Hey guys!! I know I have not clearly explained the characters of Swara and Sanskaar and you may have a little confusion about them. So here is a brief character-sketch…
She is 25 years old. When she was 3, her biological mom, Priya, passed away. Her dad Shekar, who had divorced Priya was married to Sumi and they had a daughter Ragini…The divorce was mutual so there was no hard feelings between Sumi and Priya…
After Priya’s death, Sumi and Shekar raised Swaragini together. Swara doesn’t know much about Priya and accepts Sumi as her own mum. Swara loves Ragini a lot. They have lots of fun together.
They used to live in a town near Kolkata. But after Shekar’s death, due to financial problems, They move to Kolkata where Swara has got a job. The job starts in 3 months.
Though they are not as rich as other members of the society in Kolkata..they are accepted and receive invitations everywhere…Sumi wants both of them to attend these parties and choose their husband.

Swara is a pretty girl who is straightforward, vivacious and witty. She doesn’t throw any airs or graces. She doesn’t want to get married. She only wants to earn money so that she can support her mother and pay off all their debts.
Ragini is really beautiful and everyone loves her. She is really graceful. She too loves her family and doesn’t think herself better than Swara because of her beauty. She has told that she will marry the man who Swara chooses.
A successful businessman. 28 years old. His dad died when he was 7. After that, his world revolved around DP. Everything he did, he did for DP…
He is really handsome and has had a lot of girlfriends. He knows how to treat women and does not behave inappopriately. After DP’s death, it hit really hard on him. And he got a new idea about his mortality.
He decides to get married so that he can fulfil his Badi Ma’s and mom’s wishes. But he doesn’t want a love marriage as it would only complicate matters when he died. So he wants a loveless marriage where he could be friends with his wife. His wife should be smart, and ” sarvagun sampann ”
He decides to marry Ragini as she seems like the ideal candidate…
So these are my protagonists…
How will Swara prevent Sanskaar from going after her sister? How will Sanskaar ignore Ragini’s annoying sister and marry Ragini?
Do they lose their hearts in the process? Or does a whole new twist take place?

So if you find this interesting, Please do read my ff…And please comment…To my silent readers, I request you also to comment!!
Hope this cleared ur confusion…Will post next chapter soon……….<3 <3 <3

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  1. i know abt that why did u summarise that again????

    1. lol jaf!!! No, It’s just that some ppl were confused about the storyline..so i thought a char sketch would be helpful….I didn’t think it would be printed as chapter 3 though…

  2. amazing characters……
    cant ressist reading…..
    i am truly turning into insomniac…
    bt really …. thanks for d quick look of the main characters…

    1. no problem janvi!!

  3. i js luv ur concept…. nyc and intrstinh plot…and start…plz update next ep asap

    1. thnxx jiya!! Will try to upload next by today…

  4. Yeah confusions got cleared anjali…. nw i can undrstnd ur storyline… hmm plz do continue…. so there is gonna be a war btwn swasan i guess… swara wil stand to save her sis frm sanskar.. nd mean while our hero is going behind to marry ragz for sake of his family..y is he gonna die?? Any genetic disorder???. hmm waiting for swasan meeting….

    1. I have decided it’s going to be a little different this time…not exactly a war……

      1. ik NAvi!! It is just the bond between them was so strong…

    2. No genetic problem. He imagines that just like dp died in the age of 42 even sanskar will die at the same age. Budhuuuu sanskar

      1. Yeah i undrstood kavya nd anjali… lolz hw sanski has thought?? Vry funny…

  5. I think you ppl are still confused about Sanskaar dying at 42 thing…..
    Dp is Sanskaar’s role model, life coach, his everything…When DP died, Sanskaar got the feeling that if such a great man could die when he was only 42, how could Sanskaar live for so long?

    IT is his belief thathe won’t survive after 42… He thinks that destiny will kill him before that…. There is not any genetic disorders or whatever…Like superstitious beliefs, this is one as welll

    1. Ok anjali…
      Im going for weekend so i wil nt able to read ur ff… but sure i wil back aftr 3 days..
      And give u comment…

      1. Sure Navi!!! Was surprised to see no comments in ch 4 so asked about it in nive’s ff….Now only saw this! Continue reading later!! Hope you’ll like it!!

  6. Nce waiting for next

    1. Thnxxx l khan

  7. your ff is awesome I loved it ……upload next part soon

    1. Thnxxx Esha….will upload today if possible….

    1. Thnxx roja!!!

    1. Thnxxx zzzzz

  8. arey, this is not fair- i was exicited that we got 2 chapters but this is like intro…
    pls dont do this

    1. Sorry xxxx!!! This was just supposed to be promo to clear everyone’s confusion…but it came as chapter 3 instead…sorry…will post the next chapter asap

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