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Swasan sangeet… Sanskaar finds out that Swara loves him

My Khadoos!
My Khadoos?
Where had he heard that before?
Suddenly he remembered one night, in Sanskaar’s room… They were eating chocolate. They were drunk?
Sanskaar (Thinking) : Swara has told this before… My khadoos… When was this? What was it?
His eyes grew round with shock as he remembered that day, after the holi carnival!
Swara (whispering excitedly) : SShhhh…. No one else can know…. Listen… My fiance na? Khadoos Maheshwari? He is not khadoos anymore… He is a very nice man… And do you know the biggest thing of all? Come closer.. I’ll tell you..

Sanskaar leaned in closer.
Sanskaar got up stunned….
Sanskaar (looking at a smiling Swara talking to Karan) : She loves me? Swara loves me?
His eyes kept following her. She was now talking to her friend Rakhi? No… Wait! Rashi! He had been introduced to her in Darjeeling. Wait.. Why was he even thinking about her now? SWARA LOVED HIM! Swara loved him. She had confessed to him, right? She had told him… She had confessed during Holi… Swara loved him. But, what was going to happen now?
He could never love her back. She couldn’t love him… She shouldn’t…. But she did….
Sanskaar beamed at the thought. Swara loved him. It was all that was running through his head. He was the luckiest Goddamn man in the world. He loved the woman who loved him back. Woo hoo!!!
Adarsh : Bhai?

Sanskaar focused on his brother who was standing in front of him looking perplexedly.
Sanskaar : What happened? Why are you looking at me like I’m mad?
Adarsh : Well, Why are you beaming alone? You look super stupid!
Sanskaar wiped the silly grin off his face.
Sanskaar (shrugging it off) : Nothing. Just thinking about stuff.
Adarsh (smiling) : Me too. You know what, I was thinking of some stuff too.
Sanskaar : You were? What were you thinking about?
Adarsh : Just how happy we all are. Ma and chachi are happy with our life partners. You’re marrying the best girl ever (Sanskaar smiled at the thought).. Well for you, Of course. I’m marrying the best girl truly. Laksh and Uttara are contented. And Ragini. She’s also like my little sister. And I want her happiness.

Sanskaar : Haan Adarsh! We all are really happy now.
Sanskaar (thinking excitedly) : And now, That happiness has increased thousandfold. I have to go tell Swara that I love her… I have to.
Adarsh : Can you imagine just how happy Papa would be today? Looking at all of us? He would have loved Swara and Sakshi so much. Don’t you agree?
Sanskaar’s happy thoughts went flying away. Bade papa…. Bade papa? BADE PAPA?
How could he forget? How could he tell Swara he loved her? He was going to die….
Swara loved him… He loved Swara… He was going to die… Swara loved him… He loved Swara…. He was going to die.

These thoughts kept running through his head. He couldn’t hear what Adarsh was saying. He couldn’t hear the chatter in the hall. He felt like…. He didn’t know what he felt like.
Sanskaar turned to Adarsh, his eyes blazing, his voice deep and struggling to get the words out.
Sanskaar : Adarsh! I need to go somewhere. I need to be somewhere now. I cannot stay… here.
Adarsh (confused) : Ok.. But Sanskaar… Bhai?
Sanskaar had already left…
Swara was surprised.
Where was Sanskaar? She hadn’t seen him for like 20 minutes now. She had seen him watching her as she was talking to Rashi. She smiled at the thought of him looking at him with so much care and desire and she blushed.
Seriously? After so many scandalous kisses and what not, A single gaze from him could turn her legs into jelly… And make her blush.
Aaahhh… Such was the power of love.

But where in the world was he? She went around the hall in search of him.
Sumi : Swara beta?
Swara (not really concentrating on her mother) : Yes?
Sumi : I wanted to ask you something…
Swara (turning to her mother) : Ma! I’ll come back in a few minutes… Wait for me… ok?
Sumi (smiling) : No problem! It’s nothing urgent.. I was just wondering where Sanskaar is?
Swara (muttering) Me too… (loudly) He must be somewhere here only.. Don’t worry Ma!
She left her mother and went and searched in the hall again for him.
Swara (impatiently) : Where is he? I’ll call him.
She called him and the line went through but no one picked up.
Swara (anxious) : Why is he not picking up? What the hell… Sanskaar, Where are you? Are you alright?

Ragini : Swara? What happened? Why are you looking so worried?
Swara (turning around to look at Ragini) : Ragini… No! Nothing happened… I just can’t find Sanskaar…
Ragini (surprised) : Sanskaar? I can’t find Laksh. Sujata aunty told me to call him. But I can’t find him either.
Swara : Dramebaaz? Come to think of it, I don’t remember seeing him for quite some time as well. God… Where are these two brothers?
Ragini : You chill Swara! I’ll go look upstairs for them.
Swara : Wait… I’ll help you.
Ragini : No… Don’t worry. I’ll go. This is your Sangeet. You should be here. Especially since Sanskaar is not here.
Swara nodded and sighed. Ragini laughed and hugged her.
Ragini : Hey! Swara… What happened? Why are you so worried? Maybe Sanskaar just needed some air. Nothing happened to him.

Swara : No… I know he’s ok.. It’s just… Something is wrong. I can feel it….
Ragini : Swara… Look at me.. (Swara raised her worried eyes at her) Don’t worry! Nothing is wrong. You just smile… C’mon.. You’re SWARA! How many times have you reassured me? You are the strong one…. The one who has always managed to pull through. So, now smile!
Swara chuckled and nodded. Ragini, after giving Swara a reassuring pat and walked upstairs.
Swara : I just hope Ragini is right and nothing is wrong. But… Something has happened today. I… I can feel it… (she smiled at a random guest) Laksh ko kya hua? Where is he?
Laksh was sitting alone in the terrace, wondering how his life had become so complicated.
No, not complicated… Miserable, but at the same time wonderful.
He thought back to the first time he had been introduced to Ragini. It was way before he had met Swara… Way before Sanskaar and Swara and all this…

She had been really sweet and charming. And she was really, really smart. Laksh was no stranger to women, But he hadn’t known any woman who could on and on about Greek politics…
Laksh (smiling) : I still don’t know any woman who can go on and on about Greek politics.
He remembered thinking she was stunning, but without an attitude. That itself was such a surprise to him. No woman who looked like that was humble. But then… Ragini was not a usual lady.
Ohh… He didn’t mean that he fell in love with her that day itself… He was the one to suggest Ragini to Sanskaar, For God’s sake…. But he did think she was really pretty and beautiful.
And then, He met Swara!

Laksh knew Swara was just perfect for Sanskaar… And as he wished, those two were going to get married now… But in the process, He never imagined that he would lose his heart so badly.
It all happened in Darjeeling. While Sanskaar and Swara were always fighting and talking to each other, He had found company in Ragini. It was Swara he was more close now though. For as soon as he realised that Ragini loved Karan and his own feelings, He couldn’t stay the same with her… Either he would confess his feelings and make things really awkward… Or else he would lose his mind. And so they drifted apart. Not much… But it was never the same.
Laksh sighed. He was again thinking about the past. Why did he bother? Ragini loved Karan…. She loved the man and Laksh was happy for her. Truly…. Karan was an excellent guy and he too loved Ragini. And so Laksh was happy for them.

Yet, Though he was happy for them, He couldn’t help but feel sorry for himself.
He knew feeling sorry for himself didn’t exactly put him in the best limelight, but what the hell?
He was nursing a broken heart and he couldn’t show it to anyone. So he was damn well going to feel sorry for himself. He was human and they felt sorry for themselves, Didn’t they?
His phone rang and he saw the number. Ragini… Why was she calling him? It wasn’t enough torturing him during her dance and looking gorgeous? He cut the call.
Laksh : What the hell? Laksh Maheshwari! You are an author… You have written 3 best sellers. You write mystery, romance but you certainly don’t act like them. You SHOULDN’T act like them. Ugghhh…

He held the phone in his hand and wanted to throw it, but then switched it on and opened the gallery. To see a picture of…
Obviously Ragini!
Laksh (tenderly) : I love you…. I love you so much! God knows how much I love you.
Voice (From behind) : LAKSH! You love someone?
Laksh’s eyes widened in shock and he whirled around to look at the stunned face of………

Laksh ( whispering) : Ragini!
PRECAP : Sanskaar’s decision…..

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