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Swasan office part 1
Swara : I know. ( Turning towards all the employees) I am Swara Gododia, soon to be SWARA SANSKAAR MAHESHWARI. I will carry the weight of the Maheshwari’s protection. You may have hear many stuff about me, which I couldn’t care less about. I may be quiet, But that isn’t a weakness. (staring at the two men) Out of humanity’s sake, You still have your job today. Never insult any lady like that again. Today, You will get another chance to stay here. But next time, If you do something like this again, Sanskaar will not spare you.
Sanskaar : Not just these two. Everyone here, Be very sure of this fact. I will not excuse the next person who insults Swara. She has been magnanimous enough to forgive you this time. But I haven’t. You are on probation, effective right this minute. Mr Raj! Make sure this is carried out. AS FOR ALL YOU OTHERS, WHO THINK THAT SWARA IS A GOLD DIGGER OR WHATEVER, LET ME TELL YOU THAT SHE IS THE KINDEST, SWEETEST PERSON ALIVE. AND I’M GLAD I’M MARRYING HER. She’s the perfect woman for me….
Sanskaar turned to look at Swara, who had silent tears in her eyes.
Sanskaar : SWARA!
She looked at him once and ran into his cabin.
Sanskaar : Swara! ( giving one last glare) Today, you are here only because of my Swara! Don’t you dare forget that. I am not that lenient or forgiving. Reethi! Get two probationary letters immediately. But before that, Wait here. I have to go to Swara. She needs me.
He ran back into his cabin and stopped at the entrance seeing Swara, who was sitting on the sofa, bending and cupping her eyes.
Sanskaar (thinking) : Swara is crying? My Swara… No! I cannot watch this.
Sanskaar (in a slightly broken voice) : Swara! (goes and sits next to her) Swara! What happened? Why are you crying?
Swara fell upon him and hugged him with all her might which Sanskaar reciprocated.
Swara (looking up at him with innocent, tear-stained eyes) : I don’t deserve you na Sanskaar?
Sanskaar looked at her shocked. He shook her by the shoulders and cupped her face such that his eyes was meeting hers.
Sanskaar : Pagal! Why are you telling like that? Swara, Just now you were so strong over there. You fought against me and decided to give them a second chance. (in a broken voice) Then why are you crying like this? I can’t see you like this. Please don’t cry.
Swara (sobbing, looking down) : I was not planning to cry. But then, you called me the perfect woman… When I’m clearly not. Whatever they told is true, Sanskaar! I did force myself into marriage with you. I made you enter into this relation. And you did not say anything. How am I perfect?
Sanskaar stared at her transfixed. He couldn’t believe his ears.
Sanskaar : Swara! Look at me. (seeing no response) SWARA!
She looked up at him in surprise to see his raised tone.
Sanskaar (lowering his voice) : Swara! How can you think like this? You really think that I am in this relation unwantedly?
Swara : No Sanskaar…..
Sanskaar (interrupting) : Let me make myself very clear, Swara! This is the last time we will have this dicussion. I am not marrying you because I feel obligated to you. It was you who saved me from embarassment and humiliation that day. You left your own happiness aside for Ragini. How can anything I ever do compare to that? (seeing Swara about to interrupt) No… No, Swara! Don’t tell anything. Today I’m not in the mood for self reproach. Neither am I going to blame myself nor are you going to tell anything.
He made her sit properly and handed her a glass of water. She took it and sipped quietly.
Sanskaar (softly) : Swara! I have accepted you as my wife. You are going to be my life partner whether you like it or not. We have only 4 days until the wedding. Please, No regrets now.
Swara smiled slightly, held Sanskaar’s hand and nodded.
Sanskaar : I made a mistake when I thought you were selfish. I’ve said it before and I’ve said it again, You are the most selfless person I know Swara. I don’t know how I didn’t see it before. I….
Suddenly unable to tell anything else, he gave a slightly choked gasp and went inside the washroom leaving a wistful Swara behind.
Swara (softly) : This was one case where you were wrong, Mr Maheshwari! I was selfish that day. Running and coming to you brought me more happiness than ever. Learning that I had a chance to be your wife… It was the best chance I knew I’d get and I took it. Sanskaar, My love for you is endless and deep. I don’t mind if you never love me. It would mean the world to me if I knew you loved me back, But that is not my priority. I made a vow that I have to keep.
Sanskaar stood in the middle, completely frustrated. He felt like breaking something. Today, Swara was in pain. She was hurt and he couldn’t stop it.
Sanskaar (closing his eyes in pain) : I’m so sorry Swara! I couldn’t do anything. Those idiots….
His fists clenched angrily as he remembered how they had insulted Swara and how she was hurt. He hit the wall in frustration.
Sanskaar : I have to calm myself. I cannot be so angry in front of her. She will feel guilty.
Sanskaar took out his phone and called a number.
Sanskaar (curtly) : Mr Modi! Call that blo*dy manager of M and N and ask him to come right now. He should be present in the meeting. No excuses….(reply) Alright, Mr Modi! Will see you in 20 minutes.
He cut the call and looked at the mirror.
Sanskaar : Swara! I will not let anyone hurt you again. Never! I love you too much for that.
——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————Swara sat in the cabin musing waiting for Sanskaar. He finally came out.
Swara (getting up) : Sanskaar! Are you….
Sanskaar (smiling reassuringly) : Swara! Relax… I am calm now. Don’t worry…
Swara : Pakka?
Sanskaar smiled and cupped her face.
Sanskaar : Haan baba! (Swara smiled in relief) Accha,Swara! Listen.. Now…
Swara : Haan haan pata hai…. You are going to tell ” Swara! Sorry..But I have a meeting now. I hate to leave you but what to do? Will you stay here “…. You were going to tell this only na?
Sanskaar (amazed) : Yes! But how did you know?
Swara (smiling) : Kyun? When you knew that I was asking if you were alright…. Then why can’t I know? After all, I’m to be your wife. This will come in handy.
Sanskaar stood speechless and they stared at each other.
Sanskaar (wanting to change the subject to lighter matters) : Vaise, You do remember na, About the challenge? Aaj toh I will get 3 girls’ numbers, by hook or by crook…
He winked at her. Swara burst out laughing.
Swara : Let’s see Mr Maheshwari! Ab jao! All the best.
She held out a hand to him. He shook it and then nodded and left.
Swara sighed.
Swara : Bhagwan Ji! You are really bad! Everytime I decide that this must be it. I can’t love him anymore, you prove me wrong. Everyday, I fall more and more in love with him. And I can’t help but feel scared. What if this is a one side love? I know he cares about me… But love? Bhagwan Ji… Please help me. How do I find out if he loves me or not? How do I get the courage to confess? (sighs again) This Mr Maheshwari will make me pagal…..
A voice : Ma’am!
Swara turned to see an elderly peon enter with a glass of orange juice.
Peon : Ma’am… Were you talking to someone?
Swara (slightly embarassed) : Ji Nahi! Sorry.. Just aise hi (smiling) Kaka! Please don’t call me ma’am. You’re elder to me. Please don’t call me ma’am.
Peon ( smiling) : Par…
Swara : No Par var… You call me beti if you like.. Or Swara!
Peon : Ok beti! Please have the orange juice. And if you want anything else, please do ask me. I will be right here.
Swara : Ji! Thank you…. (just as the peon was about to leave) Kaka! I do want to ask one thing.
Peon : Bolo beti!
Swara : Vo Sanskaar….
Peon (smiling) : Wait! I have an idea… Please come with me.
He took her to a small room which housed like ten seats. As Swara entered, She saw that this was like a small balcony with a giant transparent window in front. Through the window, She could see a conferencr hall where many people were waiting, presumably for Sanskaar!
Peon : Beti! You sit here. I’ll just switch on the speakers so that you can listen to what they say. You can sit here as long you want…
Swara nodded and the peon left. She waited for about five minutes before an extremely confident, suave and grim expressioned Sanskaar entered. His face was the epitome of attitudishness. Swara’s jaw dropped in surprise. This Sanskaar was so hot!
He entered with some of his associates of which Swara could recognise only Mr Raj. They took their seats on the podium while the others sat down in the seats provided.
Swara closed her eyes and just listened. She could hear Mr Raj introducing the project and explaining the basics.
At last, the moment she had most waited for came.
Mr Raj : I have explained the salient points but now the CEO, Mr Sanskaar Maheshwari will come and talk to you all.
Swara opened her eyes in excitement. She leaned forward to see her love talk.
Sanskaar : Good Evening Everyone! Another meeting, Another successful decision. Another project. This has been an eventful year indeed. And you, Our clients have made this possible. Maheshwari MNC Pvt Ltd has grown since the first project done. An office in London, Switzerland and Sydney.
Everyone’s hands burst out applauding and Swara found that she was too. She was so damn excited. As she waited for him to continue, Mr Raj came and whispered something to him. Sanskaar turned away and they conversed for a while, Then Sanskaar came back to the mike, his attitude completely changed. Gone was the coolness and his relaxed posture. Now he looked like a tiger, Tensed and ready to pounce, stalling time to distract his prey.
Swara sat up straighter and frowned. What was Sanskaar up to?
Sanskaar : I began expanding this company 8 years ago because it was my Bade Papa’s dream. But soon, It became my dream. This company is my baby. My life’s work. My legacy… Sab kuch! That’s why I haven’t let a single hint of scandal hit this company. Nor have I ever accepted corrupted deals, bribes or anything like that. (raising his voice) MY COMPANY IS MY LIFE… ANYONE TRY TO MESS WITH IT AND I WON’T SPARE THEM.
Swara stared shocked. This intimidating Sanskaar, This Sanskaar who had fire in his eyes… This was not the man she knew. This was a completely different man.
Person from the audience : Sir, Are you threatening us?
Sanskaar smirked and raised his eyebrows arrogantly.
Sanskaar : I’m not a person who makes threats. I don’t have time for that. I just carry them out.
Swara : Oh My God!!! Who is this man?
Sanskaar : You all may be wondering why I started talking about this to you instead of mentioning about the new merger deal with M and N group of companies. Well… The reason is simple. I am NOT going to have a deal with them. Our merger will NOT be happening.
The other managers and the press were shocked. Sanskaar Maheshwari, Owner and CEO of Maheshwari MNC Pvt Ltd had refused a 100 Crore merger deal? They began muttering among themselves.
Sanskaar slightly smiled and signalled for everyone to be quiet.
Sanskaar : I can guess what you all must be thinking. Shelving a 100 crore project? Is this person mad? Well… I assure I’m not. This merger will not be happening. Instead, I will be taking their shares and the exclusive rights for the deal. With compensation from them.
Swara (shocked and now just a little confused) : Can he really do that?
A person from the very back of the audience : MR MAHESHWARI! HOW DARE YOU?
Sanskaar looked up and smiled. This was going to be fun.
Sanskaar : Welcome Mr Mehra! What brings the CEO of M and N here? Trouble in M and N industries?
Mr Mehra stood up furiously and came in the front.
Mr Mehra : So, The information was right.
Sanskaar (uninterestedly) : Information?
Mr Mehra : I got an anonymous phone call saying that you were going to have a press conference and announce the cancellation of our deal. WITHOUT TELLING ME FIRST! Tell me, Sanskaar! You don’t deserve to be called Mr Maheshwari now.
Swara’s blood boiled. How dare this person shout at him?
Sanskaar shot him a look that quelled Mr Mehra instantly. He raised a finger at him.
Sanskaar (in a dangerous low voice) : Better not forget that you are here, in my domain. In my territory, Mr Anil Mehra! DON’T YOU DARE RAISE YOUR TONE HERE.
Anil : I WILL. What will you do? What CAN you do?
Sanskaar smiled triumphantly.
Sanskaar : Aahhh… The million dollar question. What CAN I do?
Sanskaar got down from the podium and stood in front of Anil.
Sanskaar (softly, but clearly.. Such that everyone could hear) : What I can do, Mr Mehra, is take your company, your projects, your clients and your honour. If I wanted to, You would be spending the days of your days in a prison cell.
Anil’s eyes widened.
Anil : Prison? What are you talking about? I have never commited a mistake in my life. My company has always been clean. Don’t spread rumours.
Sanskaar’s blood boiled.
Sanskaar (fire in his eyes) : ANIL MEHRA! You are a conniving, selfish, foolish LIAR… Don’t you dare say another word. Today You will be shown true justice.
He nodded to Raj who went out and brought a girl, of about 26 inside.
Swara (wonderingly) : Who is this now?
Anil saw the girl and he went white. Not colourless, not pale but white. He took a step back in fear, but stumbled.
Sanskaar (in mock concern) : Arre… Be careful.. We don’t want anything to happen to you before justice sets in, Do we? (He turned towards the others again) Now, You will receive your answers. You will know why I refused this deal.
Anil (pleading) : Sanskaar! Please.
Sanskaar (looking at him in disgust) : Mr Mehra! Everyone wants my company. This is a competitive ground and people have tried before to steal my papers. But to go to this length? You think you can control a girl by threatening to steal her dignity? HOW DARE YOU?
Sanskaar ( goes back to the mike) : Today… I received a phone call from my security head Mr Modi! I was informed that a young girl had come and pleaded with him to let her steal the papers.
Everyone burst out laughing. Who asks security to help them steal the papers. Sanskaar raised a hand and they subsided.
Sanskaar : Please don’t laugh! That action saved so many lives today. Today, My company, My employees are all safe because of this girl’s courage. Miss Sakshi Khanna here saved my company.
Anil ( begging) : Sanskaar! Please! I’ll give you my company… Money… Anything. Please don’t let it spread to the public.
Everyone stood shell-shocked. Swara stood up, furious. A man had threatened to ruin another girl’s reputation. She couldn’t sit still.
Sanskaar : Yes! This Mr Mehra here threatened to rape this girl if she didn’t get those papers. But Sakshi here, risked her life to do the right thing. She came to Mr Modi here and confessed everything and he informed me. So we worked out this plan. I was not going to reveal it today. But Mr Mehra’s presence here…
One of the audience :Is this really true sir? Did you threaten her?
Another : Didn’t you feel ashamed?
Still another : Stealing is wrong. On top of that, Chi… What type of person are you?
Anil stood silent and sullen.
Sanskaar (smirking) : Anil! They’re asking you questions. Answer them.
Anil ( staring daggers at Sanskaar who had again stepped down) : YOUU….
He lunged forward to hit him, but a voice stopped him.
Sanskaar (surpised) : Swara?
Mr Raj : Madam?
Sanskaar stared as Swara strode in, fury evident on her face making her seem more beautiful and stunning. Her nose was flared and her teeth seemed like they were clenching.
Swara (folding her hands to everyone) : Sorry! I have no place in a business meeting. But this concerns a girl, And I have come to offer my support. Sorry for breaching again.
Sanskaar watched Swara turn to Anil with that fury and disgust.
Swara : It is useless to talk to people like you. You think the world is controlled by men. or money? blo*dy person! If you cannot understand the important things in life, what have you been living till now? Family, Friends, Respect, Trust.. All this is way more important than money or control. Whatever… I am not here to talk to you. My fiance can do that.
She turned to Sakshi and beckoned. Sakshi came forward confidently. Swara gestured towards Anil. Sakshi nodded and stood in front of him.
Sakshi : Sir! I’ve worked in your company for 2 years. I thought you were a very nice employer. I was so happy there. But now I see what kind of person you are, I can’t help but berate myself…… YOU THREATENED ME? YOU THINK THAT I AM A TIMID GIRL? JUST BECAUSE WE DON’T TALK BACK OR LOUD DOESN’T MEAN I DON’T KNOW THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN RIGHT AND WRONG. I AM NOT A PERSON WHO SHIES AWAY JUST BECAUSE SHE’LL GET HURT.
Anil stood shocked and speechless.
Anil (pleading) : Please.. Forgive me…
Sakshi gave one tight slap.
Sakshi : No woman forgives a man for threatening to rape her.
Swara came forward and slapped him on the other side.
Swara : This is for trying to steal those papers.
Anil : How dare you…
Sanskaar (furious) : Don’t you dare threaten her… I just might forget my humanity and kill you… No one threatens Sakshi or Swara while I am here.
He slapped Anil twice.
Sanskaar ( angry) : Mr Mehra! The police are here. Since we haven’t signed the cancellation form yet, We still have to follow the clauses. And by clause number 6, If one of the parties isn’t present , The other company gets the entire other company’s shares.
Anil (stupefied) : Nooo!
Sanskaar smirked.
Sanskaar : Yes… Good bye Mr Mehra!
The police came in and took Mr Mehra away. Sanskaar went back to the mike and asked everyont to take a recess of ten minutes, after which any questions would be answered.
He then went to Swara, who was silently watching everyone.
Sanskaar (belligerently) : Swara!
Swara (same tone) : Sanskaar!
Sanskaar raised an eyebrow…
Sanskaar : How did you know?
Swara smiled and pointed towards the window. Sanskaar chuckled.
Sanskaar : Of course. How remiss of me…
Swara : Why didn’t you tell me that time itself? You know how angry and worried I was upstairs? And when he came to hit you.. It felt like he wouldn’t leave you until he had killed you… (in a pained voice) Sanskaar! Please… No more fights. I can’t stand not knowing. When he came, I felt like….
Sanskaar (completely amazed to see Swara sad again, softly) : Swara! Aaj kya hua tumhe? Why are you so emotional? See, Nothing has happened to me. This business tycoon can take care of himself.
Well… This was the best I could come up with…
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Boo… Wanted this to be realistic… 🙁 🙁
Anyways, Hope you like it…
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I understand how you feel… But pls… take care of yourself…
And guys, ONE LAST THING….

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  1. True… today it was all bollywood n filmy… mainly swara entering the business meeting was most filmy… bt then also I lked it… these two love stuck ppl…supporting each other bt can’t confront each other for their feelings…. waiting for the party n number part…. actually I thnk so it’s a very small dare for sanskar as he was a casanova earlier n he will take no tym in getting any girls number… I thnk his ex girlfriend will also come to the party… will b fun if some drama takes place… may b dat singer comes whom he was romancing with in his sTudy. .. n swara was under table…let’s see what you come up with… waiting for the next

    • Anjali

      Sorry sujata…. typed by mistake…???

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      • Dr anjali what ever you write may be filmy or realastic it only attracts me more to ur story line… I agree it was hell filmy bt it was storylines demand too n writer have to manipulate things according to story line… now I have started to write thn came to understand this thing…. n Dr frndship mai no sorry no thank you…. n wo b etni chhoti baat k liye… I always wanted to say u this that I have only seen few golden heart PPl. .. n u r among one of thm… u consider me frnd or nt bt I always do n will do…n now no emotional talks. ?

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        Dr always listen to ur heart. … n once think to choose writing as a professional u r too good… n have capacity of it…

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      • Anjali

        So sweet of you….
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  2. Anjali…loved you today yar… I mean you portrayed everything so nicely… Love for each other was quiet evident in their eyes.. I felt like I could picture everything happening in front of my eyes.. I felt as if I was present there.. This only an experienced writer can do.. U have the quality to make ur reader stick to ur stories.. If possible plz follow my suggestion and go for some writing career..may be books.. Talent like u is indeed needed out there.. Love you a lot dear.. Love ur stories and talent a lot..

    U r in SRM..many of my frnds are also studying there..nice to know about u..

    • Anjali

      You made me tear up … I never cry for things…. but today you managed to do it with ur comment….??

      I am soooo glad to have. A friend like you….

      Love you sooo much….

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      • I am preparing for medicals.. But yup..I promise you..whenever I come to chennai I will surely meet you.. Who can miss a chance to meet an awesome girl like you..

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    • Anjali

      Do read the series hope…. or if u want I have the ebooks…. so I can send it to you.. if you give ur email I’d…

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      Thank you dharsha!!!! ???

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      Needhi!!!!! Welcome back???

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      And ur friends….???
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