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Sanskaar realises his love for Swara

Swara came downstairs and joined the others.
Sujata (noticing her ) : Swara beta! You’re here. Sanskaar was searching for you. Where were you? Did you see him?
Swara (smiling) : Haan mom! I saw him. He’s gone to his room now to prepare for his business meeting today. (seeing everyone busy with preparations) Badi Ma, Ma, Why didn’t you call me? I would have come and helped you na? Ruko, I’ll do this now.
Annapurna (sternly) : Swara, Take your hand off the plates. (Swara began to protest ) No Swara beta! The bride is not allowed to do any work. You will sit quietly.
Swara : Par there’s so much to do and….
Sujata : Haan! There is so much to do.. But we too are so many. Adarsh, Laksh, Uttara are all there.
Ragini : And even I’m there na aunty! Swara, Aunty is right. We will do all the work. You just sit still.
Swara scowled at her.
Swara ( whining ) : Ragini! You know I can’t do that. You know how fidgety and restless I get when there’s nothing to do. (pleading) Ma, Mom! Please, Please give me some work to do.
Sujata (chuckling) : Offo! My bahu is really helpful. Ok, Swara! You just want to feel useful right? Then you do this. You will not join us in our wedding preparations. But you can bring us all water. This jug is empty.
Swara’s mouth fell open.
Swara : Mom! You want me to fetch water? That’s all? After that, what will I do? Chalo, I’ll help Ma with the pooja items.
Sumi, who was cleaning some pooja items, glared at Swara.
Sumi : Swara! Stop annoying us. You are not allowed to do any work, Do you understand? Now it is almost time for lunch. So if you want, you can help lay the table. (At Annapurna’s protest) Koi baat nahi Annapurna Ji! Swara will not mind doing it. She is in fact waiting to do it, Am I right?
Swara’s sulk turned into a beam as she got up and hugged her mother.
Swara : Finally, I have got some work. Thank you Ma! And Badi Ma! Ma is right. I don’t mind doing it. Once I finish laying out the table, I’ll call all of you. Ok?
She moved in the direction of the kitchen, thinking.
Swara (thinking) : I have to ask Badi Ma today about Bade Papa… He is the key to finding out Sanskaar’s reservedness. Everyone tells me that Sanskaar was a different person 8 years ago and now it’s upto me to find out what happened to him. A traumatic experience did not change him. Something else did. Haan, Today I have to talk to Badi Ma!
Everyone sat at the table serving themselves.
Sujata : Lo! Everyone’s here except for my businessman beta! He has some meeting in the evening na? (At Laksh’s nod) Then he won’t come at all unless we call him. Uttara, Jao. Go call him.
Uttara nodded and made a move to get up, But Ragini stopped her.
Ragini : Uttara! You sit down. I’ll go. I anyways haven’t started eating while you have. It’s ok.
Uttara nodded smiling and Ragini went upstairs to Sanskaar’ room.
Ragini (knocking on the door) : Can I come in?
Sanskaar (without paying much attention, checking some papers) : Yes, Come in!
Ragini : Sanskaar…
Sanskaar (not seeing who entered, interrupting) : Swara! (Ragini blinks in confusion) Please, Ab disturb mat kar. I have lots of work.
Ragini shook her head and smiled.
Ragini : Par…
Sanskaar (slightly exasperated) : Swaraaa…
He stopped as he turned and saw a chuckling Ragini standing near the door.
Sanskaar (surprised) : Ragini? when did you come?
Ragini (teasing) : Now, If you can’t differentiate between Swara and my voice, You’re going to be in a lot of trouble.
Sanskaar looked at her dumbfounded.
Sanskaar : You were the one to call me?
Ragini nodded.
Ragini : If I had known that you wanted Swara so much, I would have asked her to come. Instead of me.
Sanskaar smiled sheepishly and looked all around to avoid Ragini’s knowing smile.
Ragini (laughing) : You don’t have to hide from me. I can see the love in your eyes.
Sanskaar (with a lot of attitude) : Love? Who said anything about love? I only told her name because she keeps irritating me and disturbing me.
Ragini rolled her eyes.
Ragini : Believe what you want. Now come downstairs. Everyone’ there for lunch and Sujata aunty wants to talk to you.
Sanskaar nodded and ragini left. Sanskaar stared at her retreating form and kept a hand on his face.
Sanskaar : God! How embarassing. You can’t even distinguish between their voices now? Swara has filled up your brain. God! Agar presentation me aisa kuch hua? Sanskaar, Seriously… What the hell is wrong with you.
But he still goofily smiled.
Finally he got up and went downstairs, a bit skeptically. Had Ragini told anything? He looked at her, and she winked at him and slightly shook her head. He gave a sigh of relief. His sister-in-law was nice after all.
Sanskaar (sitting down in his place, co-incidentally opposite Swara) : Mom? Ragini said you wanted to tell something.
Sujata : Haan beta! Jiji, Sharmishta Ji and I have discussed about all the events and ceremonies and finally decided on this. We just wanted to ask you and Swara if it’ll be ok .
Sanskaar : Haan! Tell us.
He locked his eyes with hers and they smiled. This was it. Their wedding was finally going to happen.
Annapurna : Well, The wedding is going to be held four days from now. So we thought of keeping mehendi tomorrow, Sangeet the day after. Then we’ll have some time and Swara will also get some rest before the big day where we’ll have the haldi in the morning and the wedding in the evening. What do you both think?
Sujata : First, We thought we will keep mehendi and sangeet together, But then you kids won’t be able to enjoy as much. Aur, Vaise bhi, Mehendi is ladies function. You boys are prohibited from entering (glaring at Sanskaar, Adarsh and Laksh)
Laksh : Chachi! Don’t worry… We will have fun without you girls.
He winked at her playfully.
Sujata : Badmaash! You’re teasing your chachi?
Laksh : Sorry chachi! Anyways, Bhai, Swara? What do you think?
Swara looked at Sanskaar and they nodded unanimously.
Uttara (extremely happy) : Yay! Now the wedding is fixed. It is going to be so fun!! Congratualtions Bhai, Swara bhabhi!
Everyone mouth their congratulations and Swara smiles shyly while Sanskaar stares at everyone pleased.
They have lunch, talking wedding details all along.
Swara (in a voice that brooked no protest) : Ma! Please…. You have to let me do something. I will go mad otherwise.
Sanskaar (muttering such that only she could hear) : You are mad anyways.
She glared at him.
Swara : Ma! I have to help with the wedding preparations….
Laksh (who was sitting next to Sanskaar, surprised) : Ouch! Swara! Why did you kick me?
Swara (horrified, while Sanskaar gave a hoot of laughter) : Sorry! I didn’t mean to. Voh galti se ho gaya..
Ragini (teasing) : Galti? Which is galti? The kick or the person you meant to give it to?
Swara blushed as everyone laughed. Sanskaar smirked at her triumphantly. Swara gave him an uncaring, attitudish lookand turned to Adarsh who was sitting next to her.
Suddenly she squirmed.
Adarsh ( astonished) : Swara? Are you ok?
Swara (in a slightly high pitched voice): I’m perfectly fine….. oh!
She squirmed a bit more and then gave a death glare at Sanskaar, who stared back innocently.
Sanskaar : What happened Swara?
Swara was still squirming and had now caught the attention of Laksh, who stared at her like she was mad.
Swara (seeing him stare at her, snappy) : Kya hai? Why are you staring?
Laksh (incredulously) : Why am I staring? Look at you. Why are you moving about so much?
Swara : It’s noth….Ohh…
She got up suddenly making everybody glance at her in surprise.
Uttara : Swara bhabhi? You finished eating?
Swara, who had barely two bites of food before Sanskaar had shown up, was torn between sitting opposite Sanskaar and eating while he continued to torture her, or saying she wasn’t hungry and dying due to starvation.
She caught Sanskaar’s look which was silently daring her to come back and sit down. Swara decided that starvation was better than sitting in front of this mad person again.
Swara : Haan! I’m not feeling hungry. I’ll eat later, It’s ok. Excuse me…
She left the table, but as she crossed Sanskaar’s place, he caught her hand and pulled her down.
Sanskaar (whispering) : Coward!
She took her hand out of his grasp and frowned at him. Then she walked off, all high and mighty.
Sanskaar (loudly, just so that Swara could hear) : Mom… Aaj Paneer is really good. And this dal, Out of this world.
Sujata stared at him perplexed.
Sujata : This is the same thing that we make everyday. Why do you find it so special today? Pagal ho kya?
Sanskaar : Nahi Mom! It is really special today. Yummy……..
He turned back and gave a slight wink at Swara who was staring at him sulkily. She walked off in a huff and he silently chuckled.
Swara roamed about the gardens, clutching her growling stomach as though it would burst if she let go.
Swara : God! I’m so freaking hungry… What the hell. Seriously, What type of fiance is this guy? Letting his future wife go hungry. (talking to her stomach) Stop growling. I couldn’t help it. I was going mad there…
She sat down in the patio furniture and kept her hands on the table in depression. Just then, A plate of food was kept right in front of her eyes. She stared at it, her eyes open wide.
Swara : Great! Now I’m hallucinating plates of food as well. This can’t be real. How I wish it was, though! Someone pinch me and tell me that it is not real.
She continued to stare at the plate. Suddenly,
Swara : OUCH….
She held her aching forearm as she turned back to see her irritating fiance laughing at her.
Swara scowled at him.
Swara (getting up) : You Beast! How dare you… First you tickle me with your legs and make me go away from there. That too, HUNGRY. And now, You pinched me. What type of fiance are you?
Sanskaar (innocently) : Arre! You were the one who told someone pinch me, So I carried out your wishes. See, I am a very nice fiance. You should be lucky to have me.
Swara (her mouth falling open) : I should be lucky to have you? I should be lucky to have a man who wants to starve me?
He strode forward so quickly and held her by her waist with only one hand. They locked their eyes together, Swara’s big, beautiful expressive ones with Sanskaar’s intense and piercing ones.
Sanskaar ( softly but intently) : Never! I will never let you starve or suffer any other forms of distress. Your pain will kill me. I cannot see you in pain.
With his free hand, He slowly grazed her cheek with one finger and brought it down to her lips. He brought it still down to her neck, And Swara’s eyes closed. Just as he was about to kiss her, Her stomach growled loudly startling them. They grew apart and stared at each other amused and burst out into laughter.
Sanskaar (holding his ears) : Sorry! You must have been really hungry na? Aao! Eat something.
He led her to the table and made her sit down and he took another chair. He brought the plate in front of her and tore a bit of roti and fed it to her. She ate it while staring at him, and then closed her eyes.
Swara (once she had finished swallowing) : This is heaven. It is heaven right here, on this plate.
Sanskaar smiled, and then frowned.
Sanskaar : You must really be starving. I’m so sorry Swara! It is all my fault…. I shouldn’t have started tickling…..
Swara (interrupting, cupping his cheeks) : Stop it! Do not feel guilty for stupid things. What is wrong with you? See, I’m eating now na? For once, Stop feeling guilty. ( Giving him a reassuring squeeze, while he looked at her gratefully)
Swara (teasing) : Vaise, My hunger is not going to be satisfied in a single bite. Ab can I eat?
Sanskaar smiled at her and fed her 2 rotis and a cup of dal chaval. Just as he was about to give her one more bite, she stopped him.
Swara (protesting) : Bas Sanskaar! I really can’t eat anymore. First, You don’t give me any food. Now you are making me eat like a horse. I’m full. I swear, I can’t eat another bite.
Sanskaar (rolling his eyes) : Fine… You don’t have to eat anymore. Now, shall we go?
Swara : Go? Where?
Sanskaar : Gadodia Nivas. Ma and Ragini are waiting for you. I’ll drop all of you and then I have to go somewhere else before going for my meeting.
Swara (thinking quickly) : Sanskaar’s not going to be at home. Perfect! This is the time to ask Badi Ma!
Suddenly realising that sanskaar was still talking, She stopped him and asked him to repeat.
Sanskaar : Madam! Why are you so lost suddenly? I said that I want to take you to office today. You still haven’t come there and everyone wanted to meet you. And after my meeting, I have a business party cum dinner to attend. So I wanted to take you along. What do you say?
Swara : Sure. Mujhe kya problem hogi? I’ll be ready. You just text me the time later. And for now, You take Ma and Ragini home. I will go home later. Mujhe kuch kaam hai.
Sanskaar : Kaam? Kaisa kaam?
Swara ( mockly exasperated) : We don’t have to tell everything to each other na? Do you tell me everything? nahi na? I bet you have many many secrets from me. So, Why should I tell you?
Sanskaar stood frozen. She was right! He did have secrets from her. Two of them, which he could never share with her.
Swara : Tum ab jao! Bye.
Sanskaar ( shaken back into consciousness, stunned) : Jao? You’re driving me out of my own house?
Swara : Haan! Koi problem hai kya? And anyways, This is going to be my house in a few days.
Sanskaar (muttering) : God help me!
Swara heard it and fumed.
Swara (Turning back and: Ugghh! Irritating man… I don’t know why I l…..
Sanskaar (interestedly) : What? Why did you stop?
Swara berated herself inwards.
Swara (turning around and giving him an attitudish look) : I stopped because I felt bad for you. I meant I don’t know why I’m marrying this man. Ok? Happy? Now bye… I’ll send Ma and Ragini outside.
Sanskaar (chuckling) : Bye Swara! I’ll call you about later.
Swara entered Badi Ma’s room where Annaupurna was lying down and reading a book.
Swara : Badi Ma!
AP (smiling) : Haan beta! Come in…
Swara : Here you go. Mom told me that you forgot to take your BP tablets today. Aise kyun karte ho aap? You have to take care na?
AP : Accha! Sorry! Give them. I’ll take them now.
She took the tablets and smiled at Swara, who gave her a thumbs up. Seeing Swara still hovering about uncertainly, she set her book down.
AP : Swara beta! What is the matter? Why do you seem like you have to tell me something?
Swara : umm…. Badi Ma… I did want to ask you something.. But…
AP: Haan Swara bol! It doesn’t matter what you want to tell. Just tell it out loud.
Swara : I wanted to ask about Bade Papa.
AP (surprised) : Bade Papa?
Swara nodded.
Swara : Yes, Bade Papa! Everyone has told me so much about him and about his death. You all loved him so much… Especially Sanskaar!
AP (understanding at last) : You mean, You want to know more about Sanskaar and his Bade Papa. Because Sanskaar changed completely after his death.
Swara nodded again, shyly.
AP : Aao! Sit down. I’ll tell you how it was between Sanskaar and my husband.
Swara sat next to AP and listened avidly.
AP : When Ram Bhaiyya left us so long ago, Sanskaar was just seven and Uttara three. Sujata was heart-broken. She loved her husband so much. I had my hands full consoling her and Uttara, who was still a baby, and didn’t understand anything. But Sanskaar… I didn’t know how to console him. For a boy to lose his father so young, and at an age when he understands a little but not a lot, It was a very trying time for him. Sujata was and is certainly strong. Everything she does is for these kids. But those few days, when he needed her, when he needed us, We weren’t there.
She closed her eyes, still feeling the guilt. Swara moved closer to Badi Ma, comforting her.
AP (continuing) : The only person who was there for Sanskaar during that time was Laksh’s father. He didn’t show how much he was hurt by his brother’s death. He spent time with Sanskaar, Helped him get over his pain. Helped him become normal again.
Swara listened raptly.
AP : From that day, Sanskaar’s only aim was to impress Bade Papa and fulfil all his wishes. He got straight A’s in school, excelled in all sports. Everything. All so that he could see the pleasure in DP’s eyes. Sure, He loved us to bits… He would have done anything for Sujata and me. But his role model and inspiration was only DP.
Swara’s eyes grew moist as she imagined a young Sanskaar running towards his Bade Papa with a trophy in his hand.
AP : And then, When the day came, When my husband was dead, Sanskaar came. He was even more heart-broken than me. That day, he spent hours in that room with his Bade Papa. And when he came out, he changed. It was as if, he had shut his heart from the outside world. Our Sanskaar just disappeared.
AP had tears in her eyes now. Swara, also sobbing, hugged her tightly.
Swara (thinking) : Now, I understand. I get it why Sanskaar has shut his heart. Until Bade Papa’s death, Sanskaar felt he belonged to BAde Papa! It was Bade Papa in his heart. But in these 8 years, Who waas there? No one….. And that’s why he is so reserved… I will bring him out of this turmoil. That is my vow. To this house, my family and myself. Mr Maheshwari will be back again..
PRECAP : SWARA sees Sanskaar’s Businessman side
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