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Part 58

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Swalak convo, Sanskaar-Saanvi convo, Saanvi-Laksh convo

Laksh (loudly) : You do! (softer) Saanvi! I actually…. have something I want to ask you.
Saanvi : Yes?
Laksh : I would like to get to know you better and if we can be friends, I would like to spend my life with you.
Saanvi was shocked.
Saanvi (screeching) : YOU WHAT??
Sanskaar entered the bedroom.
Sanskaar : Swara!
Swara (looking up from her book of designs) : Haan Sanskaar?
Sanskaar (smiling and joining her on the bed) : What’s up?
Swara looked at him in surprise.
Swara : What’s wrong with you?
Sanskaar (looking offended) : Me? Why should something be wrong with me?
Swara (ruffling his hair) : Nothing at all, other than the fact that you’re….
Sanskaar (curiously) : I’m?
Swara (smirking evilly) : Other than you’re a silly idiot.
Sanskaar pouted and got off the bed. Swara laughed and knelt on the edge of the bed putting her arms around a scowling Sanskaar.
Swara (hugging him and whispering) : But you’re still mine, Mr Maheshwari.

Sanskaaar chuckled and put his arms around her. He smirked and moved his hands until he reached Swara’s tickle spot near her elbow. Swara stiffened as she realised what Sanskaar was about to do.
Swara : SANSKAAR! NO… (giggling and moving helplessly) Oh no! Leave m..e…. Annoying creature.. Chhodo! SANSKAAR!
Sanskaar continued the torture and Swara fell plop on the bed with Sanskaar above her. He smiled triumphantly as she glared at him.
Swara : Why did you do that?
Sanskaar : Why did you call me a silly idiot?
Swara : Kyunki you are one.
Sanskaar (rolling his eyes) : And I did that becaue I wanted to.
Swara (raising an eyebrow) : Oh really, Mr Maheshwari?
Sanskaar (happily) : Yes, Mrs Maheshwari… OUCH!
He sat up straight and Swara took the incentive to wriggle herself under him and escape from the room.
Swara (laughing and shouting as she ran) : My SILLY Sanskaar!
Sanskaar (laughing) : Silly, Am I? Ab dekh Swara! I’m going to catch you.
Swara : Never! He chased her through the first floor hallway but damn, She was fast, not to mention he wasn’t running in his usual speed. He chuckled as she stuck out her tongue at him.
Swara : You can’t catch me! You can’t catch me.
Sanskaar (raising an eyebrow) : Oh Really?
He ran after her with renewed vigour and she squealed, moving again. As she turned back and laughed at Sanskaar, the door she was passing opened and she collided soundly with someone.
Swara: UFF!
Sanskaar (with concern) : SWARA!
Saanvi : Oh God!
Laksh : Saanvi! Swara! Are you ok?
The two of them straightened themselves and Swara looked at Saanvi apologetically.
Swara : I’m so sorry. I wasn’t paying attention at all. Are you hurt?
Saanvi (smiling) : Not at all. I’m fine, A little startled perhaps.
Laksh (rolling his eyes) : You shouldn’t be. My ELDER brother and ELDER bhabhi become kids when they’re with each other. (Swara and Sanskaar flushed red) They play hide and seek, complain to their my mommies…
Sanskaar (glaring at Laksh) : Thankfully this ELDER brother also knows how to squash the younger one.
Saanvi (chuckling along with Laksh) : Well! I think it’s cute. (looking at Sanskaar) Sorry to interrupt you both but Swara, Can I talk to you about something?
Swara looked surprised but just looked at Sanskaar and nodded.
Swara : Of Course.
They walked to a nearby room where they heard Sanskaar talking to Laksh.
Sanskaar : Swara ke dramebaaz! What did you do now?

Swara : So, What did you want to talk to me about?
Saanvi (Without preamble) : Laksh asked me to marry him today.
Swara (eyed widened) : He WHAT?
Saanvi : Or rather, He told me he would like to get to know me better, then marry if we suit.
Swara was delighted, though she was careful to hide her expressions. She put a curious face.
Swara : What did you tell him?
Saanvi : I asked him why. Why marry me when he doesn’t even like me? Why spend time with someone knowing it can’t go anywhere.
Swara nodded. They were valid questions. Saanvi continued.
Saanvi (a perplexed expression on her face) : He said he didn’t not like me. He would love to be friends with me but the fact that I told him I loved him threw him completely. He didn’t know how to act around me.
Swara : What did you reply?
Saanvi : I don’t know, Swara! Laksh feels that we would suit each other and that we could have a happy marriage. I think that could be possible as well… But…
Swara : He didn’t mention love!
Saanvi nodded and blinked back tears.
Saanvi : He told me he wanted to forget Ragini or at least the pain of never getting her. But he never mentioned the word love… Nor did it seem like he would be happy if I told him I love you. I don’t understand…. Does he want this to be a loveless marriage? A society marriage? A marriage of convenience? I don’t know what to do…

Swara smiled sympathetically at the younger girl. She thought for a while and then nodded.
Swara : Why don’t the two of you just get to know each other for a while. Talk about yourselves, common topics anything…. Become firm friends then broach this topic….
Saanvi (after musing for a while) : You are right. That makes sense. No use in jumping to conclusions.
Swara (smiling and standing up) : Don’t worry Saanvi! Even the most difficult problems have easy solutions. As for your marriage being a loveless one, That’s nonsense. You love him a great dealand he knows it. One day he will surely reciprocate it. It may take weeks, months or even years. Men can be extraordinarily stupid when it comes to feelings. But I know that someday Laksh will confess his love for you… Don’t give up hope.
With those words, She gave Saanvi a hug, looked at her brightened face and they left to join the others.
The 2 women joined Sanskaar and Laksh who were very curious to know what had happened. Saanvi and Laksh went in one direction to talk and made plans to go for a movie later. Swara turned to Sanskaar and smiled.
Swara: Looks like I just found my second devrani!
Sanskaar (a bit doubtfully) : You think Laksh will be able to forget Ragini?
Swara (shrugging) : I am more concerned about when he’ll forget her. I know one day he will give himself completely to Saanvi but the question is when.
Sanskaar (smiling and nodding) : You know, That is the perfect incentive for another challenge… I could challenge you that he will confess within a year or something like that. But… It seems rude to place a bet on someone’s life.
Swara (hugging her shoulders) : Haan Sanskaar! But don’t forget… We still have our game tomorrow, don’t forget!
Sanskaar (looking at her evilly) : Forget the fact that you’re going to lose? There’s no way I’ll forget that Mrs Maheshwari.
Swara (scoffing) : Accha? Mr Maheshwari, Let me tell you the truth…
Sanskaar (interrupting) : Swara! We’ll fight later… Now come with you.
Stopped mid-rant, Swara looked at him surprised. Sanskaar had planned something. She could see it in his eyes. She melted at his sparkling eyes and nodded happily. He closed her eyes with his palms and made her walk, careful to make sure she wasn’t getting hurt. Finally they stopped. Sanskaar removed his hands.
Sanskaar (warning tone) : Don’t open yet.
Swara nodded. She tilted upwards and sniffed. It smelled like she was in the gardens. She could smell flowers…. A whole lot of flowers.
Sanskaar : Ok Swara! Open your eyes now.

She did so and gasped. She was in one of the empty outhouses that were present in the estate, except now they weren’t empty. The entire place was covered with flowers. Precious white lilies, Roses of every colour, orchids in bloom, bright tulips, daisies and off season flowers like lotuses, and every one of them growing from the earth. Even the lotuses were blooming in the water
Swara was transfixed. She had never seen something so lovely. And it was. This indoor garden was incredible. She walked in front in wonder. She had always loved flowers. As she saw them in their prime, healthy and growing, sudden unbidden tears appeared.
Sanskaar (anxiously) : Do you like it? I have been planning this for almost two months now. I got the flowers imported. Don’t worry. I know each plant requires different type of care and I have made arrangements for that. Do you like it Swara?
Swara (whispering) : Why?
She didn’t tell anything else. She didn’t have to. Sanskaar would understand. And he did. He smiled slightly sheepishly which made her heart beat faster. This lovable man of hers was just too adorable.
Sanskaar : Remember the first time I came to Gadodia Nivas. The time when we didn’t like each other.
Swara met his eyes and nodded slowly. He had come to visit Ragini that day but instead had found Swara. She remembered their arguments which were further incensed when Zozo pushed Ragini into the river. She remembered all about the day.
Sanskaar : Remember when I handed you a bouquet? Your face was glowing with delight.
Swara smiled. It had been the first time that someone had brought flowers for her instead of Ragini. Of course he had got a bouquet for Ragini too but he had still thought of her even though Swara supposedly hated him.
Sanskaar : You told me that day that this was the first time anyone had ever thought of you. Or even if you didn’t, it was clear to me. I made a decision later. I never want you to run out of flowers, Shona! You never had any flowers for yourself before. But now… These are all for you. (gesturing towards the plants) I didn’t buy bouquets because I wanted something that would exist forever. Something that would completely yours. All for you.
By now, tears were streaming down Swara’s face. She thought she knew Sanskaar. She thought she knew how much he loved her. But she was wrong. Sanskaar’s love for her was immeasurable.
Swara murmured softly.

Sanskaar (politely) : I’m sorry?
Swara (her voice a bit shaky) : I was giving my thanks to God for giving me a husband like you.
She then ran towards him, launching into him with such a force that he was lifting her. She hugged him tight while he spun her round.
Swara (whispering) : I don’t deserve you.
Sanskaar (shaking his head and setting her down) : You’re not allowed to say that.
Swara : Why?
Sanskaar : That’s a break-up line… I’ve said it before, I know… But I’ve changed my mind. Unless you’re planning to leave me…
Swara (laughing slightly) : Not for all the gold in this world. You’re stuck with me, Sweetheart… (He lifted her again) This was beyond perfect. I love it Sanskaar! Thank you.. Thank you so much!
Sanskaar kissed her cheek and smiled, his chest puffing with pride at the thought that Swara loved his idea. There was something about Swara… Even after spending almost all his time with her, There was still a certain freshness to her. She was energy personified, reason personified, love personified. And he was crazy about her.
Sanskaar (whispering) : You’ll stay with me always?
Swara (astonished a little, but nodding) : I’m yours. I love you Sanskaar!
Sanskaar (shaking his head) : No… I’M yours.
They stood, Swara leaning against Sanskaar’s shoulder and watched the flowers again. Swara’s eyes grew soft as she took in the smell and colours in front of her. Sanskaar however was looking at Swara.
Sanskaar (beaming and thinking) : Oh Lord! Though Swara says she was thanking you and that she got lucky by being with me, I’m the lucky one. There’s no way I ended up with her without you helping me. Thank you, Lord… Thank you so much for giving me my angel.
PRECAP : The big challenge
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