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Swara learns more about Sanskaar’s relationship with DP

AP : And then, When the day came, When my husband was dead, Sanskaar came. He was even more heart-broken than me. That day, he spent hours in that room with his Bade Papa. And when he came out, he changed. It was as if, he had shut his heart from the outside world. Our Sanskaar just disappeared.
AP had tears in her eyes now. Swara, also sobbing, hugged her tightly.
Swara (thinking) : Now, I understand. I get it why Sanskaar has shut his heart. Until Bade Papa’s death, Sanskaar felt he belonged to BAde Papa! It was Bade Papa in his heart. But in these 8 years, Who waas there? No one….. And that’s why he is so reserved… I will bring him out of this turmoil. That is my vow. To this house, my family and myself. Mr Maheshwari will be back again..
She hugged Badi Ma tightly and then freed herself from her grasp. AP kissed her on her forehead.
AP : You know Swara, Ever since you’ve come into our lives, Our Sanskaar is returning to us. You have lit his life and I’m very sure that you will soon make him my laadla beta again.
Swara smiled shyly. AP chuckled.
Swara : Accha, Badi Ma! I’ll go home now. Sanskaar is taking me to his office aur uske baad, We are attending some dinner party after that. Toh, I’ll go home and get ready.
AP : Haan beta! Tum jao. And be careful. Kal se, The wedding celebrations will be full on. You need to make sure that you take complete rest and care ok? Swara, I can’t wait until you come here forever.
Swara smiled and took AP’s blessings. She left the room and was on her way out when she stopped short.
Swara (hitting her head) : I haven’t spoken to Laksh properly since yesterday. Poor bestie. I must have really tortured him yesterday. Chalo, I’ll go talk to him before I leave.
She went to Laksh’s room and knocked on the door.
Swara (calling out) : Laksh! Can I come in?
Laksh (from inside) : No! What sort of a best friend are you? First, yu trouble me so much.. Then you don’t bother to talk to me the whole morning. Jao tum.
Swara : Arre…. Dramebaaz! I’m not so bad, ok! Accha, sorry! Let me in. Give me a chance to apologise.
Laksh : NO!
Swara (exasperated) : Laksh! You are behaving like a 3 year old. C’mon. Let me in. Forgive and forget…
Laksh (chuckling) : Swara! If I am a 3 year old, What were you yesterday? You were so drunk. (in anger now) You kept calling me ganda ladka and all. How mean?
Swara (amazed and amused) : I did? I don’t remember anything at all. Accha sorry! Tum ganda nahi ho. You’re my bestie dramebaaz. Ab khol do?
Laksh grinned and opened the door to find a scowling Swara at the door. She entered the room and hit Laksh on the arm.
Laksh (surprised) : OUCH! Why the hell did you do that? What’s wrong with you Swara?
Swara : Dramebaaz kahika! You refused to open the door even for me. What sort of friend are you? Here, I came to talk to you and you, you didn’t let me in.
She sat down on the bed sulkily. Laksh smiled and came and sat next to her.
Laksh put an arm around her and began poking her from the other side.
Swara (protesting) : Laksh!
Laksh ( in mock surprise) : Kya? Why do you always find a reason to scold me?
Swara (eyebrows raised) : What are you doing? Stop poking me.
Laksh (staring at his hand as it were a foreign object) : Was I poking you?
Swara (rolling her eyes) : Yes. And stop it! It won’t work. I’m still angry with you.
Laksh : Par sacchi! I’m not doing it purposely.
She moved a bit to escape from his finger, but Laksh continued.
Swara (easperated) : Laksh!
Laksh : Swara! I swear I’m not doing this. (he holds his chest in shock ) Would a friend do something like this? Especially one who is going to become your devar. (acts like he is going to swoon) My God!

Swara (rolling her eyes even more) : Nautanki! GO AWAY…
Laksh (raising his eyebrows) : Accha? So now, My best friend doesn’t want to talk to me.
Swara nodded her head in reply. Laksh went over to a desk and brought something in his hand.
Laksh (sitting in a chair away from Swara ) : Swara! You carry on being angry. I will enjoy my chocolate in peace.
Swara’s ears perked up. Chocolate? What chocolate?
Laksh (relaxing into the chair, closing his eyes and relishing the chocolate) : Aaahhh! What a yummy chocolate. That too, A silk. Swara’s favourite. And I have three. I cannot believe I don’t have to share any of this.
Swara was in a fix. Should she remain angry with him or fight to get the chocolate. On one hand, there was chocolate. And on the other, Well, The other was useless.
Chocolate won.
Swara (going near Laksh and sitting opposite him) : Laksh! Mujhe bhi chahiye. Will you give me?
Laksh (still closing his eyes) : And why should I ?
Swara : Becuase I’m going to be your bhabhi. And you know I love chocolates. You’re being cruel.
Laksh (opening his eyes and looking at her sulking face knowingly) : Ofcourse I know you love chocloates. Here, Truce.
He handed her a silk and she looked at him delighted. They sat and ate the chocolate talking the whole time until Swara saw the time and gasped.
Swara : Oh shit! I have to go. Sanskaar might be calling any time now.
Laksh (chuckling) : Go then. I’ll meet you later. I might be coming to the office as well. If I come, I’ll meet you.
Swara nodded and hugged him.
Swara : Bye Dramebaaz… Don’t forget to give me chocolate next time.
Laksh laughed and waved her off..
Sanskaar sat in his car annoyed out of his mind. Swara was 20 minutes late. He didn’t go inside as he thought Swara would have come out by now.
Sanskaar : Oh God! Looks like both the sisters have the same disease. I never thought Swara would be late. How is life going to be?
As he was cursing himself for coming so early, Swara came out and got into the car.
Swara : Sorry Sanskaar! I came home only 15 minutes ago. That’s why I’m late.
Sanskaar (surprised) : 15 minutes? I’ve been here at least 20. And where were you?
Swara : Maheshwari Mansion, talking to Laksh. You must have not seen me. I was rushing.
Sanskaar (starting the car and shaking his head) : I don’t like it when you talk to Laksh.
Swara (surprised) : Why? He is your brother..
Sanskaar : Exactly.
Swara (confused) : What are you talking about?
Sanskaar : Laksh is my brother. And all brothers have only one job to do. Irritate their siblings. God only knows what all stories he’s told you about me.
Swara chuclked inwardly. Laksh hadn’t told her anything of that sort, but Sanskaar looked so cute while disgruntled.
Swara (thinking) : Aww… Look at him. He’s so cute.
Swara (loudly) : Haan! Laksh has told me many tales. I remember one very well. He said it happened in London.
Sanskaar (his ears perked up) : London? Which time? The first time I went for business?
Swara (thinking) : Ab aaega mazaa.
Swara (aloud, agreeing with him) : Haan! correct… That time only. I couldn’t believe it when I heard.
Sanskaar ( exasperated) : I’m going to kill that Laksh. I will gladly commit fratricide.
Swara (so curious that she was dying to know) : Why are you blaming my bestie for this? It was you… you and you… Now tell me how did that happen?
Sanskaar (in a low voice) : Well…. That girl was hot.. Super hot..
Swara ( irritated now, thinking) : Ok! That was a long time ago. Stop feeling jealous, Swara.
Sanskaar (continuing) : And I was half drunk. I don’t know what I did, But that girl….. That girl just threw her drink in my face and…
Swara (oddly fascinated) : And?
Sanskaar (in an unwilling grumpy voice) : Slapped me and rejected me.
Swara (laughing out loud) : Whaaaat? A girl actually rejected the Sanskaar Maheshwari? I don’t believe this.
Sanskaar (scowling ): Didn’t you already know this?
Swara laughed and told him how she had fooled him.
Sanskaar : Swara ki bacchi….. Dekh lena… I will take revenge.
Swara (still laughing) : I still can’t believe it. A girl rejected you. You must have lost your touch.
Sanskaar (regaining his arrogance, scoffing) : I have not lost my touch. This happened ages ago. Now, If I go to a girl, I can easily get her number.
Swara (wonderingly) : I don’t think so.
Sanskaar (smirking) : Sounds like another challenge, Miss Gadodia! I’m ready. In today’s dinner party, I will get not 1 or 2, BUT 3 GIRLS’ NUMBER AND SHOW IT TO YOU.. .
Swara : Slight problem! You’re engaged to me remember?
Sanskaar : Toh?That is going to make this even more fun and challenging.
Swara : All right then. Let me also see exactly how you accomplish this. Mr Maheshwari, Next challenge issued.
Sanskaar : Accha! Now what is there in that bag of yours? It looks like a change of clothes.
Swara : That’s becuase it is.
Sanskaar (confused) : Why would you need a change of clothes?
Swara : I cannot go to a party like this (gesturing to her grey and pink jumpsuit and her hair, in a messy high pony) That is a formal event. So I have to get ready.
Sanskaar (rolling his eyes) : I will never understand you women. You could have worn whatever you brought now itself na?
Swara (in an obvious sort of voice) : But then, It wouldn’t have been fresh.
Sanskaar ( entering a huge building complex and parking the car) : Whatever. You can change later. Now… Come on. It is finally time to meet your mistress.
Swara (confused) : MY MISTRESS?
Sanskaar ( chuckling) : Haan! Your mistress. My company. My office. My dream.
Swara smiled to see his enthusiasm. She clasped his hand and looked at him.
Swara (softly) : Let’s go then.
They entered the building. Sanskaar wearing black formal wear, complete with a navy blue tie and Swara in her jumpsuit.
Guard 1 (rising to his feet quickly) : Namaste Saab!
Guard 2 (also getting up quickly) : Namastey saab! Namastey Madameji!
The other 3 guards too wished him and he nodded at them. Swara smiled at them and then strode forward trying to catch up with Sanskaar, who was walking fast talking on the phone.
Swara : Good God! What the hell? This businessman Sanskaar is so weird. Itna attitude? Jaldi chal Swara! SANSKAAR!
Sanskaar finally turned and saw she was way behind. He waited for her, still talking on the phone. Swara caught up to him and waited for him to finish talking.
Sanskaar (in a pissed off voice) : Ok? And which company? M and N? Ok.. Mr Modi! Keep me informed. And get that useless security head into my cabin immediately. And I mean immediately. HOW COULD SOMETHING LIKE THIS HAPPEN?
He cut the call in frustration and stared at the wall. Swara stared at him, unsure of how to act.
Swara (timidly) : Sanskaar? Is everything ok?
Sanskaar sighed.
Sanskaar : Yes! Don’t worry. Come… I’ll go and introduce you to everyone. But after that, I will be busy in two meetings. I won’t be able to see you then.
Swara (smiling) : Don’t worry. I’ll entertain myself. Chalo, Let’s go.
They went up the elevator which was empty. Swara stood silently, a bit nervous as to how the employees would regard her. She noticed Sanskaar staring at her.
Swara : Kya hua?
Sanskaar (moving close to her) : Are you nervous?
Swara looked at him in shock. How did he know? He gave her a half-smile.
Sanskaar (tucking back a strand of her behind her ear, whispering so that every word was like a soft caress on her, comforting her) : I always know what you are thinking, Swara!
Swara smiled and closed her eyes, to calm down.
Sanskaar (putting an arm around her) : This company has people Swara. Not unfeeling creatures. Don’t worry.. I’m sure you’ll be a big hit here.
The elevator reached the 15th floor and the doors opened. Sanskaar stepped out and held a hand for her.
Sanskaar : Ready?
Swara swallowed once and nodded. She took his hand and came out. As soon as the left the lift lobby and entered the corridor, Sanskaar was surrounded by people and files, All of them muttering a greeting so fast and wishing they could be anywhere else.
Swara stared at all this amazed. The entire company was afraid of this man. Her fiancee! Sure, He was intimidating and all. But scared?
Swara (thinking) : Why are these people so scared of him? He is his usual self only.
Sanskaar, who had freed himself from the crowd beckoned to her and they went inside his cabin, which was conveniently right next to the exit and away from the employees’ cabinets.
Sanskaar saw a man and called out to him.
Sanskaar : Mr Raj! Is everything ready?
Mr Raj : Yes sir! Everything is present exactly as you wished it.
Sanskaar : Good! (gesturing to Swara) Mr Raj! This is Swara Gadodia, My fiancee. Swara, This is Mr Raj Dhanpal. Manager of the Delhi branch of Maheshwari MNC pvt ltd.
Swara (smiling, shaking his hand) : Hello Mr Raj! It’s a pleasure to meet you.
Mr Raj : The pleasure is mine Madam. And Congratulations to both of you.
Sanskaar once again nodded curtly. He seemed to have other things on his mind. Swara glanced at him wonderingly. Mr Raj excused himself and went around to call everyone.
Swara : Sanskaar? Is everything ok?
Sanskaar (smiling slightly at her) : Yeah! Just a slight problem with the meeting today. But don’t worry. It’ll be fine. You just enjoy your time here. My meeting will take about 45 minutes. After that, I’ll meet you.
Swara : Yes. I know. But why aren’t you smiling?
Sanskaar (smiling slightly again) : Arre! I am smiling. See.
Swara looked at him skeptically.
Swara : That’s supposed to be a smile? I’ll show you what a smile is.
She took her hands and pulled the corners of Sanskaar’s lips upward.
Sanskaar (protesting) : Swara!
Swara (chuckling) : Haan! Now you look like normal Mr Maheshwari!
Sanskaar too began laughing and hugged her.
Swara (hugging him) : What’s this for?
Sanskaar : Aise hi… Good luck ke liye.
Swra smiled and cupped his face.
Swara : That you’ll always have…. I…
Mr Raj (coughing from the door) : Sorry!
Swara left Sanskaar and went near the door where many people had gathered around to meet them. Some of them even craning their neck to see her.
Sanskaar joined Swara and put one arm around her waist. They walked out where the employees gathered in a semi-circle. They all seemed shocked about something and kept staring at the two of them, making Swara uncomfortable.
He looked at Swara!
The crowd began clapping for Swara, who smiled and waved nervously. Sanskaar squeezed her slightly and she looked at him, reassured.
Sanskaar : MEET MY FIANCEE AND SOON-TO-BE WIFE, Swara Gadodia!
Swara : Hello everyone! I’m so glad to finally be here.
Sanskaar : Reethi!
A pleasant looking woman in her mid thirties came forward.
Reethi : Yes Sir!
Sanskaar : I have to go get ready for the meetings. Please take care of Swara! Swara, This is Reethi, My PA!
Swara : Hi Reethi! Sanskaar, Don’t worry… You go prepare for your meeting. I will be fine here. All the best!
Sanskaar smiled and led her to a chair. As they were walking, they heard one of the employees talking to another.
Employee 1 : I heard that this Swara Gadodia practically forced herself on him. That’s why they are getting married. After all, She isn’t that good-looking. How does someone like Sanskaar Maheshwari agree to marry her?
Employee 2 : I agree. Even I heard that. Apparently he wanted to marry her sister who is very pretty. But,She hugged him and thanked him for the proposal or something like that. What a gold digger!
Swara froze, shocked. She felt traitorous tears escape her eyes. She wiped them quickly because she didn’t want Sanskaar to see them. But Sanskaar had already seen them. He clenched his fists in anger.
Sanskaar (turning to the 2 employees) : Both of you…
Swara : Sanskaar! No! Leave them..
Sanskaar (furious) : Swara, Are you kidding me? No one insults my fiancee. Or makes misconceptions about her. (quelling the employess with a look) Both of you may hand over your resignations by the end of the day.
Swara (shocked) : Sanskaar! No! Don’t do that.
Sanskaar (ignoring her) : Hand over the letters to Reethi and leave. I never want to see you again.
He grabbed Swara’s hand and made a move to leave, ignoring the employees plea for forgiveness. but Swara broke free from his grasp and stopped him.
Swara : Sanskaar! Listen to me…
Sanskaar (glaring) : Swara! I will not forgive them.
Swara (glaring back) : Yes, you will! These two will not be fired. They have families to support. They have kids and aged parents in their house. How can you make them all suffer just because they insulted me? This is wrong Sanskaar!
Sanskaar : But! They… insulted…
Swara : I know. ( Turning towards all the employees) I am Swara Gododia, soon to be SWARA SANSKAAR MAHESHWARI. I will carry the weight of the Maheshwari’s protection. You may have hear many stuff about me, which I couldn’t care less about. I may be quiet, But that isn’t a weakness. (staring at the two men) Out of humanity’s sake, You still have your job today. Never insult any lady like that again. Today, You will get another chance to stay here. But next time, If you do something like this again, Sanskaar will not spare you.
Sanskaar : Not just these two. Everyone here, Be very sure of this fact. I will not excuse the next person who insults Swara. She has been magnanimous enough to forgive you this time. But I haven’t. You are on probation, effective right this minute. Mr Raj! Make sure this is carried out. AS FOR ALL YOU OTHERS, WHO THINK THAT SWARA IS A GOLD DIGGER OR WHATEVER, LET ME TELL YOU THAT SHE IS THE KINDEST, SWEETEST PERSON ALIVE. AND I’M GLAD I’M MARRYING HER. She’s the perfect woman for me….
PRECAP : Office contd
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