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Sanskaar realises his love for Swara
Swara offered Prasad to everyone and they left, off to begin the wedding preparations.
She finally came in front of Sanskaar and offered him Prasad. Sanskaar held out his hand , staring at her all the while. She stared back at him puzzled to see the intensity in his eyes and what seemed to be??
Swara (a trifle nervously and softly) : Sanskaar? Aisa kya dekh rahe ho?
Sanskaar continued to stare at her.
Swara (Now more nervous and puzzled) : Sanskaar? You are happy about the wedding na? You seem very unhappy right now. Do you wish to call off the wedding?
Sanskaar, finally hearing her words, focused on her, his eyes angry.
Sanskaar : SWARA!
He took the Prasad ka plate and kept it down. He then glared at her and pushed her to a pillar and pinned her arms firmly.
Sanskaar (His eyes boring into her own) : How dare you? How dare you think that? I can’t leave you. Never! YOU UNDERSTAND ME? NEVER! How could you think that?
Swara (feeling a bit guilty now) : Sanskaar…
Sanskaar : Bas Swara! You always like to tease me and I listen to it patiently. But this DOES NOT mean that you can tell anything without thinking. You have hurt me today. The thought of leaving you makes my heart……
Swara (stunned to see Sanskaar talk like this) : Makes your heart… What Sanskaar? Why did you stop?
Sanskaar (thinking) : I can’t tell her. How will you get out of this mess, Sanskaar? Sorry Swara! But I can never tell you what I really feel.
He freed her hands from his grasp and cupped her cheeks bringing her closer.
Sanskaar (in a pleading voice) : Promise you will never utter those words again. Please promise… I cannot bear it Swara! I am very hurt and angry with you.
Before Swara had a chance to tell anything, He left abruptly leaving a stunned and confused Swara behind.
Swara : What has happened to this man? Why did he act like this? I have never seen Sanskaar so angry or hurt before.
She remembered the look in his eyes and sighed regretfully.
Swara (self deprecating) : Great! Swara, You are a fool. How could you hurt him like that? You never think before you talk. Now see how hurt he is. What are you going to do?
She sat and thought for some time. She went to Sanskaar’s room where he sat, shuffling through some papers.
Swara : Sanskaar?
Sanskaar turned towards her, his lips tightening.
Sanskaar (curtly) : What is it Swara? Unless it is important, I don’t want to talk to you.
Swara (protestingly and apologetic) : But you have to allow me to tell you how sorry I am.
Sanskaar ( smiling sadly at her) : I know you’re sorry Swara. You would never intentionally hurt anyone. I know you. But you did hurt me. And now I don’t feel like talking to you. So bye, Swara!
He turned away from her. She gave a sigh and went out of the room.
Sanskaar ( sadly) : Maybe this is for the best. The farther I am from you, the easier it’ll be for me. I cannot stay without you, Swara! I am not strong enough for that. But I can try to be a bit apart from you. It’ll kill me, but I will.

tere ishq pe, tere waqt pe, bas haq hai ik mera
teri rooh pe tere jism pe, bas haq hai ik mera
bas haq hai ik mera, bas haq hai ik mera..

Sanskaar stepped out of his room to find that everyone was in the hall busy with decorations and other wedding stuff. He rolled his eyes and made a movement to join them when he suddenly noticed that Swara wasn’t there.
He frowned. Where was she? He saw Ragini and Uttara discussing some sari patterns or some other girl stuff he had no interest in. Laksh and Adarsh were busy moving stuff. The elders were making lists of guests. But where was Swara?
Sanskaar (calling out from above) : Mom!
Sujata looked up.
Sujata : Yes?
Sanskaar : Mom, Where is Swara?
Sujata (puzzled) : I don’t know. She must be here only somewhere. I told them to stay here until lunch so that we could start the preparations. Why don’t you call her?
Sanskaar nodded and dialled her number. Swara picked up the call.
Sanskaar (slight relief) : Swara! Where are you?
Swara : Ssh…. Not so loud. Turn to your left. Do you see an arrow mark there?
He turned to the left but found nothing. He then turned to the right and found an arrow mark on a yellow paper stuck to the wall.
Sanskaar : Haan! I found it.
Swara : Good! Now all you have to do is follow the arrows.
Sanskaar (smiling at her childishness, but speaking in an angry tone) : Swara! Pagal ho kya? I have to prepare for a meeting and you’re asking me to play games? Enough Swara!
Swara (hurt and disappointed) : Please. It will mean a lot to me. But if you’re busy, Leave it. It’s ok. Sorry for disturbing you.
Sanskaar ( a bit regretfully) : Swara! Sorry! I shouldn’t have snapped at you. Wait, I’m coming.
Swara (happily) : You are? Great! Remember! Just follow the arrows.
She cut the call and Sanskaar sighed. He had to remember that he couldn’t take out his frustration on her. It wasn’t her fault.
Sanskaar (thinking) : When you can’t see the hurt on her face, How the hell can you be the one to hurt her? You have to learn to control, Sanskaar.
He started following the arrows which led him finally to a store room.
Sanskaar ( stepping in, curious) : Swara?
He entered the room which was filled with trunks which stored the old items passed over from generation to generation in the Maheshwari Khaandaan. He switched on the light and saw 8 envelopes lying on the ground which said the name, SANSKAAR.
Sanskaar : Swara? Where are you? And why are you here? This is such an isolated room.
He picked up the first envelope, opened it and then decided to pick up all the envelopes.
Once he finished collecting, He began opening them and reading them.
Sanskaar shook his head in wonder and amusement and opened the second one.
2nd : She is your fiancee
3rd : She is the most awesome person you know.
His eyebrows crinkled and he raised one of them.
Sanskaar (skeptically) : Most awesome person? Really, Swara?
He continued reading.
4th : She can’t bear it when you’re angry with her
5th : She truly feels very sorry
His eyes softened and he smiled. His Swara was a very different woman.
6th : You know she is a very determined woman. She will do anything to get you to forgive her.
He rolled his eyes. Swara was the most determined person he knew.
7th : She’s a crazy know it all, So she knows exactly how she’s going to
Just as he was about to open the 8th and last envelope,
Swara ( a bit embarassed ) : Sanskaar! Don’t open that.
Sanskaar turned around to see a sheepish Swara come through the door.
Sanskaar ( amused and amazed ) : Swara! What is this?
Swara : You told you weren’t talking to me and…
Sanskaar : And so, you did this? Aur how have you tried to impress me? By praising yourself?
He chuckled and Swara grinned.
Swara : Well! I did this only to bring a smile to your face. So, I had to write things that were funny and perhaps untrue.
Sanskaar (softly) : Nahi Swara! Never untrue.
He started to walk towards her.
Sanskaar : I know that you are truly sorry.
He took another step, his eyes never leaving her face and she took a step back.
Sanskaar : You are my fiancee which makes you the second most awesome person I know.
She raised her eyes questioningly.
Sanskaar : Arre! The most awesome person is of course me.
She chuckled and magnanimously waved her hand and conceded his point.
Sanskaar (Now really close to Swara, softly) : I can’t bear it when you’re angry with me too.
Swara’s breath quickened. She looked down in reflex but Sanskaar’s voice soon made her look at him again.
He came and touched her arm.
Sanskaar ( soft and whispering) : Swara, You are the most determined person I know. I can never dispute the fact. And crazy, Obviously.
Swara swatted him a bit loudly on his arm and made a face, though her eyes were smiling and filled with laughter.
Sanskaar : Let me finish. You are crazy because of me, I know. I irritate you a lot and annoy the hell out of you. I have made you like this. Swara, You are the perfect woman for me. And I am really lucky that you’re marrying Imperfect me…
Swara’s heart jumped with joy. Was there any more reason to doubt why she loved this man? He was so perfect. She stared at him goofily smiling.
Sanskaar (holding out the final envelope, curious) : Vaise, What is in this?
Swara (shaken out of her reverie, horrified) : Oh no! Please don’t read it.
She tried to take it from him, but he held it out of her grasp.
Sanskaar : Oh no, You don’t! Now I am really curious to know what’s in this. Tell me…
Swara shook her head and looked down blushing crimson. Sanskaar stared at her delightedly and playfully winked at her.
Sanskaar : Now I absolutely have to know the reason for that blush.
He tore open the envelope and scanned the contents quickly. He looked at her stunned. She blushed and turned to run away, but his hand caught hers. She closed her eyes as he came closer.
Sanskaar ( from behind, whispering in her ears) : Envelope 8 : You should forgive me because we have amazing kisses together and it would be a shame if we couldn’t continue to kiss each other.
Swara smiled as she recalled writing those words in a fit of silliness. What on Earth had forced her to write those words?
Sanskaar turned her towards him and raised her face which was facing downwards. She was still closing her eyes and he slowly kissed her eyelids.
Sanskaar (teasingly ) : I didn’t know you liked my kisses so much, Miss Gadodia! You should have told me earlier na? I would have… (he touched her lips )
She slowly opened her eyes, saw his warm and intense gaze upon hers and immediately closed them again, settling on his chest as he hugged him tightly.
Sanskaar held her, wondering how he had got so lucky. He was going to marry this girl. He was going to actually marry her. He smiled at the thought.
They finally untangled themselves and Sanskaar cupped her cheeks.
Sanskaar (whispering) : You know what Swara?
Swara’s eyes betrayed her cluelessness.
Sanskaar ( in a warm, low tone) : I love kissing you too. IT would seriously be a shame if we could not anymore….
And then he placed his lips on hers.
This kiss felt different. It was not intense, filled with burning passion. It was not soft and gentle as well.

This kiss was infintely tender, warm and full of promise. This was the kiss of a man who knew he was in love.
Sanskaar froze.
What was he doing?
He was supposed to be a bit apart from Swara. He was supposed to spend a little time away from her, and yet here he was kissing her.
But he knew he couldn’t move away from her just then. He didn’t have the strength to remove himself from her embrace. The soft feel of her hair as he moved his hands through it. The way she fit perfectly in his arms. The way they were kissing right now.
This was a perfect moment and Sanskaar couldn’t have dragged himself away, no matter how much he wanted to.
Finally, they grew apart for breath, her eyes filled with an unknown desire. Sanskaar detected this and smiled tightly. So Swara, even if she didn’t love him, did feel something for him.
As she looked at a mirror hung on the wall to fix her hair, Sanskaar stared at her, A thousand different thoughts running through his mind.
Sanskaar (thinking) : Ye kaisa ishq hai? How am I in a position where I can’t confess my feelings to my love who I want to be with most in the world. Why did you do this, God? First you take away my Bade Papa and made my life entirely different. I had a purpose. I was going to have a marriage based not on feelings, but with sense of duty.
Sanskaar (looking at Swara and slightly smiling, thinking) : And then you sent her into my life. My Swara! Who I thought was the most annoying meddler in this universe. And now, I can’t stay away from her even for a day. And the worst part is, By loving her, I am spoiling her life. She’s spoiling her life by marrying me. How can I let her do this? I LOVE HER… But she doesn’t. I don’t think she does. How can I let her spoil her life? She is my Swara… But what if I’m not her Sanskaar?
This thought made his heart clench so much with pain, but he welcomed the pain. He needed it to calm his brain, which was creating about 1000 different thoughts, all about her.
Sanskaar (thinking) : Calm down Sanskaar! Stop thinking of million things at once.
Swara called his name, making him happy as he was distracted from his thoughts.
Swara : Sanskaar! I think it’s time we go down. Ma will be wondering where I am. It’s almost time for lunch. And Sanskaar?
He nodded at her in anticipation.
Swara (holding both her ears) : Sorry! I didn’t mean to hurt you this morning!
Sanskaar smiled and clutched both her hands and brought them to his lips.
Sanskaar : It’s ok Swara! But please don’t ever say that again. I really do want to marry you.
Swara : And I, you.
They looked at each other for a moment, wondering if they’ll ever be confess their love for each other. Finally, Sanskaar kissed her once on her cheek and left, citing he had to prepare for a business deal.
They left, their hearts light, but their mind heavy, full of thoughts about each other.
Swara (thinking) : When will I ease your pain? I have to talk to Badi Ma today and find out about Bade Papa. I will do anything to ease your pain, Sanskaar! Anything.
She stopped on top of the stairs.
Swara (thinking) : You may be ready to ease his pain, But when are you going to confess, Swara? When will you get the courage to do so?
She sighed.
Swara : Oh Lord! Ye kaisa ishq hai? Why is this so hard? Please help me. Bade Papa! I don’t know if you’re listening to me, But please help me. What has happened to your Sanskaar?
At the same time,
Sanskaar : Bade Papa! What do I do? You’ve always guided me na? Then why in this matter am I so confused? Why am I feeling like this.
Pyaar Hai Ya Saja, Aai Mere Dil Bata
Tootata Kyon Nahi Dard Ka Silsila
Is Pyaar Mein Hon Kaise Kaise Imntihaan
Ye Pyaar Likhe Kaisi Kaisi Dastaan
Ya Rabba De De Koi Jaan Bhi Agar
Dilbar Pe Ho Na, Dilbar Pe Ho Na Koi Asar
( Ho Ya Rabba De De Koi Jaan Bhi Agar
Dilbar Pe Ho Na, Dilbar Pe Ho Na Koi Asar )… (2)
Pyaar Hai Ya Saja, Aai Mere Dil Bata
Tootata Kyon Nahi Dard Ka Silsila
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