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Chapter 38
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Mehnedi morning!!

Sakshi greeted everyone and then turned to see Adarsh and her smile faltered.
Sakshi (in a heart broken voice) : ADARSH?
Adarsh turned at the sound of his name and all the colour left his face.
Adarsh : SAKSHI?
Swara and Sanskaar looked at each other confused.
Swara (looking at Sakshi) : Sakshi? Do you know Adarsh from before?
But Sakshi had no eyes for anyone but Adarsh.
Sakshi : Adarsh? You here? Sanskaar is your brother? You were planning to introduce me to them?
Swara looked at Sanskaar shocked. Adarsh was the person Sakshi loved?
Sanskaar : Sakshi? Is Adarsh the guy…..
He stopped as all the guests were staring at them.
Swara, assessing the situation quickly spoke in a low voice.
Swara : Sanskaar! Take Adarsh, Sakshi and Badi Ma to my room. I will come in a short while. Ma and mom can take care of everything else.
Sanskaar nodded and took a shell shocked Adarsh with him, while AP and Sakshi followed. After seeing that the guests were being distracted and everything was being managed by the others, Swara went up to her room to see a tearful Sakshi sitting on the bed being comforted by AP. An anguished Adarsh stood there looking at Sakshi and Sanskaar was walking towards Swara, at a loss of how to proceed.

Sanskaar : We came upstairs and Adarsh mentioned Sakshi’s name. She burst into tears.
Swara smiled sadly.
Swara : She is completely shocked. Adarsh is your brother. She doesn’t know what to do. I have to be firm with her. I have no other choice.
Sanskaar : Yeah! Let’s go solve this.
She went and sat next to Sakshi.
Swara : Sakshi, Stop that! You know you’re too strong to be crying like this. Adarsh! Sakshi told us everything this morning. Is it true that you used to go out with her?
AP (shocked) : Adarsh, You love her?
Swara quickly recounted the facts that Sakshi had told them that day.
Adarsh stood still, not able to look at anyone. He turned away, looking outside the window.
Sanskaar (walking towards Adarsh And gently placing a hand on his shoulder) : Bhai! Tell us why. Sakshi told us that just few days ago, you were so excited about introducing her to the family. And then in Mumbai, You decided to leave her? Why, Adarsh?
Sakshi (looking at Adarsh) : Please Adarsh! Tell me why… That day I asked you, You never mentioned anything. You left. I thought it was because of your family. But seeing that Swara and Sanskaar are your relatives, I can’r believe it. Please Adarsh, You owe me that at least.
Adarsh turned around to look at her but didn’t say anything.
AP : Adarsh beta! Please tell. What made you break up with her?
Sakshi (growing irritated) : Leave it Aunty… He’s not brave enough to tell me. He doesn’t care about my feelings.
Adarsh (walking over to Sakshi, in an anguished voice) : Sakshi! Don’t tell that. Don’t you know how much I love you?
Sakshi ( heart broken voice) : I thought I did. I thought…. But I was wrong.
She got up from the bed wiping her tears and started going out of the room.
Swara : Adarsh! Stop her. Once she leaves, you will never get her. Adarsh, Fight for your love. She is yours. Go now…
Sanskaar : Bhai! Go now.
But Adarsh was still. He made no move to move. His eyes were empty, his voice emotionless.
Adarsh : I can’t. Ma has fixed my relation with someone else.
Sakshi paused, her hand on the door knob. She turned back, looking at him.
AP : What?

Adarsh (looking straight at Sakshi ) : Sakshi, What did I tell you when I first met you about my family?
Sakshi (the words coming unbidden to her lips) : They are my everything. I will not go against them for any reason. I will surely talk to them, but once they’ve made a decision, I will not protest.
Adarsh (smiling slightly) : Yes, Minx! You remember word for word. And do you remember what you promised me?
Sakshi (closing her eyes) : I will not come between you and your family. If they don’t accept me, I will leave. If they have a problem with me, I will leave.
AP, Swara and Sanskaar stood shocked.
Sanskaar : Adarsh…
But Adarsh did not respond. His words were for Sakshi and Sakshi alone.
Adarsh : That morning, Before I left for Mumbai, I was so happy. During Sanskaar Bhai and Swara’s wedding, I thought another Rishta would be joined, that of ours. But…
Sakshi (whispering) : But…
Adarsh : But I heard Ma and chachi talking. They were planning to fix my wedding with Parineeta!
Sanskaar (surprised) : Parineeta Gupta? Our childhood friend?
Adarsh nodded. Sanskaar raised a questioning glance at AP.
Sanskaar : Badi Ma?
AP : We were thinking about that, but….
Adarsh (interrupting) : I heard you both discussing Parineeta… How beautiful she was, how Sanskaari she was, How she would be perfect as the bahu..
AP : But…
Adarsh : It’s ok Ma! I would have anyways come to talk about Sakshi.. But you told you were going to call Mrs Gupta rimmediately and fix the relation. And I couldn’t break the relation after that. It would hurt you, It would hurt the Guptas and It would hurt Parineeta, who didn’t deserve to be hurt. (turning back to Sakshi ) And that’s why I broke my relation with you. I love you, But…
Sakshi (nodding understandingly and sadly, gently) : But family comes first. I understand now. I’m not angry anymore. When you first told me this, That time itself, I realised this was why I loved you. And I too made a promise. I…. (choking a bit) I wish you a happy life…
She turned and walked out the door. Swara called after her and she stopped again, but not turning back. She couldn’t see Adarsh otherwise she would break!
Swara (gently) : Where are you going?
Sakshi : Home, I guess. I’m so sorry Swara! Sorry Sanskaar! But I cannot stay here. I think you understand.
She made a move to leave but was stopped again for the third time, this time by AP.
AP : Sakshi beta! Come in. My son has no brains.
All the four turned to look at her in shock.
Adarsh (completely surprised and a bit offended) : Ma?
AP : Adarsh! When did you get such a high handed attitude? Such a self sacrificing one? Your mother is still alive. What on Earth were you thinking?
Sanskaar came and stood beside Swara, both looking amused now. Sakshi entered and looked at them puzzled.
Adarsh : Ma? What are you saying?
Sumi entered at that minute and looked at everyone’s faces, assessing the situation as much as she could.
Sumi : The guests are all having dinner. Swara! You will have to come down in the next 20 minutes at least.
Swara nodded.

Sumi : Sakshi beta! Shall I bring a plate of food for you?
Sakshi shook her head no even as Sanskaar nodded yes.
Sanskaar : Ji Ma! Wait, I’ll help you bring the food.
Sumi (smiling) : Not now. You need to be here. Don’t worry. I will manage.
She left the room and everyone again turned back to AP and Adarsh.
AP : Adarsh! Don’t you know your mother by this time? Did you really think that we would choose the girl without talking to you first?
Sakshi (wonderingly) : Aunty?
AP (smiling) : Yes! I did think of Parineeta. But I never called her. Or the Guptas. If you had just stayed there instead of leaving, you would have heard me tell Sujata that we will ask Adarsh first! We were going to ask you Beta! If only that day, you hadn’t left.
Adarsh was speechless, his world was spinning. He felt giddy with happiness.
AP walked towards Sakshi and cupped her cheeks.
AP : Sakshi is a nice girl. I like her a lot. She will make an excellent addition to our family… Right Swara?
Swara came forward smiling.
Swara : Of Course Badi Ma! Sakshi, Who all are there in your family?
Sakshi (confused) : Only me and my sister. She is in London now, studying.
Swara : Then, From now on, I’ll take the post of your elder sister. You shall be a honorary Gadodia!
Sumi (from the doorway) : Of course! Just like Swara and Ragini, Now I’ll have a third daughter. Sakshi!
Sakshi (joyfully, with tears) : Swara! Aunty!
She hugged both Swara and Sumi.
Swara : Arre… Be careful! My Mehendi… 😛
Sakshi : Oh Shit! Sorry…
Sumi : Aur haan! Aaj se, No aunty.. I’m Ma or something else that you want to call me.
Sakshi (nodding) : Mumma?
Sumi (with tears, kissing the top of her head) : Anything, My child!
Swara ( hugging Sakshi sideways and bringing her in front of AP ) : Badi Ma! I’m about to join this wonderful loving family of yours. As the Maheshwari family’s eldest bahu, As Sakshi’s elder sister, I request the hand of your son Adarsh for my sister Sakshi.
AP (kissing Sakshi on her forehead and hugging her) : I accept this Rishta! Sakshi will be the Maheshwari Khaandaan’s second bahu. Swara’s Devrani… Adarsh’s wife.
Adarsh let out a sound that was half a shout and half a choked back sound. Sanskaar clapped him on the back.
Sanskaar (happily) : Adarsh, Mera bhai! You’re next! Congratulations…. Go now to your love… GO Bhai! Everything is solved.
Adarsh walked slowly to Sakshi and stood in front of her, his eyes not leaving hers, yet unable to tell a word.
Sanskaar (gently) : Bhai! She is yours. Happiness is yours.
Adarsh (whispering) : Sakshi!

Sakshi (sobbing) : Idiot! Idiot! (hitting him) Why couldn’t you have told me before? Why didn’t you listen to the whole conversation that day? Why did you trouble me so much? I hate you..
Adarsh (chuckling) : But I love you! Minx… Forgive me?
Sakshi stopped hitting him and looked at him straight in the eye.
Sakshi : Me too! I love you Adarsh!
Adarsh lifted her up by her waist and spun her around not caring that his own mother was wathcing them.
AP (mock shocked) : Adarsh?
Adarsh stopped embarassed. Sakshi blushed and Laksh entered.
Laksh : What is going on here?
Swara : Dramebaaz! Bhabhi number 2 has been decided…
Laksh (delighted) : Really? Adarsh bhai! Congrats….
Swara ( surprised) : Dramebaaz! You cannot be happy about this relation.
Everyone looked at her surprised.
Sanskaar : Why not Swara?

Swara : Because that means…. (she winked at Laksh) You’re next! Get ready…
Laksh (scoffing) : HAH! I’m not going to get married any time soon. You think whatever you want.
Swara laughed and Sanskaar came stood by her. The rest went downstairs to announce the happy news to everyone else leaving them alone in the room.
Swara (sighing happily) : Everything is so perfect na Sanskaar? Our wedding, Adarsh’s getting the love of his life, Sakshi’s addition to our family, Ragini’s got her love.
Sanskaar (smiling at her) : And all this happened because of you.
Swara (shaking her head) : I think this time, It was Badi Ma who was the hero! It was all her…
Sanskaar : Well…. I agree… But I agree with Badi Ma as well. You’re our lucky charm. Ever since we were to be married, Life’s turning better and better.
Swara (Smiling) : Sanskaar! If I am lucky, It is because of you… It’s always been you.
Sanskaar’s breath caught and he pulled Swara towards him.
Swara : Arre! Arre! Be careful… My mehendi… Your attire…
Sanskaar : Mehendi toh bhaad me jaaaye! I don’t care about my clothes. Right now, I need you!
Swara acquiesced without much protest and melted in his arms. He kissed her quickly and softly. but with so much promise, that she was left wanting for more, when his mouth left hers.
Sanskaar ( looking at her hands ) : So do you think that the mehendi will be darkly coloured? Don’t people say something like that?
Swara : Yes. But that means, Love increases. Aur hamare beech mein…
Suddenly it became too awkward and painful to stand next to each other. They turned the other way, and tried to think of things that could lighten up this awkwardness.
Finding nothing, Sanskaar decided to go downstairs, when Swara stopped him. Really, It seemed like no one could leave the room without being stopped by someone.
Swara : You won the challenge.
Sanskaar (smiling slightly) : So I did.
Swara : I owe you a promise.
Sanskaar : Yes, you do!
Swara : Well, Are you going to tell me?
Sanskaar : No!
Swara (amazed) : No?
Sanskaar (smirking evilly) : I like to watch you suffer with curiosity.
Swara’s jaw dropped open.
Sanskaar : Byeee Swara!
And he quickly left the room leaving a stunned Swara alone.
Swara : He left? He just left? I won’t spare him today. So he wants me to suffer? Well, I won’t… I’ll show him I don’t care. He’s the most irritating man alive. I love him, God help me, But I do! But he’s still the most irritating man alive.
She went downstairs and saw Sanskaar smiling playfully at her. She made a face at him and turned the other side. All the guests were leaving, so she went and thanked them for coming .
Sanskaar joined her.
Sanskaar : I’m impressed Swara! 10 minutes and you haven’t cracked.
Swara stuck out her tongue at him and he laughed.
Sanskaar : Hawww, Meri bacchi fiancee! What are you, ten? If you don’t know what to tell… Then at least act your age.
Swara Shot him a glare and made him follow her to a corner.
Swara : Why are you so irritating, Mr Maheshwari? Can’t you see Adarsh and Sakshi? How they are NICE to each other? Him calling her minx and all…. It’s so sweet… And you, You always want to irritate me. Boo you, Boo you!
Sanskaar (indignantly) : Arre! So now you want a nick name? I gave you so many… Tamatar! Miss Know-it-all… But you didn’t like them. Toh main kya karoon??
Swara (spluttering) : Ugghh! Sanskaar! Those are not nick names. They are names deisgned surely to torture me. You know what.. Bye! Go eat dinner, then go home… I don’t want to know your promise. Boo!
Sanskaar chuckled and put an arm around her waist, pulling her close.
Sanskaar (whispering) : My promise! A song… Whenever I want, Wherever I want.
Swara (confused) : Song?
Sanskaar : Yes! I love…
He paused, but shrugged it off. The impulse to lay down his true feelings was locked away and he continued.
Sanskaar : I love your voice. And I want the promise that you will sing for me… Whenever I ask you.
Swara smiled and nodded. She kissed him on the cheek, a declaration of her promise to him.
Swara : Whenever, Wherever…….
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