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Chapter 53

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Swara’s first day is a success. Sanskaar promises to find out why Swara is afraid of rain

Laksh woke up early the next day. He saw that it was barely light outside and sighed, unsurprised. He had been here in Darjeeling for 2 weeks now. He had been away from Ragini for 2 weeks and surely that should have lessened his pain?
Instead his senses had grown stronger. He could feel his love for her a million times more here in the country. Maybe it was because there were lesser distractions than the city, or perhaps it was the fresh and romantic natureside. But Laksh knew that these were not the reasons. The truth was that wherever he was, Ragini was in his heart. So, He could never forget her.
Laksh : Why on Earth do you do this to yourself? Stop thinking about her!
Just then, A servant knocked on the door.
Laksh : Please enter!

Servant (entering) : Saab! That young girl…
Laksh (frustrated) : Is she here again? Kaka, Please ask her to leave. What sort of a girl is she? Always hanging around here. I have had enough!
Servant : Saab! I already asked her to leave. She refused. She’s been her for an hour, I suppose.
Laksh : I see! Kaka, show her in. Tell her I’ll be down in some time.
The servant nodded and left the room.
Laksh : I have to stop this. She has to learn to stay away.
Laksh came down the stairs and saw her sitting down on a damask sofa in the living room. She was beaming and cheerful as usual!
Laksh : Saanvi! I see you’re back!
Saanvi got up beaming widely.
Saanvi : Good morning Laksh! How are you today?
Laksh : After seeing your face in the morning, How can I feel fine?
Saanvi (chuckling) : Laksh! You’re such a clown! I just love the way you make me laugh.
Laksh (sitting on a sofa opposite her) : Why are you here again?
Saanvi : I don’t think you have amnesia! So, you probably know what I want.
Laksh : I do know. What I don’t know is how conveniently you forget my reply to your question.
Saanvi : Oh, Cleverly worded, My best-selling author! But I never forgot your answer. I just refuse to believe it’s your final reply.
Laksh (frustrated) : I’ve been in Darjeeling two weeks. I’ve known you one week. How on Earth do you expect to know me? How can you claim you know the way I think?
Saanvi smiled and kept quiet. Laksh, frustrated by her sereneness got up and went to the window. As he looked out at the gardens, He spoke softly.
Laksh : Saanvi! I think you’re a very nice girl. Straightforward too. But what you want will never happen.
Saanvi : Let us leave what I want for one minute. Let’s talk like friends. We can be friends, right?
Laksh (turning around and looking at her, smiling slightly) : I’m afraid I won’t be a very good friend right now. I’m… I just need to be alone. (scowling at her) And I can’t be alone if you’re going to come here asking that every single time.

Saanvi : I get the feeling. (At Laksh’s wondering look) I know how it feels to not get what you want.
Laksh looked away trying to not look guilty. He thought of what to say but Saanvi beat him to it.
Saanvi : Have you started on your new book yet?
Laksh : Umm… No, I haven’t!
Saanvi (her eyes taking on a dreamy look) : I just adore your stories. The mysteries, the chemistry between the two, the words you use… Just amazing! I can’t wait for your next book.
Laksh (testily) : Then you should allow me to think and write. Instead of troubling me with unnatural requests.
Saanvi : Wow! Are you always so mean to your fans?
Laksh : Just you!
Saanvi (slyly) : Then I guess I should count myself as special?
Laksh stiffened at her tone. He turned and glared at her. Then in a sudden change of manner, he smiled widely. Saanvi watched him, surprised.
Laksh : You can think what you want.
Saanvi : You….
She seemed to have lost her tongue.
Saanvi : You are not going to shout at me?
Laksh : Not today.

Saanvi : Well, That’s a first! I guess, I’m finally warming up to you?
Laksh said nothing but looked out again.
Saanvi : I get the message, Laksh! You want me to leave. I shall not disturb you anymore… for today, Ofcourse.
He turned to look at her as she made her way through the door. She put a foot out the door when Laksh stopped her.
Laksh : One minute Saanvi!
She turned surprised.
Laksh : I want you to stay away from here from now on. Please don’t come here again.
Saanvi : Why?
Laksh walked towards her and looked at her, straight in the eye.
Laksh : I’ve told you before and I’m telling you now. What you wish will never happen. I am truly sorry, but that is my ultimate decision. Good bye Saanvi!
He walked upstairs as Saanvi watched him. She sighed sadly and walked outside. As soon as Laksh saw her leave, He came downstairs and stared at her retreating form.
Laksh : I’m so sorry Saanvi! But your wish just cannot be fulfilled by me.
Meanwhile, Saanvi walked home thoughtfully.
Saanvi : I can sense the pain in you. But what am I supposed to do now? After all, I can’t blame you for feeling this way.

Swara woke up that morning to find Sanskaar looking at her thoughtfully.
Swara (puzzled) : Good morning!
Sanskaar : Good morning Swara!
Swara : Didn’t you sleep well? Why do you look so tired and thoughtful?
Sanskaar : It rained last night!
Swara (astonished) : It did? (a bit nervous) I suppose it was thundering and there was lightning too?
Sanskaar : Yes! It was quite a storm.
Swara : I… I don’t like storms.
Sanskaar : I know.

But there was a wealth of meaning behind those two short words, and Swara felt her heartbeat speed up slightly.
Swara : I don’t remember anything. (in an uncertain voice, like she didn’t want to know the answer) Did I do something Sanskaar?
Sanskaar : You were really scared. You had a nightmare, Swara!
Swara (closing her eyes) : I thought I might have got over it.
Sanskaar : I knew you were terrified, but I really never thought that you had nightmares.
Swara let out a long exhale and sat up, pulling the covers along with her and tucking them under arms.
Swara : When I was small. Whenever it stormed, I’m told. I don’t know for a fact; I never remembered anything. I thought I’d….
She had to stop for a moment; her throat felt like it was closing up, and her words seemed to choke her.
He reached out and took her hand. It was a simple gesture, but somehow it touched her heart far more than any words would have done.
Sanskaar (quietly) : Shona! Are you alright?
Swara (nodding) : I just thought I had outgrown the nightmares.
He didn’t say anything for a moment, and the room was so quiet that Swara was sure she could hear both of their heartbeats. Finally Sanskaar spoke.
Sanskaar : You talk in your sleep, You know that?
She hadn’t been looking at him, but at that, her eyes met his.
Swara : I… do?

Sanskaar : You did last night.
Swara : What did I tell?
Sanskaar : I don’t know exactly. You kept telling No for some reason.
Swara (taken aback) : I did? But why?
Sanskaar : Do you remember anything about last night?
Swara : No, I don’t! I don’t remember the rain or the storm.. Nothing.
Sanskaar cuddled close to her trying to calm his terrified wife.
Sanskaar : Hey Swara! Shona! Don’t worry. We can overcome this together!
Swara : I hate to feel so vulnerable.
Sanskaar (kissing the top of her head) : Swara darling! You may be many things… But vulnerable is not one of them. Everyone has their strong points and weak points. So what if rain terrifies you? Together we’ll defeat that fear!
Swara (hugging him tight) : You promise?
Sanskaar : I promise! I even thought of something that we can do.
Swara : You did? So, What’s your idea?

Sanskaar : I think we should talk to Ma about your nightmares.
Swara (surprised) : But why? I think this began before I went there. I mean, when my biological mother raised me.. I don’t think Ma might know.
Sanskaar : Let’s try anyways. Maybe your Papa told something to her.
Swara (thoughtfully) : Maybe. Okay then Sanskaar, We’ll go talk to Ma today after we come back from work.
Sanskaar nodded and smiled. He cupped her face and kissed her once more.
Sanskaar : As I said, Don’t worry. We’ll defeat this together!
Swara (smiling) : Together! That’s enough for me. I love you Sanskaar!
Sanskaar : I love you too, My Shona!
Sanskaar : Good morning Laksh! I think you have forgotten your brothers na?
Laksh : Of course not Bhai! I just was a bit preoccupied.
Sanskaar : Ah yes! With your book and all! So how is it coming?
Laksh (stammering) : Um.. Um.. It’s going well, I guess.
Sanskaar (surprised) : Laksh! Is something wrong? You don’t even seem like you want to talk.
Laksh : No no Sanskaar! It’s nothing.
Sanskaar : Laksh!
Laksh sighed.
Laksh : You sound exactly like when you found out we didn’t finish studying.
Sanskaar : That time I was worried about your academics. Now I am worried about your life. Tell me Laksh, What is wrong?
Laksh : I’ll tell you later bhai! I promise.
Sanskaar sighed.

Sanskaar : Lots of promises this week..
Laksh (bewildered) : What does that mean?
Sanskaar told him everything that had happened last night.
Laksh : Oh no! Poor Swara! But I’m not worried. I know you’ll be there for her.
Sanskaar : Haan! That I will. Now, Are you sure you’re okay? You want me to come there?
Laksh : As I said, I’m fine. I will call you later and tell you everything. Stop worrying.
Sanskaar : Well, That’s easier said than done.
Laksh : Since when did you turn into such a worry wart?
Sanskaar : First of all, It’s care and not worry. I just never showed it before. But now…
Laksh (smiling) : Now Swara has changed you. I understand.
Sanskaar : What does that mean? You’ve never been in love, Have you?
Laksh (hurriedly) : Of course not! I do understand feelings though. I’m a best selling author, you know.
Sanskaar (laughing) : Best selling author or not, You are the twerp of the family for sure. Except now you have grown too serious. I intend to find out what happened.
Laksh : You don’t have to. I’ll tell you everything myself. But first, Deal with Swara’s nightmares. Accha, I’ll talk to you later. Bye Sanskaar! Good luck
Sanskaar : Bye Laksh! Thanks. Take care now.
He kept the phone down and wondered what could have happened to Laksh.
Sanskaar (thinking) : There’s a chance Swara might know. I’ll ask her after talking to Ma! I just hope everything will be alright with everyone.
In Darjeeling, Laksh kept the phone down and wondered how he was going to forget his love and move on, while dodging a persistent Saanvi!

PRECAP : Swara’s past, Saanvi’s intentions
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    1. Anjali30

      Hey Neha…

      Laksh of my ff… I really didn’t expect him to be such a huge presence… But he is….

      Swasan rocks ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

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