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Swara challenging Sanskaar
All society mummies and beauties, Give it a rest! Our most eligible bachelor is now out of bounds. Sanskaar Maheshwari, Owner and CEO of the mutli million dollar company Maheshwari Industries Pvt Ltd got married last night to new entrant in society Swara Gadodia!
Their match has certainly been a surprising one. A man who shunned the society gatherings for the past ten years was captivated by Swara in a series of parties including the Maheshwari Country House Party held in Darjeeling about 3 weeks ago.

A vibrant and witty girl, Swara has a younger sister Ragini and mother Sharmishta Gadodia. Though considered to be the plainer of the two, it is clear why Sanskaar fell for Swara. With her smart tongue and a no nonsense attitude, She is perfect for the arrogant yet charismatic man.
Though some people think that this was a plot to get the immense Maheshwari fortune, I can’t help but feel that this relation is a love match. Their chemistry has been undeniable. And I am sure that their relation will stay strong and secure for as long as they live.

So on behalf of the editors of the Social, I wish Sanskaar and Swara a very happy married life!
But Society Mummas, Don’t fret! There are still many eligible bachelors available, including Sanskaar’s younger brothers Adarsh and Laksh. Adarsh is a very successful artist who holds shows in different parts of India and Laksh is an imminent author with three best-sellers to his credit. Both these men have made names for themselves besides being known as just One of the Maheshwaris.
They still happen to be single. Though, if the word down the grapevine is true, Adarsh is no more single but in a thriving relationship. However, Ladies, Laksh is still there. So, Come on. Put a step into it. Let the……..
Swara had read enough.
It was still early, just 4:45 am. But she couldn’t have stayed in bed any longer. It was torture, hearing Sanskaar breathe softly as he slept. She knew that he too hadn’t slept well. It had been a long time before she herself had slept. And she knew that at the time she forced herself to sleep, Sanskaar had been still awake.
His words kept echoing in her brain. He didn’t love her. He only wanted her. He didn’t love her….
A silent tear slipped from her eye and she shook it off fiercely. She wouldn’t cry. If she did, she would become weak and accepting. She didn’t want that. She needed to teach Sanskaar a lesson. She wanted him to trust her, but before that, she wanted him to learn that he couldn’t just say stuff about anyone, not even his wife.
That reminded her, Swara gazed down at the article again. She had met Deepa at her Sangeet and had quickly become friends with her. Deepa had told Swara that she would be writing an article after the wedding and promised to deliver the first copy to her. And Swara was surprised to see that the article had already come.

She had gone downstairs to just pace about. Everyone else was asleep and she wanted to indulge the solitude. But as soon as she had gone down, one of the help, Ramu Kaka had come and given her the paper.
Swara sighed as she read it again. Love in the relationship indeed. Maybe once she would have believed it. Until yesterday she had hoped for it… But today she knew that it would always be a one-sided love. Because he didn’t love her. No one could intentionally be so mean with someone they love. He cared for her. He was lying to her but he cared for her. Swara knew that.
Her eyes hardened. She couldn’t back down now. Sanskaar was going to learn his lesson and she would make sure that her family got back their old Sanskaar! Meanwhile, She had another thing to think about. Laksh…. How was she going to help him? Ragini and Sakshi both decided to wait for another month or so before deciding to get married. But that was going to be hell for Laksh. She hated to think of him away from his family, away from his best friend, but that was what Laksh had to do. He couldn’t be around Ragini any longer.

She saw the clock in the far left and smiled evilly. 5:15am… Still too early for anyone to be awake. Except for Sanskaar.
Swara (teasing voice) : Oh Sanskaar! You’re in for it!
Sanskaar woke up with a start. He turned woozily around to see what was happening.
Sanskaar : Oh GOD! What the hell is that noise?
He finally rubbed the sleep out of his eyes and searched the room only to find Swara calmly reading a book with a lamp on and heavy metal music blaring from the music system. She didn’t seem bothered about the music even though it felt like the whole house was shaking.
Sanskaar : Swara!
But of course, she couldn’t hear him. He got down from the bed, completely cranky because of only 2 hours of sleep and strode over to Swara!
Sanskaar (removing the book from her hands) : Swara!
Swara (staring back poker-faced) : Yes?

Sanskaar (disbelievingly at her tone – like nothing was wrong) : What are you doing?
Swara : I believe I was reading before you took the book rudely from me.
Sanskaar : I was rude?
He couldn’t believe the nerve of this woman.
Swara : Well, You can just give me my book back and then it will be normal again.
Sanskaar (slowly losing his patience) : Swara! Why have you switched on that blo*dy metal so early in the morning… what the devil is the time anyways?
He turned round to look at the clock saying 5:28am.
Sanskaar (dangerous voice) : Swara! You woke me up before 5:30 for no reason.
Swara (unaffected by his tone) : I can’t help it if you wake up. Your body, your brains. YOUR FAULT!

Sanskaar : The freaking music woke me up, Damn it! Don’t you get that?
Swara : I’m so sorry about that.
But she didn’t sound sorry. In fact, she sounded…… pleased? Plus she didn’t rush to switch off the music. Sanskaar’s eyes narrowed. She was doing this to punish him, not because she had a warped sense of humour.
Sanskaar chuckled mirthlessly… This was warped. Swara took the book from Sanskaar’s hand , sat down and continued to read the book. He grew irritated at the sight.
Sanskaar (grabbing the book again) : Swara! How could you do this? Don’t you care that I slept for only 2 hours or so? Why couldn’t you let me sleep?
Swara (getting up and crossing her arms) : Once again, It’s not my fault that your guilty conscience didn’t allow you to sleep.

Sanskaar (eyes showing his surprise) : Guilty conscience?
Swara : Haan. You are suffering from a guilty conscience because you know what you are doing is wrong and yet, You’re still doing it.
She walked away from him as he stood stumped. She was right, Of course. And he was proud of her for not backing down. But he couldn’t let her win. She HAD to hate him.
Sanskaar (putting on a pissed off voice, which wasn’t that hard considering he was cranky) : SWARA!
She stopped in her tracks, on the way to the washroom, but didn’t turn back. Sanskaar walked the few paces and pulled her hard towards him. Her back was now pressed against him while he whispered slowly but meaningfully in her year.
Sanskaar : How dare you thing I have a guilty conscience? I DO NOT feel guilty that I hurt you. Don’t think I did not sleep because I was feeling guilty. I couldn’t sleep because I couldn’t. Don’t think you are free to pyscho-analyze me just because we are husband and wife. I AM STILL FREE TO DO WHAT I WANT!
Swara (trying to get away from him, in a fierce voice) : LEAVE ME!

Sanskaar : One more thing, Swara! I don’t love you so don’t think you have any right on me.
Swara elbowed him and finally freed herself from him. She looked at him, eyes blazing, finally displaying some emotion in her eyes that had been devoid for so long.
Swara : MR MAHESHWARI! I dared to talk about you, But YOU DARED TO TOUCH ME? You DO NOT get to touch my person, Do you understand? Not one lip, not one strand of hair, NOTHING! And I do have rights on you… I am Mrs Sanskaar Maheshwari, Don’t you forget that! As for your freedom, Let me tell you one thing. I love you… So even if you don’t and you go after some girl… You THINK about going after some girl, I will shoot you right in your balls. Don’t you dare think I wouldn’t do such a thing. Now get you arse out of your head and go get ready. Today is my pehli rasoi. (bitterly) After all, we want everyone to think that we are truly husband and wife, Don’t we?
Sanskaar was too dazed to talk back and allowed her to go get ready. Swara opened the door to the loo and then looked back.
Swara : Mr Maheshwari!

Sanskaar just looked at her.
Swara : You might have heard the saying : Ek jhoot bachane ke liye, sau jhoot bolna padega! I just hope you remember this before thinking.
Uttara : Swara bhabhi! Where is the food? We are waiting…
Sujata (admonishing) : Uttara! Chup.. Sit at the table quietly. She is bringing the food na? Badtameezi ladki.
Swara (laughing as she entered the dining area from the kitchen) : Don’t worry Mom! Uttara ji, Khana taiyaar! Happy?
Adarsh : Wow Swara! What have you prepared for us today?
AP : Jo bhi ho, Simple or exotic, you have no other choice but to eat it, so why ask?
Laksh (coming and sitting in his place) : So that we can ooohhh and aaaahhh our bhabhi, Of course!
As everyone laughed, Sanskaar entered looking a bit grumpy. Laksh noticed and chuckled.
Laksh : Alle alle! Kya hua Sanskaar ji? Didn’t sleep properly? (winking at Adarsh and Uttara)
Swara purposely went back to the kitchen while AP and Sujata scolded the laughing people. Sanskaar just gave him a death glare.
Sanskaar : One more word and….
Laksh (holding up his hands in mock surrender) : accha baba! Sorry! Won’t talk about your private life again.
Swara (coming back and putting an end to the discussion) : I didn’t prepare anything elaborate. I just made channa, then baked beans and toasted the bread. I made kheer also, though!
AP : Swara! that is amazing for the pehli rasoi! Don’t worry… Both of us are not those angry saas who wants you to wear Benarasi sarees with pallu and all. You are our daughter beta! Feel free.
Swara smiled and nodded.

Sujata : Vaise, I think we should start with kheer, Don’t you jiji? Sanskaar also loves kheer… Itis his favourite.
AP assesnted and Sujata took a bowl to give to Sanskaar, but Swara stopped her.
Swara : Mom! No… You take that for yourself. I have kept a separate one for Sanskaar.
Uttara (raising her eyebrows) : Wow Swara! Koi special cheez dali ho kya usme?
Even Sanskaar was surprised. Then he thought belatedly that she was just keeping up appearances. Swara just smiled cryptically and went and got a separate bowl for Sanskaar. She gestured for them all to eat and they dug in.
Sanskaar took in one spoon and immediately felt like gagging. Aghast, He turned around to look at the horrible conditions of everyone around him, but they were relishing the kheer.
Laksh : Swara! This is so sweet and yummy.
Everyone agreed with him, excluding Sanskaar! He just frowned realising that Swara had fooled him.
Adarsh (curiously) : Don’t you like the kheer Sanskaar?
Sanskaar : It is truly one of a kind.
His vague reply made Swara snigger quietly. Sanskaar caught her eye but before she could pull away, He saw the triumph in it. Sanskaar ate the kheer. He wasn’t going to show Swara that he was weak. She threw a bone? Well, he could blo*dy well be the dog. BUT ONLY FOR NOW… Soon it would be his turn.
As they continued with breakfast, AP suddenly spoke.
AP : Sanskaar? Swara?
They looked at her.

AP : Why don’t you take off for a few days and go for your honeymoon? Anyways, Swara has only one and a half weeks before she has to go for work.
Swara : No Badi Ma! This is the prime time for business projects and other important reports in the company. Sanskaar can’t make himself free now and anyways, We can go later. IT’s not a problem. The time is not right.
Sanskaar guessed that Swara had anticipated this question and so had prepared this answer.
Sanskaar : Haan Badi Ma! Swara and I can’t go right now.
AP : Make sure you take her sometime at least. OK?
Both of them said nothing. Who knew what was going to happen?
Laksh : Vaise, I am leaving for Darjeeling this evening!
AP (shocked) : You are?
Sujata (echoing) : This evening?

Laksh : Yes! I have my next plot ready and I want to spend some time in solitude and write in down. So I’m leaving today. I’ll be back soon. Don’t worry family…
He said in a devil-may-care attitude that everyone just shook their heads and laughed. But a glance passed between Laksh and Swara! She understood that he was doing this because he thought it was the best way to be away from her.
Sanskaar : You’re going to be in Venus Park right?
Laksh recoiled. Venus Park? The place was flooded with memories of Ragini. But he knew that everyone would find it suspicious if he said no so he just nodded. Later he could tell Swara the truth.
Everyone finished breakfast and wandered off to pursue their chores. Swara followed Sanskaar into their room and shut the door behind her.
Sanskaar : Were you planning to kill me, Woman?
Swara looked at him, but said nothing. Sanskaar took a step forward! I said, Were you planning to kill me?

She just shrugged and turned around to make the bed. Sanskaar pulled her just as she was raising the heavy mink and they both fell, Swara on top of Sanskaar.
After catching their breath, Swara tried to get off, But Sanskaar used his hands and legs and they rolled over. Now Sanskaar was on top of Swara and she was pinned firmly.
Sanskaar (harshly whispering) : You put salt and neem in my kheer? People prefer sweet kheer Swara! Not bitter and salty.
Swara : I know. But I thought you should know what your words tasted like to me.
Sanskaar saw a sudden flash of pain in her eyes before they again hardened into a firm unyielding stare. He felt like whipping himself but forced himself to say the words.
Sanskaar : I think it’s your personality we are talking about here.
Swara (unfazed) : That was lame. I’m pretty sure you can do better than that. Come on, You wanted me to hate you, Didn’t you? Then say things… Swara, I should have married Ragini. She’s more pretty than you… She might have listened to me… She…
She was stopped by a fierce mouth on hers. Sanskaar was devouring her, kissing her with such an intensity and passion that she couldn’t help but respond. She opened her lips and kissed him with all the energy she could.
As they drew apart for air, Swara was horrified by what they had just done and kneed him right in his balls. He moved away, groaning in pain.

Swara (furious with him, with herself) : HOW DARE YOU TOUCH ME AGAIN? HOW DARE YOU KISS ME?
Sanskaar (recovering long enough to say) : It was either kiss you or kill you Swara! I thought I made the right choice. You had no right to bring Ragini in this conversation.
Swara began storming ,still seething.
Sanskaar’s voice checked her.
Sanskaar : I was not wrong, Swara! You want me as much as I want you. The kiss proved that. I could sense your desire… This is not love. When are you going to accept that?
PRECAP : No clue
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