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Swasan engagement AND phase 1
Swara stared at Sanskaar’s retreating form and began laughing.
Swara : Sanskaar! You’re so cute. I am not even angry with you, yet you’re trying your best to convince me you’re sorry. Love you! Karo, Karo! Try to convince me, But I too will see how long it takes Mr Pinky to mollify me.
She chuckled and looked at herself in the mirror. She touched the necklace around her neck and smiled, thinking of how he had put it on her.
Ragini came inside to call Swara downstairs only to find her standing and smiling needlessly at the mirror.
Ragini (perplexed) : Swara?
Swara whirled around embarassed.

Swara : Ummm… Ragini, Vo….
Ragini (cheekily) : You were thinking of Sanskaar…. I know. Now come, Everyone’s waiting for you downstairs. And Swara….
Swara looked at her in expectation.
Ragini : The necklace that my jiju gave you makes your face glow even more.
She winked as Swara blushed. They left the room to go downstairs. As they descended, The lights completely went out, Showing Swara’s truly magical decorations. Hundreds of small glow-in-the-dark shapes were lined in the ceiling providing the hall with a mystical air. Faint shimmers of light focused on Swararagini and Sanskaar and the rest of their family. Sanskaar couldn’t take his eyes of her. The lighting along with the colour of the saree made her blend with the hall and made her look more mystical and beautiful. Today, no one could look at Ragini. Swara outshone everyone.
Swara and Ragini came down and came near Sanskaar and the others. She bent down and took blessings from Sumi, Annapurna and Sujata.
Uttara (hugging her tightly) : Wow, Bhabhi! You are so amazing. I have never seen such a beautiful decoration before. You are such a taleneted interior designer. I can’t wait until this marriage is over and you come to our home. First thing, I’m going to do is ask you to decorate my room.
Sujata (admonishing her daughter) : Uttara, Bhabhi’s not even come home and already you are thinking of giving her chores. What is this…
Swara (smiling) : Nahi mom! Nothing like that. I will of course design your room for you Uttara! Don’t worry.

Uttara and Sujata excitedly began to discuss about the designs while Swara, feeling a hand tugging at her, turned around to see Sanskaar smiling at her.
Sanskaar : Heyy!
Swara raised an eyebrow at him suspicious and looked at his arm pointedly which was still on her. Sanskaar’s eyes followed hers and he removed his hands.
Sanskaar : Sorry! So do you have any idea when you might forgive me?
Swara snorted at him and shook her head no. Laksh joined them.
Laksh (in mock surprise) : Wow… You people are not arguing? Surprisingly quiet here…
Swara : Hey Laksh!
Sanskaar (in an injured tone) : So you’ll talk to him, but not me?
Swara (talking to Laksh, ignoring him completely) : Laksh! Is there a bee here? I can hear some buzzing….
Laksh (amused) : Why are you not talking to my bhai, Swara?
Swara : Laksh! First choose, Bhai or bestie?
Laksh winked at Sanskaar, then stood next to Swara and faced Sanskaar.
Laksh : Aaj se toh, I’m with my bestie Swara. Sanskaar, Very bad! Kya kiya tumne?
Just then, one of the guests called Swara, so she smiled at Laksh, gave a withering glare at Sanskaar and excused herself.

Laksh burst out laughing. Sanskaar scowled at him.
Sanskaar : Arre Laksh! Here, I am in tension. That know-it-all is not talking to me and you are laughing at me and siding with her? Madad karo yaar!
Laksh : Accha! Ok! Now tell me, Why the hell is she angry with you?
Sanskaar explained to him as to how he has to win the challenge varna he’ll be called Mr Pinky…
Laksh gazed at Sanskaar in amused disbelief. Finally he choked down his laughter.
Laksh : I cannot let my brother be called Mr Pinky… (He shuddered) My image will be spoilt in front of the ladies. Nahi… We will have to do something.
Sanskaar : Yeah.. But what? I thought of making Swara jealous, but why would she get jealous? She doesn’t love me.
His heart ached as he said those words, but he didn’t know why.
Laksh (incredulously) : Swara doesn’t love you? Arre…

Sanskaar (interrupting) : Haan! Swara doesn’t love me. You know as well as I do that I’m marrying because it’ll be convenient for me. Swara and I are friends but nothing more…
Sanskaar (thinking) : We are nothing more Sanskaar…. Remember that! Remember… Control.. Control

Laksh (thinking) : Bechari Swara! She loves you so much Sanskaar. And believe it or not, I think you do too… I have to do something to bring these two closer.
Laksh (loudly) : Sanskaar! Idiot! Even if she doesn’t love you, A girl who is engaged to you will still be jealous…. Chalo, I know the perfect girl you can use to make her jealous… (seeing Sanskaar’s doubtful look) Offo! Come on… Kuch nahi hoga!
He dragged Sanskaar away.
Swara (thinking) : Where the hell is he? Mujhe manana chahta hai ya aur ghusa dilana chahta hai? I can’t see him in his own engagament. Perfect… Just perfect….
She looked around the hall for the nth time hoping to see him. Suddenly as she sweeping her gaze across the room, she saw, out of the corner of her eye, a couple laughing and flirting with each other shamelessly. She turned to look at them, interested, and was shocked to see that the man was Sanskaar!
Her Sanskaar, who was supposed to get freaking engaged to her today was flirting with another woman minutes before his engagement? How dare he?
Swara (fuming) : You told that you’ll mollify me and now, look at you Mr Maheshwari. Ugghh!
Sanskaar turned around and saw her fuming and smiled.
Sanskaar (thinking) : Good! Swara’s fuming. Phase 2 has started off well. Let’s see Swara… Just how long you keep up your silent treatment.
Sanskaar (softly, to the girl next to him) : Thank you so much, Nisha, for helping me today. I really needed someone. And when Laksh told me you had come, I knew you would help me. After all, you are Uttara’s best friend.

Nisha (smiled ) : Bhai! HEre I am calling you bhai, and you want me to flirt with you. Really bad! But I understand, Aur I’ll do anything for you… So don’t worry. Swara bhabhi will definitely talk to you today.
Sanskaar : Chalo, We’ll go to her. She is staring at us.
They went, their arms linked together and stood in front of Swara. She looked at their arms intertwined together and glared at Sanskaar with a black expression.
Sanskaar looked at her amused.

Sanskaar : Swara! This is Nisha! My um…. Ex-girlfriend. She heard that I was going to be here tonight and decided to show herself. Wasn’t that nice of her?
Swara continued to glare at him unamused, then gave a tight smile to Nisha!
Swara : Hi Nisha! Thanks for coming to Sanskaar’s and my ENGAGEMENT today.
Sanskaar looked thrilled at Swara’s obvious jealousy while Nisha smiled at her amused.
Nisha : Hey Swara! It is nice to meet you. I can’t believe I am talking to Sanskaar today. It feels so good to talk to the best boyfriend ever.
Nisha slowly put an arm around Sanskaar, making Swara even more mad. They started conversing again reminiscing old times while Swara stood there feeling like an outsider.
She wanted to shout at him, and ask him why he was behaving like this, when it suddenly struck her.

Swara (thinking) : OF COURSE!!! Sanskaar aise nahi kar sakte. So he must be doing this to make me jealous and so that I will talk to him. Yes… This must be it.
Sanskaar came and stood next to her interrupting her thought process.
Sanskaar : Excuse me!
She turned towards him and blinked.

Sanskaar : Are you still not talking to me? (without waiting for a reply) Actually, I don’t care anymore. My doll has come… I will enjoy my time with her without listening to you. When it is time, tab mujhe bhula lena. Until then, Don’t disturb me. Mujhe meri sweetheart se baat karni hai.
He winked at her suggestively and Swara’s mouth fell open. Sanskaar was so screwed today.
Swara (thinking) : Uggghhh! Sweetheart, doll… Call her whatever you want… Ultimately, I’ll see who will win this.
She just stood there scowling at him. Nisha came there after talking to a friend of hers.
Nisha (squealing loudly, hugging Sanskaar from behind) : Oh Baby! Come on…. We have to catch up on many things…. Let’s go….
Sanskaar (looked at Swara’s scowling face and smiled triumphantly) : Haan Sweetheart! Chalo, We will leave.

They walked towards a corner, hand in hand leaving a fuming and speechless Swara.
Swara : Oh my God! Is this my engagement? It feels like a football field, where Sanskaar is one team and I’m the other. And where are Ma, Badi Ma and all? Why aren’t they here to correct his behaviour. Aur ye Ragini? Ragini kaha hai? I have to talk to someone…. (she scanned the room but found none of her family members) blo*dy hell… Where is everyone?
She noticed a young and handsome man enter the hall just then. An idea struck her like lightning and she smiled.
Swara : TIt for tat, Mr Maheshwari! Just you wait and watch…
She strode over to the man.
Swara : Excuse me, I need your help.
The young man blinked and looked at her.
Man : Yes?

Swara : I need you to pretend to be my friend and act all chummy with me. I need to make someone jealous. Just act like you love me.
Man (perplexed) : Er…. But…
Swara : Please! I really need to do this, Otherwise I wouldn’t have asked you. Please.
Man (amused) : Well Okay! But I will tell you now itself. No kisses and no long hugs or whatever. I’ve come here to meet my love.
Swara smiled. She was about to ask him who the lucky lady was when she saw Sanskaar looking at them curiously and she hurriedly turned around to talk to the man.
Swara : Oh God! He’s coming over here… Umm… We have to start our act now. What’s your name?? Actually chhod, For now, your name is Mihir ok? And you can call me cutie! By the way, I am not talking to that guy as well. So I hope this is enough for you to help me. Sorry, by the way.
Man(mihir) : No problem!

Swara and Man(mihir) began hugging and talking excitedly.
Swara (squealing, drawing the attention of Sanskaar and Nisha) : Oh My God! Mihir? I don’t believe it! I didn’t know MA had called you here.
Swara hugged Mihir again glancing at Sanskaar whose face had suddenly turned into a frown and smiled.
Sanskaar (to Nisha) : Who is this Mihir now? And why the hell is he hugging her?
Nisha : Chalo, We will go and see who it is.
They joined Swara who pretended like she doesn’t see them and continued to talk to Mihir.
Swara : Oh my God Mihir! I still don’t believe it. It feels so good to see someone from back home.
Sanskaar cleared his throat and Swara finally turned to him, in mock surprise.
Swara (after throwing a haughty look at Sanskaar, turned to Nisha ) : Hey Nisha! Nice to see you again. Here, Meet my friend Mihir from my hometown. He’s here especially for me. Isn’t that right, Mihir?

Sanskaar (without so much as a smile on his face) : Hey Mihir!
Mihir (amused looking at Swara and Sanskaar’s expressions) : Hey man! Cutiee…. I’m here only for you. I missed you so much while you were away. Please come back na…
He made puppy dog faces at Swara, who flirtatiously fluttered her hands and hit him playfully, asking him to stop it. Sanskaar’s expression grew thunderously dangerous.
Sanskaar (thinking) : Cutie? My Swara… Er.. Not my Swara…. Why do I keep thinking of her like that? MY future wife Swara ko cutie bhulata hai? How dare he? Who is this Mihir? I haven’t heard his name before….
Swara ( laughingly) : I know why you want me to go back with you. I know you had a huge crush on me. Bolo…bolo…

Mihir moved subtly and muttered something such that only Sanskaar and Swara could hear.
Mihir (muttering, winking slightly at Swara) : Had nahi… Still have one cutie….
Sanskaar’s expression turned black with shock and rage. He was about to burst when Swara suddenly delightedly exclaimed.
Swara : OH MY GOD! I love this song.. Come on Mihir!
She took his hand, waved a goodbye to Sanskaar and Nisha and went to the dance floor, dancing with him.
Swara (soft voice) : Thank you so much! I really really appreciate your help….
Mihir : No Problem! Actually, what is your real name….
Swara’s phone rang.
Swara (to Mihir) : Excuse me!
She picked up the call. It was Ragini..
Swara : Hello! I have been searching for you everywhere. Where have you been?
Ragini : Actually, Karan called me and told he’ll be here soon so I went downstairs to wait for him. But he still hasn’t shown up and is not picking up the phone. That’s why I called to see if you saw him.
Swara : I don’t know. I have never met the man na? And you refused to show me a picture of him. Ma has met him but I can’t find her also. You do one thing. Tu khud upar aaja!
Ragini : Ok! I’m coming now.

Swara hung up the phone and turned towards Mihir who was looking at her puzzled.
Mihir : Is there some problem? You sounded like you were searching for someone…
Swara : Yeah, Vo actually….
Sanskaar and Nisha interrupted them by joining them.
Sanskaar (with a slight smile) : Hey… Why are you not dancing? Are you fighting? ( with a hopeful smile)
Mihir was about to answer when Ragini came behind Swara and tugged her hand.
Ragini : I can’t find him anywhere. Have you seen….
Mihir (excited) : Ragini?
Swara and Ragini stared at him stunned while Sanskaar and Nisha watched the three of them perplexed. Finaly…
Ragini (shouting) : KARAN!
She threw herself at him and they hugged each other fiercely while Sanskaar and Swara stared unabashed and completely shocked.
Sanskaar : Karan?
Swara (at the same time) : Mihir?
Karan and Ragini broke apart after ages blushing crimson and saw three identically surprised faces looking at them.

Swara : You are Mihir right?
Karan (amused) : I never said my name was Mihir! You said you had no time to ask me for my name and decided to keep it Mihir!
Swara (hitting her head in realisation) : Oh Shit! Yeah…
Sanskaar : What is going on?
Ragini (confused) : Yeah! What is going on ? Karan, Why is she calling you Mihir?
Swara and Karan looked at each other and she nodded resignedly. Karan told them about how Swara had asked him to help her make Sanskaar jealous and how they proceeded to do it. Sanskaar’s expression grew brighter and brighter with each sentence. Swara was only trying to make him jealous. No one else was hitting on her.
He realised what an oppurtuntiy this was to tease Swara and burst out laughing loudly. Ragini and Karan wisely moved away, not wanting to be there when the blow out happened.
Swara glared at Sanskaar who continued to laugh, while Nisha hit her head and thought that Sanskaar was an ass.

Sanskaar (laughingly) : I don’t believe it Swara! You made up a person just to make me jealous? This was the best laugh I’ve had in years. Come on Nisha! Let’s go dance together. We will leave her and her fake crush alone.
Suddenly Swara felt like crying but she didn’t know why. She had had enough of this challenge and all she wanted to do was curl up in his arms and talk to him. Nisha looked at her sympathetically.
Sanskaar : Bye Swara!
Swara said nothing, but stepped in front of Sanskaar and stomped on his foot hard.
Sanskaar (in a hurt voice) : OW! What was that for?
She smiled sweetly at him and then walked away, her head held high. Sanskaar watched her as she went from the hall to the little balcony that was present outside.
Nisha : Sanskaar! You are an ass.

Sanskaar (surprised) : Kya?
Nisha : Did you not see her? She was about to cry, but you just kept on laughing and laughing. What sort of a person are you?
Nisha walked away while Sanskaar stood there astonished.
Sanskaar : Swara’s crying? Oh shit! How do you always manage to ruin things Sanskaar? Now go!
He entered the balcony to find Swara leaning against the railing, looking at the starry sky. He paused near the door unsure of what to do next.
Swara (without turning back , in a soft voice) : Aajao! I know you are there.
Sanskaar entered and came and stood next to her.
She turned to look at him and Sanskaar was shocked seeing the vulnerablility in her eyes. It made him wince in guilt. He had caused this. He had hurt her when he had made a promise that he wouldn’t anymore.

Swara : You win! (He looked up at her) You win! I will talk to you. I forgave you long back… But I just wanted to play and have some fun. But if it means that I should see you with some other girl, I cannot bear it. You win Sanskaar! I’ll talk to you but I can’t stand you flirting with anyone. You are going to be engaged to me… I cannot bear it…
She turned away as silent tears fell from her eyes. Sanskaar, heart broken to see his Swara crying came in front of her and wiped her tears.
Sanskaar : I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to hurt you. Nisha is Uttara’s best friend. She’s like my sister, exactly like Uttara. That’s why I asked her to assist me. I admit, I tried to make you jealous because I wanted you to talk to me. But…. I never wanted you to cry. I didn’t want you to feel so bad. I am sorry for laughing too. I am sorry Swara…. If you want, Please punish me. But don’t stop talking to me. I really really want you to talk to me. It doesn’t make my day complete unless I don’t have a verbal spat with you. Please Swara…
Swara raised her eyes to look at him. Then with a sigh of relief, She fell into his arms and hugged him tightly like 2 magnets attracted to each other.
Swara : I am sorry too. I didn’t mean to lie that I didn’t forgive you. I just wanted to have some fun. I am really foolish… If I hadn’t done all that…

Sanskaar (interrupting) : Nahi… I’m the one who’s foolish. If I hadn’t drunk that night and got a hungover, none of this would have happened. It’s all my fault.
Swara, coming away from Sanskaar’s grasp but still holding him smiled at him.
Swara : Whosever fault it may be, But atleast we are talking again.
Sanskaar (smiled and pulled her close to him) : Yes…We are together again…
He kissed the top of her forehead and held her close to him.
Swara : Sanskaar! We should go inside now…
Sanskaar : Haan… Par before that, we have to go somewhere else first.
Swara (in surprise) : We do?
Sanskaar : Haan… Now close your eyes and come chup chaap!
Swara obediently closed her eyes and wondered as Sanskaar led her through the way.
Finally Sanskaar stopped in front of a door.
Sanskaar : Now Swara, You were wondering right, where everyone had disappeared to? I’ll tell you. No opening the eyes though… This was supposed to be my plan for you to talk to me.. Everyone helped me to get it ready. I hope you like it.
Swara (quivering with excitement) : Come on! Let me open my eyes….
Sanskaar : Wait….
He opened the door and took her inside.
Sanskaar : Here, You can open them now.

Swara opened her eyes slowly and stared at the room. She went around the room with disbelief. She turned towards Sanskaar and questioned with her eyes in shocked disbelief.
Sanskaar (delighted with her reaction) : Swara!
Swara : San…skaar! Ye…sab?
She gestured towards the room which was filled ceiling to floor with pictures of her with her parents, her sister, Zozo, Sanskaar, Badi Ma, Mom and his siblings in three of the walls and one wall was filled with pictures of only her.
Swara : Why did you do this Sanskaar?
Sanskaar : Swara! I thought and thought about what I wanted to do to mollify you. But nothing I thought of suited you. Finally I figured out this was the best way.
Swara stared at him puzzled. He strode forward and came near her. He stood behind her and pointed towards the pictures, his chin resting on her shoulder.

Sanskaar : The best way to describe you is this way Swara! Your family : Your papa, your Ma, Ragini and my family : Badi Ma, mom, Laksh, Adarsh, Uttara and me. You are the perfect blend of all of us. Papa’s gentleness, Ma’s wisdom, Ragini’s senseibilty, Zozo’s craziness, Uttara’s practicalness, Laksh’s playful banter, Adarsh’s peacefulness, Ma’s hyperness and Badi Ma’s love. You possess each and every quality and much more. Swara, I cannot stay without talking to you. Please don’t ever tell you won’t talk to me.
Swara smiled, happy tears streaming down her face.
Swara : You know what! This definitely would have made me speak to you. I have never ever seen or heard a better act of forgiveness. But I have 2 questions.. 1st Why is that wall alone filled with only my pictures? and 2nd, You told I am a blend of everyone including you.. Which part of me is you?
Sanskaar stared at her. He didn’t know the answer to the second question. He knew that a part of him was in her, but what?
Sanskaar : That wall has only your pictures because as much as you are a blend of us, You have your own uniqueness. The essence of Swara Gadodia which no one else can have. That is why that wall is fixed with only pictures of you.
Swara (softly) : And the second one?
Sanskaar (forcing a laugh) : That’s easy of course… You possess my coolness. I’m so cool right?
Swara’s heart drooped with disappointment. She had thought that today was the day he might….
But no matter.
One day that day would come.

Swara : Thank you Sanskaar! I love your gift… I have never received such a heartfeeling and thoughtful present before… Thank you so much.
She gave him two pecks on each cheek and hugged him tightly.
Laksh (interrupting their intimacy, in a teasing tone) : Now, If you both have started talking again, Will you please come? We have to start the engagement ceremony.
Swara and Sanskaar rushed downstairs embarassed while Laksh watched them smiling.
Laksh : They love each other. Varna Sanskaar would never have done this. He just doesn’t want to give a name to this connection he has with Swara. I have to make sure he figures out what it is he’s feeling.
Sanskaar : Well, It is nice to finally meet you Karan! And thanks for taking my crazy fiancee’s side.
Swara (indignantly) : Crazy? Me? How dare you Sanskaar? Tumhaara problem hi kya hai? Bata mujhe….
Sanskaar (rolling his eyes) : Oh God! When do you stop talking Swara? Hamesha bak-bak….
Swara opened her mouth to retaliate but Karan spoke before an argument broke out.
Karan : Chill! It is so nice to meet you all. Ragini’s told me so much about all of you. I am so sorry I couldn’t come before. I had few improtant lectures to give in the University.
Swara (smiling) : No problem. And why are we talking so formally? You are also a part of the family now.

Karan blushed slightly and smiled, looking at Ragini who was walking towards her mother.
Sanskaar (whispering in Swara’s ear) : They love each other so much. Unke shaadi kab karenge?
Swara (whispering back) : Karenge…. Jaldi karenge…
Annapurna : Swara! Sanskaar! Come on! We will start the ring ceremony now.
Swara and Sanskaar walked up on the revolving stage. The lights were dimmed once again showing the creativeness of Swara’s decoration. A spotlight was fixed on them, while they revolved so that everyone could see them.
Annapurna : Swara beta! First you make him wear the ring.
Swara smiled, nodded and made him wear a simple gold ring on his ring finger. Everyone clapped and congragulated them
Sujata : Sanskaar! Now you make her wear the ring.
Sanskaar took Swara’s hand and made her wear a platinum ring with a single solitaire diamond and 2 small blue sapphires on either side of the diamond. Everyone once again burst out in applause.
Sumi : Now, you both are engaged. It is the first step to promising to stay together forever, no matter what hardships you may face.

Swara and Sanskaar looked at each other, their eyes conveying their silent promise. They took everyone’s blessings and hugged their siblings.
Adarsh : Sanskaar! Engagement is over, but one thing is left…
Sanskaar( surprised) : What?
Adarsh : Arre! The couple dance.
Everyone agreed and pushed Swara and Sanskaar to the dance floor.
They took each other’s arms and came closer, like in a ball dance.
tumko paaya hain to jaise khoya hoon
kehna chahoon bhi to tumse kya kahoon[2] kisi zabaan mein bhi vo lafz hi nahi ki jinme tum ho kya tumhe bata sakoon
main agar kahoon tumsa haseen
qayanat mein nahi hain kaheen
taareef yeh bhi to sach hai kuch bhi nahi tumko paaya hain to jaise khoya hoon

shokhiyon mein doobi yeh adaayein
chehre se jhalki huyi hain
zulf ki ghani gahni ghatayen

shaan se dhalki huyi hain
lehrata aanchal hain jaise baadal
baahon mein bhari hain jaise chaandni,roop ki chaandni
main agar kahoon
yeh dilkashi hain nahi kaheen na hogi kabhi
taareef yeh bhi to sach hain kuch bhi nahi tumko paaya hai to jaise khoya hoon

tum huye mehrbaan toh hai yeh daastaan
ab tumhara mera hai ek hai caravan
tum jahaan main vahaan

main agar kahoon hamsafar meri
apsara ho tum ki ya koi pari tareef yeh bhi to sach hai kuch bhi naheen
tumko paaya hai to jaise khoya hoon
kehna chahoon bhi to tumse kya kahoon,kisi zaban mein bhi vo lavz hi nahi ki jinme tum ho kya tumhe bataan sakoon
main agar kahoon tumsa haseen qaynat mein nahi hai kaheen tareef yeh bhi to sach hai kuch bhi nahi
They stopped dancing and gazed into each other’s eyes as everyone burst out in applause at their chemistry.

Sanskaar : So madam, You are no more single… Feeling bad?
Swara : Nahi! I have a man to torture. Khaafi hai.
They laugh and hug each other
Sujata : Jiji! Sanskaar’s changed a lot, hasn’t he? 2 months ago, We would never have thought he would decorate a room to keep a girl happy and now…
Annapurna : Yes Sujata! And this is all because of our daughter-in-law. Swara was destined to be in Sanskaar’s life, just as he was destined to be in hers. Swara and Sanskaar’s names are inseperable.
Wow… This was like the longest chapter I’ve ever written…. Hope you all like it… I’ve literally put all my emotion into this chapter… Was feeling very restless today… So am really really hoping you guys like it…. *FINGERS CROSSED*
Did you like Karan’s entry ? I first wanted a dhamakedaar entry, but then decided this suited the story more… And I know that this episode is full of drama.. Will be balancing it with a bit more practicality soon
So next is the holi spl.. Will def not be able to post it tomorrow.. .But will do so on Saturday….
The holi special is going to be a really special episode.. I have thought of something…
By the way, I am soon going to change the track of the story… Swasan scenes will be there.. Obviously… But it’s no more going to be cutesa and all… Have decided to start the procedure to reveal Sanskaar’s fear…
So holi special, Revelation of Sanskaar’s fear and the wedding…. What do you think??? PLEASE DO COMMENT BELOW!!!
Love you Guysss……

Credit to: Anjali

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  6. […] Thnxx for comments and to my silent readers…. THIS IS A SUPER LONG CHAPTER!!!! HAVE FUN!!! http://www.tellyupdates.com/swasan-mr-maheshwari-chapter-26/ I realise some of you might be finding it hard to find the chapters among the million million […]

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