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Mehnedi morning!!

After lunch,
AP : Sharmishta Ji! Now we will leave for home. Ghar jaakar we need to get ready also na…
Sumi : Of Course. Aapne hamare itni madad ki….
Sujata : Khabardaar! Pls don’t tell like that and all. Ab hum ek hi parivaar hue na?
Swara came forward and bent down to take blessings from her Badi Ma and mom! Badi Ma took her in her arms, then cupped her face and smiled at her.
AP : Hamare ghar ki pehli Lakshmi!
Sujata : Haan Jiji! I can’t tell you how happy I am. Sanskaar getting married… Even now, I feel like pinching myself and making sure that this isn’t a dream. Seriously, who would have thought that Sanskaar would be getting married. Someone, please pinch me. Jiji! Can YOU believe it….. OUCH!!!
She turned towards Adarsh who was chuckling at her with a cheeky expression. He fist pumped with Laksh and they laughed.
Sujata : Why did you just pinch me, Adarsh?
Adarsh looked at her with a shocked expression.
Adarsh : Chachi! What are you telling? Didn’t you just tell that you wanted someone to pinch you? Ab meine kiya and ur shouting at me? This is not fair.
Everyone laughed looking at Sujata’s disgruntledness.

Sujata : Laksh ke saath, Even our calm Adarsh has become naughty. Jiji! Jaldi we will find a devrani for our Swara! Someone who will be perfect for Adarsh!
Adarsh : Offo! Chachi… I think you should start a matrimonial website. You’re always talking about this.
Everyone laughed again, but no one noticed Adarsh becoming quiet again, his eyes brimming with sadness. No one, other than Sanskaar!
Sanskaar (thinking) : Adarsh looks sad? What happened to him? I’ll go ask him.
He was about to move when AP stopped him.
AP : Bas! We are really late. Sharmishta Ji! Namastey… Uttara, Sujata and I will be here shortly.
Sanskaar (surprised) : Uttara, Mom and you. What about us? Laksh, Adarsh?
AP (laughing) : Beta! What work do boys have in the mehendi function? You will stay at home only.
Sanskaar (spluttering) : But…. But…
He locked his eyes with Swara’s which were crinkling with amusement.
Sanskaar : But that’s not fair! You all will do so much masti..
Laksh : Arre bhai! Bahane mat bana! I know the real reason you want to come for this Mehendi… Swara ko dekhne ke liye na…
The rest smiled at Sanskaar and Swara while they blushed.
Sanskaar (scoffing) : Why will I want to see this monster? I will come to spend tome with my Saali!
He smiled at Ragini who beamed back.
Sujata : Whatever! You are not coming and that’s it. Ab we really have to leave. Sanskaar?
Sanskaar : Mom, You all leave. I’ll be right behind you.
She nodded and they left, leaving the Gadodias and Sanskaar in the drawing room.
Sanskaar took blessings from Sumi, then hugged Ragini and finally turned to Swara.
Sanskaar : Walk me out?
Swara nodded and they began to walk towards the front door!
Sanskaar : Shall I tell you a secret?
Swara : Haan… Bol!

Sanskaar ( whispering ) : I am going to be present in the Mehendi today!
Swara (chuckling) : You can try all you want! No one is going to let you inside.
Sanskaar (haughtily) : Madam! No one would dare say no to me… I’m that awesome, you see.
Swara raised her eyebrows.
Swara : Accha? Fine, Let’s see if you manage to come in…
Sanskaar : If I do manage to come in, I want a promise from you Swara!
Swara : Promise? What promise?
Sanskaar (taking her hand in his and kissing it lightly) : That I will tell you after I meet you here in the Mehendi! Ok?
Swara tried to talk, but her mind was on her hands, which was still tingling from the light kiss.
Sanskaar : Ok Swara?
Swara ( in a slightly, high-pitched voice) : Yes! Of course I accept!
Sanskaar (looking at her like she was crazy) : Are you okay?
Swara ( finally feeling like herself, surprised) : Okay? Ofcourse I’m okay. Why do you ask?
Sanskaar : Arre… You just turned red like a tomato now. My tomato fiancee.
Swara realised that she must have been blushing. That surprised her. After so many intense kisses, A light kiss on her knuckles made her turn red?

She saw that Sanskaar was waiting for her reply and looked at him angrily.
Swara (fake anger in her voice) : Tomato fiancee? Monster? You really think I wouldn’t notice that? From today, Our wedding celebrations begin and you correctly choose today to start insulting me? Hmmph!!
Sanskaar (chuckling) : Arre! What can I do? When my fiancee is like that, How can I act any different?
Swara’s mouth opened.
Swara : Sanskaar! You’re very mean. Dekhna, Today you won’t win. You will lose miserably. Bye!
Sanskaar watched surprised as she pushed him out the door, gave him a look and then closed it. THUD!
He took a step back and then chuckled.
Sanskaar : It is so much fun irritating you. I’m glad some things never change. My love, I am not going to lose today. I will come for sure.
Sumi : Welcome Annapurna Ji, Sujata ji! Come inside Uttara beta! Chaliye andar! Please sit down and have some refreshments.. Juice, Snacks…
AP : Sharmishta Ji! Refreshments sab baad me. First you tell me where our Swara is.
Sumi (laughing) : Ragini is still getting her ready. She should be down shortly.
Sujata : Jiji! I can’t wait…. I am so excited…. I feel like dancing. Sharmishta Ji, Aaiye!
She took Sumi’s hand and they began dancing like little children while Annapurna watched happily.
Uttara : Ma! Badi Ma! Look! Bhabhi aa gayi…..
Everyone turned to look at Swara and Ragini descending the stairs. Swara was looking gorgeous in a pink and turquoise green ghagra with a pink veil on her head. She had accentuated her look with a pearl necklace, earrings and maang tikka!
They came and stood in front of AP and Sujata! Swara folded her hands and bent down to take blessings from them.
AP : Swara! You’re looking so beautiful! Hai na, Sujata?
Sujata : Haan! She looks very beautiful Jiji… Just like me…
Everyone laughed and Uttara rolled her eyes.
Uttara : Ma! Khud ki tareef karna buri baat hai!
Swara : Arre Uttara! Mom is right. She looks so pretty. Don’t tell anything to my mom.
Sujata hugged Swara and they all laughed.

Sumi : Well, We will begin the mehendi ceremony in some time. Till then, I will go and greet the guests.
AP nodded and they all sat down. Just then Swara’s phone rang and she excused herself to answer it.
Swara : Hello! Sanskaar?
Sanskaar : Yes, My tomato fiancee! It’s your fiance.. Sanskaar the great… Who will enter your mehendi today and prove you wrong… Just see how talented I am, Swara!
Swara : Oh hello? You are going on and on about yourself…. Do you want a big head? You are a handsome hunk. Do you want to spoil that?
Sanskaar (in a flirty tone) : So… now I’m a handsome hunk huh? Aakhir you had to admit it…. See… Even you agree…
Swara (stammering) : Arre… When… When did I tell?
Sanskaar : Liar!
Swara : Mr Sanskaar Maheshwari… This is my Mehendi! And you are disturbing me…. Toh batao jaldi… What do you want?
Sanskaar : Mujhe kuch nahi chahiye! I just want to tell you that mission enter the mehendi has begun! Dekhte jao Swara!
Swara (curious tone) : Sanskaar? What are you going to do? Vaise, Why do you even want to come here today? This is a ladies’ function. What are you going to do here?
Sanskaar (softly) : I have to see your radiant face, Swara! How can I not come and see your beautiful and happy face? How can I stay away?
Swara’s breath caught.

Swara : I will be waiting, Mr Maheshwari!
Sanskaar (chuckling) : Not for long, Sweetheart. Not for long…
Ragini (shouting) : Swara! Aajao! We have to start the ceremony.
Swara (hurriedly) : Sanskaar… I have to go now. All the best!
She cut the call and went and sat next to Ragini! Ragini, looking at Swara’s expectant face grew curious and nudged her.
Ragini : Swara! Who was that? Why are you looking so restless?
Swara : I’ll tell you… Suno!
She told Ragini everything and they laughed together.
Ragini : My jiju must love you a lot, Swara! Such a romantic… Haay!
She looked up dreamily while Swara’s smile faltered. The words “Jiju love her a lot” kept playing in her mind. But she shook her head and again smiled.
Swara : Oh hello? Ragini, meri behen! Karan is not any less romantic. Do you think I haven’t noticed the way you keep blushing everytime we mention his name? Just like the way you’re doing now?
She laughed triumphantly as Ragini blushed slightly.
Ragini : Swara… Tum bhi na
Sumi (coming towards them) : Swaragini! What are you doing? Chalo, Start putting your mehendi… Annapurna Ji! Sujata ji! Will one of you start with Swara? As shagun?
AP : Sujata! You start putting Mehendi… I know how long you’ve been waiting to put mehendi for your bahu!
Sujata : Jiji! You’ve been a better mother to Sanskaar than I ever have. You put jiji!
As they argued, Swara smiled and spoke up.
Swara : Mom! Badi Ma! I have an idea… Both of you are my moms. So why don’t you both put for me, one on each hand?
Sujata : Accha! This is a good idea… Aaiye Jiji!
They both took mehendi cones and sat on either side of Swara and started putting the mehendi.
AP : Look Sujata! Our Swara is so smart and understanding. I have told this before, But we are really lucky to get her as our bahu…

Swara : No Badi Ma! I am entering a house where my badi Ma and my mom are fighting over who is going to put mehendi. I am entering a house filled with love. So who is the luckiest? Me only na…
AP : Ok, We all are lucky that we’re going to be one happy family. Is everyone satisfied?
Sujata and Swara : Of Course.
The trio laughed and hugged sideways. Uttara came forward and rolled her eyes looking at them.
Uttara : You all are always talking sentimental stuff. So boring you all are. Let’s have some fun now. All of us will dance.
She pulled Ragini and they began dancing….

Mehndy Ha Ha Mehndy Mehndy Ha Ha Mehndy
Mehndy Ha Ha Mehndy Mehndy Ha Ha Mehndy
RAGINI : Tut Ke Daali Se Haathon Pe Bikhar Jaati Hain
BOTH : Mehndy Ha Ha Mehndy
RAGINI : Tut Ke Daali Se Haathon Pe Bikhar Jaati Hain
Tut Ke Daali Se Haathon Pe Bikhar Jaati Hain
Tut Ke Daali Se Haathon Pe Bikhar Jaati Hain
Tut Ke Daali Se Haathon Pe Bikhar Jaati Hain
Tut Ke Daali Se Haathon Pe Bikhar Jaati Hain
Yeh To Mehndy Hai Yeh To Mehndy Hai
Mehndy To Rang Laati Hain
Yeh To Mehndy Hai Mehndy To Rang Laati Hain
Tut Ke Daali Se Haathon Pe Bikhar Jaati Hain
BOTH : Mehndy Ha Ha Mehndy Mehndy Ha Ha Mehndy

UTTARA : Log Baago Se Ise Tod Ke Le Aate Hain
Aur Patthar Pe Ise Shauk Se Pisvaate Hain
Mehndy Ha Ha Mehndy Mehndy Ha Ha Mehndy
Mehndy Ha Ha Mehndy Mehndy Ha Ha Mehndy
Log Baago Se Ise Tod Ke Le Aate Hain
Aur Patthar Pe Ise Shauk Se Pisvaate Hain
Aur Patthar Pe Ise Shauk Se Pisvaate Hain
Phir Bhi Hothon Se Phir Bhi Hothon Se
Iski Uff Talak Na Aati Hain
Phir Bhi Hothon Se Iski Uff Talak Na Aati Hain
Phir Bhi Hothon Se Iski Uff Talak Na Aati Hain
Phir Bhi Hothon Se Iski Uff Talak Na Aati Hain
Yeh To Mehndy Hai Mehndy To Rang Laati Hain
Yeh To Mehndy Hai Mehndy To Rang Laati Hain
BOTH : Mehndy Ha Ha Mehndy Mehndy Ha Ha Mehndy

RAGINI : Apne Ras Rang Se Is Duniya Ko Sajana Hain
Kaam Mehndy Ka To Gairon Ke Kaam Aana Hain
Mehndy Ha Ha Mehndy Mehndy Ha Ha Mehndy
Mehndy Ha Ha Mehndy Mehndy Ha Ha Mehndy
Apne Ras Rang Se Is Duniya Ko Sajana Hain
Kaam Mehndy Ka To Gairon Ke Kaam Aana Hain
Kaam Mehndy Ka To Gairon Ke Kaam Aana Hain
Apni Khushboo Se Apni Khushboo Se
Yeh Sehra Ko Mehkaati Hai
Apni Khushboo Se Yeh Sehra Ko Mehkaati Hai
Apni Khushboo Se Yeh Sehra Ko Mehkaati Hai
Apni Khushboo Se Yeh Sehra Ko Mehkaati Hai
Yeh To Mehndy Hai Mehndy To Rang Laati Hain
Yeh To Mehndy Hai Mehndy To Rang Laati Hain
The two pulled Swara, AP, Sujata and Sumi and they formed a circle around Swara and danced while Swara laughed and smiled lovingly at them.
UTTARA : Tut Ke Daali Se Haathon Pe Bikhar Jaati Hain
Yeh To Mehndy Hai Yeh To Mehndy Hai
Mehndy Ha Ha Mehndy Mehndy Ha Ha Mehndy
Mehndy Ha Ha Mehndy Mehndy Ha Ha Mehndy
Bandh Mutthi Mein Dil Ko Chupaye Baithe Hain
Hai Bahana Ke Mehndy Lagaye Baithe Hain
Mehndy Ha Ha Mehndy Mehndy Ha Ha Mehndy
Mehndy Ha Ha Mehndy Mehndy Ha Ha Mehndy

Swara sat down while they continued dancing. The lady they had hired to put mehendi came and started her work.
Mehendi Lady : Swara! It’s considered lucky to put your husband to be’s initial.. Shall I put the S?
Swara thought for a while, then shook her head.
Swara : Didi! Not now. We will wait for some time, Please?
Mehendi Lady : Koi baat nahi… I’ll finish the rest of the design now.
Just then a lady covering her face with a veil entered the house. She wore a simple blue cotton saree and had covered her face completely. She came and stood in front of Swara!
Lady (in a high pitched voice) : Swara! It’s so nice to meet you. I’m your mother’s old friend. I haven’t spoken to her in ages. But when I saw the front sign of your house, I thought it might be you. Mishti has told me so much about you and Ragini.. Congratulations on your wedding!

Swara (smiling) : Thank you aunty! Please sit down. I will go and call Ma! She will be so happy to meet you.
Lady (protesting) : No no! Let her dance happily. I will wait here with you.
She sat down next to Swara and watched as the mehendi was being put.
Swara : Vaise, Why are you covering your face? Koi problem hai kya? And you haven’t told me your name still, Aunty. I don’t mean to be impertinent, But Ma has mentioned some of her friends to me, I just wanted to know if you were one of them.
Lady : I am covering my face because my husband likes me to do so…. In my house, all the ladies do that… And my name is Priyalochanisaptamashakari Pandey!

Swara blinked. She had never heard such a long name before.
Swara (in a small voice) : Oh! Ok…
Priya something aunty excused herself and walked somewhere as Swara looked at her confused. Ragini came up to her and asked her what was wrong. Swara mentioned all that had happened and Ragini began laughing.
Swara (bewildered) : Ragini? You’re laughing?
Ragini : Swara… It’s so obvious as to who that is… How can you not know? Covering the face, blabbering a nonsense name, That is ofcourse my jiju! That was Sanskaar, idiot!
Swara’s brow rose as everything cleared up. OF COURSE!
Swara : So Sanskaar has come, is it? And giving such a nonsense name… Kuch toh karna padega!
Her eyes crinkled with amusement as she thought of a plan… She called Uttara and Ragini and whispered her plan. They laughed and nodded.

Swara : Go… All the best!
Ragini went up to her mother and took her to the lady.
Ragini : Ma! This woman told that she was your very old friend. She introduced herself to Swara…
Sumi (surprised) : Accha? My friend?
Lady : Haan Mishti! I am your friend… Priyalochanisaptamashakari Pandey!
Sumi looked at the lady confused.
Sumi : I don’t know any Pandeys, and this name, I didn’t even know that such namess existed. Suniye! Who are you?
Ragini (mock shocked) : Accha? So you don’t know this person? And covering the face.. Maybe it is… haan…
Sumi : What beta?
Ragini (dramatically) : Maybe it is someone we know… Perhaps (thinking a lot) Sanskaar?
Uttara (who was supposedly passing by) : WHAT? SANSKAAR IS HERE?
Her shout brought everyone over there, including Swara, Sujata and AP.
Ragini : Haan Uttara! Look, This person is even wearing shoes… This has to be Sanskaar..
Uttara : Bhai! Weren’t you told not to come here today. What are you doing here? Go now.
Sujata : Haan Leave… YEh kya baat hua?
Ragini (chuckling) : Kyun jiju? Plan chaupat ho gaya kya?
Swara : Haan Ragini… Come on, Push him out… Yeh toh girls’ function hai…. Bye bye Priyalochanisaptamashakari Pandey!
She winked at the person in front of her. Ragini and Uttara started pushing the person outside the door while all the ladies laughed.

Sumi : Bechara! Maybe we should just allow him to come in?
Sujata : Sharmishta Ji! Don’t worry.. He will be fine. We will enjoy…
Ragini and Uttara closed the door after pushing the person and they all turned to look at a man beaming at them. Everyone became silent instantly. You could have heard a pin drop on the floor.
Finally, Swara found her voice.
Swara : Sanskaar?
Sanskaar laughed and walked towards them.
Ragini : If Sanskaar is here, Then who’s that?
She ran to the door, opened it and saw the lady with the veil still there. The lady entered, then came and stood next to Sanskaar! He removed the veil.
Uttara : Laksh?
Sanskaar and Laksh roared with laughter while the rest finally understood what had happened. Laksh had distracted them all leaving time for Sanskaar to enter the house somehow.
Swara : How did you enter the house, Sanskaar?
Sanskaar paused long enough from laughing to answer Swara’s question.
Sanskaar : Kitchen window!
Swara (astounded) : Kitchen window? Alone? It’s so high…
Sanskaar : No! Adarsh, Aarav and Karan gave me a boost up!
The three men entered through the front door and smiled at the stunned ladies. Finally everyone laughed and sat down.
AP : Accha plan tha! Anyways, The boys have also joined… So now dugni masti hogi na?
Sanskaar sat next to Swara as the ladies finished with her mehendi.
Sanskaar (softly) : So? Didn’t I tell you? That I will surely enter!
Swara (smiling) : Haan! You did and you showed as well… Nice plan by the way.
Sanskaar (dramatic voice) : Pata hai! After all, Sanskaar Maheshwari hoon…
Swara : Sanskaar Maheshwari ne nahi… Swara ki fiance is so smart…
Sanskaar : Par dono toh ek hai…
Swara : No! Sanskaar Maheshwari is a Khadoos man… Always bak bak karta rehta hai… And Swara ki fiance is calm, wonderful, sweet just like me.

Sanskaar rolled his eyes and they laughed.
Sujata : Listen…. Sanskaar.. You have to search for your initial in Swara’s mehendi! IF you find it, you’re lucky… Otherwise…
Sanskaar : Mom! I will surely find it… Tension kyun leti ho?
Swara : Par….
Sanskaar : Chup! Wait, I will find it…
Swara : But…
Sanskaar : Swara! I need silence to concentrate. Be quiet.
Swara rolled her eyes as Sanskaar inspected her hands. The design was exquisite with a small circle left blank in the middle of her right palm.
After 15 minutes, Sanskaar looked up crestfallen.
Sanskaar : I can’t find it!
Swara : Obviously.
Sanskaar ( surprised) : Obviously?
Swara : Haan! I’ve beeen trying to tell you from that time, but your not listening. You can’t find your initial because I haven’t put it yet.
Sanskaar (confused) : You haven’t?
Swara (softly) ; I wanted you to put it.
Sanskaar’s heart leapt with pleasure at her words. He felt like jumping up and down but instead reached for the mehendi cone and wrote an S in the blank circle…
Swara : Thank you…..
Sanskaar : Thanks? Why?
Swara : For making my mehendi so special…
Sanskaar : Bataya tha na Swara! All functions will be like this only.
They smiled at each other and conversed as Sujata and AP watched.

Sujata : Jiji! Just look at those two. So much understanding….
AP : Yes Sujata!
Uttara : Aakhir they are my bhaiya and bhabhi na?
The three laughed.
Aarav : Chalo! Let’s all dance and do some masti!
A voice from the doorway greeted them.
Voice : Yes! Let’s all do masti! Even I am here now.
Swara and Sanskaar turned to see Sakshi enter, dressed in a yellow ghagra.
Swara (happily) : Sakshi?
She ran and hugged her. They came up to the rest of them and Swara introduced Sakshi to everyone.
Sanskaar : This is my youngest brother Laksh, my sister Uttara and my younger brother is over there, Adarsh, talking to someone.
Sakshi greeted everyone and then turned to see Adarsh and her smile faltered.
Sakshi (in a heart broken voice) : ADARSH?
Adarsh turned at the sound of his name and all the colour left his face.
Adarsh : SAKSHI?
Swara and Sanskaar looked at each other confused.
PRECAP : Sangeet
I know I’m long overdue for this chapter…… I’m so sorry…..
Just excuse me until monday… Then from tuesday, I will upload regularly…
Karan – Jay Soni (ishaan from sasural genda phool)
Sakshi – Tridha Chaudhry ( swadheenta from dehleez)
Aarav – Barun Sobti
I have dragged a lot I know, and have been repeating stuff… but I will be moving faster from now on….. Sorry if this bores you… 🙁
Hope you all like it!!! Love you all!! would talk more, but have an exam… so sorry 🙁

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