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Sanskaar decides to make Swara hate him
Swara paced about the room filled with frantic energy.
Swara (loudly) : WE MUST PERSEVERE!
Ragini and Sakshi looked up from their phones startled.
Sakshi : Sorry? What should we do?
Swara (nettled) : Sakshi! Ragini! Haven’t you been LISTENING? We are in SERIOUS trouble.
Ragini (yawning) : Swara! You haven’t said a word to us until now. Whatever it is, it’s been in your head all this while. Ab bata.. kya hua..
Swara : RAGINI! We cannot sit around like this. We have to defeat them. How dare he think about that? I swear to God, I will kill him. Everyone else is so good but this guy.. Seriously, Why am I marrying him? He troubles me so much…
As Swara continued ranting, Sakshi and Ragini looked at each other and rolled their eyes.
Sakshi : Ragini, She has gone mad.
Ragini : I swear. She is always mad. But why is she so worked up now? Tumhe kuch pata hai kya?
Sakshi shrugged. They observed Swara still rambling on and on until Ragini couldn’t bear it any longer.
Ragini (stopping Swara mid-rant and shaking her shoulders) : SWARA!
Swara (surprised) : What?
Ragini : First, Take a deep breath!
Swara realised she had been talking without pausing and took several deep breaths before looking gratefully at Ragini. Sakshi took Swara’s hand and made her sit on the bed.
Sakshi : Swara! What the hell happened? Why are you so hyper?
Swara : Sakshi! Didn’t you listen?
Sakshi (dubiously) : You kept going on and on about something. Both of us didn’t understand anything. Now stop rambling and tell clearly what’s going on.
Swara : That monkey…
Ragini (wryly) : I assume you mean your husband to be?
Swara (impatiently) : Yes. You know what he’s doing tomorrow? He’s going to have a BACHELOR PARTY. What the hell? A BACHELOR PARTY!
Ragini ( confused) : So? It is his last day of single life.. Are you really against him having a bachelor party?
Swara (frustrated) : OF course not… But that girl is going to be there….
Sakshi : Girl? Which girl?
Swara : KAVITA!
Ragini : And who is Kavita?
Swara : AAARGH! Stop the questions. I have no bl**dy clue who she is. BUT… But she’s coming to his bachelor party….
Ragini burst out laughing. Seeing her, Sakshi too lost her self control and started chuckling. Swara, dumbfounded just glared at the two of them.
Ragini (gasping for breath) : Oh My God… My sister has lost it…
Swara (indignantly) : I HAVE NOT lost it… Lost what anyways?
Ragini : Your heart, Your brains…
Swara (confused) : Huh?
Ragini (gently) : Swara… Calm down. Even if there is a girl who has been invited there, Do you think that Sanskaar will go near her?
Swara immediately shook her head vehemently.
Swara : Ragini.. NO! I trust him completely. He won’t do anything like that.
Ragini and Sakshi could see Swara’s honest belief in her eyes and relaxed. Swara really did believe that Sanskaar wouldn’t do anything like that.
Sakshi : Then why are you worried? WHY are you so worked up?
Swara started to say something, but then stopped. What was she supposed to tell? She didn’t understand it herself. She trusted him more than she did herself. She knew he wouldn’t even think about such a thing. But something about Kavita disturbed her inner peace. She didn’t know what is was… but it made her feel uneasy.
Ragini (in a teasing voice) : Vaise, Sakshi… Do you think Swara is jealous?
Swara whirled around at that and scowled at her sister.
Swara : Jealous? Why would I get jealous?
Sakshi (playing along) : It’s his last day of single life… It’s yours as well… But we haven’t planned anything for you. Are you jealous because of that?
Ragini : Arre…. Nahi nahi! She’s not jealous because of that. She’s jealous because of….
Swara (growling with irritation) : Of?
Ragini : She loves him to infinity na… So even the presence of another female irks her.
Sakshi (realisation dawning) : ACCHAAAA… Swara! Jealousy isn’t good for you baby… Bechara jiju ITNEEEE handsome hain… What will the poor women do?
She winked at Swara and burst out into laughter with Ragini. Swara gave them a scowl.
Swara : Kids… Immature people (the two started laughing even more at this) You both are useless… I shall have to contact the master to help me tomorrow.
Ragini (pausing) : Master? Who? And help you with what?
Swara : Master, Ragini…. Master… I’m not going to tell you anything. You laughed at me na…
She pulled her features into a mock haughty look and left leaving Sakshi and Ragini smiling ruefully at each other.
Ragini : She has gone into full mission mode. Pata nahi ab kya hoga…
Sakshi : It’s ok Ragini… Swara is intelligent. She can take care of herself. Ab let’s go. Mumma wanted us for some dress alterations. We’ll finish that and then go to sleep.
Ragini : Theek hai! Chalo…
Meanwhile Swara was pacing about her own room thinking about what Ragini and Sakshi were telling.
Swara : They are right…. I completely trust Sanskaar! He won’t do anything like that. I have no reason to feel worried. But why do I feel this way then? Am I jealous? Is that what this is?
She thought back to her distress at this bachelor party.
Swara : No.. This isn’t jealousy. Jealousy doesn’t run this deep. More than anxiety… I feel… I feel fear?
She froze. Swara was scared? But why?
Suddenly she remembered Sanskaar telling Kavita’s name in the shed and her brows cleared.
Swara : OF COURSE…..
She was apprehensive about this Kavita because of the way Sanskaar had told her name. She recalled the pain and the familiarity with which Sanskaar had told the name.
Swara : He doesn’t love me. But does he love her?
She thought back again to his voice. Kavitaa…
Swara (thinking) : No…. I may be wrong. But Sanskaar doesn’t love Kavita. He knows her and it sounds like she hurt him.
A wave of anger rose over her. Swara was sure Kavita had hurt Sanskaar. How dare she?
Swara : Is she really coming tomorrow? But why? None of this makes sense? It’s Sanskaar’s bachelor bash tomorrow. But why did he tell Kavita is coming? God… This will make me mad. I will have to call the expert only and ask.
She dialled a number and the person answered.
Swara : Hello! Swara here….. Do you know anything about tomorrow? We have to find out… Find everything you can please, and tell me. Sanskaar’s bachelor bash ki saare details chahiye mujhe. I have had enough of secrets. I will learn who Kavita is.. And whether she is really coming here or not.
She hung up the phone and sat quietly resting. Then her phone rang and she picked it up.
Swara (in a tired voice) : Laksh!
Laksh : Swara… You sound tired. Shall I call you tomorrow?
Swara : No Dramebaaz… Tell me. What happened? Vaise… You didn’t meet me at all after escaping to the terrace. Too lovey-dovey was it?
Laksh (hesitating) : Swara… About that…
Swara : It’s ok Laksh! Koi baat nahi. I will keep this reason to blackmail you some other day par abhi no shouting at you. Ab batao… Did you want to tell me something?
Laksh (hesitating) : Swara..
The catch in his tone made Swara alert again.
Swara (anxious) : Laksh? What happened? Stop delaying. Something is wrong. Bolo na… LAKSH!
Laksh (pained voice) : Swara! You will hate me.
Swara (Surprised) : Hate you? Why? Laksh… No more riddles.. Please tell clearly. Whatever it is, It won’t matter. We can solve it. Tell me now.
Laksh : Swara.. I.. I..
Swara (encouragingly) : You?
Laksh (rushed voice) : I am in love!
Swara (confused to delighted) : You are…. YOU ARE IN LOVE! You LOVE someone? Laksh Maheshwari… How could you keep such a big thing from me? I hate you… This is superb… Ragini is in love, Sakshi is in love, Adarsh is in love… And now you. Only Uttara is left.. This is really amazing….
Laksh (heartbroken and pained) : SWARA! Stop it!
Swara (shocked) : Laksh? What IS the matter with you?
Laksh : I am in love….. with Ragini!
Swara’s smile froze.
Swara : You are… in love with….. Ragini…
Laksh (with unshed tears) : Yes… I don’t know why… I don’t know when.. But I love her and It hurts…. Swara… It hurts every minute.. Every second of every day…
Swara (in tears now because of his pain) : Dramebaaz… Do you want me to come there?
Laksh : No Swara… No no no… I just couldn’t keep it to myself any longer. I had to tell you.
Swara (remembering) : Ragini heard you on the terrace…. The book?
Laksh : All a lie. I had to tell her something.
They stopped talking and just sat quietly trying to process everything. Finally, Swara spoke up.
Swara (quietly) : What are we going to do?
Laksh (amazed) : We? You are with me? Don’t you hate me? I covet your sister when she loves another man. Why don’t you hate me?
Swara (with a sad smile) : How can I hate you? Don’t I know better than anyone else what it means to fall in love? (An involuntary memory of Sanskaar saying I don’t love you popped into her head) How, even as you try to resist it, It engulfs you so much that you can’t come out of it? Love happens anywhere.. Anytime. I can’t blame you Laksh.
Laksh (voice choking due to tears) : Swa…ra….
Swara (tears streaming down her face as well) : Laksh… I will support you through this. Are….. Are you going to tell her?
Laksh (immediately) : NO… She is happy with Karan. I will not jeopardise that at any cost.. All I want is her happiness. And…
Swara : And?
Laksh : I need help moving on, Swara. I need to learn to live without her. Right now, Every moment is killing me. During the day, I dream of her. During the night, I dream of her. Every minute without her is eating me up. Swara… Help me… Help…
Swara (heart broken at the sight of her best friend’s plight) : Dramebaaz! I WILL HELP YOU.. I will get you through this.
Laksh : How?
Another silence emerged. Laksh calmed himself down while Swara thought of an idea.
Swara : Laksh? Why don’t you leave?
Laksh (confused) : Huh?
Swara : You love to travel na? Half your novels you have written as you travelled. Why don’t you do that again? It’s been nearly 1 year since you went. So no one will find it suspicious. Go from here. Maybe the distance will help you move on. You may even find another girl.
Laksh scoffed at that.
Laksh : Travel… I could do that. I think I will. I’ll go book tickets now itself. The sooner I leave, the better.And anyways, I told her I’m writing another novel.
Swara (giggling suddenly) : Yeah! I heard…
Laksh chuckled.
Laksh : Swara… I
Swara : Haan haan pata hai… Swara I don’t know what to tell you.. You have really helped me and all that..
Laksh : Yes… But how did you know?
Swara : Laksh! I’m not your best friend because we talk a lot. I’m your best friend because I understand you. Because I know how you think… And because.. whatever you are.. You are MY dramebaaz! Sanskaar is my life, strength and love. But you are my support….. Don’t ever forget that..
Laksh ( emotional now but giving a teasing tone) : Leave my brother? Marry me?
Swara (laughing) : As much as I love you! No… My heart
Laksh : belongs to Sanskaar, I know… He’s perfect for you. I’m happy to be your dramebaaz! Love you…
Swara : So where will you go?
Laksh : I don’t know. I will try to get tickets for the early morning flight tomorrow to anywhere. LEt me see.
Swara (indignantly) : Oye! Aren’t you forgetting something?
Laksh (surprised) : What?
Swara : Laksh! I swear you’re annoying. Day after is my wedding and you want to leave TOMORROW?
Laksh (sheepishly) : Oops…. Sorry Swara!
Swara : Hmmph! Better be.. Thank you Laksh!
Laksh : Thanks? Why?
Swara : For loving my sister so much that you decided to…
Laksh : No stop Swara! By telling thanks, Don’t cheapen my love… Don’t.
Swara nodded understandingly, then replied in the affirmative realising that Laksh couldn’t see her.
Swara : Vaise, What’s going to happen in the bachelor bash tomorrow?
Laksh (horrified) : I can’t tell you that! Are you kidding me?
Swara (cajoling) : Pleeeeeeaseee… Just tell me this. Are there going to be girls? Those call girls?
Laksh (in an infuriating voice) : Maybe.. MAybe not!
Swara : Laksh! Tell properly na… You know I can blackmail you with this secret…
Laksh (smiling and warm) : You could Swara! But you won’t. You know how much it means to me. And you’re too nice to hurt me.
Swara sighed defeated.
Swara : Fine… Keep your stupid secret. I will find it out though. I have already begun the investigation.
Laksh (amused) : Well then! Good luck to you…
Swara : Chalo… Ab keep the phone down. Dramebaaz… If you ever want to talk..
Laksh : You will be the person I dial.. I know… Good night Shona!
Swara hung up the phone and sighed.
Swara : You’re really cruel. God! Ma, Badi Ma and Mom.. All our separated from their love… Laksh is in an impossible conundrum. I love a man who will never love me back. What is your problem with this family? Thoda blessings toh deejiye.. I hope you listen to me…
She saw the calendar and smiled.
Swara : Two days.. Miss Gadodia to Mrs Maheshwari… But before that… I will find out about Kavita! I have to… My master will find out for me. I have to know what Kavita meant to Sanskaar. What Kavita did to hurt him. I have to find out….
PRECAP : Bachelor Party…
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