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Swara wins the challenge

Sanskaar, now dressed in a loose collared white shirt and blue jeans turned towards Swara and held out his hand.
Sanskaar : Shall we go in?
Swara nodded as she gazed at the entrance to the carnival. She could see all sorts of colours being thrown high into the air.
Swara (softly) : You ready?
Sanskaar : Why not? After all, you are there na?
Swara smiled and took his hand and gave it a squeeze. She blinked slowly reassuring him and they stepped in.
Immediately they were sounded by babble in all 4 sides. People had shown up to the carnival like bees in a swarm.
Sanskaar (shouting so that he could be heard) : Swara! It’s too crowded here. Do you still want to stay here? Can we leave?
Swara (also shouting) : Sanskaar! Stop it… We are not leaving. That’s final… Now come on, There is less crowd there… They seem to be gathering around something. Let’s go see what it is.
She took him and they stood in front of the crowd waiting to hear what to hear what the fuss was about. Soon, A ma showed up and spoke in the loudspeaker.
Man : Alright! This is an announcement for couples alone. ONLY COUPLES… EVERYONE ELSE PLEASE LEAVE…
About half the crowd gathered there dispersed grumbling among themselves leaving 6 couples there.
Sanskaar : Shall we go there? I don’t mean because of the romance part of it, But it definitely looks less crowded.. Toh chalein?
Swara : Of Course….

They walked over to the place and saw what all events were present in a huge banner.
Swara : Holi roller coaster, Colour ball, Dunk, Bhang Palace, Holi laser tag, Dance floor, Holi karaoke… Oh My God! This list is actually pretty impressive. Where shall we go first? Sanskaar………………….. Sanskaar?
She turned to see Sanskaar practically salivating over something.
Swara : Sanskaar? What are you staring at?
Sanskaar (with more excitement than she had ever seen him been) : Swara! Swara! Look!
He pointed and Swara’s eyes followed his finger until they finally rested on the huge roller coaster.
Sanskaar (his eyes shining and his voice animated) : Swara! Can we go? Please (his voice almost begging) Pleaseeeeee….
Swara (chuckling) : Chalo! We will go.
Sanskaar (shouting) : WOO HOO! Swara, Come on… Let’s go… I can’t wait!
Swara : Haan Haan… I’m coming na?
Sanskaar (taking few huge steps forward and turning to see Swara way behind him, in an impatient voice) : SWAAARAAA! What are you doing?
Swara : Sanskaar! Stop acting like a 3 year old kid…. I am coming na?
But Sanskaar couldn’t wait. He came near Swara and lifted her into his arms and began walking forward resolutely.
Swara (protesting) : Sanskaar! What are you doing? Put me down.
Sanskaar : No. You are too slow. And I want to go on the roller coaster. Now will you stop fidgeting and hold me tightly.
Swara complied.

Swara : But everyone’s staring.
Sanskaar : Haan Toh? We are engaged. No one will surely mind me carryong you.
Swara : But…. (softly) They’ll think that we love each other.
Sanskaar froze and looked into Swara’s troubled eyes. He didn’t know how but somehow he knew that the answer that was about to give would mean a lot to her.
Sanskaar : Well….. (looking again at Swara’s anticipating eyes) Do you really care what those people think? (Before Swara could answer) Because I don’t. I know the truth and you know the truth. (feeling like he has to say this even though it leaves his heart in a painful pang) You don’t love me Swara and I don’t….. I do..n’t too. So how does it matter?
Swara (keeping her eyes down so that Sanskaar doesn’t see her or the truth in her eyes) : You’re right. Now let’s go. Your ride is waiting.
Sanskaar (brightening) : Arre Haan! Chalo chalo… Let’s go!
They reached the entrance of the ride and got into a car. It is a small coaster with maximum of two people sitting per car. Swara and Sanskaar sat in the last car and buckled themselves in.
Sanskaar : Swara! Are you sure you’ve buckled yourself properly? You will be safe na?
Swara (reassuringly) : Yes Sanskaar! Don’t worry…. I am perfectly safe. Aur vaise bhi, You’re there na? Have you buckled yourself properly?
Sanskaar : Yes! (looking about excitedly) Wow… I can’t believe I’m going in a roller coaster again. The last time I went must have been 4 years before Bade Papa…… (he stopped suddenly sad)
Sanskaar looked away, unwilling to show the sudden emotions on his face to Swara! Swara smiled slowly and sadly. She kept a gentle hand on his cheek and made him face her. Sanskaar looked at her, with his eyes signalling that he was trying to control his emotions.
Swara did not say anything but just nodded once and blinked reassuringly. Sanskaar smiled gratefully, glad to have found a partner who understood what he was feeling without the need to be explained. She looked at him, her eyes bright, because of the unshed tears that were threatening to fall down her face. She kept her head on Sanskaar’s chest and they hugged each other tightly, taking comfort in each other, lessening their burden.
Just then the whistle sounded signalling the starting of the ride. Swara came away from Sanskaar’s grasp and they both looked at each other excited. The cars started moving and they screamed as they went up and down the slide. During the first loop, there wasn’t anything surprising about it. But in the second loop, Suddenly all sorts of colours were sprayed on them from the right and left sides.

Swara (As pink coloured powder was sprayed on her) : EEEEEEK… No wonder they call this the Holi Coaster. Oh My God! This is so exciting.
She turned to look at Sanskaar, who was still white and colourless. As he saw her astonished look, he smiled and took out a huge cloth which had been kept under the seat.
Sanskaar (triumphantly) : Hahaha! I didn’t get any on me… And you got on you. See, You should be clever like me Swara…..
Suddenly he stopped talking as a whole cloud of green powder came on him ruining his white shirt. Swara, who had ducked so as to get Sanskaar coloured began laughing seeing his disgruntled look.
Swara : Seriously! You should strive not to boast, Mr Maheshwari! Hamesha ulta padh jata hai….
Sanskaar ( a wicked gleam in his eye) : Accha Swara? Ulta huh?
Swara ( looking vaguely uneasy and suspicious) : Sanskaar… What are you doi….OHHH (As he caught her by the waist and pulled her towards him even though she was buckled.
Sanskaar (his mouth inches from hers) : I am not ulta! I am seedha saadha insaan!
Swara (knowing that he was goading her but unable to resist, in a fake shocked voice) : Tum insaan ho? Aur woh bhi seedha saadha… I’m shocked.
Sanskaar (using one of his hands to raise Swara’s chin and bring her mouth few milli meters way from his.
Sanskaar (in a slow seductive voice) : I’ll show you exactly how seedha saadha I am right now?
Swara gulped. This was why she shouldn’t get provoked. He leaned in much closer though it didn’t seem possible. His lips were just going to touch hers when a gong sounded and the ride ended.
Sanskaar moved away scowling at the missed oppurtunity while Swara smiled smugly.
Sanskaar (looking at her and shaking a finger at her) : Nuh uh Miss Gadodia! Don’t look so happy… I will still finish what I started by the end of today.
Swara : Try all you want MR Maheshwari, But you won’t succeed today.
Sanskaar : Subha you won Swara. But now, I will…. Now come on, We will go to the dance floor. I feel like dancing.
Swara stared at him delighted. Sanskaar looked at her uncomfortably and asked her why she was staring at him.
Swara (shaking her head) : I was just wondering who this Sanskaar is. This carefree Sanskaar…. Nothing really, Ab chalo!
They reach the dance floor to see everyone sitting quietly with no music going on.
Swara (puzzled, asks one of the technicians who were fixing something there) : What’s happening here? Why is no music playing?
Technician : Madam! One of the fuse wires melted and the music system has become non functional. We are trying to fix it. It will take about 10 minutes. Please wait.
Swara : Oh Accha!

She went to Sanskaar who was standing a few feet away folding his hands and told him what happened. His shoulders drooped.
Sanskaar : I really wanted to dance now.
Swara : well, I think only the music system is down. So we could go and connect a laptop or whatever to the loudspeaker. It should work.
Sanskaar stared at her dumbfounded. She stared back at him.
Swara : What? I only told that because, well, a good interior designer and planner has to know all this. But I guess you don’t like the idea. LEave it then.
Sanskaar (in disbelief) : I don’t like the idea? Are you kidding me? Swara! That idea of yours is blo*dy brilliant. Wait, I’ll go and talk to them .
He went and spoke to the technicians and soon a laptop was brought and connected to the speaker and music blared loudly again.
Swara : Dekha! All this is because of me. This is why you should always listen to me. I give such amazing solutions.
Sanskaar : Oye Miss Know-it-all! Zyada boast mat karo! You weren’t sure of your idea. I did this. The credit is mine.
Swara (whining) : Sanskaar! That’s not fair! Tum jao… I don’t want to dance with you now. I’ll dance alone.
She gave him a haughty look and walked away from him in the dance floor.
Sanskaar : Offo! Yeh ladki bhi na? I’m going to dance with her only. But how?
He thought and got a brainwave. He went to the technician operating the songs on the laptop and requested him to play a song.
He then came near Swara who was quietly swaying to the beats of the music and nudged her. She turned towards him, made a face at him and turned back.
Sanskaar (telling in Swara’s ear) : You don’t look nice dancing alone. Come on, We will dance together.
Swara : Nahi! I like this.
Sanskaar (chuckling) : OH really? Liar!
Swara (self righteously) : I never lie. Now bye.

She starts to move away, but Sanskaar holds her sari pallu. A song starts playing. Sanskaar left her and started dancing…
(Do me a favour lets play holi
Rango me hai pyar ki boli) – (2)
Swara smiled and started dancing with him.
Ho mere pichhe pichhe pichhe kyon aaye
Mera jiya jiya kyon dhadkaye
Ja re ja dont touch my choli
Uff ye holi hai ye holi – 2
Sanskaar twisted Swara round and round as they danced together.
Hey do me a favour lets play holi
Uff ye holi hai ye holi
Rango me hai pyar ki boli
Uff ye holi hai ye holi – 2
Do me a favour lets play holi
Sanskaar took a handful of powder and threw it at Swara who closed her eyes showing her kajal and eyeliner.
Neela peela lal gulal
Uspe tere gore gal
Kali kali aankho wali
Mast mast hai teri chal
Hai bahana holi ka
Paas aana chahe tu
Chand se mere chehre pe
Rang lagana chahe tu
Oh holi hai aani jaani
Tere dil me hai beimani
Mai nahi hu itni bholi
Uff ye holi hai ye holi
(Uff ye holi hai ye holi
Do me a favour lets play holi) – (2)

Uff ye holi hai ye holi – 2
Do me a favour lets play holi
Tu mili jabse mujhko
Holi hi kuch aur lage
Teri payal ke ghunghru
Meri har dhadkan pe baje
Yu hi baato baato me
Dil churana jane tu
Mane na kehna koi
Tu kare jo thane tu
Ho tujhpe mai diwane hari
Tere pyar ki mai hu diwani
Holi me tere sang mai boli
Uff ye holi hai ye holi – 2
(Do me a favour lets play holi
Uff ye holi hai ye holi
Rangon mein hai pyar ki boli
Uff ye holi hai ye holi) – (2)
(Do me a favour lets play holi
Rangon mein hai pyar ki boli) – (2)
Swara and Sanskaar stopped dancing as they began throwing colours at each other. He started moving away from the dance floor and began running.
Swara (shouting) : No fair! Stop running… You know I can’t run in this sari fast. You’re misusing your advantage.
Sanskaar (shouting back) : All’s fair in love and war, My dear! And this is war. Now come faast…. I can barely hear you…
Swara (louder than she meant to) : You donkey, monkey goat! blo*dy man! Annoying git! I hope you rot in hell.
Sanskaar ( in peals of laughter) : Swara! I managed to hear everything you told. Poor girl…
Swara (a bit mortified) : Well! You deserved it! Now come, I want to go to that thing… Dunk…
Sanskaar : Yes! We will go there. By the way, Don’t think that I have forgotten what I meant to do today. I
Swara (innocently fluttering her eyelids) : Whatever do you mean? I don’t understand.
Sanskaar rolled his eyes and shook his head resignedly at her. He took her hand and they walked together to the spot where dunk was taking place.
Swara : Wow!! We have to play this Sanskaar! You sit on that diving platform there and I will aim the ball to make you fall down.
Sanskaar (indignantly) : Arre… Why do you get to aim…..I will be the one who aims the ball. YOU go sit in the diving platform.
Swara (stubbornly) : Nahi! You go please?
She made a puppy dog face at him and he chuckled and nodded.
Sanskaar : This is actually better. Now when you don’t win, you can’t blame me.
Swara (indignantly) : Why won’t I win? Just you wait, Sanskaar MAheshwari… I’ll show you who gets drenched.
They went there and waited for their turn. Finally their turn arrived and Sanskaar climbed the ladder to sit on the rubber diving platform.
Sanskaar (calling from above) : Try all you want Swara.. In the 5 chances you get, I won’t be drenched even once.
Swara : Stop counting your chickens before they hatch…. Now sshhhh! Let me concentrate.
A group of people gathered around to watch the fun. Swara took a ball and concentrated on the button in the wall, which was what she was supposed to hit. She judged her calculations and threw the ball. She missed the button by more than an entire inch.
Sanskaar burst out laughing.
Sanskaar : STRIKE 1
Swara glared at him and aimed the ball more carefully this time. But this time too, The ball though closer, missed the button.
Sanskaar : STRIKE 2! Haar maan jao Swara!
Swara ignored him and let another ball fly which almost hit the target but missed it by a quarter of an inch.
Sanskaar : STRIKE 3 AND YOU’RE OUT…. Swara, Shall I come down? I’m getting bored now….

Swara had done it, the devil!
She had dunked Sanskaar Maheshwari! He paddled in the coloured water in disbelief as Swara basked in the applause of the audience.
Swara (shouting triumphantly) : YESS! I DID IT! I DUNKED YOU SANSKAAR! HAHA…. Now what do you have to say?
The rest of the crowd dispersed now thst the fun was over.
Swara (walking closer to the pool ) : NOw your white clothes are completely coloured and you are WET. Good job, Swara!
Sanskaar said nothing about that.
Sanskaar : Swara, Climb the ladder and help me na?
Swara nodded and climbed the ladder. She gave a hand out to Sanskaar who clutched it, then smiled evilly at her. Swara, realising that something was fishy, but not sure what, tried to take her hand before it was…..
too late.
Swara (paddling in the water) : YOU BEAST! You pulled me in? Pagal… Aisa kyun kiya? Sanskaar! UGghhh… Irritat..mmpfflf
Sanskaar pinned her to the glass wall and covered her mouth, silencing her instantly.
Sanskaar (amused) : You really talk a lot, My dear! And now it’s time for me to fulfill my promise. Do you remember?
Swara’s eyes widened but she shook her head. Sanskaar raised an eyebrow.
Sanskaar : You don’t?

He removed his hand from her mouth and put the hand around her bare wet waist, beneath her Sari. He pulled her in closer.
Swara shivered with desire and anticipation. She closed her eyes and put her arms around him. HE brought his other hand as well to her waist and gently touched her. She almost screamed due to pleasure and desire.
Sanskaar (whispering in her ear) : You still don’t remember?
Swara, still closing her eyes shook her head.
Sanskaar (still whispering, each breath a soft caress to her) : Shall I remind you then?
Swara nodded her head, gulping slightly.
And then he kissed her.
He bent back her head across his arm and kissed her, softly at first, and then with a swift increase of intensity that made her cling to him as the only solid thing in a dizzy swaying world.
His mouth was parting her lips, sending wild tremors along her nerves, evoking from her sensations she had never known she was capable of feeling. And before a swimming giddiness spun her round and round, she knew that she was kissing him back.
Sanskaar groaned. This was a kiss. The times he had been with other women, The times he had kissed his previous girl friends were nothing compared to this single kiss with Swara. Even their previous kisses didn’t compare to what he was feeling now. Swara was all that mattered. Not him. Not his company. Not this world. ONLY HER
He groaned and kissed her.

And kissed her.

And kissed her……

Finally, they came apart for breath. They gazed at each other with unfulfilled desire and passion. They slowly came out of the pool and stared at each other.
Sanskaar (thinking) : What was that? Why do I feel this way about Swara? What the hell has happened to me? Why had she changed me?
Swara (thinking) : What was that? Every action he does, Every time he talks, I feel like he loves me. But why can’t he accept it? When will I find out the reason? And when will you confess your own love Swara? You can’t keep waiting for him to first tell…..
They looked around their surroundings before their eyes rested at a single spot. They looked at each other and smiled.
Swara : 1
Sanskaar : 2
Both : 3
They ran towards the Bhang hut with Swara entering a half second before Sanskaar.
Swara : YESS! I won… Now you have to do what I say..
Sanskaar : Nope. This time we will have a different rule. Losers rule.
Swara (amused) : Fine! If you wish so. What do you want me to do?
A waiter brought about 10 glasses of bhang and kept it on the table.
Sanskaar : That day you refused to drink more than 2. Let’s see how much you have today.
Swara (in a challenging tone) : Is this another challenge, Mr Maheshwari? (At Sanskaar’s nod) Ok then! I will start, but you too will join me. Let’s see who wins.
Sanskaar : Ok! 1
Swara : 2
Both : 3
And they began….
They had
Sanskaar ( his voice now sounding drunk ) : See Swara! I had so many… How many did you have?
Swara (giggling) : I don’t know… But I am sure I had more than you. I win!! YAYYY! Now pay the guy and come….I can hear one of my favourite songs playing.
They go to the karaoke place…
Swara and Sanskaar start singing and dancing.
Itna maza, kyun aa raha hai
Tune hawa mein bhaang milaya

Itna maza, kyun aa raha hai
Tune hawa mein bhaang milaya
Dugna nasha, kyun ho raha hai
Aankhon se meetha tune khilaya

Ho teri malmal ki kurti gulabi ho gayi
Manchali chaal kaise nawaabi ho gayi, toh?

Balam pichkari jo tune mujhe maari
Toh seedhi saadi chhori sharaabi ho gayi
Haa Jeans pahen ke jo tune maara thumka
Toh lattoo padosan ki bhabhi ho gayi (x2)

Teri kalaai hai, haathon mein aayi hai
Maine maroda toh lagti malaai hai

Mehenga padega ye chaska malaai ka
Upvaas karne mein teri bhalaai hai

Ho bindiya teri mehtaabi ho gayi
Dil ke armaanon mein behisaabi ho gayi

Balam pichkari jo tune mujhe maari
Toh seedhi saadi chhori sharaabi ho gayi
Haa Jeans pahen ke jo tune maara thumka
Toh lattoo padosan ki bhabhi ho gayi (x2)

Kyun ‘no-vacancy’ ki, hothon pe gaali hai
Jabki tere dil ka kamra toh khaali hai
(kamra toh khaali hai…)

Mujhko pata hai re
Kya chahata hai tu
Boli bhajan teri
Neeyat Qawwali hai

Zulmi ye haazir-jawaabi ho gayi
Tu toh har taale ki aaj chaabi ho gayi, toh?

Balam pichkari jo tune mujhe maari
Toh seedhi saadi chhori sharaabi ho gayi
Haa, Jeans pahen ke jo tune maara thumka
Toh lattoo padosan ki bhabhi ho gayi (x2)

Haan, bole re zamana kharabi ho gayi
Haan, bole re zamana kharabi ho gayi…
Swara and Sanskaar reach Maheshwari Mansion and Laksh opens the door. He is surprised to see a cab driver at the door.
Cabbie : SIr! These 2 had too much bhang, I guess… Please take them with you.
He motioned towards the cab where Laksh saw Swara and Sanskaar giggling and singing at the top of their voices.
Sanskaar : KYUN AA RAHA HAI…
Sanskaar : Haan! PALAM BICHKARI
Swara (laughing ) : No idiot! Not palam bichakri! Tumhe kuch nahi aata!
Sanskaar (whining) : NOOO! I know lots of things. You get lost. I don’t like you.
Laksh, Adarsh and Uttara who had joined him rolled their eyes and brought Swara and Sanskaar inside.
Swara : Lakk..sh! He (pointing to Sanskaar) is angry with me…. Ganda ladka
Sanskaar (shouting) : Ganda ladka? Tum gandi ladki…..Boo
Swara stuck a tongue out at him and ecaping from Uttara’s grasp started running.
Swara : Ganda ladka! Ganda ladka!
Sanskaar (giggling) : See, How I catch you now…
He also started running after Swara with his three other siblings looking at him in disbelief, amusement, irritation and wonder.
Uttara : Swara bhabhi is a miracle. I have never seen Sanskaar bhai so free in years.
Adarsh : Yes Uttara! Ever since Swara came into our lives, We are getting back our old Sanskaar!
Laksh : Thank God Ma and Chachi aren’t going to be here today. Uttara ,Call Ragini and tell her that Swara will be staying here today. I wil go after them now.
Uttara nodded and Laksh went to find the two…
Laksh ( sternly) : Now did you both listen to what I told?
Swara and Sanskaar sat sulkily on the bed refusing to look at Laksh.
Swara (To Sanskaar) : You are not Ganda ladka now… He is…. You are the nice one.
Sanskaar agreed.
Sanskaar : Haan! He is ganda..
Laksh slapped his forehead
LAksh : I’m not ganda. You made me run through the entire house 3 times. I am very annoyed. The whole house is dirty and filled with colour now. And you both show no signs of sleeping. So you both won’t step out of this room until Uttara makes something for you both to eat.
Swara (her eyes brightening) : Food?
Laksh : Yes food!
Sanskaar : Yay! Food Food Food Food
He started twirling Swara around and around. Laksh looked at them amused.
Laksh (mock sternly) : SWARA! SANSKAAR! Did you listen to what I told? You will stay here in this room. I am going to lock this room.
Swara : Bye Ganda ladka…
Laksh : haan! Yeh sahi hai… Tum sab karo and call me ganda…
He went out and locked the door leaving Swara and Sanskaar still screaming food food.
Finally they stopped and sat down panting.
Swara : Suno? Ganda ladka told something about Swara and Sanskaar na? Who is that?
Sanskaar : Haan! He did tell? Who do you think it is?
They sat there musing for sometime. Then Swara started clapping.
Swara : I know! I know!
Sanskaar : Batao… Batao…
Swara : You are Swara and I am Sanskaar…. He was talking about us.
Sanskaar (hitting his forehead) : Yes, You are right… (then frowning) That doesn’t sound completely correct…
Swara : Arre haan! I made a mistake. It’s actually, I am Sanskaar and then you are Swara.
Sanskaar : Arre…. Nahi! IDIOT! You are Swara… You are a girl… I am Sanskaar…
Swara : OH yeah!!! Hehehe… You, a girl…. You would have made such a cuteee girl… Sanskaari…
Sanskaar : Don’t call me Sanskaari… You were a boy.. Swarp… Haha… You would have been a horrible boy.
Swara ( crying ) : Horrible??? Why are you calling me horrible? I don’t like you…
Sanskaar : Don’t cry. Here, Look what I have… (He takes out a dairy milk silk) I have a CHOCOLATE…
Swara (joyfully) : Chocolate?? YUMMY!!! Will you share it with me? Please share it with me… I promise I’ll be a good girl. Pleeeeeeeaseeee!
Sanskaar : Okayy! I will…. Come on.. Let’s open.
They sat on the floor leaning on each other, using each other’s backs as supports and ate their silk.
Sanskaar : Look! You still have silk here and here. (pointing to her lip and cheek)
Swara : where? Where?
Sanskaar : Here! I’ll remove it.
He took his hand and removed the silk. He was about to eat it when Swara stopped him.
Swara : You can’t eat that.
Sanskaar (whining) : Why not? I want it…
Swara : Look at your hands.. They are filthy.. Do you want worms in your stomach?
Sanskaar shook his head and threw away the silk.
They sat quietly for some time.
Sanskaar : YOU didn’t win today. Cheater.. I had more bhang than you.
Swara (indignantly): Noooo…. I had more than you.. I had 7
She showed 10 fingers to him.
Sanskaar : Haha! I had 9…
He showed 5 fingers.
They compared their hands and Swara smirked happily.
Swara : See! I have more fingers than you… I win…
Sanskaar : Okay! You win…
They once again sat silently until Sanskaar broke the silence…..
Sanskaar : Are you committed? Or single?
Swara (giggling) : I am not single. I am going to be married. To Khadoos MR Maheshwari!
Sanskaar (also giggling) : Khadoos Mr Maheshwari? Who is that?
Swara : Arre… You don’t know him? He’s a very big businessman and all… But I used to hate him… And now I’m engaged to him…. He’s nice to me..
Sanskaar :GOOD! Will you invite me to your wedding?
Swara nodded..
Swara : Yes… Yes… You are definitely invited. You are my friend now. Infact Shall I tell you a secret?
Sanskaar (jumping with anticipation ) : Haan! Haan! Batao…
Swara (whispering wxcitedly) : SShhhh…. No one else can know…. Listen… My fiance na? Khadoos Maheshwari? He is not khadoos anymore… He is a very nice man… And do you know the biggest thing of all? Come closer.. I’ll tell you..
Sanskaar leaned in closer.
SO how was this chapter?
This was the longest I’ve ever written…Sat from 10:30 to 1:30 to write this…. 😛 😛
By the way, If anyone is confused about the dunk game… I’ll explain it now.
See basically there’s a button which is connected to the diving board. A person sits on the diving board and another aims the button with a a ball… When it hits the button, the diving board is retracted and that person sitting falls into the water…
Hope this helps….
Okkk… Now am very sleepy…. Byeee

Credit to: Anjali

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