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Phase 2

Swara sat in her room staring at the ring now adorning her ring finger in her left hand. As she stared at it with a smile on her face thinking about the events that had taken place hours ago, Her phone rang.
Swara (picking it up) : Hi Sanskaar!
Sanskaar : Did you even look at the caller ID before you called?
Swara (smiling) : No… I just knew it was you…
Sanskaar (Suddenly his voice million times brighter) : I bet I know what you were doing.
Swara : Accha? What was I doing?
Sanskaar : You……
Swara : Haan bolo!
Sanskaar : You were looking at your ring and thinking about it na?
Swara was so surprised she dropped the phone. THUD
Sanskaar (concerned) : What was that? Are you alright Swara?
Swara (hastily picking up the phone) : Haan Sanskaar! Mujhe kuch nahi hua! Don’t worry. I only dropped the phone.
Sanskaar (amused now) : Because I correctly guessed what you were doing?
Swara : Nahi toh! Why would I admire the ring you gave me? Batao mujhe… I was thinking about tomorrow…
Sanskaar : Liar! I know you Swara Gadodia! And I know exactly what you were doing…
Swara (softly) : You know me so well now, is it?
Sanskaar : How could I not?
The air suddenly felt warm and Swara saw her cheeks turn pink.
Sanskaar : Swara! Swara! Lost in your own world are you? Only pagal people do that…
Swara (indignantly) : Sanskaar! I’m pagal now? Arre, How mean can you be? First you call me Miss Know-it-all, then you call me Miss Pinky…I have such a sweet name, Swara Gadodia! Call me Swara…
Sanskaar : Kyun? You call me Mr Maheshwari… When even I have such a nice name.. Sanskaar… Have you ever heard such a unique name before?
Swara : Excuse me? Swara is more unique than Sanskaar…. Tumhara naam toh kitna boring hai… Sanskaar.. Cultures… Whatever.. And listen to mine.. SWARA.. Nice and small, so musical.. Mine’s better than yours.

Sanskaar (indignantly) : My name is boring? Wait, I’ll tell mom… Let her learn how her bahu really is… She doesn’t even care about her husband’s feelings.
Swara (chuckling) : Are you a 5 year old boy, Sanskaar? Mom ko bolne ja rahe ho?
Sanskaar (in fake anger) : Arre.. Hadd hai! Now I am a 5 year old boy? Jao Swara! I don’t want to talk to you..
Swara : You’re using MY line on me? Very nice….. Accha, ok! No more teasing.. Baat karlo.. Sorry! Your name is very very nice.. I like it a lot.. Happy now?
Sanskaar (smiling) : Yes! (in a teasing tone) I know you want to talk to me… After all, You love me na?
Swara was shocked. What did Sanskaar just say?
Swara (stammering) : er…Wh…aat?
Sanskaar (puzzled at her tone) : Mazaak tha Swara! Didn’t you realise?
Swara (disappointed but at the same time relieved) : Ohhh! Ofcourse….
Sanskaar : Haan! Vaise, What were you thinking about? Tomorrow? Kal kya hai?
Swara (incredulously) : You don’t remember? (excitedly) Kal Holi hai!!
Sanskaar (unenthusiastically) : Holi… Ohh!
Swara (surprised) : So unenthusiastic? You don’t like Holi?
Sanskaar : Nahi! I play Holi and all… Par I’ve never been interested in it. It is just too colourful. It is too cheerful for me. I don’t enjoy it that much. I play with Laksh, Adarsh and Uttara for about 15 minutes.. That’s all.
Sanskaar (thinking) : How can I enjoy such a wonderful festival when I know I won’t be there to see it in a few years… But how do I explain that to you, Swara?
On the other hand,
Swara (thinking) : Sanskaar! Why are you like this? What are you so afraid of that you refuse to embrace life the way it is supposed to be? What is it that you’re hiding? Please tell me…
Swara (loudly ): Sanskaar! This time you have to play holi the whole day.
Sanskaar : No chance Swara! Are you kidding me?
Swara (pleading) : Please? For me? You anyway have to give me a gift for our engagement na?
Sanskaar (in a disbelieving tone) : Gift? Another one?
Swara : Arre! When did you give me?
Sanskaar : Toh phir voh room me jo maine kiya, voh kya tha?
Swara : That was the plan for you to mollify me. That’s not counted as a gift.
Sanskaar (after thinking for some time) : Fine Swara. Whatever you say. But, What about that necklace?
Swara : You only told me Sanskaar, that, that was the gift for our date. It is not counted as my engagement gift.
Sanskaar : Not fair Swara. You can’t blackmail me like this. I’m not going to play holi and that’s final.
Swara : Boo Sanskaar! Boo….
They stay silent for some time,

Swara : Fine. I’ve thought of something.
Sanskaar : What?
Swara : We love challenging each other na? So it’s time for the next one.
Sanskaar (in anticipation) : Alright Miss Gadodia! Let’s listen to your next challenge.
Swara : Mr Maheshwari! Tomorrow, If I manage to put colour on you within half an hour of you waking up, Then you owe me a boon. I can ask anything of you and you cannot refuse. Whether it is your deepest, darkest secret or some perfectly ordinary thing. Do you accept.
Sanskaar : Swara! You do realise you’ve put me in an immense advantage here. It all depends on when I wake up. Yeh kitna easy challenge hai. I will win in a heartbeat. But what do I get if I win?
Swara (with no hesitation) : Anything!
Sanskaar (with renewed interest ) : Anything? Ok! I’m up for the challenge. All the best Swara Gadodia!
Swara : All the best Sanskaar Maheshwari! You’ll need it kyunki jeet meri hai!
Sanskaar : Haan! We’ll see about that! Ab bahut late ho chuka hai. Go to sleep, Good night!
Swara : Good night Sanskaar….. (just before he cut the call) By the way, Swara is the better name.
Sanskaar chuckled and hung up the phone.
Swara sat down thoughtfully.
Swara : Challenge toh tumne kar diya…. But what are you going to do to win it?
After thinking for some time, She called Laksh!
Laksh : Hi Swara! What’s up? Why are you still awake?
Swara : I have to win the challenge LAksh!
Laksh (surprised and amused) : Another challenge? Offo! When will they end? Now tell me, What do you want me to do?
Swara : See……
She told him about the plan and Laksh let out a low whistle.
Laksh : I will pray for you Swara, Because tomorrow you might just killed by him.
Swara : Aisa kuch nahi hoga! Now will you do all this?
Laksh : Haan! Don’t worry. It will be done. Bye Swara!
Swara thanked him and kept the phone down.
Swara : This year, Mr Maheshwari! This year, You will celebrate a colourful Holi.. You will begin to forget the darkness you store in your heart and will breathe a new life. That is my promise to you Sanskaar! As a bahu, As a bhabhi, As a patni, As a woman who loves you, I promise that I will bring the former Sanskaar back into this world. This will happen one day. And for that to happen, I need to win this challenge tomorrow. All the best, Swara Gadodia!
Sanskaar woke up drowsily. He turned to the side, took his phone and checked the time.
Sanskaar (his eyes wide open) : Oh Shit! It is 7:30 already? What if Swara already woke up? She is very cunning. She could be planning all sorts of things. Ab Sanskaar! Jaldi utt… At least you have locked the bedroom door so no one could have come in at all. Now, fatafat se ready ho ja… Then stay here until your half an hour is up. After that, You can go and see her face which is going to be so crestfallen.
He smiled diabolically and went inside the washroom to freshen himself. He came out after some time wearing a white kurta pyjama and wiped himself with the towel.
Sanskaar (looking at the clock and smiling) : Miss Know-it-all… Your time is almost up. 10 minutes left. Let’s see what you manage to do.
He waited and waited until he was tired. He checked the time and was surprised to see only 4 minutes had gone by.
Sanskaar : Is this girl still sleeping or what? This challenge was so easy. I want to win, but inti aasaani se? Chi! Swara, Offer me some resistance.
He called her.
Swara (picking up immediately) : Good morning Sanskaar! Happy Holi!
Sanskaar (without any preamble) : What are you up to?
Swara (innocently) : What am I upto? Matlab?
Sanskaar : Oh! don’t act, Baby! I know exactly how cunning and clever you are.
Swara : Well, You’ll find out in another 5 minutes, So why don’t you wait….
Sanskaar : Swa…
But she had already cut the call. He paced about the room restlessly until the 5 minutes were up.
Sanskaar : Bas! Now let’s see what happens.
He apprehensively went to the door, opened it and peeped up first, to see if any bucket of coloured water was being kept. Seeing nothing, he glanced in the corridor to see if anyone else was there.
Laksh (laughing) : Bhai! Itna kya dar rahe ho? Come out.. Swara’s not here.
Sanskaar turned to his right to see Laksh, Adarsh, Uttara and Ragini all covered in pink, green and yellow.
Adarsh : Don’t worry bhai! We won’t throw colour on you. By the way, Here, Take this. Swara has something to say to you.
Sanskaar took Adarsh’s phone puzzled.
Sanskaar : Hello! Swara, where are you?
Swara : Sanskaar! I won the challenge, But…..
Sanskaar (snorted) : You won. What bullshit! Nahi… Kuch bhi… You LOST!!!!
Swara (chuckling) : Sanskaar! Have you seen your face?
Sanskaar : My…face?
The others burst out laughing. Sanskaar gave them all a glare, then ran into his room and looked into the mirror.
Sanskaar (shocked) : WHAT THE HELL? How did this happen?
Swara (laughing in the phone) : Bechara! Wouldn’t you like to know how exactly I did all this?
Sanskaar : How in the world did you do it, Woman? Tell me…
Swara : Um….. Nope. I don’t want to now. I’m feeling very generous today, My fiance, Toh, I’m going to give you another challenge. I’m in a room in this house. If you manage to find me within the next ten minutes and put colour on me, Then you win. But at the same time, I will try to put colour on you. If the colour falls on you, You lose. Do you accept?
Sanskaar : Find the room, Put colour, Do not get any on yourself…. Sounds easy enough…
Swara : Alright then, Mr Maheshwari! Your time starts now.
Sanskaar dashed out of the room and took a little amount of pink colour from Uttara. The four( Laksh, Adarsh, Uttara and Ragini) sat down in the staircase to stay and watch the fun that they knew was about to happen.
Sanskaar went one way and the other way but couldn’t find Swara anywhere. He came to the quartet.
Sanskaar (panting) : Arre! Someone tell me, Where the hell is my supposedly nice and kind fiancee. Seriously, Does anyone trouble their fiance so much?
Uttara : Sanskaar! Swara Bhabhi ke khilaaf ek shabd nahi.
Sanskaar : It’s useless to talk to you three. You’ll take her side. (He turnes to Ragini) Ragini! Please, madad kar do na? Just look how your sister is troubling me. Please, You only told right, Jiju before Di! Please Ragini!
Ragini (feeling sorry for the man) : Ok fine! I will show you where she is.
Laksh (shocked) : Ragini!
Sanskaar (dangerously) : Laksh Maheshwari! I will inflict bodyily harm on you if you dissuade her from telling me… You tell me Ragini! Laksh won’t trouble you now.
She pointed towards a door in the right aisle of the staircase.
Sanskaar (smiling) : I am coming Swara!
He started running towards the room without any forethought and opened the door.
Sanskaar (shouting) : SWAR….
Splash! A huge bucket of blue, pink and green colour water came swooping on Sanskaar who got drenched before he had even had time to think.
Swara (in the farthest corner of the room, Laughing loudly) : Oh My GOd!….. I win….. I win again….
The quartet too laughed as they began coming up. Sanskaar stood there at the doorway looking at Swara murderously.
Sanskaar ( removing the wet hair that covered his eyes, in exasperation ) : Irritating woman! What did you do?
Swara (triumphantly, smirking joyfully) : What? I issued a challenge, You accepted it. So I have to fight for my life here… I will do anything necessary to win Baby, So you just have to accept it. Oh God! Just look at you…
She burst out laughing again. Sanskaar, who was fit to explode, just stopped. His irritation just fizzled out looking at Swara. She had worn a sleeveless off-white Saree with her left loose and looked utterly charming. She was not covered in any colour at all. Still completely colour free.
The others joined them and Swara’s laughter doubled. They all stood laughing at Sanskaar while he stood there at a loss, not knowing whether to smile or glare at them.
Laksh (panting, unable to breathe because of laughing so much) : Swara, I swear that was the best plan ever. Too good! What fun we are going to have in this house once you come here.
Sanskaar ( confused) : Plan?
Swara nodded.
Laksh : Yes, Bhai. Plan!
Swara (continued) : After we spoke last night, I called Laksh and told him what he had to do.
Laksh : Remember, I called you outside and told that Adarsh wanted to talk to you and so you went to his room?
Sanskaar : Yes, But….
Adarsh : While I was talking all sorts of nonsense to you, Uttara and Laksh went into your room and applied colour on all the towels. Obviously you would use them first thing in the morning, and our Swara bhabhi would win.
Sanskaar stared at them open-mouthed. Swara smiled at him.
Swara : We thought of playing another prank on you, So i called you with this next challenge. And… Well, You know the rest.
They all stood staring at him waiting. Was he going to explode and kill them all?
To their surprise, Sanskaar burst out lauging. He laughed long and hard until his sides ached. Swara watched him delighted. This was a Sanskaar she had never encountered before.
LAksh (in wonder) : Bhai?
Sanskaar : Oh My God! What devils you all are… And you, Swara! You’re the biggest devil of all here. What a plan. Seriously, I have to hand it to you. Once you decide on something, You do it and you do it well. Fine, You win! Now tell me what you want.
Uttara : Haan Bhabhi! Tell him what you want, We are leaving.
She dragged the reluctant others out leaving Swara and Sanskaar behind.
Swara (softly) : Shall I tell you what I want?
Sanskaar nodded.
Swara moved closer to him.
Swara : Really?
Sanskaar’s breath quickened. Swara’s voiced lowered to a whisper.
Swara (whispering) : I want….. I want….. (Loudly) Us to go to this.
Sanskaar stared at her stupidly as she handed over a pamphlet to him.
Swara (impatiently) : Read it.. Let’s leave.
Sanskaar read the pamphlet and then looked at her incredulously.
Sanskaar : You want to go for a Holi Carnival.
Swara nodded excitedly.
Swara : DOn’t be so bland about it. It sounds so cool. Holi Fun Run, Holi Rain dance.. Everything is there…. We are going there and that’s final.
Sanskaar : But Swara…
Swara (interrupting) : Sanskaar Please! (she pleaded and persuaded him) I know you say you don’t like colours. But that’s not true is it ?
Sanskaar (confused) : What do you mean by that?
Swara (softly) : You don’t have to control everything in life Sanskaar! Sometimes it is just better to let go. I can see you love this festival. Be free. Play freely with your siblings, your friends, everyone. Kuch nahi hoga! Main hoon na!
Their eyes locked and Swara poured as much emotion as she could to convey her meaning. Sanskaar’s expression which had become slowly guarded finally softened and he smiled at her, nodding.
Sanskaar : Fine… We will go..
Swara : Yay! Oh My God! I don’t believe it. You agreed… I have to go tell everyone.
She started running towards the door crossing him, But he caught her hand and pulled her back.
Swara : Sanskaar! Kya kar rahe ho? Let me go…
Sanskaar : Ek Minute Swara! Before you go, Tell me one thing… Everyone downstairs has already gone down and played holi and are completely filled with colour… But you are still pristine. Why is that?
Swara suddenly blushed and looked away.
Swara : No reason! Now let me go…
Sanskaar (whispering ) : No! Not until you tell me the reason behind that beautiful blush of yours.
Swara (blushing crimson now, whispering) : I didn’t let anyone apply colour on me because…… Because I wanted you… you to be the first.
Sanskaar gazed at her, amazed and delighted. He slowly showed his two palms to her, which still had the pink powder in it, and slowly applied it on both cheeks.
Swara : From now on, Holi begins with you putting holi on me only.
They smiled at each other. Sanskaar kissed her softly on the forehead and they hugged.
Sanskaar (thinking) : Everyday, She enters into my world more. The doors I had locked forever in my heart are slowly being opened. Swara Gadodia! You are like a drug to me. I can’t live without you, But at the same time, I can’t be what you need me to be. Yeh kaisa rishta hai? What is this between us? Love? But why will you love me? Nahi Sanskaar! This can’t be love. You cannot allow yourself to love or be loved. Remember Sanskaar! Remember this….
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