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Swara wins the challenge

Swara (whispering wxcitedly) : SShhhh…. No one else can know…. Listen… My fiance na? Khadoos Maheshwari? He is not khadoos anymore… He is a very nice man… And do you know the biggest thing of all? Come closer.. I’ll tell you..
Sanskaar leaned in closer.
Sanskaar (excitedly) : ARRE WAAH! Have you told him yet?
Swara (sulkily) : Nahi! That man is mad. I can’t tell him yet. Anyways, Chhod!
Sanskaar : Why? Why do you want to leave it?
Swara : Arre! Listen to me… When I say leave it, I mean leave it. (she pretends to sob) Do you want me to cry?
Sanskaar (protesting) : No.. No… Please don’t cry. I am sorry. Come on, Shall I tell you what I WANT?
Swara nodded her head.
Swara : Tell…. Tell… Tell…
Sanskaar (conspiratorially) : Mujhe chocolate chahiye.
Swara (excitedly) : Mujhe bhi! (she starts jumping) : Mujhe bhi chahiye. Come on, We will shout and ask Ganda ladka to bring one for us.
Sanskaar : Haan chalo!
They go to the door and start banging and shouting loudly.
As they are banging the door, The door opens with such a jerk that they fall down. Sanskaar and Swara gaze up confused to see Laksh’s exasperated face.
Laksh : Kya hai? Oh My God, Stop shouting. Bhai! I cannot believe that you are the business tycoon the world fears and respects. Seriously, You both will be the death of us all one day. Now both of you get up.. (Seeing that they were about to speak) CHUP! SHUT UP! Not another word from the two of you. GET UP AND GO INSIDE AND SIT… RIGHT NOW.
He glared at them as they obediently went and sat down sulkily.

Swara : Ganda ladka!
Laksh (scowling at her) : Did you tell something Swara?
Swara shook her head, afraid.
Laksh (smugly) : I thought so. Uttara, Come in and give these two nincompoops dinner.
A chuckling Uttara came in and gave two plates filled with rotis and potato curry and two glasses of lemonade to Sanskaar and Swara. She then stood next to Laksh amused at his stern expression.
Laksh : Now you both listen to me carefully. You will eat this quietly. Then you will drink the lemon juice and go to sleep. Do you understand?
Swara began to cry. Sanskaar, worried sett his plate down and came next to her and hugged her.
Sanskaar : Why are you crying? What happened? Please don’t cry…
Swara (sobbing) : Ganda ladka is scolding! I don’t like him. He… He.. is making me cry.
Laksh rolled his eyes while Uttara burst out laughing. Sanskaar glared at Laksh and walked over to him.
Sanskaar : Now look what you did. You made her cry. Ganda ladka! Go out! I don’t want to see you.. (looking at Uttara) You also go out. Bye.
Laksh (taken aback) : But…

Sanskaar pushed both of them out of the room and locked the door. He came and sat next to Swara and wiped her tears.
Sanskaar : Chalo, Stop crying. They have gone out. Please stop crying..I can’t see tears in your eyes.
Swara sniffed and hugged him.
Swara : Thank you! You are very nice, Just like my Mr Maheshwari.
Sanskaar (smiling ) : Come! We will eat now.
He took a plate and taking a piece of roti and alu, he fed it to Swara, who opened her mouth and ate staring at him. She then took a piece and fed it to him. They ate their entire dinner silently and thoughtfully.
Swara got the glasses of lemonade and handed one over to Sanskaar.
Swara : Drink this. It will make you feel better.
They sat on the floor leaning against the bed, side by side, and sipped their juice.

Swara (after finishing, drowsily) : I am very sleepy now.
Sanskaar (also drowsily) : Haan! Me too. I am going to sleep. Bye.
Swara (whispering) : Wait.. You are only my Mr Maheshwari right? Thank you… For such a wonderful day. Thank you so much! Now good night!
She leant on Sanskaar’s shoulder and fell asleep while Sanskaar stared at her, his drowsiness gone for the time-being.
Sanskaar : I am… her… Mr Maheshwari? That means she told she loves me? What is this? Ouch.. My head hurts! I’ll think about this in the morning. Good night Swara.
He gave her a featherlight kiss on her forehead and then leaning on the bed fell asleep, his hands entwined with hers. Laksh, observing all of this throught the door where the curtains had not been pulled through completely smiled and sighed in relief.
Uttara (noticing his sigh of relief) : What happened, Laksh? Why the sigh?
Laksh : Because my responsibility is over for the night. Those two are sleeping peacefully and quietly.
Uttara, amused, stared into the room. Laksh joined her and smiled.
Uttara : Look at bhai! I have never seen him look so peaceful since I don’t know when. (with light tears in her eyes) When will we get our Sanskaar back, Laksh? What the hell happened to him?
Laksh (hugging her tightly) : Don’t worry Uttara! Swara bhabhi will soon make everything right again. Like Ma says, She was destined for Sanskaar! And you have seen, Ever since she’s entered our life, Sanskaar is returning to us. He is no more the quiet, arrogant, brooding guy we knew.
Uttara (smiling) : Yes! He is coming back to us.
Laksh ( yawning) : Now… I am going to sleep. I wanted to wait for Adarsh to come back from the station with Ma and Chachi. But these two have taken up all my energy. Uttara, You tell Ma and Chachi about these two… (seeing Uttara staring at him) What happened? Why are you staring at me?
Uttara (thoughtfully) : I was just thinking, We feel so tired taking care of these two for like 3 hours, But Sanskaar has taken care of us for 8 years. 8 years Laksh! He took care of our education, our careers, Ma, Badi Ma, The house, The company… all without a word of complaint. How did he do that? And even Swara… She has taken care of Ragini and her mom. Her house and so much more.

Laksh : The burden of being the eldest child, Uttara, is something that we will never understand. If I’m a successful author now, able to leave anywhere at a moment’s notice without having to worry about anyone, It is because of him. He has never let us worry for anything. He is the best brother we could ask for.
They looked at Sanskaar, love for him clearly in their eyes. Sujata and Annapurna joined them, having heard everything. Uttara turned towards them.
Uttara : Ma! Badi Ma! Umm… Inside…
Annapurna (smiling) : I know beta! Adarsh told us everything. It’s ok. Let them sleep now. And you also go sleep. You look tired out of your minds.
Laksh and Uttara smiled, said their goodnights and went to bed. Annapurna and Sujata stood there for a moment, looking at Swara and Sanskaar, a soft smile appearing on their lips.
Sujata : We can’t deny anything that Laksh and Uttara told, Jiji! If it were not for Sanskaar, We wouldn’t have been where we are today. We are lucky to have got a son like him.
Annapurna : Haan Sujata! We are really lucky to get him. And Swara as our bahu. We should offer our thanks to God for this.
They smiled one last time at Swara and Sanskaar and then left for bed.
Swara opened her eyes drowsily. She tried to move and staggered back down. Damn, Her head was aching like hell. What had happened the night before. She rested her head once again, blinking back sleep and tried to get up.
Swara ( clutching her head and neck as it was stiff and aching) : Ouch! Swara, Are you hungover? Where the hell am I?
She glanced at the unfamiliar surroundings with confusion. She tried to stand but as she did, a wave of dizziness arose over her, making her fall straight on the floor.
Swara (closing her eyes) : How can the floor be so soft? What is happening here? Have I gone mad? Swara.. Open your eyes and check.
She opened her eyes, wincing slightly to see that was on top of…

Her eyes widened. Oh shit, She was on top of Sanskaar!
Swara opened her mouth and screamed loudly.
Sanskaar arose with a jerk, startled out of his wits and sat up, pushing Swara on the ground. He clutched his head wincing grotesquely.
Sanskaar (groaning) : Ouch… Who the hell is screaming? Go awa. My head hurts.
Swara (lying on the floor, clutching her hand) : Ouch… You beast! Look what you did!
Sanskaar (closing his eyes) : Swara! That is too loud. Go away.
Just then the door was knocked loudly by someone, making them both groan.
Sanskaar threw a pillow at the door.
Sanskaar : Go away, you understand. Go away!
Annapurna (voice muffled) : Beta! I have brought a herbal remedy to cure the hangovers of both of you. Please open the door.
Swara (wincing, whispering) : Badi Ma!
She summoned the energy to get up and limped over to the door, clutching her head. Sanskaar watched her, his eyes half closed. Swara opened the door to find a smiling Badi Ma with a tray with 2 glasses containing some sort of brown potion. She wrinkled her nose disgustingly.
Swara : Badi Ma! What is this?
Annapurna laughed and stepped inside. She handed over a glass to Sanskaar who was on the floor and another to Swara who had collapsed on a nearby chair.
Annapurna : Now drink this. It will help cure your headache and everything else.
Sanskaar (groaning) : Badi Ma! I will drink anything you want me to. Just please, stop shouting. My ears are going to become deaf.
Annapurna (chuckling and whispering) : Serves you right.
She sat and watched Sanskaar as he finished the medicine wrinkling his nose.
Sanskaar (after finishing, his voice much clearer) : Aaaah! Badi Ma! There is magic in your fingers. You always know how to make me feel good. You’re the best Badi Ma!
Annapurna smiled at him and stroked his forehead.
Annapurna : Obviously I am the best Badi Ma! I have the best beta na?
He grinned and kissed her cheek. Suddenly they heard a groan. They turned to see Swara clutching her head and wincing. Sanskaar grew alarmed to see Swara this way.
Sanskaar : Swara?
Swara (snapping) : Sanskaar! Stop shouting. I’ll kill you. Let me die in peace here. My head is splitting.
Annapurna (stifling a laugh, mock sternly) : Swara! Why haven’t you drunk the remedy yet? It will help you.
Swara : Badi Ma! If I drink this vile brown concoction, It will surely kill me. I won’t drink this. I will drink black coffee.
Annapurna (sternly) : Swara! You are not a small kid. Now drink this. It will help you beta!
Swara (whining) : NO!
She sounded close to tears. Sanskaar understoon that she was being so stubborn because she was still dead tired and didn’t have any idea what she was saying.
Sanskaar (keeping a gentle arm around Swara) : Swara?
Swara (sleepily) : Hmmm…
Sanskaar : Are you tired? Will you please drink the remedy. It will seriously help you.
Swara (whining drowsily as she snuggled into Sanskaar’s embrace) : No…. I don’t want…… to…..! Please….. Badi…. Ma…. Let me….. sleep.
She settled into a peaceful sleep hugging Sanskaar. Annapurna smiled softly and tousled Swara’s hair.
Annapurna : Poor girl! She must have been really tired. Let her sleep for some more time. I’ll tell everyone not to disturb her. She will have peace and quiet for some time. Once she wakes up, Give her this and ask her to take it.
Sanskaar nodded and silently mouthed thank you. After Badi Ma left, He lifted a sleeping Swara in his arms and tucked her into bed. He sat there next to her for some time.
Sanskaar (playing with a strand of her hair) : Swara! How peaceful you look now. I have never seen your face look like this. What the hell did we do last night to make you so damn tired?
He started thinking about yesterday’s events. First, Swara had played a prank on him. They had gone to the Holi carnival and had rode the roller coaster. His eyes lit up as he remembered the roller coaster and the joy he had felt with Swara next to him.
His eyes suddenly grew wide. He just realised that the reason he had enjoyed yesterday was because of Swara. IF Swara hadn’t been there, he doubted he would have enjoyed it so much. In fact, Now life seemed dull without Swara to light up his day. He leaned back against the bedpost, stroking her hair and smiling. He remebered their dance and the game where she had dunked him. And their kiss afterwards, Sanskaar had never felt happier or more content in his life. Later, when they had their Bhang competition, their utter drunkenness. He vaguely recalled Laksh trying to bring them both to order. He chuckled softly. Laksh, being the responsible one must surely have been an entertaining sight to watch. He had to ask Uttara about it later.
Suddenly he frowned. Had he been talking something serious with Swara yesterday? He felt within his bones that something important had taken place, but what?
He wrecked his brain and thought hard. What had happened? He recalled running around the house, eating chocolate with Swara, her whispering something to him…
Sanskaar (thinking) : That must be it! What did Swara whisper to me?
He stared at Swara’s sleeping form and scowled at her.
Sanskaar : Look at you, sleeping so peacefully. And here I am, thinking long and hard. What the hell did you say, Miss Gadodia?
He slapped his forehead. Of Course.
Sanskaar : Something Khadoos Maheshwari.. Umm… What the hell was it. My Khadoos Maheshwari… What the hell was it? I feel like I’ve almost got it, I only have to grasp it…
Just as he felt he got it, His phone rang, interrupting his thoughts.
Sanskaar : Shit! Swara will get up. Search for the phone, Sanskaar! Search jaldi! Let your love sleep.
He unthinkingly searched for his phone and answered it.
Sanskaar (on the phone, in a low voice) : Alright Mr Raj! Schedule the meeting for 5:45 pm. I’ll be there. Now, Thank you. I will call you back if I need anything else.
He kept the phone down and smiled at Swara. He came and kissed her softly on her forehead.
Sanskaar : Sorry, My love, but I have to go get dressed now. But you sleep, as much as you want. Ok?
He got up and went to the washroom and washed his face. As he was drying himself using a face towel, He stared at the mirror in shock?
Sanskaar (shocked) : WHAT JUST HAPPENED?
He recalled telling My love to Swara twice.
Sanskaar (stunned) : I love her??
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