hoped that the kiss was more due to desire than pity.
But she didn't have long to obsess over the kiss.
That same day, Annapurna and Sujata Maheshwari came to personally invite them for their annual house party next week…In their villa in Darjeeling.
Swara silently pleaded with her mother to deny the invite, But obviously Ma couldn't insult her friends in that manner.
And now, Swara had to prepare for a week in Darjeeling with that odious man. And she had no way to get out of it. Nothing short of an earthquake combined with a hurricane combined with a tornado would prevent Ma from showing up on the Maheshwaris' bucolic doorstep with Ragini in tow. And Ma certainly wouldn't going to allow Swara to remain alone, left to her own devices. Not to mention that there was no way Swara was going to allow Ragini to go without her.
The businessman had no scruples. He'd probably kiss Ragini just as he'd kissed Swara, and Swara couldn't imagine that Ragini would have the fortitude to resist such an advance. She'd probably fall in love with him.
Even Swara had had difficulty keeping her head when his lips had been on hers.
For one blissful moment, she'd forgotten everything. She'd known nothing but an exquisite sensation of being cherished and wanted—no, needed.
It had been Almost enough to forget that HE was the one kissing her.
PRECAP : Darjeeling Day 1

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