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Chapter 61

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The game continued

Sharmishta Gadodia entered Maheshwari Mansion in a business-like manner. She smiled at the maid who opened the door, then spotting Annapurna Ji, strode over and greeted her.
Sharmishta : Namaste Annapurna ji!
Annapurna (smiling) : Good morning Sharmishta Ji! Even you couldn’t wait, is it? Sujata is so anxious that she’s pacing about the whole house.
Sharmishta : Who has gone? To the…
Annapurna : Laksh and Saanvi told they’ll go. That’s where they are now. Where are Ragini and Sakshi?
Sharmishta : They are waiting near the gate… They can’t wait.
The two ladies laughed.
Sharmishta (sheepishly) : To tell the truth, I feel like going and standing out myself. It’s so exciting.

Annapurna (chuckling) : I know what you mean. I can’t help but think it’s true.
Sharmishta agreed, then asked about Swara and Sanskaar. Just then, Sujata appeared.
Sujata : Sharmishta ji! Namaste! Can you believe it? I can’t wait until Laksh comes back. It’s a good thing that Saanvi has gone with him. She’s good for him. What if Laksh forgets something…
Sharmishta : Sujata ji! Calm down. Aaj toh shubh shubh hi hoga. Don’t worry.
Annapurna : Haan Sujata! Come on, Sit here. Where are Swara and Sanskaar?
Sujata (rolling her eyes) : Arguing Jiji… What else? My son refuses to let her out of the room. She’s very angry. But I think it’s the best thing for her right now.
Sharmishta : True that. Vaise, Saanvi beta is very sweet. I like her a lot. What do you think Annapurna ji? Will she become a part of your family? I can see her eyes always on Laksh. She loves him a lot. Haven’t you seen?
The other two nodded.
Annapurna : There’s surely something going on there. Either something has already happened or maybe is going to happen. It’s very intriuguing.
Sujata : But Saanvi is a gem. She has clicked with us so well. I would love it if she became our daughter. A one in a million girl she is, Like our Swara, Sakshi and Ragini.
They continued talking about some other matters trying to take their minds of the news that they were all waiting for. After about 15 minutes, Uttara ran downstairs beaming, with Adarsh slowly on her heels.
Uttara : Ma! Badi Ma! Aunty! Laksh bhai has come.. He’s here. Come on. Let’s go out.

Adarsh (looking as excited as the others) : Haan Ma! Come on. I can’t wait.
Ragini (running inside the house) : Ma! Sujata aunty! Laksh is back. HE’S BACK!
Swara and Sanskaar came out of the room to see what the noise was all about. They stood in the corridor looking downstairs at the commotion. Swara bit her lip apprehensively.
What was going to happen now?
Sanskaar stood, one arm around Swara, embracing her in a protective grip.
Sanskaar : Do you want to go down?
Swara (shaking her head) : No! Let them see.
Suddenly Mom’s shout startled them both.
Sujata : Laksh! What are you doing? Jaldi kholo na. Itna kya show off kar rahe ho?
Swara (giggling) : Once a dramebaaz, Always a dramebaaz!
Laksh (protesting) : Chachi! Not fair. I did so much work to go get this. I’m not going to open it so easily. This hurts my pride, my heart. I am shivering in anticipation, chachi. Let me savour this a little more.
Saanvi (deftly removing the envelope from his hands) : You keep savouring it. We’ll look at this.
Laksh : Hey no! I want to look.
Uttara : Bhai! Shh… Saanvi kholo.
Saanvi sat down and opened the envelope. Everyone crowded in closer dramatically.
Annapurna (whispering) : Well?

Saanvi glanced at it, then handed it to the person next to her, Ragini, poker faced. The paper was passed around to everyone who read it in silence.
Seeing the silent looks, Swara grew more anxious.
Swara : Mom! Ma! Badi Ma! What does it say?
Everyone looked upstairs and saw Swara and Sanskaar looking at them apprehensively. Uttara took the letter and handed it to Swara. She looked at the paper in her hands and made a gesture to open it, then decided against it and handed it to Sanskaar.
Sanskaar (startled) : Me?
Swara nodded. Sanskaar shook his head. Swara’s eyes widened.
Swara : Why not?
Sanskaar : Kyunki… kyunki.. it’s so…
Swara (pleading) : Come on! Don’t be such a wuss.
Sanskaar couldn’t say no to that face. Smiling slightly, he took the letter, then took a deep breath and turned the letter. Swara held the railing with breathless anticipation.
Sanskaar read the letter once, then twice and a third time. He then folded it and looked up at Swara silent. Swara’s eyes clouded with disappointment.
Swara (whispering) : No?

She stood there, tears threatening to fall. Sanskaar put his arms around her and held her tightly.
Sanskaar (whispering) : Yes! It’s a yes.
Swara hugged him back allowing the tears to fall. When she heard Sanskaar, she pulled back in amazement. Her wet eyes met Sanskaar’s shining ones.
Swara : It’s a yes?
Sanskaar nodded, too overwhelmed to speak.
Swara (louder) : IT’S A YES!
All the spectators downstairs (cheering) : IT’S A YES!
Swara and Sanskaar looked downstairs at their family, smiled at them, then looked at each other. Swara smacked him hard on the arm.
Sanskaar (confused) : OW! What was that for?
Swara (tears falling again) : You idiot! You scared me so much. Who does that? Who does that?
Crying happily, She hugged Sanskaar again.
Sanskaar (softly, caressing her hair) : Congratulations Mumma!
Swara (beaming) : Congrats Papa!
All the spectators downstairs : Congratulations Mumma Papa!
Laksh : Arre! Neeche toh aao. I’m about to be a chachu. Ma! Give sweet first to me.
Annapurna (laughing) : Badmaash. First for my Sanskaar and Swara, Then for Sharmishta Ji. Later only, for the rest.
Sakshi : For Ma? Why?

Annapurna : Arre! Without her, Would we ever have got Swara? So for her, the second sweet. SWARA beta! Come here (hugging her) Congratulations beta. You’ve given me such good news. Our Lakshmi is about to be a mother. Sanskaar beta! I still remember the day you were born. And today… Today you became so old? I’m so proud of you.
Sujata (hugging both of them) : I’m so happy for you both. Thank you so much for bringing us such joy. Bless you Swara! Sanskaar!
Sharmishta (holding their cheeks) : Congratulations Mumma Papa (Swara and Sanskaar smile shyly) Itni badi khushi… I’m so happy. (kissing Swara on her forehead) Stay happy, both of you.
The three elders went to get sweets and make a list for the next 9 months. The youngsters crowded around Swara and Sanskaar, congratulating them and teasing them. Suddenly Sanskaar spoke loudly.
Sanskaar : SWARA! What are you doing?
Swara (confused) : Matlab?
Sanskaar (dragging her to a sofa) : Sit down. You shouldn’t stand for a long time.
Swara’s eyes narrowed.
Sakshi : Uh-oh…
Swara : What do you mean, I shouldn’t stand for a long time? It’s been barely ten minutes.
Sanskaar (insisting) : That’s too long in your condition.
Swara (disbelievingly) : I’m barely a month pregnant and you’re so protective. (in a cajoling voice) Sanskaar! Come on… I can walk. Aisa mat karo.
Saanvi (surprised) : She’s persuading him instead of scolding him? How come?
Adarsh : She’s grown up already. Mumma became mature.
Sanskaar threw an irritated glance at them, then looked at his wife lovingly.
Sanskaar : Please… For me? I just want everything to be safe.
Sighing, Swara agreed. Sanskaar was over-protective in everything and now, he would be unstoppable in his role as future father. Seriously, if the baby was a girl, she pitied the poor boy who would come as her boy friend. Sanskaar would surely freak out.
She gave a sudden giggle at the thought of Sanskaar talking sternly to some kid.
Sanskaar (curiously) : What’s so funny?
Swara (shaking her head) : Nothing.. I was just thinking about our prince.
Saanvi : Prince? You think it’ll be a boy.
Sanskaar : No! It’s going to be a girl.
Swara : No, A boy. A boy with dark locks, a mini replica of you.
Sanskaar : A girl with your long hair who looks like you.
Swara : Boy.
Sanskaar : Girl.

Swara : Boy. You really think a boy is such a bad choice?
Sanskaar (smiling) : Boy or girl, Both will be wonderful. But a girl who looks like you… That would be splendid.
Sharmishta : Swara! Go upstairs and rest now. Go now.
Sanskaar (rising to his feet) : Haan chalo. You should take plenty of rest.
Swara was feeling pretty tired, so she assented and walked upstairs with him.
Sanskaar got into the bed with her. They stared at each other silently.
Swara : I love you.
Sanskaar : I love you too. (keeping her hand on her belly) I love you baby. Thank you Mumma!
Swara : Thank you papa! Baby, Look at your papa. He is the best man ever. We’re so lucky na to have him with us?
Sanskaar closed his eyes. Swara watched him open his eyes as a lone tear escaped. Swara touched the tear, not letting it fall down. Holding it in her hand, she smiled.
Swara : Baby… Look, Papa has given us our first gift. His love, his feelings, his everything.
Sanskaar kissed the finger that held the teardrop, then kept his hand on her stomach.
Sanskaar : Baby.. Mumma is spouting all sorts of nonsense. She is the one who has given me everything. Two months ago, I thought I would never experience the joy of being a dad, that this life was not for me. But today… Mumma has fulfilled this wish. (looking at her) I love you Swara!
Swara (her eyes moist) : I love you Sanskaar!

ni main shagun manaava
ni main deva duwava…(2)
aa main kamlee naam dhadava
par ik koi ratan lagaava

tu meri jaan hai
tu mera armaan hai….(2)

duniya ko bhool jaaoo main tere pyaar mein(2)
tu nahi toh aag lage is sansaar mein
tenu dil da haal sunaava
aa main kamlee naam dadaava
par ik koi ratan lagaava
tu meri jaan hai
tu mera armaan hai….(2)

rabba mere pyaar ko nazar lag jaave na(2)
mangiya duwava lakha
dukh ud sataave na
tenu dil da haal sunaava
ni main lakh lakh sukhr manaava
aa main kamlee naam dhadava
par ik koi ratan lagaava

tu meri jaan hai
tu mera armaan hai….(2)

ni main shagun manaava
ni main deva duwava…(2)
aa main kamlee naam dhadava
par ik koi ratan lagaava

tu meri jaan hai
tu mera armaan hai….(2)

Swara (sulkily) : It’s not fair.
Sanskaar (placatingly) : Sweetheart! I know, but you have to take rest. You’re not feeling well at all.
Swara : And what about the preparations for the functions? How much will the mothers do?
Annapurna (who was in the room) : Swara beta! You are having a very difficult pregnancy.
Swara winced. But she knew it was true. This pregnancy was proving to be a very difficult one. She had severe morning sickness which didn’t stick to the mornings alone.. Her back was aching a lot and she felt tired all the time.
Annapurna (sympathetically) : Beta! I know how you feel. Even I felt the same way when I was pregnant with Adarsh. And Sujata had a very difficult pregnancy with Uttara. We were so worried at that time. But this sickness will soon pass and then you can move about a little more. Until then, take it slow and easy.
Sanskaar (firmly) : Yes! Come on Swara, Think about baby. Even she needs her mumma’s rest na?
Swara’s eyes filled with tears.
Swara : But… I want… I want to help with my sisters’ engagement. How much will mom and Ma do?
Annapurna : Arre? (hugging her) Don’t worry. We’re not doing anything. Saanvi is doing everything. She even told she’ll come and ask you for advice. So calm down.
Swara sniffed and nodded. Annapurna smiled and left. Sanskaar sat next to Swara on the bed and put an arm around her.

Sanskaar : Don’t cry sweetheart… Please. You know na, I can’t bear to see you like this.
Swara : I’m sorry. I won’t cry. But I miss working. You are having so much fun moving about, working in office and taking care of Ragini’s and Sakshi’s sagaai. I’m bored sitting here. The ceremonies will finish in 3 days.. Then you’ll go to office. I’ll be the one stuck here.
Sanskaar thought about this for while when Saanvi popped in.
Saanvi : Hey Swara! How do you feel?
Swara (smiling) : I’m fine. What about you? Badi ma tells me that you’ve been very busy. How’s Laksh?
Saanvi (her eyes lighting up then dimming a little) : Laksh is… He’s okay. No.. Really, he’s fine. He’s being a little aloof right now, that’s all. All preparations are being done. I needed your opinion so came here when Sujata aunty asked me to give you these salt laddoos. She told me to force you to eat them.
Swara (dismayed) : I don’t want them. Take them away.
Sanskaar : Swara! Eat them.. Baby needs them.
Swara (Stubbornly) : No. They taste bad.
Sanskaar (scoffing) : Come on… They can’t be that bad.
Swara (with a shudder) : You’re right. They are even worse than what you think.
Sanskaar : But it’s good for the baby. So you should eat them. Tell you what… How about I eat it too?
Swara (shocked) : You mean you’ll eat this laddoo.. just for me?
Sanskaar (nodding) : We’re about to be parents. I don’t see why you alone have to suffer. Come on! I’ll eat with you.
He took two and grimacing, handed one to her. She still looked surprised, but put one into her mouth without complaint.
Sanskaar (choking on his laddoo) : Good God! What the hell is this?
Swara (grimacing) : Told you..

It took a long ten minutes for them to finish eating. Sanskaar looked at Swara with new respect in his eyes. Saanvi spoke to Swara for a few minutes, then left.
Sanskaar : You’re actually eating one of these everyday? (at her nod) God save me for the next 6 months.
Swara : It’s okay Sanskaar. You don’t have to eat it with me.. I love you so much for actually thinking about eating it, let alone eating one today. Don’t put yourself through this torture.
Sanskaar (softly) : Why do you eat it then?
Swara : For baby, Of course.
Sanskaar : Par baby toh humara hai. Why should you face all the restrictions? From today, I’ll eat the same as you. The salt laddoos, the parathas full of ghee, I’ll do it.
Swara (shaking her head) : No honey.. You have office. You can’t stick to this diet. It means the world that you want to do this, but how will you?
Sanskaar : By staying here.
Swara (surprised) : What about office?
Sanskaar : Other than a few meetings now and then, I can take care of it all from home. I’ll use the study as a home office.
Swara (tears in her eyes) : You’ll do all this for me?
Sanskaar : This and more. Anything for you and baby.
Sujata : Saanvi! This looks wonderful. You’ve done such a great job with the decorations. Isn’t it beautiful Swara?
Swara (warmly) : Yes mom. Saanvi, This looks exquisite. Love the blue and gold theme.
She pointed to herself. The women were required to wear blue and the men gold. The entire house was decorated in sheets of shimmery gold and navy blue. There were golden marigolds and blue lilies in every vase and it looked heavenly.
Sanskaar joined them wearing a simple gold sherwani and a navy blue rosette. Swara smiled at him and mouthed HANDSOME HUSBAND to her. He smiled and blew a flying kiss to her.
Sanskaar : So ladies, How do I look?
Sujata (fondly) : Like a prince, mera baccha!
Swara and Saanvi snickered. Sanskaar stuck a tongue at them and hugged his mother.
Sanskaar : Love you, mother mine!
Sujata : Love you too Beta!
Swara : Sanskaar! Take all the love you can now. Later mom will be too busy with baby to see you.
Sanskaar : Liar! Mom will love me more than baby, Won’t you?
Sujata (in a thoughtful voice) : Weeeeellllll…
Sanskaar : MOM?
Sujata (chuckling) : Don’t worry beta! I’ll love you all the more for giving me a grandchild so soon.
Sanskaar looked triumphantly at Swara who just smiled in return. She then looked for a chair to sit down. She grimaced slightly not wanting to startle anyone, but Sanskaar saw her.
Sanskaar (concern in his voice) : Swara? Kya hua?
Swara : Oh nothing… I was just looking for a chair, that’s all.
Sanskaar (skeptically) : That’s all? Is your back hurting again? I told you not to go down so early. But you didn’t listen. Now come on, We’ll go back to the room and rest for a while.
Swara : NO! I want to stay. Please? It’ll be time for the ring exchange soon.
Sanskaar (firmly) : Swara! Now.
Swara (sighing) : Fine.

She held her stomach and walked with Sanskaar, leaning against his shoulder. She was pretty tired and her saree was weighing her down. They entered their room and Sanskaar made Swara lie down for a while.
Sanskaar (kissing her forehead) : Rest tight! I will call you before the ring exchange.
Swara (smiling tiredly, then eyes widening ) : Sanskaar! Keep an eye on Laksh today, Will you?
To Sanskaar’s surprise. tears sprung to Swara’s eyes.
Sanskaar : Why are you crying?
Swara : I’m not. It’s the stupid hormones. They make me cry whenever I feel bad. I didn’t even think about Laksh all these days. I’m a bad person.
Sanskaar (reassuringly) : No, You’re not! You’re a good person who was just thinking about being a good mother. Now, Don’t worry. I’ll look after Laksh.
But Swara was already sleeping, a slight smile on her lips. Sanskaar smiled at her peaceful form, but couldn’t help an anxious look once he came outside.
This pregnancy was harder on Swara than he had imagined. She was always tired and she seemed to be growing thinner. He was really worried… Was this supposed to happen? Badi Ma and mom had told him it was normal. Even the doctor had told him all was fine, but he wasn’t certain.
He just hoped his Shona and baby were alright.
Saanvi looked at Laksh standing in the far corner of the hall. She sighed. He was getting over Ragini but today would still be hurting him. She wanted to make that hurt go away.
She didn’t think about the fact that she loved him. She still did, Of course. Now even more than before. But she had put it aside. Laksh had slowly allowed her into his life and now they were really good friends. Best friends in fact. She was comfortable around him and she thought he felt the same. She could understand what he felt anytime and he was very protective of her.
He liked her, She was sure of that. But would there ever be any more?
Would she ever be able to get a place in his life?
She loved the Maheshwaris.. They had accepted her without a second thought and she stayed with them now. Swara was an elder sister to her and Saanvi found her mothers in Purna aunty, Sujata aunty and Sharmishta aunty.
They seemed to understand the truth yet were perspective enough not to ask her about it. Everyone here loved her unconditionally and she them. Even Ragini was a gem. She was the calmest and sweetest person Saanvi had ever known. She was unbelievably gentle with everyone and Saanvi surely would have been jealous that Laksh loved her but she wasn’t. A blind man could hear the love in Ragini’s eyes when she spoke about Karan and a deaf man could infer it from her eyes. Karan thought the world of Ragini. She was his everything.
She saw them now, exchanging rings. Sakshi had found her love Adarsh, Ragini had found Karan and Swara had Sanskaar! But would Saanvi ever have Laksh? She wasn’t sure, yet the life she had made her content.
Laksh, impressed with her literary skills, asked her to go through his books and edit them. She loved spending time in the house and working with Laksh. A little of him was better than no him. And now, with

Swara pregnant, She was immensely happy to help the mothers with the house hold chores. It made her belong.
A loud cheer erupted as the 2 couples finished exchanging their rings. Saanvi looked at Laksh again. Laksh clapped hard, hugged the of them, Even Ragini, then he quietly slipped upstairs. No one saw him… Other than Saanvi that is.
Saanvi followed Laksh back to his room where he stood in front of the mirror. Her heart cracked at the vulnerability in his eyes.
Laksh saw Saanvi through the mirror, then turned around. Saanvi stood speechless, unsure of what to say. She took her hand to hold his, but at the last minute brought it back.
Laksh (whispering) : Saanvi!
He came at her with such a force, she almost fell. His arms came around her, enveloping her in a tight embrace. Saanvi’s eyes widened, then she hugged him back, her arms moving involuntarily.
Laksh : Ragini’s gone.. Forever!
Saanvi was heartbroken to hear the pain in his voice. She couldn’t stand it. She made soothing noises to calm him down not knowing what else to tell.
Sanskaar appeared at LAksh’s door to be there for him but when he saw Saanvi there hugging him, he smiled and quietly slipped away to tell Swara.
Saanvi stayed with Laksh the entire time giving him the space to collect his thoughts. She had thought it would be awkward to spend time with him after the hug, but instead their friendship seemed to have grown stronger where even a companiable silence made things better.

SWARA’S SIXTH MONTH OF PREGNANCY – 2 and a half months later
Laksh paced about in front of Sanskaar’s study unsure of himself. He had made a decision the night before, but he wanted the courage to stick to it.
Laksh : Don’t be stupid Laksh. You know you are doing the right thing. Now walk inside.
He knocked the door.
Sanskaar (from inside) : Come in!
Laksh walked inside to see Sanskaar going over some papers at his desk. He looked around the room and was surprised to see Swara sitting on a sofa, reading a book.
Laksh : Swara! You here?
Swara (trying to get up, Sanskaar rushed to help) : I was getting bored in the bedroom and the studio has some weird smell that makes me want to puke. I’m glad I don’t have morning sickness anymore and have no wish to vomit again. So, I came here.
Laksh nodded. Swara’s pregnancy, though difficult at first, now was normal. The baby was healthy and she too was better, not as tired or weak as before. He was glad. He had been so worried to see his vivacious best friend so dull.
Laksh : Why did you get up now? Come on, sit. It’s good that you are here. I can talk to both of you together now.
Sanskaar set Swara down gently before the men sat down, the couple looking curiously at Laksh.
Laksh (hesitantly) : I… I want to ask Saanvi to marry me.
Swara (got up to her feet and spoke loudly) : YESSSS!!
Sanskaar (furious) : SWARA SANSKAAR MAHESHWARI!! What do you mean by jumping like that? In your condition too?
Laksh : Seriously.. Swara! You should be careful.

Swara (meekly) : Sorry, sorry Sanskaar! Don’t be mad, Please. I was just so excited.
She sat down and gestured for Laksh to continue.
Laksh : Well, I know she’ll be an excellent wife. I hope to be a good enough husband for her. I like her a lot and I feel very comfortable with her. I think we can be happy.
Swara and Sanskaar looked at each other, then back at Laksh. Sanskaar leaned forward.
Sanskaar : You want to marry her because you think she’s compatible with you?
Laksh (relieved that they understood) : Yes!
Swara (softly) : Is that enough?
Laksh : Is what enough?
Swara : Satisfaction… Is it enough for the rest of your life? Don’t you want happiness?
Laksh : I will be happy with Saanvi.
Sanskaar : Do you love her?
Laksh : I don’t… I…. What do you mean?
Swara : It’s a simple question. Do you love Saanvi? Or rather, Do you love Ragini still?
Laksh stood and looked outside the window pensively.
Laksh : I will never stop loving Ragini. What I felt for her was not some lame crush tha goes away in some time. She will always have a special place in my heart. But… But that doesn’t mean I don’t love Saanvi. She’s my closest confidant right now.. She understands me and I like her.. Hell, I would be lucky to get her. But I don’t know if what I feel for her is love. i don’t think so, Not yet anyways. But I will not compare Saanvi to Ragini. Whatever I feel for Ragini won’t interfere in my life with her.
Sanskaar : Do you think you will ever love Saanvi?
Laksh (shrugging helplessly) : How am I supposed to answer that?
Swara : What about her love for you? She’s kept it toned down and not expressed herself. But what about her expectations?

Sanskaar : There are many factors you have to consider here, Laksh. If the two of you decide to get engaged, Swara and I will be the happiest among the lot. But first, make sure you have the answers to all questions.
Swara : What will you do if Saanvi tells you she still loves you? What will this marriage be like? I mean.. Sorry.. But I mean the intimacy of marriage. What about children? What will Saanvi expect from the marriage? What if this doesn’t work? And most of all… Is this decision from your heart or your mind?
Laksh looked at them speechless.
Laksh : I’ll think about this.
Sanskaar : We want you to be happy Laksh. But we want to make sure that neither you or Saanvi are compromising to make this work. Samjhota mat karo.
Laksh left the study and Sanskaar turned to Swara who caught his cheeks and kissed him soundly. She cupped him tightly and he responded eagerly.
After about a minute, Swara pulled out leaving a breathless Sanskaar.
Sanskaar (dazed) : What was that for?
Swara (smiling) : I couldn’t help it. My hormones are driving me nuts. When you scoldedme, You looked so handsome and hot that I had to kiss you. Laksh wahan tha.. So I couldn’t. I felt like killing Laksh that time.
She pulled Sanskaar’s cheek and walked outside leaving a grinning Sanskaar.
Sanskaar : Me LOVE the stupid hormones.
Sanskaar : Swara! Come for bed.. It’s 9:30 already. Come sleep.
Swara was standing in front of the mirror looking at herself.
Swara : Sanskaar?
Sanskaar : Hmm?
Swara : Do I look and walk radiant? Or am I walking like a clumsy duck?
Sanskaar shook his head. This was a trick question. If he said radiant, Swara would accuse him of being a liar and if he said a duck, she would be hurt. To him, Swara looked so heavenly with her bulging stomach. She looked amazing and would always look so.
Sanskaar : You look lovely, My dear!
Swara (insisting) : No… Tell me! Radiant or a clumsy duck?
Sanskaar : You are a radiant duck…
Swara’s eyes narrowed. Sanskaar mentally hit himself. His wife did not like his answer. He had to do something to remedy this IMMEDIATELY.
Sanskaar : You may look like a radiant duck, but what’s wrong with that? You are perfect. Keeping our baby safe from all harm and taking all the discomfort. You are a hero.. My hero. (kissing her palm) And this is how the whole world knows it. They are so jealous of you that they convince you it’s bad but my love, You look gorgeous.
Swara smiled.

Swara : Why can’t I be as romantic as you?
Sanskaar (glad that disaster had been averted) : Because then, You could have got someone better than me. I love you the way you are. I manage to show my love through gestures and gifts, but you show me your love with a single touch.. Single look.
Swara (kissing him on the cheek) : I hope our son is as romantic as you are.
Sanskaar : Son? Who says we are going to have a son? We will have a daughter.
Swara (rolling her eyes) : No, A son.
Sanskaar : A daughter… You know what? Why don’t we chuck this argument and go to sleep?
Swara : I’m not sleepy. I want to dance.
Sanskaar : Alright. We will dance.
Sanskaar switched on the stereo and they tried to hold on to each other but Swara’s huge stomach was in the way. They chuckled and Swara turned such that her back was on Sanskaar’s chest. She held his hands around her belly and as the baby kicked, they slowly swayed to the rhythm of the song.
Sajde Mein Yun Hi Jhukta Hoon
Tum Pe Hi Aa Ke Rukhta Hoon
Kya Yeh Sab Ko Hota Hai

Hum Ko Kya Lena Hai Sab Se
Tum Se Hi Sab Baatein Ab Se
Ban Gaye Ho Tum Meri Dua

Sajde Mein Yun Hi Jhukta Hoon
Tum Pe Hi Aa Ke Rukhta Hoon
Kya Yeh Sab Ko Hota Hai

Hum Ko Kya Lena Hai Sab Se
Tum Se Hi Sab Baatein Ab Se
Ban Gaye Ho Tum Meri Dua
Khuda Jaane Ke Mein Fida Hoon
Khuda Jaane Mein Mitt Gaya
Khuda Jaane Yeh Kyun Hua Hai
Ke Ban Gaye Ho Tum Mere Khuda

Tu Kahe To Tere Hi Kadam Ke
Main Nishanon Pe
Chalun Rukun Ishaare Pe
Tu Kahe To Khwabon Ka Bana Ke
Main Bahana Sa
Mila Karun Sirhaane Pe
Ho Tum Pe Dil Ki Baatein Seekhi
Tum Se Hi Yeh Raahein Seekhi
Tum Pe Mar Ke Main To Jee Gaaya

Khuda Jaane Ke Mein Fida Hoon
Khuda Jaane Mein Mitt Gaya
Khuda Jaane Yeh Kyun Hua Hai
Ke Ban Gaye Ho Tum Mere Khuda

Dil Kahe Ke Aaj To Chupa Lo Tum
Panahon Mein
Ke Daar Hai Tum Ko Kha Doonga
Dil Kahe Sambhal Zara Khushi Ko
Na Nazar Laga
Ke Daar Hai Mein To Ro Doonga

O Karti Hoon Sau Vaade Tum Se
Baandhe Dil Ke Dhaage Tum Se
Yeh Tumhe Na Jaane Kya Hua

Khuda Jaane Ke Mein Fida Hoon
Khuda Jaane Mein Mitt Gaya
Khuda Jaane Yeh Kyun Hua Hai
Ke Ban Gaye Ho Tum Mere Khuda

Sajde Mein Yun Hi Jhukta Hoon
Tum Pe Hi Aa Ke Rukhta Hoon
Kya Yeh Sab Ko Hota Hai

Hum Ko Kya Lena Hai Sab Se
Tum Se Hi Sab Baatein Ab Se
Ban Gaye Ho Tum Meri Dua

Khuda Jaane Ke Mein Fida Hoon
Khuda Jaane Mein Mitt Gaya
Khuda Jaane Yeh Kyun Hua Hai
Ke Ban Gaye Ho Tum Mere Khuda
Ke Ban Gaye Ho Tum Mere Khuda

Swara (shrieking from inside) : I’M GOING TO KILL HIM! MOM, TELL HIM HE’S A DEAD MAN.
Sanskaar winced. He was standing outside his room with everyone while Swara and their mothers were inside. Annapurna held his shoulder comfortingly.
Annapurna : She doesn’t mean it.
Sanskaar : Ofcourse she doesn’t. But is she alright? She sounds horrible. Badi Ma! She’ll be fine na?
The newly married couples came closer and murmured reassuringly.
Sakshi : Of course she will. Don’t worry.
She shouted one last time and then a child’s cry reached his ears. He had never heard anything more beautiful in his life. His child.. His own child had finally arrived in thsi world.
Laksh (shouting) : BHAI! Congrats… I’ve become Chachu. I’ve become chachu.. I’ve become chachu.
Adarsh : So have I.. So have I!
Laksh and Adarsh held Sanskaar’s hands as they danced around happily.
Sakshi : I’m chachi… Yipeeee
Ragini : I’m maasi… YESSSS!
Annapurna : I’m badi dadi! I’m badi dadi.. Swara Sanskaar! Thank you so much.. Thank you so so much.
Saanvi was so thrilled about the baby that she forgot she didn’t actually have any relations with them.
Saanvi (quietly) : What will I be?

She didn’t mean for anyone to hear her, But Laksh who was near her heard and flushed red. After hearing Swara’s questions to which he had no answers, Laksh had not proposed. He was still clueless as to what to do. He went to talk to her but just then chachi came out.
Sujata : Sanskaar! Beta, Congrats. You’ve become the Papa of a healthy chubby boy.
Everyone erupted in cheers again when they heard this and Sanskaar beamed.
Sanskaar (in a mock grumble) : Of course Swara always has to win… She got the boy of her dreams.
Sujata (urging him to go inside) : Go on. She’s waiting for you.
Sanskaar walked inside a little apprehensively. Sharmishta smiled at him and muttered a congrats before walking outside with the doctor leaving the two alone.
Sanskaar looked at his angel of a wife on the bed looking at a small baby beside her. He saw the baby and he felt a lump in his throat. This was him. Their child. Their son.
Swara(softly) : Aren’t you going to come closer?
Sanskaar (chuckling lightly) : Can I? You were pretty eager for my death, Weren’t you?
Swara (a little flush appearing) : I’m sorry. I didn’t really mean it.
Sanskaar (sitting next to Swara) : Of course you didn’t. (whispering) I’m so proud of you.
Swara smiled as they both looked at their kid.
Swara : It looks like I won.
Sanskaar : True! But I haven’t lost anything. Also, This gives me more chances ofcourse…
Swara : For what?
Sanskaar : Conceiving a girl.
He felt a blush spread across Swara’s cheeks and smirked.
Swara (picking up the baby and handing it to him) : Congrats Papa!
Sanskaar held the baby and tears of joy sprang into his eyes.
Sanskaar : He’s perfect! I love you Mumma!
Laksh (knocking on the door) : Can we come in now?
Swara (laughing) : Come in!

Everyone entered and ooh-aahed the baby. Finally, Sharmishta rocked the baby as they took a seat around the bed.
Sharmishta : Though you don’t have to name the baby right away, Did you two think of names?
Laksh : Ofcourse they did. They’re going to name it Laksh.
Saanvi (scoffing) : Why would they do that? They can’t handle Laksh let alone two.
Laksh (whining) : Hey!
Swara (laughing) : Be quiet, The two of you.
Sanskaar : We did decide on a name if it was a boy.
He stood and took the sleeping angel from Sharmishta.
Adarsh : And?
Swara : Samar! Our baby’s name is SAMAR.
Sanskaar was happy when he heard the approval for the name. He looked at his son and whispered.
Sanskaar (whispering) : Bade Papa taught me to be the man I’m today. I swear with all my heart, I will never let you down. SAMAR SANSKAAR MAHESHWARI, Welcome to the world. I think you’ll like it here.
PRECAP : Will Laksh ever marry Saanvi?
What do you guys think? I absolutely loved writing this episode. I hope it’s half as good as I think it is.
I really don’t know how to express a father’s feelings or a mother’s feelings at seeing their child for the first time, So I skipped that… Sorry…
Hope you like it 🙂 🙂

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  1. Oh my… What an episode and what a longgggg episode … Thank you… ??????… I just loveddddd it to the core.. Amazing is the word… starting from the way you disclosed that Swara is pregnant.. Awwww.. I love how the entire family was excited and waiting for the results and how happy they were.. ??.. Loved the various parts of pregnancy and Swasan scenes were mindblowing… Truly written beautifully … Loved how you explained the entire pregnancy in one episode and how amazingly you wrote Sanskaar’s love and care towards Swara to be there for her all the time… ??… I must say you are really amazing … This has always been one of my favourite stories and reading this chapter has given me immense happiness… ????.. Love where Swasan have reached in their relation and how their love has just grown… Loved the bits of the family as well.. ??.. And finally it’s a boy… Swara won again.. But I loved that too… Too cute, amazing, heartfelt and have no more words to tell you how great the episode was… ??????????.. Loved Laksh and Saanvi’s part too.. Hope they get settled soon too.. But Swasan scenes were the best and adorable.. ???… Thankkkk you once again for this wonderful update… m toooo happy… ???

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